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By Request - Carrie - The Musical (Bootleg,Misc.Tracks)

After my earlier post, 'Greg' requested this, so here it is!

I got these tracks a very long time ago on p2p. They were more-or-less miscellaneous unordered tracks from multiple sources that I vaguely remember putting in this order to reflect the sequence in the production (which if I also remember right was no easy trick). Some are from the Workshop and some are from the Original Broadway production (OBC - original broadway cast) (and there may be other tracks that come from other sources, as far as I know). Consider this the Frankenstein's monster of cast recordings. They are mostly (if not all) live audio and generally poor audio quality for those who care about such things (well, really, what do you expect from live audio? Ella Fitzgerald smashing a glass with her voice?).

I put them in this order a long long time ago and some of the ordering may be wrong, but that's the great thing about digital files - it doesn't really take a bulldozer to move them around. The tracks denoted with a's & b's are duplicate tracks that I included in the same order as they would normally appear. I've also indicated the different bitrates (Kbps) for the different files and left the tags in mostly the same way that I found them so that if you want to extract the different sources, you can. In other words, you can tell which files go with which versions (and if you can, you're a better man than I, Gunga Din).

Carrie - The Musical opened on Broadway in 1988 and became one of the biggest flops in Broadway history up to that point. It lost millions of dollars and became a punchline for a long time after in the same way that, say, 'Ishtar' became a film punchline. As you can tell from the music (and from various accounts), it had moments of brilliance and real moments of incredible cheese.

The material between the mother and the daughter is some of the best and most interesting work (as is probably true of the film too) and is pop operatic in nature. It's juxtaposed with more pop-oriented musical numbers of leather-clad teenagers in discos, towel-clad girls in shower rooms, and possibly the only musical number I can think of that involves slaughtering pigs at a pig farm while dressed in leather. No, I take that back; I think there was one in 'The Sound of Music' too, but I'm not sure.

There was a workshop production in 1984 with Maureen McGovern and an out-of-town production in 1988 (well, out-of-town in the sense that it was in England as a co-production with the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-upon-Avon, and Shakespeare couldn't be more proud!) with Barbara Cook, each respectively playing Carrie's mother.

The music was by Michael Gore & Dean Pitchford, the same men associated with such projects as 'Fame' & 'Footloose' and the book of the musical was by Lawrence D. Cohen, the same man who wrote the film's script. The Broadway production starred Betty Buckley as Mrs. White and Linzi Hateley as Carrie. I guess I don't really need to mention that Betty Buckley also played the gym teacher in the film (since if you were interested in this recording at all, you would probably already know a lot about the film anyway). And if I remember right, music icon (and Lethal Weapon wife) Darlene Love takes over the role of the gym teacher in the Broadway production. If they make a film version of the musical, I fully expect Darlene Love to play Mrs. White and Ronnie Spector to play the gym teacher. And if they do a musical revival of THAT film, I expect Ronnie Spector to play Mrs. White and Britney Spears to play the gym teacher.

And if I also remember right, Gene Anthony Ray, whom you may remember from the film and TV show, 'Fame' plays one of the teenagers. I'm guessing this isn't a coincidence since Gore & Pitchford did the music and Debbie Allen did the choreography.

I can't be absolutely sure with some of this live audio, but I put the most probable performers in the tag comments. (It's pretty easy to tell Betty Buckley & Darlene Love, for instance, but where I couldn't be absolutely sure, I just put down the likely performers in the tag comments) And I've also included in the file a couple of web pages for reference purposes that include a synopsis of the play (these are pretty old web pages, by the way, so I don't know if that site still exists).

Well, I think you'll get a lot of enjoyment listening to this if you can picture Betty Buckley dying on a giant white staircase like something out of 'An American in Paris' or her singing the number, 'When There's No One' in a low-cut negligee.

Or you can chant, 'Kill the Pig' along with all the hip kids at the pig farm in the song, 'Out For Blood' (well they have to get their prom gifts somewhere, don't they?). Or you can voyeuristically (or the ear equivalent of that) listen to teenagers trying to make out in their cars in the number, 'Don't Waste The Moon' (if you don't mind it ending kind of interruptus?).

Well, maybe you'll enjoy the thought of a musical number with high school girls in towels and underwear in a school shower room (and isn't that the way that most women take showers?) taunting a girl who's just discovered her monthly friend. (But now that I think about it, if you enjoy picturing high school girls in towels and underwear, you're probably surfing entirely different websites besides this one......and I'm also reporting you to the authorities as I type this.).

And I can't help it, but the opening of the 'Apologies Scene' makes me want to watch Dr. Who for some reason. (I'm picturing Carrie stepping out of a Tardis right now.)

Or you can picture Carrie making objects fly and dance around her room while she sings 'I'm Not Alone'. Well, if you're gonna kill a bunch of people later on, you really need a lighter Mary Poppins-type moment, don't you?

And just imagine all the laser beams shooting out of Carrie at the prom while people get trapped in the stage equivalent of a giant shower curtain during the 'Destruction' number.

It's also interesting to hear the makers discuss the project in the Workshop introduction and to hear the curtain call at the end with such now-famous (but less well-known, back then) stage names as Donna Murphy & Liz Callaway being mentioned. I've also included a cut number from the Workshop, 'Tommy's Poem' in the folder as well.

Well, despite the way I made it sound there are actually some nice musical numbers in here (like 'Evening Prayers', 'Carrie', and some of the other ones I've already mentioned) and Betty Buckley in particular stands out, so enjoy listening to a musical version of Stephen King's simple story of a girl and her mother!

P.S. And remember to treat all the telekinetic girls (with overly religious mothers) that you happen to meet along the way with care and kindness! I think that's a good rule-of-thumb to follow whether you're going to the prom or not.


Track List:

01 - Author's Introduction - (128 Kbps, Workshop)
02 - Overture - (64 Kbps, 1988)
03 - In - (128 Kbps,OBC)
04 - Prelude - (128 Kbps,OBC)
04a - Taunting And Carrie Prelude - (80 Kbps)
05 - Dream On & Shower Scene - (160 Kbps)
05a - Dream On - (192 Kbps)
05b - Shower Scene - (128 Kbps,OBC)
06 - Carrie - [That's Not My Name] - (192 Kbps)
07 - Hey Tommy - (128 Kbps,OBC)
08 - Open Your Heart - (192 Kbps)
09 - And Eve Was Weak - (80 Kbps)
10 - Don't Waste The Moon - [end missing] - (80 Kbps)
11 - Evening Prayers - (128 Kbps,OBC)
12 - Apologies Scene - (160 Kbps)
13 - Unsuspecting Hearts - (160 Kbps,Remast. Live)
14 - Invited - [I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance] - (128 Kbps,OBC)
15 - I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance - (192 Kbps)
16 - Out For Blood - (64 Kbps, 1988)
17 - It Hurts To Be Strong - (96 Kbps)
18 - I'm Not Alone - (160 Kbps)
19 - Carrie (Reprise 1) - (128 Kbps,OBC)
20 - When There's No One - (80 Kbps)
21 - Wotta Night - (128 Kbps,OBC)
22 - Heaven - (128 Kbps)
23 - Alma Mater & The Destruction - (160 Kbps,Remast. Live)
23a - The Destruction - (128 Kbps,OBC)
24 - Carrie (Reprise 2) - (128 Kbps,OBC)
25 - Bows - (128 Kbps,OBC)
26 - Exit Music - (128 Kbps,OBC)
27 - Curtain Call - (128 Kbps, Workshop)

Carrie The Musical - Tommy's Poem - (128 Kbps, Workshop, Cut)

pw = youdont

Carrie - The Musical - Part 1 (Rapidshare)

Carrie - The Musical - Part 2 (Rapidshare)


Carrie - The Musical (Megaupload)

around 107 MB

P.P.S. And if anybody has a complete or consistent version of any of these bootlegs, I'd love to hear them!

College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott)

Here is the jazzy soundtrack to the 1960 Steve Allen / Mamie Van Doren / Rocky Marciano film about the sexual mores of college students. Who would think that in a sentence like that the word, 'jazzy' would be the thing that would jump out at you? And it is jazzy too! I think you'll like it.

I have no idea why I decided to post this, but I think it falls under the category of 'I just felt like it'. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

Steve Allen didn't make many movies, but I always enjoyed his television work. And talk about a prolific composer and author. Only death stopped him from producing so much creative work. And I suspect that even that didn't stop him; I expect him to publish something new any day now.


P.S. I forget where I got this album from, but I think it might be originally from the Basic Hip site since I remember them featuring it at some point or I might've gotten it from somebody who got it from there. Either way, thanks to the original source!

Track List:

College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 01 - Main Title
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 02 - Faux Pas
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 03 - Make The Scene
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 04 - Breakup
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 05 - Blues Train
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 06 - Mad Dad
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 07 - Lazy Lady
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 08 - So Be It (Blues)
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 09 - Wild Ride
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 10 - Gotta Be Hot Or Cold
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 11 - Decision
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 12 - Prelude & Lovers Quarrel
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 13 - Let's Go
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 14 - Raid
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 15 - So Be It (Jazz)
College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) - 16 - End Title

pw = youdont

College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) (Rapidshare)

College Confidential (1960) (Dean Elliott) (Megaupload)

around 33 MB

@ 128 Kbps

Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle)

Here's another one of those old scores that I always think of as being in that category of Holy Grail scores because it was at one time hard-to-get. But as is the case with just about all of those ones, I don't think they're that hard-to-get anymore. Well, case in point, if I could get it, it can't be that hard.

It makes me think of the blog in general. Every once in a while, I get a comment here or a description made by other blogs about something I post as being rare or obscure, but I never think of anything I post as being either of those things. I think of just about everything I post as being pretty mainstream. It probably only seems rare because nobody else wants it. Well, if you notice, I never describe any of the music here as rare, obscure, or other synonyms that imply that Sherpas have to bring it down from a Tibetan monastery. And it always surprises me when other people describe the blog that way.

But then again, it surprises me sometimes when I see other blogs describe themselves that way. Especially when I see stuff they're posting that's already in my collection. I keep thinking, 'How can it be as rare as you're saying when I already have it?'

Though I've seen some where that really applies. There are a few blogs that are sharing some incredible material that seems pretty obscure. But I would never think of this blog in those terms. Maybe unusual, but never rare or obscure. Really, if I can get it, it can't be too rare.

Again, what does that have to do with Shipwrecked? Well, really not much.

Patrick Doyle is another favorite composer of mine (was that a smooth transition or what?), though I remember being slightly disappointed by this score. Maybe it's a faulty memory, but that's my general impression. Well, you decide since I haven't listened to it in a long time. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, I don't think Patrick Doyle can go too far wrong.

You may be asking yourself right about now, 'Then why are you posting it?' Actually, you wouldn't be asking yourself that since you're not the one posting it, but you know what I mean. Well, I guess it's because it's in that small group of soundtracks that we used to drool over in auctions, etc., so it still gets me excited when I see certain soundtracks being posted. It's probably some kind of Pavlovian thing.

Well, in any case, this is the score to the Gabriel Byrne 'swashbuckler' for kids. Is it fair to describe it that way? I don't know. I just did, so that must count for something.


Track List:

Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 01 - Opening Titles
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 02 - Death of Howell
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 03 - Homecomming
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 04 - The Sheriff's Arrival
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 05 - Off to the Sea
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 06 - Scrubbing the Deck
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 07 - The Flora Departs
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 08 - Captain Madsen Is Poisoned
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 09 - Hakon Finds Mary
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 10 - Mary Is Rescued
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 11 - Exploring the Island
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 12 - Dreaming of Home
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 13 - Hakon Survives a Fall
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 14 - Treasure Is Found
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 15 - Building the Traps
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 16 - Hakon Builds His Boat
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 17 - Pirates Discovered
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 18 - The Chase
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 19 - Home to Norway
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 20 - End Titles - Part I
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 21 - End Titles - Part II

pw = youdont

Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) (Rapidshare)

Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) (Megaupload)

around 44 MB

@ 160 Kbps

The Satan Bug (1965) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Bootleg]

Now this one was requested by 'Anonymous'. It's a 21 track bootleg with traditionally clever track titles like, 'Track 01' and is 48 minutes long. Actually, I think I may have accidentally tagged all the track titles as 'Track 01', but it shouldn't be hard for you to change. (Sorry, about that!)

Well, there are lots of great tag editors out there. I use eMusic Tag Editor v.1.50 which is pretty good. I've tried various tag editors in the past such as MP3 Book Helper (still use that in certain situations), Fast MIS, MP3 Tag Studio, MP3 Tag, etc., but I've never found one as good as eMusic Tag Editor for general ease of use and features.

What does that have to do with The Satan Bug? Well, since it's in this post, it must have something to do with it.

In any case, the movie is an 'action' movie about a stolen virus starring George Maharis & Richard Basehart, but the music is really less action and more suspense, I think. Since it's a bootleg, it has sound effects, but no dialogue that I remember.

And it's really hard to go wrong with Jerry G*ld$mith!


pw = youdont

The Satan Bug (1965) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Bootleg] (Rapidshare)

The Satan Bug (1965) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Bootleg] (Megaupload)

around 69 MB

Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Bootleg]

After that last post, it put me in the mood to post this for some reason. That and the fact that 'Anonymous' (isn't it always?) was requesting various G*ld$mith scores. This wasn't one of them, but I've been meaning to post this for some time now. I probably should've saved these posts for Halloween, now that I think about it, but that's too far off.

This recording includes dialogue and sound effects and if you've seen the movie, is fun to listen to. I can't remember if there are a lot of spoilers in the recording if you haven't seen the movie, but you might want to see the movie anyway.

The music is partly neo-classical, but not quite (if my faulty brain is working right) and really good (that much I'm sure of). The movie was directed by John Frankenheimer (who directed such movies as The Manchurian Candidate, The Train, Birdman of Alcatraz, and Black Sunday, among many others) and is the contemporary story of a man who strikes (or is really forced to strike) a Faustian bargain.

I don't remember the movie being a big hit box office-wise, but it's chilling in an oppressive and sterile sort of way. Wait, that didn't sound too good. Well, I liked the film, but there is something a little unsatisfying about it. Maybe it's the unrelenting bleakness. Still, very compelling though in some ways. Sort of reminds me of The Manchurian Candidate if it were, say, a drinking glass, but only filled two-thirds of the way up.

And for those who have never seen the film, you won't ever forget the ending. Come to think of it, you should probably see the film before listening to this recording because I think it gives away the ending.

.....Okay, I just checked and I guess it doesn't actually give away the ending, so it's probably safe.

And it's always amazing to me how G*ld$mith was able to come up with one great score after another with such variety. Maybe he made a Faustian bargain? 'I'll sell you my soul if you give me great musical talent, award nominations, and a ponytail.'


Track List:

Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 01 - Main Title
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 02 - Train
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 03 - Bedroom
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 04 - Company
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 05 - Transformation
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 06 - Conditioning
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 07 - New Home
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 08 - Adjusting
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 09 - Drunken Sailor Source
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 10 - Beach
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 11 - Cocktail Source
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 12 - Returning Home
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 13 - Begin Again
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 14 - End Credits

pw = youdont

Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Bootleg] (Rapidshare)

Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Bootleg] (Megaupload)

around 57 MB

@ 320 Kbps

Lord Of The Flies (1963) (Raymond Leppard) [DVD Rip]

Here's 8 minutes of music from the 1963 vacation movie about a bunch of madcap boys on an island having fun. (And 'lord of the flies' is a nickname for the devil, isn't it?) It's a DVD rip (not mine, by the way, so thanks to the original ripper (or is that Jack The Ripper?)), so you can expect sound effects, singing, and oddly enough, music.

Come to think of it, this was requested by 'Anonymous', so that's another reason why I'm posting it. The other reason is that it's nice music. There may be a legitimate release to the score and if anybody has it, I'd love to hear it!

Well, in either case, enjoy!

Track List:

Lord of the Flies (1963) (Raymond Leppard) - 01 - Opening Credits / Evacuation / Crash
Lord of the Flies (1963) (Raymond Leppard) - 02 - The Conch / Gathering the Children
Lord of the Flies (1963) (Raymond Leppard) - 03 - A Boy is Killed
Lord of the Flies (1963) (Raymond Leppard) - 04 - Rescued / End Credits

pw = youdont

Lord Of The Flies (1963) (Raymond Leppard) [DVD Rip] (Rapidshare)

Lord Of The Flies (1963) (Raymond Leppard) [DVD Rip] (Megaupload)

around 12 MB

The Mummy (1999) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Extended 50 Track Version]

Quite some time ago (so long, in fact, that all concerned have probably forgotten), when 'Whiteorc' (I wonder where he ever got to, by the way?) had posted another version of The Mummy (the 41 Track version), 'Breton Girl' mentioned that she was curious to have other alternate versions posted as well. In fact, her exact quote was, 'By the way, i know there's 3 others bootleg floating around: one with 50 tracks, one with 38, and the last (?) one with 29 tracks... If anyone got one of these versions, please share...'. So, I thought I'd post this. I'm guessing at some point she already got them, but for anyone else, I thought I'd go ahead and post it.

And even much further back in the mists of time, she and JazzHollister had originally requested the expanded version to The Mummy on his late and very lamented JazzNotes blog (and on other blogs as well). This was in fact the original request that had started his whole G*ld$mith post. Back then, I had seen 'Breton Girl' requesting this in various locations and really wanted to help her out, but I thought I didn't have it. Eventually, JazzHollister posted the 38 Track version on his blog and managed to fulfill his own request.

Then, some time after that, I was searching for something on my hard drive and up popped this 50 track version that I had totally forgot I had! It was tucked away in a different section of my drive under things I wanted to check on for more info. I wanted to check the track titles, etc. and oddly enough, it had 2 track #14's on Disc 2, I think, so that's why I shuttled it off to a different part of my hard drive along with a bunch of other stuff to check on later (and I still haven't gotten around to checking out that other stuff, by the way!).

Well, when I found it, I felt bad that here all this time 'Breton Girl' and then later JazzHollister had been asking for it in a bunch of different places and here I had it all the time! Well, at the time JazzHollister posted his version, I thought it was the same as mine, so I didn't give it another thought (though I have to say I still felt bad that their request had gone unfulfilled for so long!). But much, much later (see, isn't all this time travel fun?), when I was finally going through his version, I compared it to mine to see if it was identical and whether I should keep it or not when I realized it actually was different! My copy had all these extra tracks! (Well, really just 12, if my math is right.) Pretty weird. I had just assumed it was the same when I had originally downloaded his copy which is why I didn't really take a long look at it.

Well, I never had another version of one of those Mummy bootlegs to compare my copy to (and I never could find a track listing anywhere else which is why it was still sitting on my hard drive and why I never processed it before), so I finally went through it and checked the track titles, etc. I realized that weird double track #14 was just from somebody accidentally putting another copy of track #14 from Disc 1 in Disc 2's folder, so one mystery was solved. And when I compared the tracks on the 2 different versions, they appeared to be the same up until the extra tracks.

This 50 track version seems to have all the same tracks as the 38 track version, but with the additional tracks of 2-08 through 2-19 on Disc 2. These are just additional source cues, album versions, & film edits, for all us anal retentive types. If you already have any of the other bootlegs, I can't really imagine you wanting to download this unless you have to have every ounce of Jerry's music (and even then), but I figure there must be other crazy people like me who like to have lots of different versions of things. So here it is.

And on the very remote chance that 'Breton Girl' still hasn't gotten this version somewhere, I apologize for taking this long to post it, but I figured after you got the 38 and 41 track versions, you probably weren't in a big hurry to listen to the album version of 'The Sand Volcano' or that extra special and ultra-rare 'Universal Logo' theme.

Well, I still feel bad that I didn't post this back when they were originally asking for it (especially since I know 'Breton Girl' was really looking for it back then). Well, what can you do? (I guess I'll go back to finding more stuff that nobody wants anymore.........)


P.S. Jerry G*ld$mith is a famous composer, The Mummy is a Brendan Fraser movie, this blog posts music, etc., etc., etc. I forgot to add all that stuff to the post.

Update: 'Anonymous' helpfully pointed out that Disc 2, Track #7 - Finale & End Credits did not seem to be complete. I have to agree. It certainly seems to be too short to be end credits (under a minute) and doesn't even sound like a finale. I didn't notice it when I first listened to it. 'Anonymous' pointed out that the real track should be about ten minutes long. So, I don't know what piece of music this is. Sorry about that, but it appears to be the same way on the 38 track version as well. Well, maybe some kind person out there has it?

Disc 1 - Track List:

The Mummy (Complete) - 1-01 - Imhotep
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-02 - The Sarcophagus
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-03 - Tuareg Attack
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-04 - Pursuit
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-05 - The Desert Will Kill Him
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-06 - The Librarian
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-07 - The Puzzle Box
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-08 - The Execution
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-09 - Giza Port
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-10 - Night Boarders
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-11 - The Caravan
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-12 - Camel Race
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-13 - There Was Light
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-14 - Blue Gold
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-15 - Salt Acid
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-16 - The Crypt
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-17 - Broken Bottle
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-18 - Mumia Attack
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-19 - Rick And Evelyn & Discoveries
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-20 - Plague Of Locusts
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-21 - The Bringer Of Death
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-22 - Language Of The Slaves
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-23 - Finishing The Job
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-24 - Serious Trouble
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-25 - The Eclipse
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-26 - Hunting The Egyptologist
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-27 - Plague Of Flies
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-28 - Bourbon Chaser
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-29 - Through The Keyhole
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-30 - My Favorite Plague
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-31 - Crowd Control

Disc 2 - Track List:

The Mummy (Complete) - 2-01 - The Sand Wall
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-02 - Quicksand
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-03 - Rebirth
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-04 - The Mummy
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-05 - Escaping Hamunaptra
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-06 - The Sand Volcano
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-07 - Finale & End Credits
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-08 - Universal Logo
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-09 - Boat Piano 1
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-10 - Boat Piano 2
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-11 - Camels Source
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-12 - Fort Brydon Source
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-13 - Winston Source
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-14 - Discoveries (album version)
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-15 - My Favorite Plague (film edit)
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-16 - Rebirth Cue 1 (film edit)
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-17 - Rebirth Cue 2 (film edit)
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-18 - Rebirth Cue 3 (film edit)
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-19 - The Sand Volcano (album version)

pw = youdont

The Mummy (1999) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Extended 50 Track Version] - Part 1 (Rapidshare)

The Mummy (1999) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Extended 50 Track Version] - Part 2 (Rapidshare)
The Mummy (1999) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Extended 50 Track Version] - Part 3 (Rapidshare)


The Mummy (1999) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Extended 50 Track Version] (Megaupload)

around 259 MB

@ 320 Kbps

Monday, March 19, 2007

Trivia - Name This Movie Just For Fun

Just for fun, I thought I'd pose these trivia questions (The first person to name these movies gets all the bragging rights they can handle):

To see the Trivia Hall of Fame (Where Old Questions Go To Die), go here

People are doing an amazing job answering these!! (I can't believe how quickly they've gotten these!):

17) Danny Kaye sings about giving people the finger
Answer: The Inspector General (1949) - [Winner: 'Dominic' got this one that has been up here for a while. Way to go, Dominic! And I would never dare give YOU the finger!]
28) Robert Montgomery asks a woman if you milk horses - nice guess, 'Von Humboldt Fleischer', but try again!
29) Jane Wyman mistakes a group of men in kilts as women

54) Total number of people killed by Claude Rains as the Invisible Man (1933)
55) Rod Steiger takes a blowtorch to a dead man’s shoe
56) Bela Lugosi is upset when ink is spilled on his strawberry shortcake
Answer: Broadminded (1931) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got another hard one! Nice answer!]
57) Myrna Loy says to a man, 'You might get all sweaty and die.' - another nice guess, 'Von Humboldt Fleischer', but try again!
58) Dame May Whitty has a fascination with murder and says 'Good Morning' to daffodils - good guess, 'Bistis6', but try again!
59) Demi Moore has a blind grandmother who’s never read Plato - another good guess, 'Bistis6', but try again!
Answer: The Butcher's Wife (1991) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got it on the second guess! Great going!]
60) Robert Young asks a man, 'Did you ever try making love to a horse?'
61) Bruce Lee pretends to be an old newspaper vendor and a telephone repairman
Answer: Fists of Fury (a.k.a, The Chinese Connection) (1972) - [Winner: 'Muad'Dib' came through again with another nice answer!]
62) Kirsten Dunst feels like she’s cursed because she dropped a stick
Answer: Bring It On (2000) - [Winners: 'KingRoper' & 'Vince'. Nice one, guys!]
63) Name the film that has the Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces
Answer: Fantastic Voyage (1966) - [Winner: 'Muad'Dib' did it again! (and that's no miniature feat!)]
64) Name the two films (and you must name both) that had the last lines 'Two more months. Two more months.' and 'Nobody's perfect.'
Answers: Fargo (1996) & Some Like It Hot (1959) - [Winner: 'Huguinho Pinheiro' may be new to the game, but his knowledge sure isn't! Way to go! Fantastic!]
65) a man refers to Nicole Kidman as a gosling
66) Robin Williams plays a doctor who hops like a rabbit with a little girl - nice guess, 'Muad'Dib', but try again!.....and 2 nice guesses, 'Esther', but you'll also have to try again!......and a nice guess by Steve too, but try again!.....and - 'Von Humboldt Fleischer' had another nice guess, but he'll have to try again too!
Answer: What Dreams May Come (1998) - [Winner: 'Colinr' got this tricky one! After people made so many guesses, he finally got it! Way to go, 'Colinr'! And those very honorable guesses were made by: 'Muad'Dib', 'Esther', 'Steve', 'Von Humboldt Fleischer', & 'Bistis6'. Great guesses to one and all!]
67) John Travolta plays the title character and eats his own skin at the end of the movie - and a nice guess from you, 'Huguinho Pinheiro', but try again (unless there's something about angels I don't know about, in which case that would make for a really interesting movie!) - and good guess from you, Vince, but try again!
Answer: Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) - [Winner: 'Dominic' got another tricky one! Nice catch! I would say that he sure knows his skin-eating, but that just doesn't sound right. Honorable guesses: 'Huguinho Pinheiro', 'Vince', & 'Von Humboldt Fleischer']
68) John Travolta has a bumper sticker on his car saying 'Killing For Recreation'
Answer: The General's Daughter (1999) - [Winner: 'Huguinho Pinheiro' got another hard one! Way to go!]
69) The date on the calendar that Bond throws the knife into in the film, 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' - nice guess on Dec. 25th, Vince, but try again!
70) Julianne Moore sarcastically refers to herself as a ‘humorless ice maiden’
Answer: Evolution (2001) - [Winner: 'KingRoper' got this one! And despite what you say, I think it was sarcastic. :))]
71) A man tells Jennifer Love Hewitt in the way of a compliment, ‘Nice rack’ (and name the man) (well, really, this could be any film) - Nice guess, Vince, but try again! (unless I'm wrong about Ray Liotta saying it to her too!).......and nice guess on the man, 'Von Humboldt Fleischer', but try again!
72) Joan Crawford says, 'And by the way, there’s a name for you ladies, but it isn’t used in high society…outside of a kennel.'
Answer: The Women (1939) - [Winners: 'Esther' of Stax O' Wax (go there for really great stuff, by the way!) got this one! Way to go, Esther! You sure know your bit.........of film history, that is!........and 'Huguinho Pinheiro' also got it! Way to go to you too!]
73) What is the first Christmas song in 'The Godfather' (1972)?
Answer: 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' - [Winner: 'Quinlan' got another tough one! I can see him polishing his Trivia crown right now!]
74) Tom Cruise movie with the following credit: 'The Producers wish to thank the following for their assistance: Dead Horse State Park'
Answer: Mission Impossible II (2000) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got another one! Does he know his Dead Horses or what?]
75) What do these Tony Curtis movies have in common (besides the fact that he was in them): The Boston Strangler, Houdini, & The Great Race? - Vince, that was a fantastic answer about rope! I never thought of that one, but I was thinking of another common link.....try again, please!...And 'Quinlan' came up with two more great links of all the movies being based on true stories and using a split screen technique (though I don't think Houdini or The Great Race had split screens, but I could be wrong), but I was thinking of something else. I should just give it to you though because those are great commonalities, but try again, guys! :))
76) Jackie Chan has a fight in a Turkish bath house - 'Muad'Dib' had a good guess, but try again (I don't think that bath house was Turkish)!......and 'Dominic' had the same good guess, but try again!.....and I think, 'Von Humboldt Fleischer' guessed The Protector for this one, but try again!
77) Tom Hanks builds a fountain
Answer: The Terminal (2004) - [Winner: 'Muad'Dib' got another one. You are tops!]
78) Bruce Willis’ favorite color is rust
Answer: Unbreakable (2000) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got yet another one! He is on a real hot streak! Either that or he really knows his celebrities' favorite colors!]
79) Clint Eastwood says, 'Maybe bring him a bunch of roses'
Answer: For a Few Dollars More (1965) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' snagged another one. I'm going to get Clint to bring you a bunch of roses!]
80) Robert De Niro drives a truck filled with dresses - a good guess by Steve on 'Heat', but as far as I know, try again!
Answer: The Godfather Part II (1974) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got this one! Honorable guesses: 'Steve' & 'Vince' (you may be right about 'Goodfellas', but I'm not sure. Who knew Robert De Niro was so associated with dresses?)]
81) Julia Roberts discusses urinalysis and talks about a woman who smells like chicken fat
Answer: Erin Brockovich (2000) - [Winner: 'Steve' got this one right and I respect anybody who knows their chicken fat (not to mention urinalysis)!]
82) Charlton Heston mentions ‘bowel movements, enemas, and suppositories’
83) Michael Douglas compares Washington D.C. to Calcutta and its beggars - good guess, 'Muad'Dib', but try again!
Answer: Traffic (2000) - [Winner: 'Von Humboldt Fleischer' got this one! Nice answer! You're doing great! Honorable guess: 'Muad'Dib']
84) Michael Douglas’ neighbor listens to Louis Prima, then turns up dead
Answer: Don't Say A Word (2001) - [Winner: 'Von Humboldt Fleischer' got a hard one! Way to go, VHF!]
85) Robert Mitchum tells a man that the man has a mind of a dogcatcher
Answer: Crossfire (1947) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got another hard one! You definitely DON'T have the mind of a dogcatcher!]
86) Julianne Moore washes a baby at a fish market
Answer: Hannibal (2001) - [Winner: 'Muad'Dib' got another one for sure! And you're not the only one who liked Hannibal because I didn't think it was so bad either! :)) Way to go, you trivia champ, you!]
87) Rosalind Russell buys a man a bulletproof vest and then drops it on his foot
Answer: Rendezvous (1935) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got this one too! Nice going!]
88) Rosalind Russell talks about walking down the street and showing people her pink panties
Answer: Picnic (1955) - [Winner: And 'Bistis6' also got this one! Rosalind Russell certainly has her issues with clothing!]
89) a man forces another man to kiss Tara Reid’s foot - nice 2 guesses, 'Von Humboldt Fleischer', but as far as I know not the right one, so please try again!
90) Name these 2 movies (you must name both) that have skywriting that says, 'Stick It Out' and 'Surrender', respectively
91) Eddie Murphy ends up dead on a casino gaming table - both great guesses, 'Bistis6', but try again!
Answer: The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002) - [Winner: 'Tor Y. Harbin' got this one. Sorry, Bistis6, but way to go Tor!]
92) Bill Cosby talks about killing a buffalo with his finger - nice guess, 'Muad'Dib' on Leonard Part 6, but try again!.....and Jon Bob made another good guess, but try again please!
93) Christopher Walken tries to explain The Tooth Fairy to a group of men
Answer: The Rundown (2003) - [Winner: 'Muad'Dib' hit the nail right on the head with that one! Or he hit the Tooth Fairy right in the teeth, I'm not sure which!]
94) Michelle Pfeiffer smells a tank top with the word 'Juilliard' on it - a nice guess by John Reents, but please try again!
95) Faye Emerson wears a ring around her neck inscribed with the words, 'Till Death Do Us Part'

96) Glenn Ford finds a dead naked woman hanging upside down in a room filled with mannequins
Answer: Experiment in Terror (1962) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got another one! I wonder if Glenn Ford was looking for mannequins or dead naked women?]
97) Humphrey Bogart stands out in the rain staring and crying, with his nose pressed against the window, while looking at a wedding
98) Michael York is shot in the chest with arrows after being shot several times with a gun - nice guess, 'Quinlan', but I bet that would've made 'Lost Horizon' even more interesting!....and nice guess by 'Colinr' to a Jenny Agutter movie, but please try again....and another good guess by 'Von Humboldt Fleischer' and Crazy_Borg!
Answer: Wrongfully Accused (1998) - [Winner: And 'Detective Mitchell' of Detective Mitchell's Junk Drawer got this one after many other honorables guesses by 'Quinlan', 'Colinr', Von Humboldt Fleischer', & 'Crazy_Borg'. Way to go, Detective! They don't call him Detective for nothing!]
99) Charles Bronson helps a man pull a carriage with his bare hands
100) Name the movies in which Charles Bronson is beaten up by, 1) Laurence Fishburne, & 2) Katherine Hepburn
Answers: Death Wish 2 (1982) & Pat and Mike (1952) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' got another one! Great going! Isn't it a shame that 30 years later Charles Bronson was still getting his behind kicked?]
101) Nicolas Cage describes how excited he was to get sea monkeys
Answer: Amos & Andrew (1993) - [Winner: 'Von Humboldt Fleischer' got this one! He picks up another one. Way to go! I'm getting excited about it and I'm not even thinking of sea monkeys!]
102) Laura Dern is married to a man who works on international treaty law
Answer: Jurassic Park III (2001) - [Winner: 'Colinr' got this one. Way to go! See, and despite what you thought, all your guesses were not completely wrong! :))]
103) Julia Roberts tells a running man that he’s jailbait - although you'll have to guess again on this one, 'Colinr' (unless she told more than one man that he's jailbait)!
104) Kirsten Dunst says, ‘I’m feeling a little uncomfortable about my place in the food chain.’ - and 'Colinr' came up with another nice guess on this one, but try again!
105) Mel Gibson imitates Sean Connery saying the word 'adversary'
106) What do these movies have in common: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, From Russia With Love, & The Wild, Wild West? [and I bet I get some interesting answers!]....'Vince' had a great answer which I believe might also be right, but it's not the one I was thinking of. Try again, please!

107) Arnold Schwarzenegger says to a little girl: ‘Where is this?’ to which the little girl replies, ‘Earth. Welcome.’ - 'Colinr' gave a really nice guess on this one, but please try again!
Answer: Eraser (1996) - [Winner: 'Tor Y. Harbin' got another tricky one. Honorable guess: 'Colinr'............'Where is this?'......'Sacramento. Welcome.'.......and 'Tor' scores another one!]
108) Diana Rigg makes the statement, 'She runs like a dromedary with dropsy.'
Answer: Evil Under The Sun (1982) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' dropped that camel in its tracks! Way to go!]
109) June Allyson is told by a woman to make penguins because they’re more popular
110) Cary Grant listens to gossip at the laundromat
- another nice guess, 'Von Humboldt Fleischer', but try again!
111) Name the star and the movie who has these attributes: Member of the Spanish Club, Yearbook Staff, Future Business Leaders of America, Student Government Association, & sings “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” from “Fiddler on the Roof”?......(Jon Bob made a good guess about 'Rushmore' on this one, but try again please! :)))

112) Sally Field drives a car through a building (& has a conversation about worms)
Answer: Heroes (1977) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got another one! Way to go! (And I bet you thought I was going to type in 'L.A. Confidential' again, didn't you?)]
113) A funny man pours milk on children as music by Vangelis plays (name the movie and the man)
114) Brad Pitt tells a bartender, ‘I’m running away with your wife’ to which the bartender smiles back, says ‘Great!’ and gives a thumbs up sign
Answer: Ocean's Eleven (2001) - [Winner: 'Jon Bob' got this tricky one! Nice job! Thumbs up to you and you don't even have to run away with anybody!]
115) Chris Rock goes into a rib joint and tries to buy a single rib for 50 cents
Answer: I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988) - [Winner: And 'Detective Mitchell' of Detective Mitchell's Junk Drawer got another one! He's no sucka!!]
116) Russell Crowe stabs a man in the leg and holds another man out of a window
Answer: L. A. Confidential (1997) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got this one. I hope 'Bistis6' wasn't the man he stabbed in the leg!]
117) Eve Arden watches a man destroy a table with his bare hands
Answer: The Strongest Man In The World (1975) - [Winner: 'Von Humboldt Fleischer' got another hard one! Now he doesn't have to destroy ME with his bare hands!]
118) Stephen Seagal is ordered to attend a group therapy session for his rage
Answer: Exit Wounds (2001) - [Winner: 'M' got this one right! Way to go! And are you any relation to Peter Lorre's 'M', by any chance?]
119) Name the movie (and the star) in which these happen: Accidentally kidnaps a child, gets on a wagon thinking it’s the train, hides under a coat on a coathook, pretends to be a lady’s mannequin, combs his hair by checking it in a bald man’s head, & writes “Kick Me” backwards on a wall......(and two nice guesses by Detective Mitchell, but please try again!)
120) Donald Sutherland rides a rollercoaster while eating a banana
Answer: Space Cowboys (2000) - [Winner: 'Crazy_Borg' got this one. Nice answer! See, the guessing paid off!]
121) A man says Woody Allen has a 'khaki face'
Answer: Broadway Danny Rose (1984) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got another one. Nice catch!]
122) Robert Montgomery says, 'I’ve suddenly discovered a liking for little children.'
123) Orson Welles tells a naked man: 'You’re a very weird person.' (and you must name the man)
Answer: Catch-22 (1970), spoken to Alan Arkin - [Winner: And no, it's not that 'Bistis6' knows his naked men (or even his weird people), but it's because he knows his movies!]
124) Peter Lorre gets killed because of his watch
Elsa Lanchester trips over a dog and drinks herself into unconsciousness
126) Oliver Reed is angry that his giraffes won’t mate
Answer: Gladiator (2000) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' scored another one. Oliver Reed certainly won't be mad at you! (if he were still alive, that is)]
127) Maureen O’Hara turns around to see who hit her in the back of the head with rice
128) Peter O’Toole deliberately hits himself in the head with a red bucket

129) Gene Hackman dies after hitting his head on a stone penis
Answer: Heartbreakers (2001) - [Winner: 'Vince' got this one (and it's not because we know our know I had to say it)......and I agree with you about the movie and you're very welcome on the Goldfarb!]
130) A man hits Burt Reynolds in the head, sticks his head in a toilet and then gives him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (and name the man)
131) Hugh Grant asks Salman Rushdie where the bathroom is
Answer: Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' got another one! So that's where Salman Rushdie is!]
132) Someone calls Samuel L. Jackson 'rhinoceros pizzle' (and you must name the person)
Answer: Arsenio Hall says it to him in Coming To America (1988) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got another one! He's on fire! And no, I won't make a joke about pizzle.]
133) Richard Gere claims he could’ve saved Joan of Arc
Answer: Chicago (2002) - [Winner: 'Jon Bob' got this one! Way to go! I bet 'Jon Bob' could save Joan of Arc too!]
134) Herbert Lom says he would go back in time and kill Hitler if he had the chance
Answer: The Dead Zone (1983) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got another one! Way to go, 'Bistis6'! It's a good thing Hitler's not alive to hear Herbert Lom say that!]......and I realized it when I got home, Bistis6, that I had accidentally put in L.A. Confidential twice!
135) Herbert Marshall complains that people around him are talking too much about arterial sclerosis
136) Maureen O’Sullivan will only eat dinner with a man trying to make a date with her between 5:10 and 5:55

137) Helen Hunt is an alcoholic waitress with a blue wig
138) Somebody says the top of Joe Pantoliano’s head looks like a parakeet (and name the person)
139) Brendan Fraser lives in a trailer and at some point in the movie performs brain surgery
140) Kirk Douglas tells another man his Adam’s Apple will turn to mush, his brain will begin to boil, and he’ll scream and holler, but nobody will hear you.
141) William Powell is dared to ride a merry-go-round and forced to drink milk
142) A woman says to Bill Murray: 'You gonna bring me that martini or do I have to suck it out of the glass from here?' [and name the woman]
143) John Wayne listens to Vivaldi while drinking sour mash
144) John Wayne throws a chicken in a man’s face, knocks him unconscious, and then later watches a man on fire and says, 'Let him burn'
145) A man tells Laura Linney, 'Don’t be so John Wayne'. [and name the man]
146) Robert DeNiro watches Tony Curtis play piano
147) Mel Gibson says dogs make good eating, and breaks a chair when he sits on it
148) James Coburn watches a man in a shower, and when asked why, he says, 'I’m a lifeguard.'
149) Here's a toughie! Name the movie (that I'm thinking of) that has this credit: - 'No oceans were polluted in the making of this film'
150) In the film, Waiting For Guffman, who gets the credit: Not Guffman
151) A man says Barbara Stanwyck spends $3000 a year having her toenails painted (and name the man)
152) Janet Leigh’s father is upset with her for wearing lipstick
153) Diane Keaton asks a man, 'Would you like me better if I were a nun?' (and name the man)
154) Jack Lemmon complains that a man is squeezing his breast again
155) Nicolas Cage says, 'Loyalty is my only vice'

.......sorry, no time to respond to the new answers, but I hope the new questions make up for it! (and I love seeing Detective Mitchell playing!)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Computers Are Fun!

I was typing in responses to some comments when the computer crashed and frankly I've lost the will to do much of anything on the computer right now. Well, that hasn't happened on these computers in quite a while so I think it lulled me into a false sense of security. I also really enjoyed losing the 3 GB or so worth of files that I had just downloaded. That was really fun.

Not to mention the notes I had made on which ones had been downloaded and which ones hadn't and the notes I had made about requests and inquiries people had made in various comments. That's always fun too.

Well, I had a few things that were already zipped, uploaded, etc., but I haven't gotten around to writing the posts to go along with them. I've been trying to catch up on downloading & other blog maintenance lately, so I've let the posts slide a bit, but when I get a little bit more caught up, I'll post something new (besides this filler you're reading right now!).

Frankly, I'm a bit discouraged whenever those crashes occur. Too much multi-tasking online, I fear. I thought I was being careful, but if you sneeze the wrong way, these library computers lock up or refuse to acknowledge the existence of the CD burner, or some such nonsense. And already today,, R-Share, and others have been acting pretty screwy as well. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes not at all. I feel like Goldilocks (if I were imaginary, a little girl, and liked to hang around forest mammals). And as I type, I'm re-loading various files onto this computer's hard drive from the CD-RW and it claims it will take 23 minutes to transfer a disc's worth of files. Just another fun quirk of this particular computer's CD-RW. It's like Russian Roulette. Each computer here has its own idiosyncrasies (some of which make me want to place-kick them into next week).

And imagine if every session you had at a computer, you had to reinstall all the software you wanted to use and re-set all the parameters, re-enter all the passwords, and adjust all the settings each time. And if you were to walk away for, say, longer than 10 minutes, the computer would re-boot and wipe everything out. And when the computer freezes up, you get the fun of doing all that re-setting at least twice in one session. That's even more fun! Well, you can probably see why I don't come in as often as I probably should.

It occasionally strikes me (especially when I haven't posted anything new in a while) that I was perhaps a little irresponsible to start a blog when I knew I couldn't maintain it properly, but the urge was too strong. It seems like it goes against the very definition of a blog (something that started out for people as a daily diary, of sorts, in the form of a web log) if you don't post something daily or every other day, but so be it. And when you have to start from scratch with the downloading, etc., it really discourages you even further, but what can I say? Kind of stupid, I know, to keep blogging, but I guess as long as people don't mind there not being anything new, I suppose I don't mind either.

Well, since I had posted a bunch of things in the last few weeks, I thought I'd concentrate on trying to catch up on my delinquent downloading, some random re-ups, and organizing the stuff I've already downloaded. In fact, I spent part of this week burning multiple DVD's worth of stuff I downloaded last weekend. I have to off-load almost everything I download onto DVD's because my hard drive at home usually runs out of space. Both partitioned drives of a 180 GB hard disk usually have less than 10 GB left at any one time (although a lot of time it hovers around 5 GB for each partition) which is dangerously low. I've already damaged my operating system, I suspect, from one of those times when it went down to 2 or 3 GB. I think it over-wrote some of the DOS files.

As a consequence, I'm not able to use things like MP3Gain to do normalization since it uses DOS to function. And I'm not usually able to keep a lot of things I download on the hard drive to listen to immediately. I don't have a portable mp3 player, so I only listen to these things while the computer is on. As it is, I must have about 20 or 30 GB worth of recent material just from this blog alone that I kept on my hard drive just so I could listen to it. I usually process the files I get (tag, double-check against track lists and timings, proofread, etc.) after I listen to them, so it gets off the hard drive at a lot slower rate than it comes on, needless to say. Well, I go through periods where I try to catch up on everything, but when you stop one, you've got about a thousand other things to catch up on. Right now, it's downloading. The next thing will probably be to work on writing up some of these posts, working on some compilations, or ripping some new material. It all takes time (and energy!). Again, you'll have to pardon me for not posting anything new in a while.

And you'll have to excuse another long post, but this time I think I was just avoiding having to reconstruct all the stuff I just lost. It's always fun re-doing stuff you've just done. Well, I guess I should climb back in that time machine and start the re-doing.............................

Enjoy (well, really you can enjoy the silence, I guess)!

P.S. More fun with Now it's doing something it didn't do before. Since I've got to type in word verification for every post-editing (a boring story I've mentioned before on the blog), any time you don't publish immediately, it makes you re-type in the word verification. Now, this is okay, but now they have it give me this stupid error message and re-routes me to a different page when that happens. It used to just tell me to type it in again, but now I've got to keep re-loading the page before it'll work. If you wanted to use Blogger. com and the word 'sucks' in the same sentence, I wouldn't stop you.

P.P.S. Geez, it did it again after I typed in that last postscript!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Special Thanks To Special Readers Who Have Left Comments (Especially Vince & First Moon)!

I didn't get a chance to before, but I just wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you who have commented on the posts lately!

This was going to be a special tribute to a very great friend to this blog, 'Vince', but after reading some of the other comments here, I thought I'd make it to everybody! But let me single out a few people:

I used to like to go over the old posts and check the comments periodically (as well as checking on the posts), but lately (well, in the past several months really) I've gotten very behind. Last week, I finally got a little more caught up and read and responded to most of the older comments (except for the ones with longer answers......I expect to respond to those some time in 2014).

In going back over the older comments, I was stunned and gratified to find that 'Vince' had left such great comments. I felt bad that it took me so long to read them (but if you look back over the old posts, you'll find my responses, Vince!). Especially since Vince did what few other people have ever done on the blog. Many people (well, at least I like to think it's many......okay, so I'm delusional) go back into the archives and download material, and a few very nice people leave comments on the older posts (mostly to ask for re-ups or because they were searching for something specifically), but almost no one leaves multiple comments as they dig through the archives. I suspect it's because people assume that the blogger never reads them and it must be like shouting into the wind.

People are even reluctant to post comments below the first couple of posts because I think they're so used to thinking of any post that isn't the top one as being old news. Well, as I've mentioned before on the blog, I tend to think of all the posts on here (and at other blogs, actually) as being equal, so it doesn't matter whether it's the first or the 200th post. So it's always nice to get feedback, a thank you, or some of those cheerful comments from the nice people who come guys are great in case I haven't mentioned it before!.

But that's what makes what Vince did so amazing and I just thought I should point that out! He's a great friend to this blog and I wanted to let him know that all the effort he put into leaving comments didn't go unnoticed. And he didn't just leave a cursory thank you (which is always welcome too), but he left specific feedback and was always interesting (and kind) in what he had to say. So my hat's off to you, Vince (if I was wearing one, that is)!

And while I was thinking about writing this valentine to Vince, it struck me that I shouldn't leave out all the other fantastic people who have commented lately. 'First Moon' also takes the time to leave comments on many posts here and they're always fantastic! (Did I just use the word fantastic too much? Well, it fits. So sue me!) She has to be pretty busy what with all that must be going on (2 kids and a future engineer!), but she still takes the time to say something nice or just drop a line on these posts, so again my hat comes off again! (Oh, wait. I think that's actually my, wait. It's my hat......if I were wearing one). I know if I see First Moon's name, it's always going to be good!

And I wanted to give a special shout out to all those great guys who comment at the Trivia post: Quinlan, Bistis6, Muad'Dib, and Huguinho Pinheiro especially who are all trivia champs! And Harrylime, Kingroper, Steve, Tor Y. Harbin, and so many others including Vince (well, you already got your praise!).

And here's to my other favorite commenters like Ennioman, Mel, Sallie, and so many others I'm forgetting!

And all those people at the Requests post.....well, you know who you are (and with an especially big Hi to Filmpac!)!

And finally (I can hear the cheering already), here's a special thanks to all the old standbys and diehards who've always stuck around: Isbum who always has something nice to say, Rocket who is always missed when he's not around, J.R. who's Hub will be missed but I'm glad he still shows up here, Timbo whose blog I don't visit often enough (but you're not alone in that, Timbo!), Jordan whose enthusiasm is always amazing, Honored General who also always has something nice to say and amazingly keeps coming around, Lacey who still after all this time pops in, and so many others I know I'm forgetting.

Your kind words and supportive encouragement never goes unnoticed (well, at least not relative to geologic time) and certainly never goes unappreciated no matter how dormant the blog may seem or how long it takes me to show it! Again, you guys are great (and not just because you say nice things.........sure it sounds like I'm brown-nosing, but it's almost entirely, I take that back. It's 100 percent sincere (and irony-free)).

Thank you to all of you and enjoy!

By Request - Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis)

'Thomas' requested this score, and 'Voila!', over a month later he gets his wish! Well, assuming he still cares at all, and that he still visits, and that he happens to check this post, I hope he enjoys it. Well, even if none of those things are true anymore, I hope he still enjoys himself in general.

This is the score to the silent film composed & conducted by Carl Davis and performed by The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Studios like to re-score silent films for restored versions, re-releases, etc. especially when they have chariot races.

Actually, the chariot race in the silent version is just as exciting as the one in the Charlton Heston version. You'd think maybe it wouldn't be, but it is. And it's amazing what you could get away with in the Pre-Hays code days. I seem to remember watching scenes in that movie with men having their arms hacked off. That would be a little rough even in a movie today let alone in 1925 (not to mention 1959 where the worst you get is Stephen Boyd broken and bloody and maybe a little leper action).

Carl Davis is another composer I enjoy a lot and he's carved out a real niche composing for silent films (among many other things). It must be tough with the competition from all those other composers from the silent era out there challenging him.


Track List:

Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 01 - Opening Titles
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 02 - The Nativity
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 03 - Esther And The Young Prince
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 04 - Roman March And Disaster
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 05 - Galley Slave
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 06 - Pirate Battle
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 07 - Iras The Egyptian
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 08 - The Chariot Race
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 09 - Ben-Hur's Return
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 10 - Via Dolorossa
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 11 - Earthquake And New Dawn

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Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - Part 1 (Rapidshare)
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - Part 2 (Rapidshare)


Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) (Megaupload)

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Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox)

Here's another superfluous post. Though its extraneous nature is a nice change of pace since my posts are usually made unnecessary by others posting here, but this time it's made unnecessary because the excellent new blog, Dusted Soundtracks & More! had already posted this score not that long ago. That'll teach me to get sick.

Well, as is usually the case in these things, I had the link all ready to go so I didn't want to waste it, but I'm betting his copy sounds better than mine (not that mine sounds all that bad). Well, go over there to get great stuff while you're avoiding my album(s?). If, on the other hand, you want to humor me by downloading my copy, then that's fine too. Actually, now that I think about it, why did I post this? (Oh, yeah, I'm trying to avoid waste.......too late).

Well, in either case, you'll enjoy this fun score to the fun Goldie Hawn / Chevy Chase mystery / comedy!

Track List:

Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) - 01 - Ready to Take a Chance Again - Barry Manilow
Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) - 02 - Help
Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) - 03 - Beware of the Dwarf
Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) - 04 - Love Theme - Instrumental (Ready to Take a Chance Again)
Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) - 05 - Copacabana - Barry Manilow
Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) - 06 - Gloria Falls for Trap
Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) - 07 - Foul Play - Disco
Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) - 08 - Scarface
Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) - 09 - Gloria Escapes
Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) - 10 - Houseboat (Love Theme)
Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) - 11 - Get Me to the Opera On Time
Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) - 12 - End Title (Ready to Take a Chance Again) - Barry Manilow

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Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) (Rapidshare)

Foul Play (1978) (Charles Fox) (Filesend)

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross)

I'd thought I'd post one of my favorite Jerome Moross scores of all time. Possibly second only to The Big Country (which you will find elsewhere on the blog). The music is absolutely fantastic (unless you don't like my taste which I could certainly understand.....that would also explain the lack of comments on the blog, but that's a whole other story).

Moross has also scored such movies as The War Lord, The Valley of Gwangi, The Proud Rebel, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, to name a few.

This is the score to the Tom Tryon / Carol Lynley religious drama though the music isn't in that Miklos Rozsa religious epic vein (probably because the film isn't an epic). It's lyrical and you will like it. The film was directed by Otto Preminger and a young Robert Morse also appears in a musical number because what would a religious picture be without an appearance by Robert Morse?


Track List:

The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross) - 01 - Main Title
The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross) - 02 - Stonebury
The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross) - 03 - Dixieland / Tango
The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross) - 04 - The Cardinal's Faith
The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross) - 05 - Bobby Morse (Robert Morse) & His Adora-Belles - They Haven't Got The Girls In The U.S.A.
The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross) - 06 - The Cardinal In Vienna
The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross) - 07 - Annemarie
The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross) - 08 - The Cardinal's Decision
The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross) - 09 - Way Down South
The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross) - 10 - The Cardinal Themes

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The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross) (Rapidshare)

The Cardinal (1963) (Jerome Moross) (Megaupload)

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Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre)

Here's another score that I always wanted to post (because I always liked the movie and because the music is absolutely fantastic). I never got around to it though because at one point, Not Quite Blogging Yet had posted it, but his blog is no more, so I thought I'd post my copy.

Again, it is beautiful music fit for the Richard Dreyfuss comedy that takes place in a fictional Latin American country called Parador. You will love this music. It seems to me that at one time this score was rather hard-to-get, but I don't know what its current availability is now. Well, actually its current availability right here is pretty good since it's staring you right in the face.


Track List:

Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 01 - Parador
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 02 - Madonna's Tango
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 03 - History Lesson
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 04 - Momma's Back
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 05 - Carnival
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 06 - Dictator's Workout
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 07 - The Part of a Lifetime
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 08 - Flyaway

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Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) (Rapidshare)

Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) (Filesend)

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Comme Un Boomerang (1976) (Georges Delerue)

'Anonymous' had requested this score some time in the Paleozoic Era, but since I was sure somebody else would post it eventually, I never did. But nobody did, so here it is now.

What can you say about Georges Delerue? His first name is Georges and his initials are G.D. What can you say about the music? Well, it was from 1976 so that should give you some idea of how it sounds. And it was a drama starring Alain Delon. Hmmm....can't think of anything else to say.

Track List:

Comme Un Boomerang (1976) (Georges Delerue) - 01 - Generique
Comme Un Boomerang (1976) (Georges Delerue) - 02 - Boomerang
Comme Un Boomerang (1976) (Georges Delerue) - 03 - Free
Comme Un Boomerang (1976) (Georges Delerue) - 04 - Espoir
Comme Un Boomerang (1976) (Georges Delerue) - 05 - Generique Fin
Comme Un Boomerang (1976) (Georges Delerue) - 06 - Comme Une Ballade
Comme Un Boomerang (1976) (Georges Delerue) - 07 - La Lettre
Comme Un Boomerang (1976) (Georges Delerue) - 08 - La Visite
Comme Un Boomerang (1976) (Georges Delerue) - 09 - Le Casino Ruhl
Comme Un Boomerang (1976) (Georges Delerue) - 10 - La Recontre
Comme Un Boomerang (1976) (Georges Delerue) - 11 - La Melancolie

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Comme Un Boomerang (Rapidshare)

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