Monday, March 26, 2007

Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle)

Here's another one of those old scores that I always think of as being in that category of Holy Grail scores because it was at one time hard-to-get. But as is the case with just about all of those ones, I don't think they're that hard-to-get anymore. Well, case in point, if I could get it, it can't be that hard.

It makes me think of the blog in general. Every once in a while, I get a comment here or a description made by other blogs about something I post as being rare or obscure, but I never think of anything I post as being either of those things. I think of just about everything I post as being pretty mainstream. It probably only seems rare because nobody else wants it. Well, if you notice, I never describe any of the music here as rare, obscure, or other synonyms that imply that Sherpas have to bring it down from a Tibetan monastery. And it always surprises me when other people describe the blog that way.

But then again, it surprises me sometimes when I see other blogs describe themselves that way. Especially when I see stuff they're posting that's already in my collection. I keep thinking, 'How can it be as rare as you're saying when I already have it?'

Though I've seen some where that really applies. There are a few blogs that are sharing some incredible material that seems pretty obscure. But I would never think of this blog in those terms. Maybe unusual, but never rare or obscure. Really, if I can get it, it can't be too rare.

Again, what does that have to do with Shipwrecked? Well, really not much.

Patrick Doyle is another favorite composer of mine (was that a smooth transition or what?), though I remember being slightly disappointed by this score. Maybe it's a faulty memory, but that's my general impression. Well, you decide since I haven't listened to it in a long time. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, I don't think Patrick Doyle can go too far wrong.

You may be asking yourself right about now, 'Then why are you posting it?' Actually, you wouldn't be asking yourself that since you're not the one posting it, but you know what I mean. Well, I guess it's because it's in that small group of soundtracks that we used to drool over in auctions, etc., so it still gets me excited when I see certain soundtracks being posted. It's probably some kind of Pavlovian thing.

Well, in any case, this is the score to the Gabriel Byrne 'swashbuckler' for kids. Is it fair to describe it that way? I don't know. I just did, so that must count for something.


Track List:

Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 01 - Opening Titles
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 02 - Death of Howell
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 03 - Homecomming
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 04 - The Sheriff's Arrival
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 05 - Off to the Sea
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 06 - Scrubbing the Deck
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 07 - The Flora Departs
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 08 - Captain Madsen Is Poisoned
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 09 - Hakon Finds Mary
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 10 - Mary Is Rescued
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 11 - Exploring the Island
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 12 - Dreaming of Home
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 13 - Hakon Survives a Fall
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 14 - Treasure Is Found
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 15 - Building the Traps
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 16 - Hakon Builds His Boat
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 17 - Pirates Discovered
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 18 - The Chase
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 19 - Home to Norway
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 20 - End Titles - Part I
Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) - 21 - End Titles - Part II

pw = youdont

Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) (Rapidshare)

Shipwrecked (1991) (Patrick Doyle) (Megaupload)

around 44 MB

@ 160 Kbps

I just love reading your blog! I agree with you completely about people describing their postings as "rare." Although, I didn't even know that a soundtrack was available for Shipwrecked before reading your post. See how informative and educational this blog is...
Hi First Moon!

And I love hearing you say that!

And I thought maybe I was the only one who felt that way about the rarity thing.

And I'm so glad you could get to hear Shipwrecked (and you may be the first person to praise me on being informative!)
You know - this was one of the holy grails I had been searching for for a long time (I found it some months back) and like several of those grails - you actually fulfilled them. For a while - I was amazed that I was even fulfilling some grails for others, (Breton Girl, etc.) But then everything got the best of me, and I ducked out for a while - work, vacations, school & stress. Ah - the magical months of yonder.

Anywho - to your point - or mine, rather, I was also somewhat disappointed when I first listened to the score - having built it up in my head for so long. But as I have listened to it - while it is no Cutthroat Island, it is a very enjoyable swash-lite score - with some good moments of buckle.

Hi Jazz!

So glad to hear from you again! Been wondering what you were up to! And I'm so glad that in some small way I've been able to fulfill a few of those Grails along the way!

And I completely agree with you about the score. I think we both sort of built it up in our heads!
I have to say a big THANK YOU for posting this wonderful treasure(pardon the pun). I have been wishing to find this on CD but it had been so difficult to find an affordable copy on Ebay. This soundtrack is excellent as was the movie, which I saw on the big screen in 1991. Your blog is fantastic, btw!
Thank you so much, this soundtrack has been the hardest to find for me next to Quigley.
I found a great deal of helpful information in this post!
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