Saturday, March 03, 2007

Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre)

Here's another score that I always wanted to post (because I always liked the movie and because the music is absolutely fantastic). I never got around to it though because at one point, Not Quite Blogging Yet had posted it, but his blog is no more, so I thought I'd post my copy.

Again, it is beautiful music fit for the Richard Dreyfuss comedy that takes place in a fictional Latin American country called Parador. You will love this music. It seems to me that at one time this score was rather hard-to-get, but I don't know what its current availability is now. Well, actually its current availability right here is pretty good since it's staring you right in the face.


Track List:

Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 01 - Parador
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 02 - Madonna's Tango
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 03 - History Lesson
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 04 - Momma's Back
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 05 - Carnival
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 06 - Dictator's Workout
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 07 - The Part of a Lifetime
Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) - 08 - Flyaway

pw = youdont

Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) (Rapidshare)

Moon Over Parador (1988) (Maurice Jarre) (Filesend)

around 43 MB

Another very cool post. Many thanks! I never saw this movie, though I wanted to. Guess I'll get the movie now and watch it.
One of my Favorites fro the 1980's. Especially because Sammy Davis Jr who sang Moon Over Parador in his big voice.
Hi First Moon!

I think you might enjoy the film (at least I hope you do). And then you can enjoy listening to the soundtrack too!


Hi Vince!

I love the songs Sammy sings in the movie too! They were great and hilarious. :))
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Hi there, fabulous blog and I loved the Gamut collections!
Is there any chance that you might have the "Welcome to the Ponderosa" album with Lorne Greene?

Thanks again and have an awesome week!
Unfortunately are the files gone...repost would be great...
Really loved the movie, watched it on vhs though. I am wondering, can anybody tell me what is the title of the song by Julio Eglesias played on the scene when Dreyfuss was shot on the roof in this movie (Moon Over Parador)????? email me:
The File is gone! Any chance it can be reposted? Thanks
The links are dead and I cannot tell you how long I've been looking for this music. I would be one major happy camper if you could upload again!
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