Monday, March 26, 2007

The Mummy (1999) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Extended 50 Track Version]

Quite some time ago (so long, in fact, that all concerned have probably forgotten), when 'Whiteorc' (I wonder where he ever got to, by the way?) had posted another version of The Mummy (the 41 Track version), 'Breton Girl' mentioned that she was curious to have other alternate versions posted as well. In fact, her exact quote was, 'By the way, i know there's 3 others bootleg floating around: one with 50 tracks, one with 38, and the last (?) one with 29 tracks... If anyone got one of these versions, please share...'. So, I thought I'd post this. I'm guessing at some point she already got them, but for anyone else, I thought I'd go ahead and post it.

And even much further back in the mists of time, she and JazzHollister had originally requested the expanded version to The Mummy on his late and very lamented JazzNotes blog (and on other blogs as well). This was in fact the original request that had started his whole G*ld$mith post. Back then, I had seen 'Breton Girl' requesting this in various locations and really wanted to help her out, but I thought I didn't have it. Eventually, JazzHollister posted the 38 Track version on his blog and managed to fulfill his own request.

Then, some time after that, I was searching for something on my hard drive and up popped this 50 track version that I had totally forgot I had! It was tucked away in a different section of my drive under things I wanted to check on for more info. I wanted to check the track titles, etc. and oddly enough, it had 2 track #14's on Disc 2, I think, so that's why I shuttled it off to a different part of my hard drive along with a bunch of other stuff to check on later (and I still haven't gotten around to checking out that other stuff, by the way!).

Well, when I found it, I felt bad that here all this time 'Breton Girl' and then later JazzHollister had been asking for it in a bunch of different places and here I had it all the time! Well, at the time JazzHollister posted his version, I thought it was the same as mine, so I didn't give it another thought (though I have to say I still felt bad that their request had gone unfulfilled for so long!). But much, much later (see, isn't all this time travel fun?), when I was finally going through his version, I compared it to mine to see if it was identical and whether I should keep it or not when I realized it actually was different! My copy had all these extra tracks! (Well, really just 12, if my math is right.) Pretty weird. I had just assumed it was the same when I had originally downloaded his copy which is why I didn't really take a long look at it.

Well, I never had another version of one of those Mummy bootlegs to compare my copy to (and I never could find a track listing anywhere else which is why it was still sitting on my hard drive and why I never processed it before), so I finally went through it and checked the track titles, etc. I realized that weird double track #14 was just from somebody accidentally putting another copy of track #14 from Disc 1 in Disc 2's folder, so one mystery was solved. And when I compared the tracks on the 2 different versions, they appeared to be the same up until the extra tracks.

This 50 track version seems to have all the same tracks as the 38 track version, but with the additional tracks of 2-08 through 2-19 on Disc 2. These are just additional source cues, album versions, & film edits, for all us anal retentive types. If you already have any of the other bootlegs, I can't really imagine you wanting to download this unless you have to have every ounce of Jerry's music (and even then), but I figure there must be other crazy people like me who like to have lots of different versions of things. So here it is.

And on the very remote chance that 'Breton Girl' still hasn't gotten this version somewhere, I apologize for taking this long to post it, but I figured after you got the 38 and 41 track versions, you probably weren't in a big hurry to listen to the album version of 'The Sand Volcano' or that extra special and ultra-rare 'Universal Logo' theme.

Well, I still feel bad that I didn't post this back when they were originally asking for it (especially since I know 'Breton Girl' was really looking for it back then). Well, what can you do? (I guess I'll go back to finding more stuff that nobody wants anymore.........)


P.S. Jerry G*ld$mith is a famous composer, The Mummy is a Brendan Fraser movie, this blog posts music, etc., etc., etc. I forgot to add all that stuff to the post.

Update: 'Anonymous' helpfully pointed out that Disc 2, Track #7 - Finale & End Credits did not seem to be complete. I have to agree. It certainly seems to be too short to be end credits (under a minute) and doesn't even sound like a finale. I didn't notice it when I first listened to it. 'Anonymous' pointed out that the real track should be about ten minutes long. So, I don't know what piece of music this is. Sorry about that, but it appears to be the same way on the 38 track version as well. Well, maybe some kind person out there has it?

Disc 1 - Track List:

The Mummy (Complete) - 1-01 - Imhotep
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-02 - The Sarcophagus
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-03 - Tuareg Attack
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-04 - Pursuit
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-05 - The Desert Will Kill Him
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-06 - The Librarian
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-07 - The Puzzle Box
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-08 - The Execution
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-09 - Giza Port
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-10 - Night Boarders
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-11 - The Caravan
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-12 - Camel Race
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-13 - There Was Light
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-14 - Blue Gold
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-15 - Salt Acid
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-16 - The Crypt
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-17 - Broken Bottle
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-18 - Mumia Attack
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-19 - Rick And Evelyn & Discoveries
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-20 - Plague Of Locusts
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-21 - The Bringer Of Death
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-22 - Language Of The Slaves
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-23 - Finishing The Job
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-24 - Serious Trouble
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-25 - The Eclipse
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-26 - Hunting The Egyptologist
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-27 - Plague Of Flies
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-28 - Bourbon Chaser
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-29 - Through The Keyhole
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-30 - My Favorite Plague
The Mummy (Complete) - 1-31 - Crowd Control

Disc 2 - Track List:

The Mummy (Complete) - 2-01 - The Sand Wall
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-02 - Quicksand
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-03 - Rebirth
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-04 - The Mummy
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-05 - Escaping Hamunaptra
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-06 - The Sand Volcano
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-07 - Finale & End Credits
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-08 - Universal Logo
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-09 - Boat Piano 1
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-10 - Boat Piano 2
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-11 - Camels Source
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-12 - Fort Brydon Source
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-13 - Winston Source
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-14 - Discoveries (album version)
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-15 - My Favorite Plague (film edit)
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-16 - Rebirth Cue 1 (film edit)
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-17 - Rebirth Cue 2 (film edit)
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-18 - Rebirth Cue 3 (film edit)
The Mummy (Complete) - 2-19 - The Sand Volcano (album version)

pw = youdont

The Mummy (1999) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Extended 50 Track Version] - Part 1 (Rapidshare)

The Mummy (1999) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Extended 50 Track Version] - Part 2 (Rapidshare)
The Mummy (1999) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Extended 50 Track Version] - Part 3 (Rapidshare)


The Mummy (1999) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Extended 50 Track Version] (Megaupload)

around 259 MB

@ 320 Kbps

I don't have this at a good bit-rate and it's truly wonderful Goldsmith... Most Goldsmith is truly wonderful, actually, but this is one of my favorite...One of my favorite 20-30 Goldsmith scores... Nice that someone so brilliant was also quite prolific.

Wish someone could have and post the 29 tracks version, it's the only one i havent got... :(
Great post, by the way! ;)
Hi Thingmaker!

I couldn't agree with you more about Goldsmith! And I'm so glad I could post something to give back for all the wonderful stuff you've posted!


Hi Breton Girl!

I hope somebody does. You'll have a complete set then! And thanks for what you said! :))
I really hope so to... I was thinking about reconstruting this bootleg (i do this for the 36 tracks version by mixing tracks for the 41 and 50 tracks editions), but it's impossible because half of the tracks are much more longer (5/7 minutes)...
This rip is NOT complete. Disc 2 track 2-07 - Finale & End Credits is long about 1 min.

Right this track is about 10 minutes !!!
Hey there,

Randomly surfing tonight and imagine my surprise when I ran across my name. Lots of fun new Goldsmtih for me to listen to tonight! Thanks - as always

Hi Breton Girl!

Yeah, it's always hard reconstructing scores when there are so many and different versions out there!


Hi Anonymous!

Thanks for letting me know! I guess 'Complete' is always a relative term. I'll have another look at the Finale music. Thanks again, for clueing me in!


Hi Jazz!

Well, even when you're not around, we're always thinking of you!
oh wow. this post absolutely rocks. i love the film and music, and 50 tracks full of mummy-goldsmith goodness is pretty much more than i can handle. thanks :)

and i think it's fantastic you have a section on your hd for stuff to check up on. if i were that organized i wouldn't have 7 thank you notes sitting on my desk waiting to be written, sealed, stamped or mailed.

lovely blog. thanks for all the work you do :]
Thank you very much! There is some great brass and string writing in this!
Its a great score!!!Thank you very much...I was looking for...ages
The first part of the End Credits music can be found in the "Sand Volcano (Album Version)" track! So it's not completely missing. :)

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