Monday, March 26, 2007

Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) [Bootleg]

After that last post, it put me in the mood to post this for some reason. That and the fact that 'Anonymous' (isn't it always?) was requesting various G*ld$mith scores. This wasn't one of them, but I've been meaning to post this for some time now. I probably should've saved these posts for Halloween, now that I think about it, but that's too far off.

This recording includes dialogue and sound effects and if you've seen the movie, is fun to listen to. I can't remember if there are a lot of spoilers in the recording if you haven't seen the movie, but you might want to see the movie anyway.

The music is partly neo-classical, but not quite (if my faulty brain is working right) and really good (that much I'm sure of). The movie was directed by John Frankenheimer (who directed such movies as The Manchurian Candidate, The Train, Birdman of Alcatraz, and Black Sunday, among many others) and is the contemporary story of a man who strikes (or is really forced to strike) a Faustian bargain.

I don't remember the movie being a big hit box office-wise, but it's chilling in an oppressive and sterile sort of way. Wait, that didn't sound too good. Well, I liked the film, but there is something a little unsatisfying about it. Maybe it's the unrelenting bleakness. Still, very compelling though in some ways. Sort of reminds me of The Manchurian Candidate if it were, say, a drinking glass, but only filled two-thirds of the way up.

And for those who have never seen the film, you won't ever forget the ending. Come to think of it, you should probably see the film before listening to this recording because I think it gives away the ending.

.....Okay, I just checked and I guess it doesn't actually give away the ending, so it's probably safe.

And it's always amazing to me how G*ld$mith was able to come up with one great score after another with such variety. Maybe he made a Faustian bargain? 'I'll sell you my soul if you give me great musical talent, award nominations, and a ponytail.'


Track List:

Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 01 - Main Title
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 02 - Train
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 03 - Bedroom
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 04 - Company
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 05 - Transformation
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 06 - Conditioning
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 07 - New Home
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 08 - Adjusting
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 09 - Drunken Sailor Source
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 10 - Beach
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 11 - Cocktail Source
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 12 - Returning Home
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 13 - Begin Again
Seconds (1966) (Jerry G*ld$mith) - 14 - End Credits

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