Friday, December 01, 2006

Trvivia Hall of Fame - Where Old Questions Go To Die

To keep the Trivia Post a manageable size, I thought I'd put the old questions here. You can refer back to the original trivia post's comment section to see what people were referring to on these questions. And if you want to get back to the original Trivia Post (yeah, right!), you can go here.


Just for fun, I thought I'd pose these trivia questions (The first person to name these movies gets all the bragging rights they can handle):

1) Name the movie in which Julianne Moore stands in front of a dinosaur display at a mall
Answer: Hannibal (2001)

2) Nicol Williamson says about Louise Fletcher: 'There, gentlemen, goes a brave, beautiful and extremely boring woman'
Answer: The Cheap Detective (1978)

WINNER: 'Quinlan' got both right!! (Bragging rights are all yours, Quinlan!)
Honorable guesses: Anonymous & Sharon of the Long Live Lucy Blog


1) Who was the first actor to play James Bond on-screen? (Think carefully)

Wow! That was fast! (I've got to make these harder!)

'Detective Mitchell' & 'Soulpeeps' (DM was about 7 min. earlier,
but they might've had their comment windows open at the same time) :))


New Question:

1) What movie has Christopher Walken becoming a lifetime member of the Rotary Club?
Answer: Catch Me If You Can (2002)

WINNERS: 'Mickey' & right after him, 'Quinlan'
Honorable guess: 'Flunkyrat'



Here are some nice Christmas questions:

1) What movie has Gabriel Byrne make a Christmas tree appear out of nowhere?
Answer: End of Days (1999)
2) What movie has Russell Crowe picking out Christmas trees with his father while discussing his sex life?
Answer: The Sum Of Us (1994)

WINNERS: 'Tor Y. Harbin' (even though he's ashamed to know it) & 'Quinlan' for the first one & 'Monsieur Porneaux' (even though he apparently doesn't want to admit either) & 'Quinlan' for the second one



People are doing an amazing job answering these!! (I can't believe how quickly they've gotten these!):

1) Barbara Stanwyck ties up and gags a man twice and takes off his pants and jabs him with a fork
Answer: The Mad Miss Manton (1938) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' came up with another great answer! & 'Brian' - you guys are fantastic! Was it the fork jabbing or the pants-taking-off that gave it away?]
2) Dorothy Malone becomes engaged to Rod Taylor as a result of a meeting in a San Francisco ladies room
Answer: Fate Is The Hunter (1964) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' wins again! You are a real trivia champ!]
3) Sidney Poitier spits on Claude Akins
Answer: The Defiant Ones (1958) - [Winners: 'Sharon' & 'Quinlan' - Way to go, guys! You sure know your spitting!]
4) Clifton Webb says, 'The enjoyment of art is the only remaining ecstasy that is neither immoral nor illegal.'
Answer: The Dark Corner (1946) - [Winner: 'Soylentgreen'.....Soylent at his most soylent came up with this answer! Thanks for all the nice things you said, by the way! And anyone who likes Clifton Webb is great by me!!]
5) George Brent says to Bette Davis, 'Well, I guess the longer you associate with me, the smarter you get.' To which she replies, 'By contrast.'Honorable guess by 'Quinlan' - Keep trying!......and another nice guess by 'Quinlan' on 'Jezebel', but try again! :))
Answer: Front Page Woman (1935) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' does it again. Third time was the charm. Way to go 'Quinlan'! Love live the champ!]
6) Mia Farrow sings about laxatives
Answer: Radio Days (1987) - [Winner: ' HairyLime' got it right! And he wasn't the 'Third Man' to do it! Way to go, Harry!]
7) Richard Harris speaks of vomit and ear wax
Answer: Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone (2001) - [Winner: 'Tony' of Way Out Junk got it right on the money. And I'm so glad to see you stopping by! I didn't know you were visiting (especially since I haven't posted anything in a while! And for everybody else, go to Tony's for so much great stuff!)]
8) Charles Bronson rides on a sailboat and carries around a glass cat
Answer: Death Wish 2 (1982) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' was able to finally put this one to bed! Great going, Bistis6!]
9) James Bond wears overalls while having no shirt on, and has his picture taken
Answer: Never Say Never Again (1983) - [Winner: 'Vince' never has to say never, that's for sure!]
10) Hitchcock film that has a Latvian man listen to a man tell him about the origins of the kilt
Answer: Foreign Correspondent (1940) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' came through again! Definitely the trivia champ so far!]
11) Conan O’Brien commits suicide by jumping out of a high rise building
Answer: South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999) - [Winner: 'Muad'Dib' - and he sure knows his suicidal talk show hosts! Great guess!]
12) Robert DeNiro wears a monocle and wants to be president
Answer: The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000) - [Winner: 'Tor Y. Harbin' of Mr. Cellophane. Way to go! I think he looks good in a monocle.]
13) Cary Grant tells a man to drop nitroglycerin on a flock of condors
Answer: Only Angels Have Wings (1939) - [Winner: and 'Vince' sure knows his condors! Nice one!]
14) Fred MacMurray plays a saxophone filled with popcorn
Answer: Son Of Flubber (1963) - [Winner: You'd think I'd get tired of typing in Quinlan's name, but I don't. You sure know your food instruments!]
15) a movie narrated by James Hilton (that involves teachers and students) - nice try, 'Quinlan', but try again!
Answer: Madame Curie (1943) - [Winner: 'Huguinho Pinheiro' got this trick question! Nice one! You sure you're not 'Quinlan' in disguise?]
16) Dennis Quaid plays a firefighter who shoots a man's hand off
Answer: Frequency (2000) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' knows his hand-shooting!]

18) Colin Farrell hits a man with an organ pipe
Answer: Daredevil (2003) - [Winner: 'Muad'Dib' comes up with another great guess!]
19) a movie with a musical number involving an assembly line of girls applying resin to a boat - good try on your two guesses, Vince. You're close!
Answer: Clambake (1967) - [Winners: And 'Vince' got it on the third try! Well, really I count that as a first try since it was a momentary confusion between Elvis pictures. And when you've seen one boat resin musical number, you've seen them all!.........and 'Jeff' got the right answer too. Great going, guys!]
20) Kevin Spacey gets very excited when somebody turns on lawn sprinklers
Answer: K-PAX (2001) - [Winner: 'Muad'Dib' does it again!]
21) Sir Cedric Hardwicke spends most of the movie sitting in a tree
Answer: On Borrowed Time (1939) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' did it again!]
22) Russell Crowe keeps sniffing a handkerchief
Answer: A Beautiful Mind (2001) - [Winner: 'Harrylime' also has a mind that is not unattractive because he got it right!]
23) Elizabeth Hurley says, 'I have fantastic hearing and a number of other equally impressive talents.'
Answer: Bedazzled (2000) - [Winner: 'Muad'Dib' took a guess, and he was right again! Nice one, Muad'Dib!! ......................and I wonder what she could mean by that quote?]
24) George Segal shoves a woman down an elevator shaft, enjoys himself in a conga line, is chased by Hawaiian waiters, and rides in a motorcycle sidecar driven by a man in scuba gear
Answer: The Black Bird (1975) - [Winner: 'Harrylime'. And thanks for saying these are fun! I'll have to think of more women-elevator-shaft-movies to challenge you!]
25) Dana Wynter works in a dunking booth (& is registered as a prostitute with the health department)
Answer: Fraulein (1958) - [Winner: 'Huguinho Pinheiro' did it again with another tricky one! Way to go!]
26) Sigourney Weaver talks about doing an interview consisting of 6 paragraphs about her boobs
Answer: Galaxy Quest (1999) - [Winners: 'Tor Y. Harbin' can't believe that no one posted this answer until now, and I agree with you; I'm sure Sigourney must be unhappy that more people didn't know about her boobs!........and 'Kingroper' came up with the right answer. Way to go, guys! See, Sigourney, you don't have to feel so bad now!]
27) Sigourney Weaver uses the phrase 'menage a cinque' and asks a woman to feel her butt - [it was a good guess, Potsdamerplatz, but try again!]
Answer: Heartbreakers (2001) - [Winner: 'Huguinho Pinheiro' got this one. Sigourney should also like that you got this one!]

30) James Caan sings 'You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You'
Answer: Mickey Blue Eyes (1999) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' knows James Caan loves him for getting this answer right!]
31) Peter Sellers compares a treacherous road to a fresh mushroom
Answer: Murder By Death (1976) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got this one! Way to go!]
32) Dennis Hopper plays a science teacher who wants to be called Bob
Answer: My Science Project (1985) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' got it right! Gee, more of that Dennis Hopper type-casting.]
33) John Wayne rides a bicycle built for two, plants roses, and a man asks him if he plays tiddlywinks
Answer: The Quiet Man (1952) - [Winners: 'Harrylime' & 'Vince'! I don't know how you guys picked it out of all the other John Wayne films where he plants roses!]
34) Brian Cox commits suicide with a television set
Answer: The Ring (2002) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' got it right! Can't Brian Cox do it like the rest of us by sitting on the couch?]
35) Arnold Schwarzenegger beats a woman up with a urinal
Answer: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) - [Winner: 'Vince' got it again! .....and that was after Arnold became governor.....oh, no wait.]
36) Orson Welles film with an exploding car, a stripper, and an acid-throwing punk
Answer: Touch of Evil (1958) - [Winners: 'Quinlan' got this tribute to him! He knew that Orson Welles' character was named Hank 'Quinlan'! If you're near him right now, pat him on the back! And 'Harrylime' also got an Orson Welles question! Who would imagine? I'm expecting readers named 'Charles Foster Kane' and 'Macbeth' to answer the next Welles question!]
37) Dick Powell film that involves a student strike and a student sit-in with a full police raid, riot squad, & National Guard
Answer: Varsity Show (1937) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' made a guess and he was right on the money. Way to go! Gee, I'm tired of all those pinko liberal Dick Powell films!]
38) Constance Bennett gets hit in the behind by a polo ball
Answer: What Price Hollywood (1932) - [Winner: Does 'Quinlan' know his famous actress' behinds, or what? Way to go!]
39) Loretta Young gets tickled in a bear cave
Answer: Zoo In Budapest (1933) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' gets it again!]
40) What are the first & last words spoken in the film, 'Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)'?
Answers: 'Captain' & here's where it gets tricky....I thought it was 'Peace', but 'Huguinho Pinheiro' says it's 'Apprentice'. Can anybody out there confirm which is right? - [Winner: Well, for the purposes of this game, I'm going to assume 'Huguinho Pinheiro' is right, but I'd still like to know! Way to go, either way, HP!]
41) Marcia Gay Harden is a pre-operative transsexual
Answer: Gaudi Afternoon (2000 or 2001) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' got it right! I guess that's better than her playing a post-operative transsexual. She wouldn't be convincing at all!]
42) Jack Nicholson says he’s watching Joan Rivers selling jewelry
Answer: Something's Gotta Give (2003) - [Winner: 'Harrylime's wife'. Way to go! Your first guess of 'Prizzi's Honor' was a great one, but your better half got it right, I'm afraid. Give her a big kiss and tell her she's a winner (well, I'm sure she already knew that!)]
43) Jack Black thinks Britney Spears is a ‘tad muscular’
Answer: Shallow Hal (2001) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' is not shallow at all for getting this one!]
44) Annette Bening has sex 126 times over a period of a week
Answer: What Planet Are You From? (2000) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' won again! And I won't ask how he knew that. Okay, so we're all interested in Annette Bening's sex life. So sue us.]
45) Sean Connery says, 'I’m not what you’d call a passionate man.' - nice guess, 'Vince' (& subsequently, 'Quinlan' [and thanks for the explanation, by the way!], but keep trying!
Answer: Thunderball (1965) - [Winner: 'Huguinho Pinheiro' got another one! Way to go! And check the comments for his full quote. Honorable guess: 'Vince' came up with the good guess of 'Robin & Marian' (unless he said it in that movie too in which case I would owe 'Vince' an apology!)]
46) Mark Wahlberg says that Eddie Murphy singing is bad music
Answer: Three Kings (1999) - [Winner: 'Huguinho Pinheiro' got another hard one! Check in the comments for his description of the scene. (....and I guess as far as the Academy Awards went, both Mark & Eddie didn't do so well!)]
47) Hitchcock film in which 2 men talk about girdles and bras on a train - nice tries, 'Vince' & 'Quinlan', but try again!
Answer: The 39 Steps (1935) - [Winners: 'Quinlan' gets another question about bras! I mean he gets another question about Hitchcock! Way to go!......and 'Bistis6' got it too. You guys are fantastic!]
48) Alice Brady catches Maureen O’Sullivan (in her bra) in her dressing room kissing a man, then beats the man out of the room
Answer: Stage Mother (1933) - [Winner: 'Quinlan' knows his half-dressed women!]
49) What do these movies have in common: Giant, Mame, The List of Adrian Messenger?
Answer: Foxhunting scenes - [Winner: 'Quinlan' got it right again! Way to go!! You have renewed your right to call yourself, Trivia Champ!]
50) Charlton belches to show his appreciation of a fine meal
Answer: Ben-Hur (1959) [and according to 'Harrylime' he also does it in Soylent Green (1973) which I don't remember from the film, but I will bow to his formidable film knowledge!] - [Winners: 'Harrylime' & 'Honored General'. Way to go, guys! (and I respect you guys too much to say that you sure know your belching!)]
51) Eddie Murphy counts the number of times the letter 'K' appears in a script
Answer: Bowfinger (1999) - [Winners: 'Vince' & 'Bistis6' got another one right! Nice one, guys!]
52) Don Cheadle sports blonde hair and hangs around with a man who plays with a slinky & has a pet tiger
Answer: Meteor Man (1993) - [Winner: 'Muad'Dib' got it with his usual good guessing and supreme knowledge! Honorable guess: 'Vince'.......and thank you for being such a nice guy too!]
53) Sandra Dee plays the guitar and sings, 'Hava Nagila'
Answer: Take Her, She's Mine (1963) - [Winner: 'Bistis6' got another one! Way to go!]

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