Saturday, March 10, 2007

By Request - Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis)

'Thomas' requested this score, and 'Voila!', over a month later he gets his wish! Well, assuming he still cares at all, and that he still visits, and that he happens to check this post, I hope he enjoys it. Well, even if none of those things are true anymore, I hope he still enjoys himself in general.

This is the score to the silent film composed & conducted by Carl Davis and performed by The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Studios like to re-score silent films for restored versions, re-releases, etc. especially when they have chariot races.

Actually, the chariot race in the silent version is just as exciting as the one in the Charlton Heston version. You'd think maybe it wouldn't be, but it is. And it's amazing what you could get away with in the Pre-Hays code days. I seem to remember watching scenes in that movie with men having their arms hacked off. That would be a little rough even in a movie today let alone in 1925 (not to mention 1959 where the worst you get is Stephen Boyd broken and bloody and maybe a little leper action).

Carl Davis is another composer I enjoy a lot and he's carved out a real niche composing for silent films (among many other things). It must be tough with the competition from all those other composers from the silent era out there challenging him.


Track List:

Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 01 - Opening Titles
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 02 - The Nativity
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 03 - Esther And The Young Prince
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 04 - Roman March And Disaster
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 05 - Galley Slave
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 06 - Pirate Battle
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 07 - Iras The Egyptian
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 08 - The Chariot Race
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 09 - Ben-Hur's Return
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 10 - Via Dolorossa
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - 11 - Earthquake And New Dawn

pw = youdont

Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - Part 1 (Rapidshare)
Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) - Part 2 (Rapidshare)


Ben-Hur (1925) (Carl Davis) (Megaupload)

around 172 MB

@ 320 Kbps

Cool! Thanks for Ben Hur! I don't know if 'Thomas' is enjoying this, but I sure am!
Hi First Moon!

You are very welcome! I'm glad someone else is enjoying it! Someone has to pick up the slack for 'Thomas'! :))
It's a great post, thank a lot!
Thanks for your wonderful posts. With you, I discovered great scores.
It may be a problem with "The Searchers(1956)(Max Steiner)". All the tracks are cuted 2 seconds before your end. It's the first problem I meet in your blog. Thanks if you can upload a good version of this wonderful score.
Hi Breton Girl!

You are very welcome! :))


Hi Anonymous!

Thanks for what you said! And I don't remember there being anything wrong with The Searchers, but I'll look into it. I'm not entirely sure what you meant, but I listen to the tracks again.

John also posted a version that you might find better (if it isn't the same version):

Hope that helps!
Hey hey! Looking forward to this one, many thanks my friend!


PS How can I get scores to you?
"...still enjoys himself..."

I do that, do, and there is lot of stuff on the Internet to help me enjoy myself even more. :)
Hi Nomwl1,

Your new links for "The Searchers" are very good & perfect. And the music is great. Big thanks.

thank you very much for sharing Ben-Hur (Carl Davis)!!!

Hi Ennioman!

I'm so glad! And you can leave anything you want to post at the Request Post (link at the top of the blog). Thanks so much for your generous offer!


Hi Jordan!

And I'm so glad you're finding a lot of great stuff! I may ask you some time where you get your TV episodes!


Hi Vince!

I'm so glad I could make it available! I hope you like it. :))


Hi Anonymous!

I'm glad the other Searchers worked out for you. You're very welcome! :))


Hi Atan!

And you're also very welcome! :))
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