Monday, March 26, 2007

By Request - Carrie - The Musical (Bootleg,Misc.Tracks)

After my earlier post, 'Greg' requested this, so here it is!

I got these tracks a very long time ago on p2p. They were more-or-less miscellaneous unordered tracks from multiple sources that I vaguely remember putting in this order to reflect the sequence in the production (which if I also remember right was no easy trick). Some are from the Workshop and some are from the Original Broadway production (OBC - original broadway cast) (and there may be other tracks that come from other sources, as far as I know). Consider this the Frankenstein's monster of cast recordings. They are mostly (if not all) live audio and generally poor audio quality for those who care about such things (well, really, what do you expect from live audio? Ella Fitzgerald smashing a glass with her voice?).

I put them in this order a long long time ago and some of the ordering may be wrong, but that's the great thing about digital files - it doesn't really take a bulldozer to move them around. The tracks denoted with a's & b's are duplicate tracks that I included in the same order as they would normally appear. I've also indicated the different bitrates (Kbps) for the different files and left the tags in mostly the same way that I found them so that if you want to extract the different sources, you can. In other words, you can tell which files go with which versions (and if you can, you're a better man than I, Gunga Din).

Carrie - The Musical opened on Broadway in 1988 and became one of the biggest flops in Broadway history up to that point. It lost millions of dollars and became a punchline for a long time after in the same way that, say, 'Ishtar' became a film punchline. As you can tell from the music (and from various accounts), it had moments of brilliance and real moments of incredible cheese.

The material between the mother and the daughter is some of the best and most interesting work (as is probably true of the film too) and is pop operatic in nature. It's juxtaposed with more pop-oriented musical numbers of leather-clad teenagers in discos, towel-clad girls in shower rooms, and possibly the only musical number I can think of that involves slaughtering pigs at a pig farm while dressed in leather. No, I take that back; I think there was one in 'The Sound of Music' too, but I'm not sure.

There was a workshop production in 1984 with Maureen McGovern and an out-of-town production in 1988 (well, out-of-town in the sense that it was in England as a co-production with the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-upon-Avon, and Shakespeare couldn't be more proud!) with Barbara Cook, each respectively playing Carrie's mother.

The music was by Michael Gore & Dean Pitchford, the same men associated with such projects as 'Fame' & 'Footloose' and the book of the musical was by Lawrence D. Cohen, the same man who wrote the film's script. The Broadway production starred Betty Buckley as Mrs. White and Linzi Hateley as Carrie. I guess I don't really need to mention that Betty Buckley also played the gym teacher in the film (since if you were interested in this recording at all, you would probably already know a lot about the film anyway). And if I remember right, music icon (and Lethal Weapon wife) Darlene Love takes over the role of the gym teacher in the Broadway production. If they make a film version of the musical, I fully expect Darlene Love to play Mrs. White and Ronnie Spector to play the gym teacher. And if they do a musical revival of THAT film, I expect Ronnie Spector to play Mrs. White and Britney Spears to play the gym teacher.

And if I also remember right, Gene Anthony Ray, whom you may remember from the film and TV show, 'Fame' plays one of the teenagers. I'm guessing this isn't a coincidence since Gore & Pitchford did the music and Debbie Allen did the choreography.

I can't be absolutely sure with some of this live audio, but I put the most probable performers in the tag comments. (It's pretty easy to tell Betty Buckley & Darlene Love, for instance, but where I couldn't be absolutely sure, I just put down the likely performers in the tag comments) And I've also included in the file a couple of web pages for reference purposes that include a synopsis of the play (these are pretty old web pages, by the way, so I don't know if that site still exists).

Well, I think you'll get a lot of enjoyment listening to this if you can picture Betty Buckley dying on a giant white staircase like something out of 'An American in Paris' or her singing the number, 'When There's No One' in a low-cut negligee.

Or you can chant, 'Kill the Pig' along with all the hip kids at the pig farm in the song, 'Out For Blood' (well they have to get their prom gifts somewhere, don't they?). Or you can voyeuristically (or the ear equivalent of that) listen to teenagers trying to make out in their cars in the number, 'Don't Waste The Moon' (if you don't mind it ending kind of interruptus?).

Well, maybe you'll enjoy the thought of a musical number with high school girls in towels and underwear in a school shower room (and isn't that the way that most women take showers?) taunting a girl who's just discovered her monthly friend. (But now that I think about it, if you enjoy picturing high school girls in towels and underwear, you're probably surfing entirely different websites besides this one......and I'm also reporting you to the authorities as I type this.).

And I can't help it, but the opening of the 'Apologies Scene' makes me want to watch Dr. Who for some reason. (I'm picturing Carrie stepping out of a Tardis right now.)

Or you can picture Carrie making objects fly and dance around her room while she sings 'I'm Not Alone'. Well, if you're gonna kill a bunch of people later on, you really need a lighter Mary Poppins-type moment, don't you?

And just imagine all the laser beams shooting out of Carrie at the prom while people get trapped in the stage equivalent of a giant shower curtain during the 'Destruction' number.

It's also interesting to hear the makers discuss the project in the Workshop introduction and to hear the curtain call at the end with such now-famous (but less well-known, back then) stage names as Donna Murphy & Liz Callaway being mentioned. I've also included a cut number from the Workshop, 'Tommy's Poem' in the folder as well.

Well, despite the way I made it sound there are actually some nice musical numbers in here (like 'Evening Prayers', 'Carrie', and some of the other ones I've already mentioned) and Betty Buckley in particular stands out, so enjoy listening to a musical version of Stephen King's simple story of a girl and her mother!

P.S. And remember to treat all the telekinetic girls (with overly religious mothers) that you happen to meet along the way with care and kindness! I think that's a good rule-of-thumb to follow whether you're going to the prom or not.


Track List:

01 - Author's Introduction - (128 Kbps, Workshop)
02 - Overture - (64 Kbps, 1988)
03 - In - (128 Kbps,OBC)
04 - Prelude - (128 Kbps,OBC)
04a - Taunting And Carrie Prelude - (80 Kbps)
05 - Dream On & Shower Scene - (160 Kbps)
05a - Dream On - (192 Kbps)
05b - Shower Scene - (128 Kbps,OBC)
06 - Carrie - [That's Not My Name] - (192 Kbps)
07 - Hey Tommy - (128 Kbps,OBC)
08 - Open Your Heart - (192 Kbps)
09 - And Eve Was Weak - (80 Kbps)
10 - Don't Waste The Moon - [end missing] - (80 Kbps)
11 - Evening Prayers - (128 Kbps,OBC)
12 - Apologies Scene - (160 Kbps)
13 - Unsuspecting Hearts - (160 Kbps,Remast. Live)
14 - Invited - [I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance] - (128 Kbps,OBC)
15 - I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance - (192 Kbps)
16 - Out For Blood - (64 Kbps, 1988)
17 - It Hurts To Be Strong - (96 Kbps)
18 - I'm Not Alone - (160 Kbps)
19 - Carrie (Reprise 1) - (128 Kbps,OBC)
20 - When There's No One - (80 Kbps)
21 - Wotta Night - (128 Kbps,OBC)
22 - Heaven - (128 Kbps)
23 - Alma Mater & The Destruction - (160 Kbps,Remast. Live)
23a - The Destruction - (128 Kbps,OBC)
24 - Carrie (Reprise 2) - (128 Kbps,OBC)
25 - Bows - (128 Kbps,OBC)
26 - Exit Music - (128 Kbps,OBC)
27 - Curtain Call - (128 Kbps, Workshop)

Carrie The Musical - Tommy's Poem - (128 Kbps, Workshop, Cut)

pw = youdont

Carrie - The Musical - Part 1 (Rapidshare)

Carrie - The Musical - Part 2 (Rapidshare)


Carrie - The Musical (Megaupload)

around 107 MB

P.P.S. And if anybody has a complete or consistent version of any of these bootlegs, I'd love to hear them!

Hi nomwl1---
one word: wow!
thanks a million for this one!
Hi Rocket!

You are so welcome! I'm glad to share anything with you that you might like (I only wish it were more!).
I'll have to check it out... if it suffered the same fate as Ishtar, it might very well be good...Ishtar is an unfairly maligned movie. It's actually quite good, and more and more people are coming to realize that. I think this is going to be a great year for Ishtar... the 20th anniversary will mark a big resurgence. There is a documentary film about Ishtar fandom in the
works. The Ishtar fan website ( manager is putting together a tribute CD featuring cover versions of songs from the movie. There's an Ishtar fan group, and possibly a US release on DVD(something the heathen in Europe have been enjoying for years).

So shake off that square world, get with the countdown, and blast off
to Ishtar!
Holy shit! Thanks for this, Nomwl!!

"Plug it up! Plug it up!" :-)
Here's something which might be useful: A listing by Act of the numbers in the Broadway production (won't explain any other numbers which may have been left out after the preview performances). Info from IBDB:

Act 1
In ....................................... Miss Gardner and Girls
Dream On ....................................... Girls and Carrie White
Carrie ....................................... Carrie White
Open Your Heart ....................................... Margaret White and Carrie White
And Eve Was Weak ....................................... Margaret White and Carrie White
Don't Waste the Moon ....................................... Sue, Tommy, Chris, Billy, Girls and

Evening Prayers ....................................... Carrie White and Margaret White
Unsuspecting Hearts ....................................... Miss Gardner and Carrie White
Do Me a Favor ....................................... Sue, Tommy, Chris, Billy, Girls and Boys
I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance ....................................... Margaret White

Act 2
Out for Blood ....................................... Chris, Billy and Boys
It Hurts To Be Strong ....................................... Sue
I'm Not Alone ....................................... Carrie White
When There's No One ....................................... Margaret White
Wotta Night ....................................... Girls and Boys
Unsuspecting Hearts (Reprise) ....................................... Miss Gardner and Carrie

Heaven ....................................... Tommy, Sue, Miss Gardner, Carrie White, Margaret

White, Girls and Boys
I grabbed this a couple days ago and inexplicably forgot to thank you, nomwl1! The second pic you posted came from my CARRIE fan site (which is in dire need of update and valid email), but I was never able to find any songs -- though there were some bootleg performances from one of the productions on YouTube a while ago. It was great to finally hear the rest of the music from the legendary disaster, no matter the sound quality (or lack thereof). So thank you again!

Just FYI, Betty Buckley released "When There's No One" on two of her albums, but both are OOP and I've never found an mp3.
Hi Icepac!

I think you're probably right about Ishtar. Many things like that are unfairly maligned. Things are rarely as bad as the level of insult heaped upon that movie. And thanks for the info and links!


Hi Greg!

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the info! Plug it up! Plug it up! :))


Hi Vinnie!

So glad to hear from you! Your blog is one of the best around! And sorry about taking your Carrie pic. I didn't realize it was from your site! If it's the same site that I remember, it's a great site.

And I'm so glad you get to hear the songs! I didn't really know anybody wanted it otherwise I would've posted it a long time ago!

Well, I'm so glad to see you stopping by. I always get a special thrill when I see great bloggers dropping in!
I've wanted to hear this for a long time--thanks!
Thank you! I LOVE "Carrie: the Musical" so much, and this has made my night! You rule!
Hey thanks a lot for this post, I´ve just discovered your blog and am amazed by it...There´s a lot of things´ve been looking for these Carrie songs a long time ago...hey, you have the Jesus Christ Superstar brasilian cast, however when I tried to download it, the link had expired, do you know if there´s a way I can get this.... like I would do anything for this songs!!!1 Hope to hear an answer from you, my blog is
Thankyou so much! This was one of my favorite plays. I consider myself lucky to had seen it before it went into oblivion. Much appreciated!
good quality (some of the tracks you have seem to be the same)--you at least need Do Me a Favour which I kinda love and kinda hate--it's brilliant.

Here it is (the ending is missing)

hey ummm i tryed to open it using winrar and it ased for a password? wats the password lol can u plz get back to me on
Awesome Post. Love a lot of the music in this musical. THANKS A LOT.
Hey mate,

Thanks for posting this have always wanted to hear it, but when i go to open the file, it ask for a password, would you be able to post the password for me,

I've been looking for some recording of this musical ever since I read "Not Since Carrie" several years ago. It was so hard to believe that anyone could try to make a musical out of the book... but even harder to believe my own reaction to "And Eve Was Weak"! Mandelbaum was right; it's a pretty dang magnificent song. Now, at last, I can consider an integral part of my collection of Broadway musicals fulfilled. Thank you so much for sharing! :)
I can't open the zip either... Anyone have the password?

I have the bootleg of Act One and Act Two of Carrie, I want to compare this one to what I have.. I know my "Don't Waste The Moon" is complete, so I feel it may be different than this one.

I also have the entire workshop recording with Maureen McGovern, as well as various rehearsals from Stratford featuring Barbara Cook. I need to transfer them all from minidisc but can post somewhere if anyone wants.

Oh duh, the pw is posted right above the file links.... sorry!

Anyway, I'm transferring my Carrie bootlegs to my PC. I mentioned what they consist of in my last posting.

I have a fairly high quality Act 1, clearly a sound board recording. Not perfect but few glitches and listenable. Also, the dramatic "dip" just as the overture starts is not distorted on my bootleg, as it is on some I have heard.

Anyway, when I get home I will give these boots a listen and then work on uploading the ones I have....
thanks so much ive been after this for years!!!!!!
An old post, I know, but thank you for uploading Carrie the Musical. I've been obsessed with this show for years, piecing together midi clips and grainy audio files to fulfill my desire for a musical based on one of the few King novels I enjoy. Now I just need to transcribe a bunch of these songs and convince my friends to start auditioning with them. It'll be fun.
Hey nomwl1, just wanted to let you know that someone sent me a few tracks that you didn't have. I finally got around to putting up all of the mp3s that I have on my Carrie blog:

@AndyNYC, please come back and post your copies somewhere! Your profile is blocked, so I can't contact you that way. I'd love to see some decent, constant-quality copies circulating.
Very good to find this site.

I just got the sheet music for Carrie and was interested in hearing it so was thrilled to find this site.

Thanks to everyone on here who posted the music and andynyc, did you ever get to upload your version? Would love to hear that one as well
thanks nomwl1,

i've been looking for some of these forever!

Thank u :-) take a look this emo boy one on this blog:
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Thanks so much for these downloads! I have been waiting for a very long time to get my hands on a recording of this show!
My Dear,

Such taste you have! I've been enjoying your site so much I had to google your user name "nomwl1" to see some of you other tastes. I'm enjoying especially your Alternative Series.

But the kicker was seeing your post about "Carrie" I saw it TWICE in previews and thought it was one of the most brilliant productions I'd seen in many years. That staircase! My companion (a Broadway producer) has a totally different view of the evening. I couldn't believe it closed. (Or never opened?)

Anyway, I'm sure your going to be enjoying the Tonys tonight. Email me if you have an extra ticket :)

This comment has been removed by the author.
Would any of those who have the workshop please post it somewhere? I really do need it!
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