Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving and try not to let the tryptophan get to you! (Sure I know it's an urban myth, but hey, if Halloween can have its myths I figure Thanksgiving should have some of its own too! Drowsiness isn't as scary as, say, alligators in the sewers, but at least it's something.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and has much more to be thankful for in the future!

And for everyone else around the world for whom Thanksgiving doesn't mean too much, I thought I'd post some pictures that Lacey asked about in the previous post. Unfortunately, I didn't have any high-resolution ones like Lacey asked about, but it's better than nothing. :))

So, here's something I'm always thankful for.................

Happy Thanksgiving Nomwl!
welcome back, and have a great holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!
And thanks for the delicious pics, Nomwl, they look just tasty! ;)
Yep, better than turkey (hate the stuff)

Parzival, you do get around (but then again I guess I do too)

Hey, nomwl1, I haven't checked here for a while, I thought you had given up :)

You may or may not be aware but I now have a music blog of my's all thanks to you buddy, I remember the good old days when we all gathered here and shared music (before the dark times:)

If you're interested in joining in, I have a private section for close friends to share more "in-print, ltd titles"

After Isbum set up his place for us all to congregate, I decided it was about time I "paid back" the community and re-shared some tunes so here I am, in my shiny new blog:)

I'll pop an invite in the mail

The Crime Lounge

Great to see you're still around buddy, Happy Thanksgiving (doesn't mean a thing to me, I'm in old blighty)
Happy Thanks for Giving us Music. Vince
hey nomwl,

nice blog! Great stuff. I applaud you friend. Had a request. wanted to know if you could help me out. i got your blog linked to my two blogs. check them out and leave comments if you can. here is the addys:
The Inferno Music Crypt
The Insomnia Video Stash

can you link them to your site??

thanks in advance if you can help. keep that awesome blog going. take care pal.


I wish you and all my American friends a very happy Thanksgiving.
Aloha Nomwl1, nice to see you still around, best wishes to you and yours on Thanksgiving.

Gobble gobble, and I don't mean the turkey:))
Hi nomwl1,

I'd wish you a Happy Thanksgiving but right now I'm heading to the North Pole. A certain Mr. Claus called---it seems he's short handed this year. Looks like he needs help checking The 'Who's Been Naughty / Who's Been Nice' List.

Talk to you soon,

This comment has been removed by the author.
Um, a tad late I am.
Happy Thanksgiving nomwl1!

I was on a bus the day after Thanksgiving and 9 people were sound asleep. You sure that myth isn't true?
My carbon monoxide detector was working fine. ;)
Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for the additional post of Morgan.
I hope I look that good someday.
Hi First Moon!

And I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! :))


Hi Jeremy!

Thank you and I hope your holiday was also great!


Hi Parzival!

Turkey or Morgan Fairchild......hmmm, not sure which is tastier!


Hi Jason!

Nope, haven't given up. As with most things, it just takes me a while to get around to it! :))

Speaking of which, I've been wanting to mention your new blog on here for a while, and as soon as I get more caught up, I'll link to you (and say hello over there!)

It looks great, by the way, and everyone should go over there and check it out!

Happy Thanksgiving to you anyway (even though it doesn't mean a thing to you! :)))) and I'd appreciate any invite you care to send my way! :)))


Hi Vince!

You are most welcome and hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


Hi Michael!

Yours is another blog I've been meaning to link to but it's going to take me a while to update my link list.

In the mean time, everybody go over there for some infernal music! (He's doing a Freddy series over there, so go and enjoy!)

And thanks for all the nice words!


Hi Mel, my dear friend!

And if you had a Thanksgiving in England, I'd wish you the same thing! :)) Happy one-month till Boxing Day!

And everybody reading this, visit Sallie and Mel's blog, The Vintage Place (another link I need to put up once I get caught up!) Google it or check out Mel's blogger profile to get there and enjoy so much good music and so many fond memories!


Hi Filmpac!

Aloha to you too! And I'm always around (at least in spirit)!

Gobble gobble!! :)))


Hi Rocket!

Try not to get too cold up there (oh, wait, I forgot about global warming......try not to get too warm up there) at the North Pole! Santa needs all the helpers he can get!


Hi Comment Deleted!

I wonder what they were going to say?


Hi Isbum!

And you never have to worry about being late here! I wrote the book!

And maybe the turkey was giving off carbon monoxide??! That could be the cause right there. :))


Hi Lacey!

And happy Thanksgiving to you too (and I'm sure you look that good now!) :)))


Thanks for the kind words :)

I can't find your e-mail address so if you do stop by my place just do my little sneaky delete trick ;)

Leave a comment just containing your e-mail then as soon as it has published, delete it straight away. I'll still get the e-mail notification containing the origignal message ;)

Although now you're back in action, we may as well just close down all of our own "spin-off" blogs because everyone will be visiting here :)

Yes nomwl1, I suppose a smoked turkey might have given off the carbon monoxide. You are wonderfully weird little brother. I hope you never go away like that again.
It make me sadness.
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