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Sirella (1991-1994 Aquatic Show) (Francis Lai)

Happy Bastille Day! I thought I'd post some albums in honor of the occasion and these are dedicated to all the French (and people who live in France) friends, ami(e)s, and readers of this blog like Mickey, Breton Girl, Quinlan, and all the other wonderful Gallic people out there (there are at least one or two other French readers that my mind is having trouble coming up with right now, so let me know who I've forgotten!). Or if you just like French bread, French wine, or French fries, you're perfectly welcome to listen to these as well.

If you've been dying to listen to more music from aquatic shows then this may be the music for you. It's Francis Lai's 'Musique Originale Du Spectacle Feerique De Muriel Hermine Sirella'. 'Sirella, Une Legende De Muriel Hermine, Mise En Scene Par Francis Morane.'

I don't know what the year is for this show since it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere on the album and I didn't have time to come in beforehand to find out, but I'm sure you could do the same Googling that I could if you're really curious. Any album that has a cover with a mermaid riding two sea horses has to make you at least a little bit curious.

Update: Okay, I just looked it up and this show was from 1991 to 1994!


Track List:

Sirella (Francis Lai) - 01 - Le Parc
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 02 - Sirella (Les Trois Royaumes)
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 03 - Sirella (Le Royaume De L'Eau)
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 04 - Sirella Sur La Terre (Le Royaume Des Hommes)
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 05 - Sirella Dans Les Airs (Le Royaume Des Cieux)
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 06 - Le Desespoir De Sirella
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 07 - L'Etre De Lumiere
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 08 - Sirella Sur La Terre (L'Apocalypse)
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 09 - Tiyou
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 10 - Sirella Dans Les Airs
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 11 - Sirella (Duo D'Amour)
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 12 - L'Etre De Lumiere (La Reapparition)
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 13 - Sirella Sur La Terre (La Metamorphose Des Hommes)
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 14 - Sirella (Le Ballet Final)
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 15 - Le Parc (Le Retour)
Sirella (Francis Lai) - 16 - La Chanson De Sirella - [Vocal - Liliane Davis]

pw = youdont

Sirella (Francis Lai) - Part 1 (Rapidshare) (around 95 MB)

Sirella (Francis Lai) - Part 2 (Rapidshare) (around 84 MB)


Sirella (Francis Lai) (Megaupload)

around 179 MB

@ 320 Kbps

Francois Dompierre - Musiques Originales De Films

Here's another entry in my celebration of Bastille Day. Some nice music in various styles by Francois Dompierre from assorted movies of the 1980's. Sure, I know this is a bit of a cheat since Francois Dompierre is Canadian, but the music is still good (and the liner notes are in French, at least). After all, I bet the French are sick of listening to composers from France by now. Non? Okay, well at least I bet they're not sick of listening to good music! I know I'm not.

Since I'm not really good at describing music I won't bother to try, but I suppose you can download it and judge it for yourself. Then if you don't like it, you can always delete it. If on the other hand you like it, you'll get the experience of liking it. I think that's how it works. Happy Bastille Day!


Track List:

01 - Mario (1984) (Francois Dompierre) - L'Exergue
02 - Mario (1984) (Francois Dompierre) - L'Appel Du Coyotte
03 - Le Matou (1985) (Francois Dompierre) - Ratablavaski
04 - Le Matou (1985) (Francois Dompierre) - Monsieur Emile
05 - Le Declin De L'Empire Americain (1986) (Francois Dompierre) - Le Declin De L'Empire Americain
06 - Le Declin De L'Empire Americain (1986) (Francois Dompierre) - La Chasse
07 - Le Declin De L'Empire Americain (1986) (Francois Dompierre) - Le Temps Qui Fuit
08 - The Kid Brother - Kenny (1987) (Francois Dompierre) - Training
09 - The Kid Brother - Kenny (1987) (Francois Dompierre) - The Dog
10 - Les Portes Tournantes (1988) (Francois Dompierre) - Les Portes Tournantes (Ouverture)
11 - Les Portes Tournantes (1988) (Francois Dompierre) - La Gigue Du Val D'Amour
12 - Les Portes Tournantes (1988) (Francois Dompierre) - Le Depart
13 - Les Portes Tournantes (1988) (Francois Dompierre) - Sur Le Quai
14 - Les Portes Tournantes (1988) (Francois Dompierre) - You Don't Kill A Piano Player
15 - Les Portes Tournantes (1988) (Francois Dompierre) - Lauda
16 - Les Portes Tournantes (1988) (Francois Dompierre) - Le Portes Tournantes (Fin)
17 - Urgence (1988) (Francois Dompierre) - Dr. Forest
18 - Urgence (1988) (Francois Dompierre) - L'Artere
19 - Urgence (1988) (Francois Dompierre) - Les Nuages

Mario (1984) by Jean Beaudin
Le Matou (1985) by Jean Beaudin
Le Declin De L'Empire Americain (The Decline Of The American Empire) (1986) by Denys Arcand - [Musique Francois Dompierre Sur Des Themes De Haendel]
The Kid Brother - Kenny (1987) by Claude Gagnon
Les Portes Tournantes (The Revolving Doors) (1988) by Francis Mankiewicz
Urgence (1988) by Colin Lowe & Tony Ianuzielo

pw = youdont

Francois Dompierre - Musiques Originales De Films - Part 1 (Rapidshare) (around 70 MB)

Francois Dompierre - Musiques Originales De Films - Part 2 (Rapidshare) (around 62 MB)


Francois Dompierre - Musiques Originales De Films (Megaupload)

around 132 MB

@ 320 Kbps

L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy)

And here's another score celebrating Bastille Day. It's a nice dramatic score to the Sylvie Vartan / Michel Piccoli film.

Again, I want to wish all my friends in France that I've met through this blog a happy Bastille Day, a happy belated Fourth of July, and a happy early Christmas!


Track List:

L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) - 01 - Cuore Addolorato - [Vocal - Claire D'Asta]
L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) - 02 - Generique Debut
L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) - 03 - L'Annonce Faite Au Mari
L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) - 04 - Explication Du Crime
L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) - 05 - Cecile
L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) - 06 - Le Vieux Juge
L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) - 07 - Provocation De Cecile
L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) - 08 - Fantasme
L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) - 09 - Reception
L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) - 10 - Generique De Fin
L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) - 11 - Cuore Addolorato (Version Courte) - [Vocal - Claire D'Asta]

pw = youdont

L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) (Rapidshare)

L'Ange Noir (1994) (Jean Musy) (Megaupload)

around 91 MB

@ 320 Kbps

The Odd Couple (1968 Film) (Neal Hefti) - Re-Up

Jason (Imagineer1138) had trouble downloading a copy of this file in my archives so I decided to re-up it in a rar file. He got some kind of formatting error in downloading it and I don't know what the problem was. I know some people used to have problems when I used to use zip files instead of rar files in the early days of the blog, but I don't know if that was the problem, but I re-zipped it here in a rar file and added dialogue tracks from MisterLesterKeen's great blog that weren't in my original file.

I haven't had anybody mention having any problems with the files since I switched back to using rar files and so this is probably the first time I've gotten that kind of comment in maybe 7 or 8 months, so I don't know what else it could be.

I don't know if Jason has already gotten help with this problem since he left his comments a few weeks ago, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Hopefully he sees this (If you haven't gotten it yet, please let me know if this works for you!). And if you (or anyone else) has a problem with any of the files, let me may take me a while, but eventually it'll show up on the blog.

Another thing I've noticed is that a few people throughout the course of the blog have been disappointed when they found a Rapidshare file deleted or not working for them but they never even bothered trying the Megaupload file which was still working, but usually this seems to be from new or one-time-only readers. Also, I was in the middle of a massive and total blog re-up of all the old dead links to newer ones (before my most recent absence) when I lost my Premium account, so unfortunately all of those links (and all the rest of the Rapidshare ones except for the newest ones) aren't connected to an account anymore. I think Rapidshare extended their files from 45 to 90 days, so they're all likely to still be active for a long time, but now I have no way of keeping track of the files at a glance (and I get no Premium points from any of them :(( )

I'll probably re-up all those files again to get them onto my new Premium account. I had only finished the first couple of months' worth of archives (and some random ones in the middle), but it's still quite a few files. So if you see a third link back in the archives, the first one will be to the newer account, the second one will be to the older re-up that isn't associated with any Premium account anymore, and the third one will be to Megaupload. Hopefully I haven't hopelessly confused everybody by now!

I normally wouldn't bother as long as the links are still good, but I'd like to have some way of keeping track of all the files and now that Rapidshare gave me an automatic 8000 Premium points for just getting a new account, I actually have a shot at getting a free month in a reasonable amount of time, so I figured if I was going to finish all those re-ups anyway I might as well re-do all the ones I've already done. File that under the 'nobody cares except for nomwl1' category.

And another thing for that category..............And before my absence, I could never get RapidUploader (the software that Rapidshare uses) to work properly. One minute it would upload files, the next it wouldn't and never once have any of the other features on it worked the way they were supposed to. I think it was a combination of the library constantly updating their system here and Rapidshare constantly tweaking and changing their software (every time I come in Rapidshare seems to change something). In fact, for the longest time, it didn't work at all, but when I came back this last time, it finally worked perfectly! Every feature works the way it's supposed to and now it works like a charm. It's fantastic!

In the past when it did work, it used to only be able to upload one file at a time so I was always forced to manually start an upload when one was done, but I still used it because the upload rates were incredibly fast. You can usually do a normal size file in 2-3 minutes. But when it didn't work, I use to have to upload them in the usual way which was usually at a rate of 40 Kbps per second. It would take 20 to 40 minutes to upload one file. It sort of defeated one of the main reasons to have a Premium account. But now that it works, I was able to upload 4 discs worth of files (I had left unfinished before my absence) in a little over an hour! I just put them in the queue, they uploaded one right after the other, and they were done before I knew it. So, now it makes it a lot easier to do re-ups. Hopefully, it'll stay working for a while before they decide to 'improve' it again so it stops working altogether.

Also, a few people have left comments asking me what the password was to open a file. It's usually above the link and on the majority of the files is 'youdont'. On older files, it's 'you_dont_have_to_visit'. Hope that helps some people (and here's hoping they happen to read an entry about The Odd Couple!)


Track List:

The Odd Couple (1968) (Neal Hefti) - 01 - The Odd Couple (Vocal)
The Odd Couple (1968) (Neal Hefti) - 02 - Domestic Quarrel (Dialogue)
The Odd Couple (1968) (Neal Hefti) - 03 - Metropole
The Odd Couple (1968) (Neal Hefti) - 04 - Dirty Poker (Dialogue)
The Odd Couple (1968) (Neal Hefti) - 05 - Tomatoes
The Odd Couple (1968) (Neal Hefti) - 06 - Down With The Lights
The Odd Couple (1968) (Neal Hefti) - 07 - The Odd Couple (Main Title)
The Odd Couple (1968) (Neal Hefti) - 08 - Clean Poker (Dialogue)
The Odd Couple (1968) (Neal Hefti) - 09 - Man Chases Man
The Odd Couple (1968) (Neal Hefti) - 10 - Curse Of The Cat People
The Odd Couple (1968) (Neal Hefti) - 11 - Oscar Blows Up (Dialogue)
The Odd Couple (1968) (Neal Hefti) - 12 - End Title

pw = youdont

The Odd Couple (1968 Film) (Neal Hefti) (Rapidshare)

The Odd Couple (1968 Film) (Neal Hefti) (Megaupload) (Put in a new link for the old dead one!)

around 54 MB

@ 256 & 320 Kbps

P.S. Oh, yeah. The Odd Couple is a great movie, a great play, and a fantastic soundtrack, Neal Hefti is a great composer, blah, blah, blah.


A NOTE TO ANYONE STILL READING THE BLOG. If you see spam (repetitious phrases that are cut and pasted several times) in any of the comment sections, ignore them. I will delete them the next time I come in. I've already deleted the last round of comments.

You know, the last time I came in (when I posted the 4th of July 'Marches-A-Go-Go' compilation), I noticed another round of spamming in addition to comments left by a 'fake' Greg and the 'real' Greg in the top 6 or 7 posts of the blog. This also happened the time before that when I posted all the new posts that included the Alternate Stage Music & TV Chars. Vol. 2 entries.

And it got me to thinking about the goals of all of this. The spam in particular has always been a mystery to me. When the spam first started, it was confined to the Request Post and it only seemed to be in response to all the fighting that was going on in there between Greg and other people. As I mentioned in my essay, I thought this was the spammer's way of commenting on all the turmoil and trying to get people to stop or at least to annoy them. But there have always been several things I could never figure out about the spammer including these particular mysteries:

1) If the spammer's goal was to satirize or lampoon the people arguing, why didn't he ever say anything? Why was it that all of his spam consisted of quotes of the people arguing, but never any threats to keep doing it if people didn't stop or frustration over why it was happening, etc.?

2) Why wasn't the spammer like other people in there who were either mad at Greg or at the people fighting with Greg? Why weren't any of his quotes things like, 'Greg is stupid' or 'I hate Filmpac', etc.?

3) Why did he seem to appear out of nowhere? I had never had this kind of spamming on the blog before.

4) Why did the spammer come back a week or two later after he had done it the first time? The first time he did it, I thought he was frustrated with the fighting and wanted to get people to stop. Sort of like a guy who sees two people fighting and starts screaming at the top of his lungs right next to them to annoy them and get them to quit, I thought. Then there was no more spamming for a week or two and then suddenly it reappeared.

5) When the spammer came back, why did he start doing it over a 2 or 3 day period? The first two times he did it, it was on the weekend, I think, so I thought he was just some random regular reader who was only popping in on a Saturday or Sunday. I thought maybe that was the only time he had an opportunity to read the Request Post. But then he came back and started doing it on a Sunday, Monday, etc.

6) Why was there suddenly long, weird comments in foreign languages? Eventually when the fighting got really bad in there, someone started posting long passages of stories or text in Arabic and other languages that I don't quite remember. Possibly Dutch or French, etc. 4 or 5 of them. But it wasn't offensive as far as I could tell, but just someone or multiple people dumping in 4 or 5 really long passages of text in addition to the spam.

7) Why did the spam suddenly spill out into the main part of the blog? Eventually it left the Request Post and started showing up slowly in a few of the main posts.

8) Why did the spam eventually change to not just quotes from the fights, but things like 'Piss poor moderator' (which I realized later was a quote from Greg in the Request Post) or nonsensical rantings or lewd profanity-laden sentences? It seemed as if there were now 2 or 3 different spammers and now they were starting to say idiotic things not connected to the fighting and they were now using quotes that were attacking me as well as other things.

9) Why was the spam continuing and even getting worse after the fighting seemed to stop and then even after I eventually (and temporarily) shut the Request Post down?

10) Why was the spammer now posting things in the top 6 or 7 posts in things like the Mystery compilation or 'The Railway Children'? He couldn't really have any expectation that very many people would ever read them in the older posts. And certainly spamming things like 'No Music Is Being Posted Here' in a music post never made any sense either.

11) And especially these last couple of times, why was the spam getting worse even though there was fighting at all, the Request Post was closed, and I had just posted a bunch of new music? And this last time, the spam was now saying things like 'Bad blogger', etc. attacking me and the blog. This especially didn't make any sense.

........and there were mysteries about Greg's comments that I could never figure out as well. The last 4 or 5 times I've come in over the last few months, Greg keeps leaving comments about me moderating the blog or failing that, shutting down the Request Post. This last time I came in after I posted my essay on the subject, he left a comment now saying that I should either moderate comments or shut the blog down. He onstensibly was complaining about how what I will call a 'fake' Greg (using a different blogger profile) has been posting comments with links to the pages of 'real' Greg's blog, Soundtrack Rarities. Now Greg's motives, goals and thought processes have always been somewhat of a mystery to me, but here are a few of the nagging ones:

1) Why, after it was clear that I was not going to turn on comment moderation or turn off anonymous comments, did Greg keep beating this dead horse?

2) Why did his latest comment seem even more frustrated than he had been in the past when I already fully explained myself in the essay?

3) Why did he expect me to shut my own blog down? There wasn't anyone saying anything bad about him anymore. The Request Post was temporarily shut down. No more fighting going on. Did he seriously think I was going to shut down my blog because someone is posting links to the pages of his blog?

4) Why did he keep coming back here when things were already pretty quiet?

5) Why was he constantly so outraged about this 'fake' Greg? 'Fake' Greg wasn't saying anything bad about him. He wasn't pretending to be him and saying a bunch of obnoxious things. He was simply posting links to the pages of Greg's blog. He wasn't even posting the actual links to the files, but to the blog pages. Why should this bother Greg to the extent that he wanted me to shut the blog down?

I STARTED THINKING ABOUT SOME OF THESE MYSTERIES WHILE I WAS READING THIS LAST ROUND OF COMMENTS AND SPAM. I could never figure out the goals of the spammer and I kept thinking about Greg's goals. Then it dawned on me (and I know a lot of you will be way ahead of me on this), but then I realized that their goals were identical!

Now, for obvious reasons, when the spamming first started, I suspected Greg of doing it, but I dismissed it because I didn't feel that was Greg's style. When he wants to attack or annoy people, he just insults them directly. He didn't seem to be the type of person to hide behind anonymous nicknames, etc. He didn't seem to care if people were annoyed with him anyway so why would he bother to hide, let alone spam? So I assumed it was a regular reader who decided to attack the people fighting. This really bothered me to think it was a regular reader since he was essentially just attacking the blog and what regular reader has ever hated the blog enough to attack it like that?

BUT IF YOU CONSIDER THAT IT WAS GREG DOING THE SPAMMING from the very beginning and that his goal was to attack me and the blog so that I would have to turn off anonymous comments or turn on comment moderation, then every single mystery and question mark that I could never understand about all of these situations is perfectly answered!

He was trying to make it look like multiple spammers totally unrelated to him were doing this. He also wanted to annoy other people here, but not look bad doing it.



1) If the spammer's goal was to satirize or lampoon the people arguing, why didn't he ever say anything? Because Greg knew if he said anything people would be able to tell that it was him doing it. Also, that's Greg's style. He often leaves links advertising his blog or other blogs and says very little or nothing at all. Just like the spam. And since his goal was not only to annoy other people, but to create such a chaotic atmosphere that I would be forced to turn off anonymous comments or turn on comment moderation, he didn't care about saying anything like 'stop the fighting and I'll stop.'

2) Why wasn't the spammer like other people in there who were either mad at Greg or at the people fighting with Greg? Well, obviously he wasn't going to post quotes that made him look bad and he knew if he directly insulted people he was fighting with but not himself with these spamming quotes that people would automatically know it was him.

3) Why did he seem to appear out of nowhere? Well, he didn't. He was here all the time. It always bothered me to think that all of this fighting was prompting a disgruntled regular reader to attack my blog by spamming it and then later a bunch of weirdos to descend on it with weird and nonsensical spam. But when you consider that it was just one weirdo who was here the whole time, it makes a lot more sense. I knew that people who came here didn't suddenly become idiotic. It just didn't seem characteristic of people who visited this blog. But who was the one visitor who's been as persistent, obsessive and irrational as the spammer?

4) Why did the spammer come back a week or two later after he had done it the first time? Because Greg thought it would work the first time, but when I didn't bow to his wishes, he decided to keep doing it.

5) When the spammer came back, why did he start doing it over a 2 or 3 day period? Because he thought doing it on the weekends when I usually came in would attract my attention. He didn't realize that I was gone during that whole period. So then he started doing it more often and on different days. I could never figure out why the spammer just happened to follow these arguments at the right times and was following them closely enough to pick out specific quotes. But I'm glad to know it was confined to just one nut and not anybody else.

6) Why were there suddenly long, weird comments in foreign languages? When the initial spamming didn't work, Greg thought he would up the ante and do something that was really noticeable but not too offensive. He wanted to keep out anonymous people but he didn't want to disrupt the atmosphere so much that he killed the Request Post. He still wanted to be able to advertise his blog. It must've really drove Greg crazy when I deleted all of it, but wouldn't turn off anonymous comments!

7) Why did the spam suddenly spill out into the main part of the blog? When the obnoxious spam didn't work in the Request Post, he decided to really get my attention and he started attacking the main part of the blog. He thought he would convince me that there was a bigger problem here that wasn't just confined to the Request Post.

8) Why did the spam eventually change to not just quotes from the fights, but things like 'Piss poor moderator' (which I realized later was a quote from Greg in the Request Post) or nonsensical rantings or lewd profanity-laden sentences? After everything else failed to work, he started getting upset with me and shifted from random quotes to other things hoping that it would convince me of the seriousness of the problem of these random anonymous people showing up here. He also wanted to make me think that it was more than one person so some of them were quotes and others were nonsensical rantings. Nobody has ever left weird sexual comments or ones attacking me before, so I always thought it was completely odd how it just spontaneously started. The irony is that Greg thought this would convince me that anonymous people were bad but all it did was make me more disgusted with how Greg had ruined the atmosphere here to the point that these weirdos had suddenly showed up.

9) Why was the spam continuing and even getting worse after the fighting seemed to stop and then eventually I temporarily shut the Request Post down? Because it was never about people's disappointment over the lack of music being posted or even all the fighting. The goal was to attack the blog regardless of what was going on. That was one of Greg's mistakes. Eventually the irrationality of it was too much of a Greg trademark to think it was anybody else.

10) Why was the spammer now posting things in the top 6 or 7 posts in things like the Mystery compilation or 'The Railway Children'? Because he wasn't trying to spam readers or annoy people fighting with him. He was trying to get my attention and he knew I read the comment sections of those posts. Annoying people who came here and happened to read those comments was just an added bonus to him.

11) And these last couple of times, why was the spam getting worse even though there was no more fighting, the Request Post was closed, and I had just posted a bunch of new music? Again, that was Greg's fundamental mistake. That's what made it so obvious that he was doing it. Who else but him would come here and do that? Why would someone else be disgusted that I posted a lot of new music and call me a bad blogger? Because Greg didn't care anything about the music. He never did and probably never has. He just wants to get people to visit his blog, I think, and have a place he can hang out where people won't ban him.


1) Why, after it was clear that I was not going to turn on comment moderation or turn off anonymous comments, did Greg keep beating this dead horse? Because he kept expecting that his harassing tactics would change my mind. That's why he kept bringing it up. Anybody else would've stopped asking or drifted away by now. He was waiting for the spamming and trolling to take effect and that's why he kept asking me the same question over and over again.

2) Why did his latest comment seem even more frustrated than he had been in the past when I already fully explained myself in the essay? Because he expected that when I posted that essay that I was going to say that I was turning off anonymous comments, but when I didn't, it drove him even crazier. If he wasn't the one spamming, he would've just accepted my explanation and moved on. But it drove him absolutely nuts that his spamming wasn't working. And it also explains why he keeps saying that I'm the one who has ruined the blog by not moderating comments. He thinks it was all the trolling against him that was the problem and he thought spamming and attacking me was the solution. When I wouldn't do what he wanted me to do, he blamed me for not doing comment moderation and so in his mind, I was the obstacle to restoring the Request Post to what it once was. And he resented this because he wasn't able to participate at Isbum's or any other forum in the same way. That's why he obsesses about it over here. He still fails to understand that it was he who ruined the Request Post, not the trolls or me. As long as he's here, it's never going to be any good.

3) Why did he expect me to shut my own blog down? Because if I wasn't going to do what he wanted, he would rather I just blow the whole place up to prevent people from ever saying anything about him here. I think he wanted to still be able to have some place to comment but without the possibility of anonymous people attacking him. That's why he keeps commenting at Isbum's place. He knows Isbum will keep out anonymous people and he hopes that if he doesn't say anything too obnoxious that maybe Isbum will let his comments go through. He's too dense to see the rule about no Greg's there. But since he knows he can't comment there without Isbum deleting it (and God knows how many other places are keeping him out), he knows he's still able to comment here and he's hoping he can do that but without the harassment. He claims not to have read my essay, but he now knows that he's no longer welcome here and that I'll delete his comments when I see them in any other parts of the blog, so if he can't convince me to do comment moderation he would rather I just shut the whole place down. That's also why he didn't care about reporting my blog to before. It's almost too funny. At every turn, he's thwarted.

4) Why did he keep coming back here when things were already pretty quiet? Because he was waiting to see the response to each round of spam. And because he likes obsessively attacking things. And because this is one of the few places where his comments will stay up for a while. And because he's generally vengeful. And I think he's vainly hoping that if I turn off anonymous comments and re-open the Request Post he can still hang out here and things will be peaceful. He knows if he starts a Request Post at his place there won't be enough people for it to work. That's probably why he's never done it at his place. I almost suspect that he figures that if I shut this place down, more people will go over to his place. I know....that sounds pretty irrational to me too.

5) Why was he constantly so outraged about this 'fake' Greg? Because he wasn't. He was just using this as an excuse to give me a reason as to why he was still upset and why I should do moderation. Since he knew the Request Post was closed he couldn't claim I should moderate comments when nobody was fighting with him anymore. And he wasn't about to fake comments insulting himself, so what else could he do? He had to pretend to be 'fake' Greg to give himself an excuse to keep asking me about moderation while having the added bonus of advertising his blog so people would still go over there.


Here's an example:

'Fake' Greg:

CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC (1980) - Village People special edition soundtrack

Movie Radio Spots - SciFi Movies

NANCY DREW (1938-1939) - Music themes from the original film classics

THE WIZARD OF OZ - 1950 Lux Radio Theater broadcast with Judy garland

THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939) - Deluxe soundtrack edition

THE WIZARD OF OZ - 1939 Maxwell House Good News radio broadcast
# posted by Greg : Tuesday, June 26, 2007 10:17:00 AM

...and the 'real' Greg:

....and here we go AGAIN! SEE WHAT I MEAN, NOMWL? Same thing I said in the other Comments on your blog's homepage.....and you're going to let THIS sort of shit continue? :-P

I am NOT posting these links to my blog....whoever the asshole is doing this, they THINK they're making people THINK it's me.....but they're too fucking stupid to realize that the profile number of my REAL name (as is in this posting) is DIFFERENT than the profile number THEY have.

Sorry, Nomwl....but you brought this on yourself by NOT moderating your blog's comments!

# posted by Greg : Tuesday, June 26, 2007 8:12:00 PM


That's why it never made any sense. Who would be that upset about somebody essentially advertising his blog? Anybody pretending to be him just to annoy him would have no reason to think he's going to read the comment section of 'The Railway Children'. And why would this 'fake' Greg have any expectation that a whole lot of other people would read it in an old comment section anyway? And even more stupidly, in this last round of comments, the 'real' Greg had this 'fake' Greg leave a long list of links to his blog, the 'real' Greg leaves an outraged comment claiming that this isn't him after that, and then the 'fake' Greg leaves 3 or 4 updated links to new entries at Greg's blog right after that. Who in their right mind is going to think that that's a 'fake' Greg?

And this 'fake' Greg never says anything bad about Greg or makes any other comment except for leaving links. Again, another Greg trademark (identical to the spamming). In fact, another big tip-off that this was Greg doing this is that he did the same thing two times in a row. He'd leave a comment in the first 6 or 7 posts as 'fake' Greg (or something else I can't remember) under a different blogger profile, he'd leave a comment as the 'real' Greg right after that, and then do a bunch of spamming (different comments in each post) right after that. He's done this same thing the last two times I came in. All practically in unison. Do it once and it might be a coincidence. Do it twice and you're just an idiot.

And I thought it was odd that the 'fake' Greg posted his comments first before the spam. In the past, the spam always seemed to be first to discourage comments. But of course, if the 'real' Greg had the 'fake' Greg post all those links after the spam, people would be a lot less likely to read the advertisements to his blog.

But one of the biggest things that got me to think along these lines was that one of the last pieces of spam I read maybe 3 weeks before I came in to post the Alternative Stage Music, et al. was one saying something like 'You should shut this blog down'. Now at the time it seemed odd because up until then nobody had ever said that. Everybody who came here either wanted to see it stay open or expressed dismay over the situation, but nobody ever wanted me to shut it down. And the rest of the spam here had either been quotes or nonsensical or profane rants, but this was the first one that seemed to address me specifically with a request like that. I didn't think too much about it. I just figured someone didn't like seeing what was happening here so I deleted it, but I still thought it was pretty odd because it didn't make sense. Usually people bothered by the comments would just stop reading them or stay away until things got better. Nobody expressed the feeling that it should go away altogether.

And then I read this most recent comment by Greg saying how I should shut the blog down if I wasn't going to moderate comments. Still, I didn't immediately make the connection, but once I realized what the real method in all this madness was, it all fit neatly into place.

And then later, when I finally read the comment section of the Essay post at home, I saw that Breton Girl and Filmpac had pointed out more things. Breton Girl too noticed how the spam had changed and was now attacking me and the blog. And Filmpac pointed out that Greg had accidentally used his real blogger profile when he cut and pasted some new spam in that comment section. Greg claimed he was just adding to the actual spammer, but if anybody needs any more proof, there it is. If I hadn't been thinking this already, by the time I read that I might've been tempted to think it could still be a coincidence. After all, all of this is just conjecture and circumstantial, and so even with something like using his own blogger profile, etc. it could still be someone else doing it the rest of the time. But all those things that didn't make sense before are so perfectly answered by Greg's twisted motives and behavior that it seems impossible to think anything else.

I think Greg relies on the very tenuous hope that without proof, people will still give him the benefit of the doubt. But it all becomes too obvious when he and the spammer are the only ones still leaving obnoxious comments. No one else has reason to at this point.

Oh, and here's another comment he left pretending to be someone else:

# posted by the anality of evil : Thursday, June 28, 2007 8:26:00 AM

He's still trying to convince me that other people are copying his comments and attacking the blog.

Actually, I suppose I would be madder at Greg if he weren't so ridiculous. You probably can't tell, but I'm laughing hysterically right now thinking of how he kept wanting me to turn on comment moderation or get rid of anonymous people and he's been frustrated at every turn. (He can't even get to do his dirty work.) And it has only been my stubborness which has kept me from seriously considering it. But of course, knowing now that it's really just Greg who wants this, you can probably tell I have no intention of ever doing it.

The thing Greg failed to realize is that it was never the trolling or the spamming that really bothered me. The spamming was like a mosquito biting my neck. Greg was like a German Shepherd eating my leg. I'm hardly going to be bothered by the spamming. Greg already ruined the atmosphere here with his treatment of other people; the spamming was only icing on the cake.

You know, I almost suspect the reason that he attacked other people here in the Request Post until he drove them away and later seemed to get along with newer readers here once he had driven out so many other people was that he might've resented and envied people like Isbum, Filmpac, Rocket and others. (Of course, his disgusting treatment of Breton Girl is still a mystery to me since she wasn't posting as much music as those guys, but it probably just fits in with the whole 'Greg is a jerk' theory.) I get the feeling that he was intimidated by those guys and felt the need to put them down, but once he could be the one providing links and info to people then he settled down. And I suspect that's why he wants to hang out here because he wants to be 'king of the hill' and 'big man on campus' here without people criticizing him.

It also explains why he wants to shut this blog down. He probably doesn't want this material hanging around here if he can't lord it over people without getting called on it. I can't really see why I would intimidate him, but maybe he's bothered by anyone who really knows the kind of person he is. Only newer people would tolerate him and allow him to play the role of chief music fulfiller and information dispenser. I would normally think he could do this at his own blog and I still have a hard time understanding why he needs my blog to do it, but that seems to be the only explanation. He may not have enough people coming over to his blog to do it. Failing that, he would like to try and shut down every other place that threatens his sense of being a 'big man'.

Actually, I do kind of hate to psychoanalyze someone like that since it seems unfair, but well forgive any lapse in fair play since he's been attacking my blog. I'm not really all that mad or even irritated at Greg even though it may seem that way. It's a relief to know that I don't have a bunch of malcontents at the blog, but just one really annoying and persistent one. It actually makes me feel a lot better about the blog (though I have to say my opinion of Greg has gone down somewhat).

SO IT'S CLEAR THAT GREG IS DELIBERATELY ATTACKING THIS BLOG WITH SPAM AND LINKS TO HIS OWN BLOG. And he wants to shut it down if he can't get his own way. And if you see any of this spam or any of his comments anywhere on this blog, please ignore them until I can delete them. (And if you want to ignore them at other blogs too, please feel perfectly free.) You can go to his blog if you see something you think is interesting on one of his 'fake' Greg advertisements, but also be aware that you're just validating his childish attacks and his selfish desire to advertise his blog. Still, I don't think you should have to miss out on good music just because the person posting it is.....well, Greg, but just keep in mind who's really advertising his blog. It's certainly not a 'fake' Greg.

And I should be opening up a new Request Post some time in the future, so if you see Greg doing any of that stuff in there too, ignore it.

And to Greg, you're certainly welcome to continue spamming me, but just know that I realize what you're doing, so it isn't going to work. You might as well leave and stay away because I'm going to delete your comments when I see them. (Depending on what they are, I might leave them up in the comment section of the Essay post, but anywhere else and they're going to be deleted along with your spam and advertisements.)

I hate censorship and would normally never do it under any circumstances but Greg is an extreme and isolated case. I'm not deleting his comments for the benefit of anyone else. Not for any of the people who left, any of the trolls who fight with him or because he's cluttering up my blog. I delete them simply because I'm fed up with him showing up here all the time. I don't know how I can make it any plainer. He constantly goes where he's not wanted and I've tried to give him every chance to make a graceful exit, but he insists on attacking blogs where he's not welcome. Anybody else would've stopped by now, but since he is so persistently returning here with his comments, obnoxious behavior, and spamming, I will basically delete his comments whenever I come in. I know it's kind of pain for everyone else to have to read them until they're gone, but try to ignore them. Don't respond to him if you can help it. If you want to fight with him, do it in the comment section of the Essay Post. Thanks!

It's a real shame. He could've been a pretty good member of the blogging community, but he chose this route. He couldn't be satisfied with just getting along with people. Oh, well. His loss, not anybody else's I suppose.

P.S. And I suspect Greg's reaction to this will be to deny it and continue to show up here. He may even continue to spam or make even worse comments pretending to be other people. If so, just continue to ignore it. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Soundtrack Gamut, Vol. 4 - Marches-A-Go-Go

Well, just in time for the Fourth of July (here's hoping I can come in before that to post this), I thought I'd make up this compilation. This is another one of those ultimate rush jobs because I only thought of doing it over the weekend, so again didn't have a lot of time to polish it up, but it'll just have to do.

As with the Cannibals-A-Go-Go compilation, there's really no 'Go-Go' here, but you get the idea.

When I thought of doing something for Independence Day, I thought about doing patriotic songs and/or music, etc., but I didn't really have time to do a good one and I figure a lot of people will probably be posting those (and much better ones too!), so I opted against it. In fact, I remember a great patriotic compilation Lazar at Lazar's Lounge posted a long time ago that may still be available.

Of course, what does a march compilation have to do with the Fourth of July? It's probably better suited to Memorial Day or even Veteran's Day (or possibly Everyone-Walk-In-Unison Day), but it seemed right somehow.

And there are so many great marches you could choose from, you could probably do five volumes. In fact, I like to think of this compilation as part of my 'Lazy Series' (you could think of this as Lazy Series, Vol. 1....hopefully, there will be more installments to come). Those are ones where I don't have to think too much, pretty much anyone can come up with them in their sleep, and no one really needs me to do them. Now that I think about it, there are probably quite a few of those comps on the blog already, but, well, here's another one.

Originally, Soundtrack Gamut, Vol. 4 was going to be Crime and Punishment, but I stopped working on that one. Actually, one of the only reasons I started that one was to fulfill Jordan's request for some music from 'Harry In Your Pocket', but 'Filmpac' generously posted the entire soundtrack, so I sort of lost interest in finishing it. It didn't seem as good as the Mystery or Spy comps anyway which is why I was never too motivated to work on it, but maybe I'll finish it sometime later when I get inspired (and yes, that falls into the category of 'no one but me cares', but so does the entire blog really, so why should this be any different?).

You know it's interesting (well, to me anyway), but when it comes time to do some of these comps, the selection and order of the tracks comes very quickly, but it's all the clean-up work that I hate to do and that's what drags them out. If I were just making these up for my own listening pleasure without posting them, then my tendency is to listen to them several times and if for instance, there's something I don't like, some transition that bothers me, or some track that's not so interesting, I change it around over a long period of time. So these things sit on my hard drive until I can listen to them many times or just because I don't want to clean them up.

But when I want to post one on the blog for some special occasion and I do it very quickly, that whole process gets compressed into a very short space of time. I end up listening to some of these 3 or 4 times in the space of a day or two. So ironically, picking the tracks to use is very easy, but it's smoothing them out to get a finished product that's the exhausting part. Just normalizing the tracks alone can take a long time! For my own listening pleasure, I can live with a few variances in volume and quality, but when you think about a blog post that goes out to everyone else and that you can't change once it's finished, then you hate to upload a file where one track is five times louder than the next one or you've accidentally tagged it with the name 'Gerry Joldsmith'. But that's probably just my anal retentive nature. I suppose if you've got to retain something though, that's probably a good choice. Otherwise it just makes it hard to eat (not to mention all the mess involved).

Well, you should enjoy this if you want to celebrate American Independence, if you want to listen to some good music, or if you just feel like walking in cadence!

Track List:

SG4 - 01 - The Great Escape (1963) (Elmer Bernstein) - Main Title
SG4 - 02 - The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957) (Malcolm Arnold) - The River Kwai March / Colonel Bogey [comp. Malcolm Arnold / Kenneth Alford]
SG4 - 03 - The Longest Day (1962) (Maurice Jarre) - The Longest Day March
SG4 - 04 - What Did You Do In The War, Daddy? (1966) (Henry Mancini) - Swing March
SG4 - 05 - 1941 (1979) (John Williams) - The March From '1941'
SG4 - 06 - Stripes (1981) (Elmer Bernstein) - Stripes March
SG4 - 07 - The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming (1966) (Johnny Mandel) - Main Titles
SG4 - 08 - Inspector Clouseau (1968) (Ken Thorne) - March
SG4 - 09 - The Great Waldo Pepper (1975) (Henry Mancini) - The Great Waldo Pepper March (Whistling Version)
SG4 - 10 - Circus World (1964) (Dimitri Tiomkin) - John Wayne March
SG4 - 11 - Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - Silent Movie March
SG4 - 12 - The Dam Busters (1954) (Eric Coates) - March: 'The Dam Busters' - [Adrian Leaper cond. Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orch. (Bratislava) (1992)]
SG4 - 13 - The Private Lives Of Elizabeth And Essex (1939) (Erich Wolfgang Korngold) - Main Title & Essex's Victory March - [Lionel Newman cond. Warner Bros. Studio Orch. (1961)]
SG4 - 14 - The Adventures Of Robin Hood (1938) (Erich Wolfgang Korngold) - March Of The Merry Men & Battle - [Lionel Newman cond. Warner Bros. Studio Orch. (1961)]
SG4 - 15 - El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa) - El Cid March - [James Sedares cond. New Zealand Symphony Orch. (1996)]
SG4 - 16 - Spartacus (1960) (Alex North) - Main Title
SG4 - 17 - The Caine Mutiny (1954) (Max Steiner) - March - [Charles Gerhardt cond. National Philharmonic Orch. (1973)]
SG4 - 18 - The Great Race (1965) (Henry Mancini) - The Great Race March
SG4 - 19 - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) (John Williams) - The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)
SG4 - 20 - Superman - The Movie (1978) (John Williams) - The March Of The Villains
SG4 - 21 - Thunderbirds (TV) (Barry Gray) - Thunderbirds Are Go!
SG4 - 22 - The Last Starfighter (1984) (Craig Safan) - Main Title
SG4 - 23 - You Only Live Twice (1967) (John Barry) - Space March
SG4 - 24 - Patton (1970) (Jerry Goldsmith) - Main Title
SG4 - 25 - Return To Oz (1985) (David Shire) - The 'Return To Oz' Rag March
SG4 - 26 - Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981) (John Williams) - End Credits

pw = youdont

Soundtrack Gamut, Vol. 4 - Marches-A-Go-Go - Part 1 (Rapidshare) (around 90 MB)

Soundtrack Gamut, Vol. 4 - Marches-A-Go-Go - Part 2 (Rapidshare) (around 68 MB)


Soundtrack Gamut, Vol. 4 - Marches-A-Go-Go (Megaupload)

around 158 MB

Repost - 1776 Film Soundtrack

Update: I thought I'd post this one again. Enjoy!

And in honor of the upcoming Fourth of July, here's the soundtrack to the 1972 film musical, '1776', starring William Daniels as John Adams, Howard Da Silva as Ben Franklin, & Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson. I remember watching this movie in the theater when I was a kid and it's still a favorite. For a while, it used to be an annual tradition that this film would be shown on television every Independence Day, but for some reason they've stopped showing it. I guess America's gotten a lot less patriotic or something.

It's amazing how the film is able to build tension about whether everyone is going to sign the Declaration of Independence or not. You'd think they wouldn't be able to create genuine suspense as to the outcome particularly when everybody knows how it's going to turn out, but they actually do. Now that's storytelling.

Today, Blythe Danner may be arguably best known as Gwyneth Paltrow's mom, but back then she played Martha Jefferson. I bet some people back then probably thought she was married to Ken Howard in real life; between this movie and the TV show, 'Adam's Rib', in which they played the Hepburn & Tracy roles, they had a good on-screen chemistry. And while I think Gwyneth Paltrow is gorgeous, Blythe Danner is the one who still does it for me. She was hot back then and she's still hot today. (Excuse the drooling..........but I digress.....)

People will also recognize familiar actors such as John Myhers and John Cullum. I never watched the TV show, 'Northern Exposure', but I guess that's what John Cullum may be best known for. I associate him with his stage work though. The same thing goes for William Daniels too. I never watched the TV show, 'St. Elsewhere' either, but I suppose that's what he's best known for. Or to some people, as the voice of K.I.T.T. on the Knightrider TV show. I associate him with other TV or film appearances though. I always think of him in the movie, 'The President's Analyst', as the suburban father. He was so good at playing the uptight establishment characters or cold, unemotional people, so it's good to see him play passionate, rebellious characters like this too.

I decided to put up the film soundtrack instead of the original Broadway production or the revivial since as far as I know the film soundtrack isn't available anywhere (although I haven't checked lately, so it may have come out as far as I know).

Well, enjoy the soundtrack and have a great Independence Day!

pw = you_dont_have_to_visit

1776 (1972 Film) (Sherman Edwards)

Track List:

01 - Orchestra - Overture
02 - William Daniels & Company - Sit Down, John
03 - William Daniels & Virginia Vestoff - Piddle, Twiddle, And Resolve; Till Then
04 - Ronald Holgate, Howard Da Silva, & William Daniels - The Lees of Old Virginia
05 - William Daniels, Howard Da Silva, Ken Howard, Rex Robbins, & John Myhers - But, Mr. Adams
06 - William Daniels & Virginia Vestoff - Yours, Yours, Yours
07 - Blythe Danner, Howard Da Silva, & William Daniels - He Plays The Violin
08 - Donald Madden, David Ford, & Chorus - Cool, Cool, Considerate Men
09 - Stephen Nathan, William Duell, & Mark Montgomery - Momma Look Sharp
10 - Howard Da Silva, William Daniels, & Ken Howard - The Egg
11 - John Cullum - Molasses To Rum
12 - William Daniels & Virginia Vestoff - Compliments
13 - William Daniels - Is Anybody There
14 - David Ford & Ralston Hill - Finale

Rapidshare link:

1776 Film Soundtrack


Megaupload link:

1776 Film Soundtrack

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