Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pennies From Heaven (1981 Soundtrack)

Here's the soundtrack to the Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters film, 'Pennies From Heaven'. It's filled with classic songs and performers with a few performances original to the film. I should describe the film, but if you're not familiar with Dennis Potter's work like 'The Singing Detective', then I probably wouldn't do it justice.
If you want some fun, listen to track #13 and pretend you're Christopher Walken in the film doing his tap dance routine!

Track List:

01 - Elsie Carlisle, with Ambrose & His Orch. - The Clouds Will Soon Roll By
02 - Sam Browne and The Carlysle Cousins - Yes, Yes!
03 - Connee Boswell - I'll Never Have to Dream Again
04 - Fred Latham, with Jack Jackson & His Orch. - Roll Along Prairie Moon
05 - Bing Crosby - Did You Ever See a Dream Walking
06 - Arthur Tracy - Pennies from Heaven
07 - The Boswell Sisters, with Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey - It's the Girl
08 - Ida Sue McCune - Love Is Good for Anything That Ails You
09 - Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees - Let's Put Out the Lights & Go to Sleep
10 - Dolly Dawn, with George Hall and His Orchestra - It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
11 - Helen Kane - I Want to Be Bad
12 - Walter Harrah,Gene Merlino,Vern Rowe,Robert Tebow - Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries
13 - Irving Aaronson and His Commanders - Let's Misbehave
14 - Ronnie Hill, with Primo Scala's Accordion Band - Serenade in the Night
15 - Jack Buchanan & Elsie Randolph - Fancy Our Meeting
16 - Fred Astaire - Let's Face the Music and Dance
17 - Steve Martin - Pennies from Heaven
18 - Lew Stone and His Band - The Glory of Love

pw = youdont
(Note the new password!)

Pennies From Heaven (rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)


Pennies From Heaven (megaupload)

around 78 MB

And remember, 'Loaned For Promotion Only'!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well, That Was A Nice Break!

I was only planning on waiting a few days to let people comment on the file test I was trying, but I was kind of enjoying the break. It gave me the chance to get caught up on visiting new blogs, leaving comments, doing a couple of thousand other things, and unfortunately checking out the archives of more blogs that have gone down recently. I seem to spend whatever time I allot towards downloading on rushing to get the last files before a great blog or blogger disappears. You'll notice that the 'Gone, but not Forgotten' list has been swelling lately.

Well, if you've been reading the comments on the blog and watching the link list, you know I haven't been totally absent from the blog though. I plan on posting something pretty soon (though every time I do a blog search, it seems someone has already posted what I was planning on!).

It's amazing though. Even though I haven't posted anything new in a couple of weeks, the number of people visiting remains about the same (and may be slightly higher)! Which only goes to prove that people like it better when I don't post anything. Or maybe it's the same phenomenon that happens when people watch a beached whale or a traffic accident on the side of the road. I'm not sure which.

Well, please continue to comment on the post about Stuffit & Mac problems. I value the input. I will most likely change everything to Rar files as it seems that only a handful of people responded and out of those, only a couple had problems (and I think these were because of the password mix-up). So, I don't think it's a widespread problem. Either that, or the people who had problems just went away and never came back!

Well, thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

To Users of Stuffit or Mac (or anybody else) Who've had Problems Opening my Files

'Anonymous' under the Mondo Candido post raised an interesting idea in a comment he left. He suggested that maybe the reason certain Stuffit or Mac users have problems opening my files is that since I use WinRAR, maybe I shouldn't compress to a zip file and only use RAR files. Maybe that is the reason. (Though I think 'Anonymous' was under the false impression that I used RAR compression, but changed the extension on the files to 'zip', but his suggestion to just use RAR files might work. WinRAR also does ZIP compression as well as RAR compression.)

Though you'd think zip compression should be simpler and more compatible across different compression utilities, maybe certain versions of Stuffit have trouble opening WinRAR zip-compressed files? If this is the reason, then it's pretty ironic because the whole reason I used zip files was to make it easier for people who didn't have the capability of opening RAR files. For the full explanation of why I made the switch to zip files, you can go here.

So I wanted to try a test. I took the same file of 'The June Allyson Show' theme and made one zip and one rar. For anybody who's had problems opening my files, could you do me a favor and download these 2 small files, and try opening both to see if you have problems with either one. Another comment also mentioned that they could get it to work with UnZip, but the resulting files were filled with pops and distortions. So if you could also listen to the files and see if they're okay, I'd appreciate it!

I've used Sendspace to make it easier on people (hopefully that doesn't backfire on me as well):

Test File - zip (method I use now)

Update: please use the old password for the zip file: pw = you_dont_have_to_visit
and the newer password for the rar file. Consider this as part of the whole, 'I'm an idiot' thing I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. I just used the old zip file and forgot that it was set to the old password. My profound apologies, especially to 'moof' and 'macuser', who were kind enough to go through the trouble of helping me by testing the file only to be fouled up by my stupidity. If they (and anyone else) could try it again, I'd be very grateful. If the zip file still has trouble on Mac's or Stuffit, then I'll know the problem is with zip's and not rar's, and I can go back to posting stuff. Thanks for any help!

Test File - rar

pw = youdonthavetovisit

around 2 MB

Please let me know the results by leaving a comment under this post. Since most of the people who've left comments about having problems have been 'Anonymous' and left them under different posts, I can't tell if this is a widespread problem with people who use Mac or just the same 1 or 2 people, so any comment is welcome.

Since I've never seen this kind of complaint on anybody else's blogs, I have to assume the problem is with my files. And since the majority of people use RAR files, I'll probably switch back to using those. I guess people who have problems opening THEM don't complain since they figure the problem is with their own inability to open RAR files and not the blogger's responsibility to provide them with ZIP files. Well, I'm glad people let me know otherwise I would never know. I don't want a whole segment of Mac or Stuffit users to have these kinds of problems with my files.

I didn't want to post anything new until I get this straightened out, so for anybody who isn't having problems, my apologies to them too.

On Blogging, Blogs, & Other Miscellany

This is another picture that doesn't have anything to do with this post, but we should all be as happy in the blogosphere. This is going to be another incredibly long and boring post with reflections and no music, so those who just want the music can skip further down.......

On blogs: 'Miss F' left a thought-provoking comment under my 2nd post that made me want to comment on my philosophy of blogging and blogs (remember, I did say 'long and boring post'). She was responding to something I had written on my 2nd post about how it was odd that people didn't comment on older posts of blogs. I wasn't talking about my blog at that point since I had just started, but I was referring to my visits to other people's blogs.

As a non-blogger, I knew I looked at blogs a little differently than other people seemed to, but after having this blog for a while, I became more acutely aware of how blogs worked. By that, I mean that I tend to look at blogs horizontally rather than vertically. I'm glad I made that so much clearer.

What I mean by that is when I visit a blog I tend to think of all the posts as being equal. Like a group of items laid out horizontally in a line on a table. The first post to me is exactly like the most recent post. But based on the way people commented at other blogs, I suspected that they tended to look at them vertically like a stack of items in a pile on a table. They tended to be most interested in the one or two items at the top and had a harder time digging out the ones at the bottom. I only suspected this was true based on the comments of the readers and the bloggers, but I didn't actually give it much thought at the time.

Since I've been blogging though, it's one of the interesting things you notice. The items at the top tend to get the most interest. As a blogger, I can tell by downloads and comments. When I was a non-blogger, I only suspected it based on the fact that people stopped commenting on older posts at other people's blogs. And when they did comment, bloggers seemed to take no notice even on ones made just a few posts back. Back then I had no idea how the whole comment thing worked from the blogger's perspective (I barely understand it now). I didn't know if they were notified of new comments or how it worked at all.

So it confirmed my suspicion of the whole horizontal vs. vertical thing. The whole vertical thing may be more sensible though. Looking at blogs horizontally tends to take a lot longer. What I usually do when I visit someone's blog for the first time is I download the top page (or possibly the whole blog) in an mht format and then read the whole thing later offline. I like to read their whole blog, see what they have to say, and pull out any links I'm interested in (which for most blogs I like may be a pretty high percentage) and then put them in a giant queue of things to be downloaded.

That queue was especially gigantic when I was using the free option of Rapidshare. That's been for the past year or so of visiting music blogs. Only recently did I break down and get a premium account and I've been catching up on the downloading ever since, but I still seem to have barely put a dent in it. I'm not complaining though. That would seem patently ungracious. It's like complaining that you have too much good food to eat. It reminds me of what 'Miss F' said in her comment about music as commodities and objects.

The temptation when you're downloading so much good music is to look at it in a wholesale way and become frustrated when you can't get something that you want. Or when a good blog goes down and you start kicking yourself for not downloading the archives. But as soon as that feeling starts, I always remind myself that with so many good things being shared and with so many good people sharing their love of music, it seems rather petty and somewhat ungrateful to lament over what you don't have. Or to lose sight of music as art and entertainment rather than an object to be acquired. My listening queue tends to be rather large and even if I stopped downloading right now and listened to music most of the day, every day, it would probably take me one or two years to get through it all. So, for me, it becomes very tempting to forget that it brings joy and pleasure and is a solace for the soul; you start to go, 'Okay, I got that one out of the way, what's next?' Though it's easy to snap out of it when you're listening to some great piece of music that brightens your spirits.

I suppose that's also meant as a partial explanation of why I don't post that much music. I don't know how other bloggers do it. As you may have noticed by now, I'm a big fan of other people's blogs. Almost all the links you see on the link list (except for the new ones) are ones that I've been following for quite a while and have enjoyed very much. I used to be able to keep current (relatively speaking) with most of them though I would tend to go through cycles of which groups I focused on. But since I've been blogging, I never seem to keep current on most everything web-related. So that's meant as a blanket apology to all those great bloggers that I haven't said hello to, thanked for or listened to their great music, or failed to acknowledge in some way.

Since I've been blogging, I have even greater admiration for what they do. How some bloggers put out three or four new items a day or make comments on other people's sites after listening to their latest offering is beyond me. I suppose that's why I like to make comments on older posts of blogs since I tend to make them after I've listened to the music and have something specific to say. I still am pretty remiss about leaving even a brief hi or thanks for the music on most people's blogs. But since I started the blog, I see it from the other side. Without any feedback, the blogger has no idea how the music is being received (other than the number of downloads). It's a funny thing though. You somehow have this odd thought in the back of your head that the blogger knows how great you think his or her blog is. That somehow they just psychically know how much you enjoy their blog. But it wasn't until I started a blog that I realized that unless you leave a comment, they have no idea that you're thinking that. It just seems obvious to me that I always liked their blog, but I realized that I never left them a comment.

I noticed that from a lot of other bloggers who stopped by. Like Planet Xtabay or Sounds of Champaign. When I went to leave a comment on their blogs thanking them for something nice they said here, I realized that I hadn't left a comment before even though I had enjoyed their blogs for a long time. I try to make more of an effort to comment now, but I still don't do it nearly enough. So for any reader of this blog who hasn't left a comment here, I bear no ill will and, believe me, I know exactly how you feel.

On comments: Which reminds me. I probably should've made it clearer before, but after that fiasco with my comment moderation, I put in the 'recent comments list' so I can always tell when a new comment appears. I always check the dates of the comments in the list to see if anything recent has been posted. So you can even leave a comment buried in a post somewhere in the middle of the blog and I will always see it. I tend to think of comments like E-mail. If someone took the trouble to leave one, I will always respond to it. The funny thing is though that it took me a while to realize that there wasn't much reason for the person to come back to that entry and read the response! They've already downloaded the music, left their comment, and unless they're asking a question or having a problem, they probably won't be checking back on that particular entry again. But still, I always like to respond anyway.

On the philosophy of this blog: I suppose that was one of the things I imagined when I started this blog. I wanted to create that sense of interactivity. People of like minds sharing their love of music. And with many of the recent posts and comments, it's been very gratifying. People like Mickey who's shared his enthusiasm, Ronan who's shared his love of the movie, 'Theatre of Blood', Lacey & Crazed, Dominic who took the trouble to leave information about the film, 'Une Journee Bien Remplie', Miss F(redda) who's shared her insight, and all the other people and great bloggers who came by. This kind of interactivity was exactly what I was hoping for when I started the blog, so it's been very satisfying.

That's the way I thought of this blog. As basically an extension of what I did when I shared music that I loved or that I thought they would love with my friends. I think most bloggers think that way. They basically want to share what they love with other like-minded people.

I think that's probably also why I think I would feel less comfortable if this were a really high-traffic blog. That might be different from a lot of bloggers, I'm not sure. If I knew tens of thousands of people were dropping by, it might feel less like a group of people enjoying great music and more like a giant marketplace where people came to get stuff off the shelves. But I knew going in that based on the type of music I was sharing and the type of blog I wanted to make that that wasn't going to be a problem.

I know I could get much higher traffic if I designed the blog in a different way. If I put in less text and more covers with every album, if I made the blog less random and focused on one genre of music (or a more popular genre of music), if I put out much more music on a regular basis, if I got reciprocal linking from all the blogs in my linked list, and if I left my address at various high-trafficked blogs, forums, and websites, I think I could probably multiply my traffic by a factor of anywhere from maybe three to ten times what it was a little while ago. (I was actually going to say three to ten times what it is now, but it actually seems to have gone up exponentially lately, so three to ten times that would be abnormally high.) But I'm pretty happy with the steady flow of people as it is now.

Some people may wonder, looking at the blog, that it almost seems designed to drive people away. Posts with abnormally long passages of text (like this one) and long-winded explanations of compilations, some music that's almost buried in the blog, other music that doesn't seem to fit the other genres, individual tracks mixed in with albums, and some of the choices of music (I'm not sure how many people are clamoring for alternative stage music, TV characters singing, soundtracks of modern versions of Candide, or 76 different versions of 'House of the Rising Sun', for instance). But I knew when I started this blog that that was the kind of blog I wanted to make.

I knew for myself that if I confined the blog to one style of music that I would get bored eventually. I wanted the freedom to put up any kind of music I liked (though there's still so much music I haven't gotten around to putting up). I knew this would automatically cut down on repeat visitors though. I knew people would cherry-pick the one or two items they were interested in and then leave. That's why I named the blog 'You Don't Have To Visit This Blog'. I thought I should warn people that it wasn't the kind of blog where you were going to get a lot of the same great material over and over again. I didn't want people coming here if I had named it say, 'Great Music Blog', and then be disappointed because there was hardly anything here they wanted. It was only after the blog had been up for a while did I realize the name could be misconstrued. Someone could take it as being hostile, for instance. Like defiantly telling you, 'You Don't Have To Visit This Blog' because the music's free and don't complain if you don't like it! Nobody's mentioned it, but I bet some people think that's what it means. But it's really just a warning.

On linking: I'm also always stunned when other bloggers spontaneously link to me. I'm very grateful and gratified, but I guess I'm always amazed that they stop by, let alone link to me (though maybe it's because I've linked to them). I know they've probably seen my link on some other blog, but it still amazes me for some reason. I've gotten very behind in thanking them on their blogs and I hope to do it very soon. In the meantime, I can thank them here: A big thanks to Cake & Polka Parade, Digital Eargasm, Loungetracks, Meester Music, Penthouse Safari, Rangeraver (though I think I did thank him on his site, I can't remember), and The Tuna Melt.
Those are the recent ones that I know of and obviously these and the other great blogs who've linked to me are why my traffic's been going up a lot lately.

I've seen a lot of people leave comments on other blogs announcing their own blogs and leaving their addresses, and as a reader I'm always grateful when they do it because it alerts me to a blog I might want to check out. But it's odd; when it comes to my own blog, I always feel uncomfortable doing that. I always feel like I'm using somebody else's blog to promote mine. I think I've only left my address once in a comment, at Lazar's Lounge, but that was when I thought he might want a specific CD I had. Otherwise, I don't like to do it. I figure if they found my comment interesting, they can look up my blogger profile and get to my blog that way.

Also, I don't like telling people that I've linked to them, I guess because I don't want them to feel like they have to link to me out of a sense of obligation. I'd prefer they link to me if they've visited my blog and liked it enough to want to put me on their link list. I suppose that's why I tend to be so stunned when people actually do it even though I've never mentioned it to them, and why I'm so gratified by it because I know they did it because they wanted to and not just because I linked to them (though actually, come to think of it, maybe that IS why a lot of these guys did it......oh, well). So, you know if you see a link in my link list, it's because I really like their blog (or haven't had time to explore it yet, but know it's got great music on it), and not just to get a lot of links up there.

And there are so many blogs I've either forgotten to put up there or haven't been able to check out properly. I keep forgetting to put Loronix up there for instance, but I still haven't thoroughly checked out his blog yet. I know it's got great music though. There are all the other great bossa blogs, rock & pop, soul & R&B, and individual mp3 blogs I haven't had time to explore yet.

On compilations: Yes, I know. Anybody's who's gotten this far is asleep by now. Well, if you put your head on the computer screen, maybe the rest of this will leak in through osmosis.

Just a few things I wanted to mention. I should've mentioned it before, but all the home-made compilations were designed to fit on a 74-minute CD, if you haven't already noticed. I suppose that's why I stopped listing the total time on the posts. I made all of them to time out to a little over or under 74 minutes. I used to listen to all of them on my CD player (though now I listen to most of them on the computer) and I still burn them onto CD's. Though technically, I could make them up to any length, I guess.

They're also designed to be listened to as a whole. Almost none of them are just collections of songs. The order and selection are an important part of it (though I guess it's up to you to judge how important).

And I've said it many times before, but they were made entirely for my own listening pleasure. That's why some of the selections may seem unexpected. Sometimes the choice of some songs by some artists was made because I used other songs on other compilations and didn't want to use them again. So if you were wondering why some obvious choice was left out, that may be the reason.

Also, some may wonder why I don't confine myself to one genre on some compilations. Why did I mix crime jazz and bossa on the same lounge compilation? Why did I jump from a song from the 1950's to a song from the 1980's? Why did I put 'Satisfaction' and '96 Tears' on the same comp as songs from ABBA? Things like that. Nobody's actually said anything, but some may wonder. Well, while on some compilations, I stuck to more-or-less strict guidelines, on others I can sometimes get bored if I hear too much of the same music on the same comp. I think it's great when other people do it on commercial comps or on other blogs. In those cases, I don't know what's coming next, so it always keeps me interested. But when I've made it up myself, I always know what's coming, so I can get a little bored with it if I know it's all the same type of music.

Also, I have to be somewhat inspired to make a compilation. Like the 'Tico To Tico' lounge compilation was a real aberration. I wouldn't normally make up something like that because I usually get inspired to make up compilations if I don't think they're available someplace else. If I felt like hearing a great lounge compilation, there are so many great commercial ones available or I would just head on over to A Taste of Vinyl, Lazar's Lounge, Rangeraver, Planet Xtabay, Rato, or PixelMutt's to hear some great comps.

I usually need an interesting hook or angle to make me want to create a comp or to help me narrow down the number of choices. It'd be hard for me to pick a topic like lounge or pop, for instance, and narrow down the number of songs available. But it's funny; sometimes the focus is so narrow that I can't come up with a full CD's worth. Sometimes it's only a handful. Like I may put up those collection of chimney and fireplace songs someday, but if you exclude the Christmas ones, it becomes a pretty narrow field.

On requests: Feel free to make any requests for things. I probably won't have them, but I welcome them because sometimes I have a hard time deciding what to put up.

And finally, (yes, I can hear you cheering that this post is almost over!), I think there were a lot of other things I wanted to mention, but even I'm getting bored with reading my own writing. So enjoy the rest of the blog if your retinas aren't already burned out from this post!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Seldom-Heard TV Theme Lyrics

This is a compilation that's been sitting on my hard drive for a long time waiting to be finalized (tagging, digging out info, trimming, etc.) and is one of the earliest digital comps I ever started. It got tweaked a lot over the interim (adding and subtracting, getting better versions, etc.).

It's been ready to go for quite a while now, but I guess like a lot of the comps I put up, I hate to do all that final stuff that I need to do to get it ready for public sharity. When you're just listening to it for your own pleasure you don't trim the original source files to remove pesky silences or have to make sure all the info is right or look up album info from stuff you've ripped, and this one especially had a lot of final tweaking to be done. So I guess I've been pretty reluctant to finish this one off and put it out there.

But after the great Mondo Daddykin blog was attacked out of existence, I thought I should put this one up and dedicate it to him. I hope he'll come back someday; he was one of the greats and he will be missed. So this one's for you, Mondo Daddykin, and whatever you do in the future, don't let it get you down!

And to everybody else, this is one of my favorite comps and I hope you enjoy it too!

Seldom-Heard TV Theme Lyrics

Track List:

01 - Cast - Meet The Flintstones - Original Album Version (1961)
02 - Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) - Meet The Flintstones (1993)
03 - Desi Arnaz - I Love Lucy
04 - Hugo Montenegro - Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie) (1967)
05 - Peggy Lee - Bewitched (1965)
06 - Sally Field - Who Needs Wings To Fly? (1967) - [THE FLYING NUN]
07 - Project: Pimento - Theme from 'Star Trek' (Vocal Ver.)
08 - Nichelle Nichols - Theme From Star Trek (Vocal Ver.)
09 - Sammy Davis, Jr. - You Can Count On Me (Theme from 'Hawaii Five-O') (1976)
10 - Don Ho - You Can Count On Me (Theme from 'Hawaii Five-O')
11 - Bill Murray - Hawaii Five-O Theme
12 - Lorne Greene - Bonanza
13 - Curt Massey - Petticoat Junction (1964)
14 - Unknown Artist - All For You - [HIGH CHAPARRAL]
15 - Harry Nilsson - Girlfriend - [THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER]
16 - Chorus - The Odd Couple (Vocal) (1968)
17 - The Mash - Suicide is Painless (1970) - [M*A*S*H]
18 - Rosemary Clooney - The Wonderful Season of Love (1961) - [PEYTON PLACE]
19 - Vikki Carr - Theme From Peyton Place (For Those Who Are Young) (1965)
20 - Richard Chamberlain - Three Stars Will Shine Tonight (1962) - [DR. KILDARE]
21 - Gene Barry - Burke's Law
22 - Carroll O'Connor & Jean Stapleton - Those Were The Days - [ALL IN THE FAMILY]
23 - Dan Castellaneta & Julie Kavner - Those Were The Days (1997)
24 - Andy Griffith - The Fishin' Hole - [THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW]
25 - Sonny Curtis - Love Is All Around - [THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW]
26 - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Love Is All Around
27 - The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You (1995) - [FRIENDS]
28 - The Manhattan Transfer - Twilight Zone / Twilight Tone
29 - Butch Patrick - Whatever Happened to Eddie? - [THE MUNSTERS]
30 - Chorus - At The Munsters
31 - Cast - Hogan's Heroes March (1966)
32 - Mary Schneider - Liberty Bell / Semper Fidelis / Blaze Away / Washington Post - [MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS]
33 - Sarah Vaughan - Peter Gunn (1965)

pw = youdonthavetovisit

(if you cut & paste the password, make sure you don't include an extra blank at the end!)

(you will need both parts before extracting)

Seldom-Heard TV Theme Lyrics - Part 1 (rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)
Seldom-Heard TV Theme Lyrics - Part 2 (rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)


(in one big file)

Seldom-Heard TV Theme Lyrics (megaupload) - (Hmmm....seems to be temporarily unavailable. Guess I'll have to re-up it sometime! In the meantime, feel free to download from the Rapidshare links. :)))

around 107 MB

'Seldom-heard' is a relative term, I suppose. Some of these songs were sung in episodes, were pop songs apart from the shows or became hit singles, and some were used in the movies the shows were originally based on. So 'seldom-heard' is in the context of the TV theme (as is the fact that not all the music was written for their respective shows). Just thought I'd mention it since I know some people will quibble with the selections (and believe me, people do). Basically, the criteria are lyrics, to music used as TV themes, that are not normally heard that often in connection to the TV theme used on the show. That really simplifies it, doesn't it?

And when you see more than one song associated with the same show, if you listen carefully, you'll notice that they actually have different lyrics! (with the exception of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show').

And if anyone has any additions, I'd love to hear them! Some material got squeezed out of this comp, but I don't have nearly enough material for a Volume 2, so if anybody has anything, I'd appreciate hearing them!

Notes on the compilation:

#03 - This track was one of the reasons I was waiting so long to finish the comp. My CD version of it was in storage so I was hoping to find another CD-quality version somewhere, but I used an LP version instead. All in all though, it doesn't sound too bad.
#07 - This version has the lyrics that Gene Roddenberry actually wrote and that Alexander Courage didn't like. I don't know who did the lyrics for Nichelle Nichols' version (or if Alexander Courage liked those either).
#14 - Couldn't find out who the singer was on this. It doesn't even seem to be listed on the LP cover. I love the pop version of this theme though. And whenever I heard the actual TV theme as a kid, it always reminded me of 'Telstar'. At least the beginning of the theme did. I'll probably put those up side-by-side someday and see what you think.
#15 - And for anyone who remembers the TV theme and the TV show (about a boy and his father), it's pretty funny (and a little disturbing) to hear the original song.
#26 - And normally I wouldn't have put this on because it's the same seldom-heard lyric as in Sonny Curtis' version, but I always loved her version, so I just felt like putting it on.

And for anyone who had the stamina to read to the end of this post, it probably means you're a fan of TV music (or of this blog, which seems less likely). So if there's anybody out there who missed some of Mondo Daddykin's files, I have most of them before Huckleberry Hound (I missed out on 6 or 7 of his last posts myself). Let me know if you want them and if there are enough people who are interested, maybe I can work something out. I hate the fact that so many people missed out on so much great stuff (most of which was unavailable anywhere else). Hopefully, Mondo Daddykin won't mind, but if he does, please let me know.

Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - Film Soundtrack

Listening to the great Georges Delerue compilation at Onzichtbaredj's blog made me want to put up something by him. Here's another score with a haunting theme. When I saw the movie, it was a theme that stayed with me, but unfortunately, if I remember right, they didn't release the score at the time. Probably had to do with the movie doing badly at the box office. Thankfully, they eventually released it. It's worth it just for the love theme alone. Enjoy!

Update: I just found out that Onzichtbaredj is quitting his blog, so if you want to get any of the great material over there or if you want to wish him goodbye, you'll have to hurry!

Track List:

Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 01 - Once Upon A Time...
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 02 - Brain Cloud
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 03 - Dinner with Dee Dee
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 04 - Love Theme
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 05 - Joe Alone
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 06 - Graynamore's Pitch
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 07 - I'll Do It
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 08 - New York
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 09 - Shopping Spree
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 10 - Alone in New York
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 11 - To the Hotel
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 12 - To the Ship
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 13 - History of the Waponis
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 14 - Pat Tells Joe
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 15 - Fishing
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 16 - The Storm and The Rescue
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 17 - Hava Nagila and When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 18 - I've Got to Go
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 19 - Explosion and In the Water
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 20 - They Sail Away
Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) (Georges Delerue) - 21 - End Credits

pw = youdonthavetovisit

(if you cut & paste the password, make sure you don't include an extra blank at the end!)

Joe Versus The Volcano (rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)


Joe Versus The Volcano (megaupload)

around 45 MB

@128 Kbps

Update: "Norman Conquest", a kind reader of this blog (as opposed to somebody else's blog), made a generous offer of the songs from the soundtrack to go with the instrumental score. He thought it would make a nice complement to the rest of the soundtrack and I agree! Most of the songs are directly from the soundtrack and include dialogue and sound effects. I got a big kick out of listening to them and hopefully you will too. I put them all in a rar file for your convenience (and mine). Thanks a lot, Norm (and if you like them, thank him too)!

Joe Vs. The Volcano - Soundtrack Songs:

Track List:

02 - Eric Burdon - Sixteen Tons
03 - Ray Charles - Ol' Man River
04 - Unknown Artist - Donde Vive Mi Amor - [On The Street Where You Live]
05 - Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 - Soul Bossa Nova / Mas Que Nada
06 - Elvis Presley - Blue Moon
09 - The Rascals - Good Lovin'
11 - The Del Vikings - Come Go With Me
12 - Tom Hanks - The Cowboy Song
13 - The Mills Brothers - I Cover The Waterfront

The numbering of the files is the way that Norman had them in the original zip file.

pw = youdont

Joe Vs. The Volcano - Soundtrack Songs (rapidshare)
Joe Vs. The Volcano - Soundtrack Songs (megaupload)

around 32 MB

Mondo Candido (1974 or 1975) (Riz Ortolani) - Film Soundtrack

Here's another Riz Ortolani film score that's more than twice as long as the last one I posted. It's also fantastic besides being longer. Enjoy!

Track List:

Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 01 - Mondo Candido
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 02 - Le Soldatesse
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 03 - L'Altalena
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 04 - Panglos a New York
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 05 - Svegliati Ragazzo
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 06 - Un Amore Così Tenero
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 07 - Cani E Gatti
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 08 - Azzurro E Nuvole
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 09 - Ferro, Chitarra E Amore
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 10 - Tema Di 'Mondo Candido'

pw = youdonthavetovisit

(if you cut & paste the password, make sure you don't include an extra blank at the end!)

Mondo Candido (rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)


Mondo Candido (megaupload)

around 42 MB

Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (1961) (Riz Ortolani) - Film Soundtrack

Here's a very short score (13 minutes) from the 1961 film, 'Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni' by Riz Ortolani. It occurred to me that a lot of the soundtracks that I've put up so far have been by British composers (I suppose since those are a little less available in America and because I love those scores), so I thought I should post something from some other great European composers.

I keep thinking that other people have posted these before, so I don't bother to put them up, but when I did a blog search, I didn't find that much from Riz Ortolani (with the exception of Lellebelle who was sharing 3 albums). Either there isn't much interest or maybe it's because these are so available. I don't know. I used to be able to keep up with what was available and in print, but I'm pretty well out of the loop now. Well, if this or the other soundtrack material I'm going to put up is common, forgive the ignorance. I know I should be more on top of these things before I post, but sometimes it's like shoveling out Mt. Everest with a spoon.

Enjoy this short, but sweet score!

Track List:

Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (1961) (Riz Ortolani) - 01 - Main Titles
Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (1961) (Riz Ortolani) - 02 - Assault
Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (1961) (Riz Ortolani) - 03 - Ambush
Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (1961) (Riz Ortolani) - 04 - The Market
Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (1961) (Riz Ortolani) - 05 - Love Theme
Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (1961) (Riz Ortolani) - 06 - Dance
Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (1961) (Riz Ortolani) - 07 - Love Theme (Reprise)
Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (1961) (Riz Ortolani) - 08 - Chained Ursus
Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (1961) (Riz Ortolani) - 09 - Ursus Set Free By Diar
Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (1961) (Riz Ortolani) - 10 - Aiak Kills Diar
Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (1961) (Riz Ortolani) - 11 - End Titles

pw = youdonthavetovisit

(if you cut & paste the password, make sure you don't include an extra blank at the end!)

Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)


Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni (megaupload) - (Link Re-Up)

around 19 MB

I Don't Know Diddley about Billy, Bobby & The Monkees

Ronnie Wood and Bo Diddley are great, 'Live At The Ritz'. Enjoy!

Live At The Ritz (Rapidshare) or Live At The Ritz (Megaupload)

And here's Billy Stewart, 'One More Time'. Enjoy!

One More Time (Rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up) or One More Time (Megaupload)

And here's a 'Spotlight On' Bobby Darin. Enjoy!

Spotlight On (Rapidshare) or Spotlight On (Megaupload)

And who wouldn't want to be in The Monkees' 'Headquarters'. Enjoy!

Headquarters (Rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up) or Headquarters (Megaupload)

See comments for the info.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pete Rugolo - The Music of Richard Diamond (1959 TV)

For lovers of crime jazz, here's a real treat. The music (composed & conducted by Pete Rugolo) from the TV show, Richard Diamond, Private Detective. The show starred David Janssen and Regis Toomey. The show was in that vein of private detective TV shows with jazzy scores like Peter Gunn, though this show actually came before Peter Gunn. It's also notable for featuring Mary Tyler Moore, in one of her first TV roles, as the character of 'Sam' - an answering service operator. What made the character unusual was that her body was mostly in shadow and you only saw her legs and heard her sultry voice.

Enjoy this jazzy blast from the past!

Track List:

Pete Rugolo - 01 - Richard Diamond Theme
Pete Rugolo - 02 - Diamond on the Move
Pete Rugolo - 03 - Fancy Meeting Karen (Love Theme from Richard Diamond)
Pete Rugolo - 04 - I'm Always Chasing Butterflies
Pete Rugolo - 05 - Who's Sam
Pete Rugolo - 06 - All Star
Pete Rugolo - 07 - The Teaser
Pete Rugolo - 08 - Ye Olde Curiosity Shape
Pete Rugolo - 09 - Teen Age Rock
Pete Rugolo - 10 - The Sleeve Job
Pete Rugolo - 11 - Does Mama Know You're Out
Pete Rugolo - 12 - Richard Diamond's Blues

pw = youdonthavetovisit

(if you cut & paste the password, make sure you don't include an extra blank at the end!)

Pete Rugolo - The Music of Richard Diamond (rapidshare)


Pete Rugolo - The Music of Richard Diamond (megaupload)

around 42 MB

Thank You For Responding To My Question About The Files!

This picture of Jacqueline Bisset really doesn't have anything to do with this post (other than the fact that I really like it and we can all dream, can't we?), but I thought it was a nice incentive to get people to read this post since it's verbose and it doesn't have any music.

I want to thank everybody for responding to my question about having problems with the files. It seems that the problem is mainly with Stuffit (and possibly with Mac) and the underscores in the password. I'm glad somebody let me know; I should've realized they would cause problems, but it never occured to me, so I'm sorry to all those who've had problems opening files because of it.

If I had known, I never would have made the password such a headache for people. When I first saw blogs with passwords, I never understood why people used them. Then eventually I realized it was because people were stealing their links (though I still don't know if this is the only reason). When I started this blog, I thought it would be better to add passwords just in case though I knew my files weren't the type that were likely to have their links stolen, but I figured if there was some other reason to do it that I didn't know about, it was better to be safe.

And I didn't want the password to be so long and hard-to-type, but I couldn't figure out a way to shorten it and still make sense......'you_dont', 'dont_have_to', and 'visit_this_blog' didn't really work. And 'dont_visit' seemed especially bad! I was originally thinking of 'youdonthavetovisit', but that seemed worse, so that's why I put in the underscores. Now I wish I could go back and change them all. I did actually consider that for half a second, but the prospect of reuploading all the files so that I could make one minor change made me want to hit myself in the forehead with a ballpeen hammer, so I decided against it.

So, again, I'm very sorry to anyone who has had problems opening the files. Anyone who was using Stuffit, if they could use some other software, I would appreciate it. If you can't and would still like the files, please let me know which ones you'd like and I'll upload them with a new password and add a new link.

I changed the password on the next post to the simpler (but more bleary-eyed), 'youdonthavetovisit'. I hope this works. I liked Ill Folks' suggestions about putting in a text file or putting 'youdon'thavetovisit.blogspot' into the upload file name. I do already try and put in a text file with the track list with the blog address in it, but sometimes I forget to do it. And I would add the blog address in the filename, but a lot of times I forget to shorten the filename, so I would either forget to add the address name too or I might make it abnormally long. I may try those in the future though and just get rid of the passwords. I hardly think anybody's going to steal my links (I'm lucky if anybody even downloads the files). If anybody knows any other reason why people use passwords, please let me know. I guess I'll just try 'youdonthavetovisit' for a while and see how that goes.

Again, I really appreciate the help on this. Thanks to mickey, gypsum gypsy, crazed, the 'anonymii', Fatty Jubbo, misterlesterkeen, & Ill Folks for leaving helpful comments. I was happily surprised to see Fatty Jubbo drop by since I've been a fan of his Cake & Polka Parade
for a long time, and I didn't realize he was visiting the blog.

And I didn't know misterlesterkeen was stopping by either (which is really kind of stupid on my part since he linked to me on his blog, but I suppose I was thinking he just put in the link without actually looking at my blog). He just put in some new Man from UNCLE albums and The Odd Couple Sings album, so head on over there and get those goodies at MisterLesterKeen. And as always, you can't go wrong if you go to Ill Folks. There are so many goodies there, it's hard to describe them all, but he just put in a torch song compilation that looks fantastic.

I tried looking up gypsum gypsy's blog, 'Piddle Ditties', but blogger said it wasn't found, so if you stop by again gypsum, and you're up and running anywhere, please let me know. With a name like 'Piddle Ditties', I'd love to visit!

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