Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Special Thanks To Special Readers Who Have Left Comments (Especially Vince & First Moon)!

I didn't get a chance to before, but I just wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you who have commented on the posts lately!

This was going to be a special tribute to a very great friend to this blog, 'Vince', but after reading some of the other comments here, I thought I'd make it to everybody! But let me single out a few people:

I used to like to go over the old posts and check the comments periodically (as well as checking on the posts), but lately (well, in the past several months really) I've gotten very behind. Last week, I finally got a little more caught up and read and responded to most of the older comments (except for the ones with longer answers......I expect to respond to those some time in 2014).

In going back over the older comments, I was stunned and gratified to find that 'Vince' had left such great comments. I felt bad that it took me so long to read them (but if you look back over the old posts, you'll find my responses, Vince!). Especially since Vince did what few other people have ever done on the blog. Many people (well, at least I like to think it's many......okay, so I'm delusional) go back into the archives and download material, and a few very nice people leave comments on the older posts (mostly to ask for re-ups or because they were searching for something specifically), but almost no one leaves multiple comments as they dig through the archives. I suspect it's because people assume that the blogger never reads them and it must be like shouting into the wind.

People are even reluctant to post comments below the first couple of posts because I think they're so used to thinking of any post that isn't the top one as being old news. Well, as I've mentioned before on the blog, I tend to think of all the posts on here (and at other blogs, actually) as being equal, so it doesn't matter whether it's the first or the 200th post. So it's always nice to get feedback, a thank you, or some of those cheerful comments from the nice people who come guys are great in case I haven't mentioned it before!.

But that's what makes what Vince did so amazing and I just thought I should point that out! He's a great friend to this blog and I wanted to let him know that all the effort he put into leaving comments didn't go unnoticed. And he didn't just leave a cursory thank you (which is always welcome too), but he left specific feedback and was always interesting (and kind) in what he had to say. So my hat's off to you, Vince (if I was wearing one, that is)!

And while I was thinking about writing this valentine to Vince, it struck me that I shouldn't leave out all the other fantastic people who have commented lately. 'First Moon' also takes the time to leave comments on many posts here and they're always fantastic! (Did I just use the word fantastic too much? Well, it fits. So sue me!) She has to be pretty busy what with all that must be going on (2 kids and a future engineer!), but she still takes the time to say something nice or just drop a line on these posts, so again my hat comes off again! (Oh, wait. I think that's actually my, wait. It's my hat......if I were wearing one). I know if I see First Moon's name, it's always going to be good!

And I wanted to give a special shout out to all those great guys who comment at the Trivia post: Quinlan, Bistis6, Muad'Dib, and Huguinho Pinheiro especially who are all trivia champs! And Harrylime, Kingroper, Steve, Tor Y. Harbin, and so many others including Vince (well, you already got your praise!).

And here's to my other favorite commenters like Ennioman, Mel, Sallie, and so many others I'm forgetting!

And all those people at the Requests post.....well, you know who you are (and with an especially big Hi to Filmpac!)!

And finally (I can hear the cheering already), here's a special thanks to all the old standbys and diehards who've always stuck around: Isbum who always has something nice to say, Rocket who is always missed when he's not around, J.R. who's Hub will be missed but I'm glad he still shows up here, Timbo whose blog I don't visit often enough (but you're not alone in that, Timbo!), Jordan whose enthusiasm is always amazing, Honored General who also always has something nice to say and amazingly keeps coming around, Lacey who still after all this time pops in, and so many others I know I'm forgetting.

Your kind words and supportive encouragement never goes unnoticed (well, at least not relative to geologic time) and certainly never goes unappreciated no matter how dormant the blog may seem or how long it takes me to show it! Again, you guys are great (and not just because you say nice things.........sure it sounds like I'm brown-nosing, but it's almost entirely, I take that back. It's 100 percent sincere (and irony-free)).

Thank you to all of you and enjoy!

Wow! That's cool. Thank YOU for creating/keeping/maintaining this blog. And, for doing it in such a nice friendly way. And, being so entertaining. And, for being so nice (oh, I already said that - well, double thank you). This is one of the best blogs out there. Obviously, you are a very classy guy with really great taste and a knack for awesome writing.
Hi First Moon!

And more thanks for saying such nice things! You really make blogging a joy!

ok ok... this might not be in exactly correct spot... as I just "stole" your 2 Oscar Soundtrack compilation set!! I do though; have the strong urge to thank you for everything you have done to make this such a GREAT BLOG to visit over and over again.

Thank you so very much for uploading such great music (and so much of it) AND as well as adding your comments and thoughts. It truly makes for a very enjoyable Music Experience!!

Keep up the great work -- ALL OF YOU!!!... (NOMWL1) I know from reading your blog you receive assistance from many soundtrack enthusists, thus I would also like to take the time to thank them for their continued support of your blog.

Classical Gas
nowml1, thanks for"thanks"! I stumbled on this place, and blogs in general, about two months ago while I was home helping my mom take of my dying father. To say that this wonderful place of sharing was an oasis of escape in such a dreadful time would be an understatement. It's a great blog, and great people post and share here. I'm glad to give in return and I hope that you'll be around for a long time to come. Keep those trivia questions coming!
Love your site and a great resource for rare soundtracks.

Just a note that Xtabays World is now here

If you update your link that would be great thanks.
Hi Classical Gas!

It's the perfect spot for anything you have to say! Thanks so much for all those nice things! It is great to hear!

I always hope I can make people's experience here an enjoyable one beyond just posting albums (even if I don't always succeed) and it is so gratifying to hear you say what you did. It means a lot for you to take the time to say it!

And I second your thanks to all the fine people who come here and support the blog!


Hi Bistis6!

You don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that! Music and file-sharing helped me through a similar period a few years back, so I know exactly how you feel. I'm glad that in some small way I could help make that an easier time.

And I have no plans on going anywhere anytime soon, so they'll have to drag me out of here kicking and screaming!

And I'll be sure to keep those trivia questions coming! :))


Hi Planet Xtabay!

So glad to see you stopping by! Sorry I haven't updated the links lately (well, for several months), but I've gotten very far behind. I think I'm a little reluctant to check them and surf other blogs right now for fear of finding out what's been happening out there!

Too depressing to see how many have gone down. And I always seem to run out of time just doing stuff on here! It's really sad.

Well, I will definitely update the links (eventually)!

Again, so glad to see you stopping by!
@ nomwl1 - It never ceases to amaze me that you take the time to thank each and every one of us for our small contributions... when it is really you who deserves OUR thanks! None of us would be here in the first place were it not for your own kindness and generosity.

And let me tell you something, I have spent enough time on p2p sharing programs to KNOW that the very basics of please and thank you are a rarity among the idiots I see daily elsewhere.

Thank you!!

PS. Stay tuned in Requests, I'll have a wee collection of Murder She Wrote themes, plus John Goldfarb, coming along shortly.
Hi Filmpac!

It means a lot to me that you would say that! It never ceases to amaze me how generous and kind people are here. When you look at the bounty around us (between here & the other blogs), it's pretty hard not to be thankful sometimes!

And I know what you mean about p2p. When I used to do it, it could be rather impersonal sometimes (though I did meet a bunch of nice people along the way) and the web in general can be a strangely hostile place, so I hope people can come here and not feel like they're being assaulted with anger or indifference (at least for a while!). :))

I think that's what makes me so thankful to have guys like you come here. It's hard not to feel good with such nice people around!

And thank you so much for the Murder She Wrote & the Goldfarb! I'm really looking forward to it!! (And Vince, if you're reading this, go there to get your dose of Goldfarb!)
nomwl1, You are in for a surprise when visiting the next time. Been hit by the Jazz Troll and well things have changed at LP. Went private and you got to be an opera user to get the new site. Hope you can find the time to make it over. Would love to have you. Thanks again for the 24. Timbo
this is a great site. i thought i left a comment the other day, but i can't remember under which post. oh well...thanks and nice work.
Please show Filmpac's website. I tried to find the link but failed.
Thanks for the Goldfarb tip.
When I lived in NYC as a youngster and this movie was on at 4:30pm, ABC TV, so ofthen I got to like it very much.
this site is "the" soundtrack site i think. the place where, may be?, we could ask any questions if someone have seen a link somewhere about a particular score... by example... do you know a site where i could found Pandora (A Lewin, music A Rawsthorne)? or the first score of the horror classic "the phantom of the opera" (the one with lord chaney, off course!) Anyway your work is really good! amazing! Alors je dis, un grand bravo à toi! Et merci!
Erik the gardener
Vince, you put many of us to shame!

I just want to make an overdue thank you to You Don't Have
To Visit for a wonderful blog.
It's not just the great soundtracks that are shared on this blog but your warm and gregarious personality and your genuine interest which seems to shine through on every page.

Not only that but it seems to infect all those great people who regularly visit your blog
I left the comment on OD,PD,MGYINTCAIFSS about not ever knowing the movie existed. I posted under anonomous because I didn't have an account here yet. Your work here has really inspired me to through my hat in the ring. I am now FAIRCHILD 412. Hopefully I'll find a way to hook up my computer to the reciever to download my records off to. I have just also purchased a mp3 maker and audio cleaning software programs. I have the tools, just need some time to figure out how to work them. In the meantime, I do have a couple of CDs I can copy...OH..I forgot, I need to creat a rapidshare account or maybe more then on uploader sourse. I have seen where some site are kind enough to post 3 different link from 3 different uploaders. Also starting out, wanted to ask how to associate file names with the tracks. I uploaded one record and the person was so lazy they didn't associate the name of the track for that track. I had to manually edit it in WM.(Although the blogger did post all the track names on the blog page as well as a photo of the album.
Hi Everybody!

I had some very nice things to say in response to what everybody has written, but while I was in the middle of typing it, the computer crashed and I didn't really feel like typing it all over again right now.

I had just gotten to River's comments and was almost completely done responding and now they're all gone. Oh, well. When I stop kicking the side of this computer maybe I'll reproduce those responses sometime. Sorry about that!

P.S. I did want to tell Vince to check the Requests Post (link at the top of blog) for Filmpac's Goldfarb.
Hi Mike. Yep, I still drop by to read the posts like these and the good times at the request's posts.

Don't forget to drop in at FRANKLYNOT aka isbums.
I miss you
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