Sunday, December 03, 2006

WarGames (1983) (Arthur B. Rubinstein)

Here's another soundtrack to a favorite movie. Hopefully, somebody else out there will also enjoy this souvenir from the film. I'm pretty sure that this soundtrack will infuriate some film score fans who absolutely hate dialogue excerpts and they are sprinkled throughout this score (in fact, in the middle of the instrumentals). People like me who enjoy the movie, however, may enjoy those reminders. Arthur Rubinstein is another composer that I enjoy, but that is no guarantee that you will. In fact, if you hate my taste then it's definitely no guarantee. If you've been longing for more songs about video games though, download and enjoy!

Track List:

WarGames - 01 - Arthur B. Rubinstein - WarGames
WarGames - 02 - The Beepers - Video Fever
WarGames - 03 - Arthur B. Rubinstein - The Game Begins
WarGames - 04 - Arthur B. Rubinstein - It Could Be War
WarGames - 05 - Arthur B. Rubinstein - David's Concern
WarGames - 06 - Arthur B. Rubinstein - NORAD
WarGames - 07 - Yvonne Elliman - Edge of the World
WarGames - 08 - Arthur B. Rubinstein - Confidence Is High
WarGames - 09 - The Beepers - History Lesson
WarGames - 10 - Arthur B. Rubinstein - Launch Detected
WarGames - 11 - Arthur B. Rubinstein - Winner None
WarGames - 12 - Arthur B. Rubinstein - Edge of the World (End Title)

pw = youdont

WarGames (Rapidshare)

WarGames (Filesend)

around 45 MB

@ 160 Kbps


What a find- thanks so much. I love this movie- I'm an 80's child and it's one I always watched. Thank you!
Hi Sallie!

I love the movie too and I hope you enjoy the soundtrack! I still enjoy watching the movie. :))
Wow, never thought I'd have this potboiler of a soundtrack in my library! Thank you, sir! Yes, this is one of those you-had-to-be-there films.
Hi Jawsofjosh!

You are very welcome! I'm so glad I could add a potboiler to your collection! :))

And to everyone else, go to Jawsofjosh's fine blog, The Hot Sauce Lounge (link in the link list). You won't be sorry!
what's the password for this? so's I can unlock it...
what's the password for this, so's I can unlock it...
Sweet mother of god this is better than porn. Thank you so much ;_;
WOW, I have been looking for this for months literaly. Thanks to a google search I came across this site. Thank you so much.
You are an angel - I've wanted this score for AGES and then literally tripped over your site. Wish I had a score YOU wanted, it'd be only fair... :(
Thank you, it's a cult film for me!
Thanks oodles and muchly - I actually have the vinyl of this in storage. Wargames, Real Genius, and Ferris Bueller were the three most influential movies of my teen years, so it's a blast having access to this again. (The other two soundtracks I just found over at the Inferno Music Crypt.)

As for the videogame songs, I thought the sense of isolation in "and you never feel lonely anymore" was haunting, and "The Edge of the World" track remains one of my favorite movie songs of all time. (Real Genius had two amazing songs in it - "Number One" and "I'm Falling", played over montages in the film.)

Awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Really want to buy the tune but it's pretty tough to do so for a reasonable price when you live in Germany.

I've watched the movie so often, I could requote lines during first time listening to the album. Terrific!! :)
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