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Requests - Does Anyone Have These? Anybody have any other requests? (Part 3)

Requests - Does Anyone Have These? Anybody have any other requests? (Part 3)
(I can't believe nobody wants to open a window with 1700 comments!)

For your convenience (whatever that means at this point!):

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A few suggestions: Before you make a request, you might want to check the rest of the blog first; it might already be here (particularly in the archives or in the Found section). I get the feeling from some of the comments that a fair number of people don't actually look on the rest of the blog, but that may just be my imagination. You might also want to check on the link list; it's a good resource. There are a lot of blogs out there that might have something you're interested in.

Also, searching the comments sections or the blogs is pretty easy (especially if you use something like Firefox). Also, if you have problems seeing a whole link, you can cut and paste the whole line down to the next line and usually it works to copy the whole link. Or you can always check the source code and search for the link; it's pretty simple.

Also, there are no rules or restrictions about what you can or cannot post or request, what bitrate you post (or request) it at, or what storage service you use. But I think if everyone is reasonable, there shouldn't be any problems. And you can certainly ask (nicely) if a particular person can post in a different way or format, but I don't like the idea of imposing blanket rules here because I want this place (and blog) to be inclusionary and not exclusionary.

Not everybody has the same system for doing things, has unlimited resources like hard drives the size of Texas, broadband connections to burn, the same national restrictions, or even the same command of the English language, so I'd appreciate it if people kept that in mind when they comment about some particular protocol like bitrate or storage services or have a misunderstanding over words or tone. Kind suggestions are fine, but really I'm the only one who gets to make pompous pronouncements (like that one). :))

For example, I have an irrational reaction when people use Sendspace because it's almost like they're giving me a giant middle finger since they know I'm usually not able to come in every day. As a result, I know I'll never get their files because they will usually be deleted by the time I'm able to pull the link (really? a 7 day expiration date?). And it usually takes anywhere from 45-90 minutes to download one file from Sendspace (at 40 Kbps/sec as opposed to R-share's 400-600 Kbps), so I'm extremely lucky if I can download 2 or 3 Sendspace files in one session (and God forbid, something should happen to the computer while it's downloading one file for an hour and a half). That would be okay if you were only downloading 1 or 2 files, but if there are a lot of Sendspace files, it's not so good.

I sometimes think of it as I'm the guy walking through the desert and the person who uploads to Sendspace is the guy holding a canteen with the cap welded shut waving it in my face. "Here are my files, but you'll never get them!" (Remember, I told you it was irrational.) But I never complain about it (if you don't count the rant above) or tell people that they aren't allowed to post on Sendspace because I feel if people are generous enough to upload something, they should be able to do it in any way that is easiest and most convenient for them. And despite having said what I did, I actually like Sendspace for larger or smaller files that I don't care stay around for too long, but I always wonder why it's so popular on forums, etc. Maybe I've just answered my own question. Oh, well.

And I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way about R-share, M-upload, et al., especially if they're from a country that prohibits it. Not to mention that the people who usually post on Sendspace are some of the nicest people here, so they could post on Yousendit or and I would still appreciate them and their efforts!

Same thing goes for bitrates. You can post at any bitrate you want here (though be prepared for complaints if everything is at 32 Kbps). It seems that just a little while ago everybody was ripping at 128 Kbps, then a few years later people were insisting on 192 and above and now people are getting very snobby about 320 Kbps. I expect in a couple of more years, people will be insisting on nothing but lossless compression and a few years later refusing anything but wav files. I'm personally going to wait until people only trade hard drives with each other, but that's just me.

So as you can tell, I staunchly refuse to impose any hard-and-fast rules. Partly because I don't want people to have to meet an arbitrary standard in order to be welcome, participate, or be included, but also because that's one of the reasons it works and has lasted. Otherwise, I might as well turn it into a private blog that requires a password and a secret handshake and call it the 320-is-not-good-enough-maybe-I-should-buy-the-CD blog (that's coming next month).

And people who come here are very nice and don't generally abuse the whole no-rules thing, so I think it works out very well. Diversity and freedom actually pay off. Who knew?

Well, I need to get off this box that I'm standing on so I can put more soap into it. Enjoy!.......................Hey, where'd everybody go?

P.S. I probably should've mentioned this before, but if you ever wonder if anybody's interested in what you're sharing or want to share (or paying any attention to your comment), consider that even if nobody else says they want something or responds to your particular comment, I'm always interested in it.

And almost every request anybody has ever made is something that I would also be interested in having, so if you fulfill it even if the original requester isn't around anymore, know that I still want it.

And if you're debating as to whether to post something that no one has requested because you don't know if anybody cares about it (as I've noticed from a few comments here), I'm always interested in it. Consider that a blanket request from me. Feel free to post it because it's always going on my download list (though it may be gone before I can get to it).

That also goes for anybody who doesn't feel like they have a lot to share. Anything or nothing is fine. You can leave a comment about the music if you want, share whatever you have, or even be a lurker.......hi to all my fellow lurkers! :)) Posting whatever you have is a great way to let people experiment with stuff they might not normally give a chance. And it seems to encourage people to seek out other music (not to mention buying more music notwithstanding what some people might think) or develop interests in new things.

And finally, I've heard so much wonderful music that people have shared here and I've enjoyed the camaraderie and love of music that people have shown more than I can say, so thanks to everyone whether this is your first visit or 1000th!

Welcome to the New Requests Post (Part 3) comment section. Please refer back to the older post to check for requests, etc (you can use the links at the top of the blog or on this post). And welcome to all the new people I haven't had the chance to say hello to yet!
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@ nomwl1

Hi - how are you doing?

Thanks for the new requests section, I think we'll eventually reach very many more at this rate!

Must already be something of a record in blogland.

All the best.
@ quinlan

Now that we have sallie's OK, can I leave it to both of you to decide how the split the uploading?

Thanks so much for your very kind gesture, and thanks also for Silk Stockings and Les Girls however incomplete they may be - half a loaf is better than no bread in my book!
@ filmpac

My problem is entirely with gigasize - I don't know why it attacked me they way it did, and I'm going to give it a very wide berth from now on. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I'm not in the US.
Number 3 and we're still going strong! Here's an older request, Goldsmith's "Studs Lonigan" @192:

Alright, so here's the scores I'm currently after:

Tom Sawyer - John Williams
True Women - Bruce Broughton
Peter the Great - Laurence Rosenthal
Not Since Casanova - John Debney
La Dame Aux Camelias - Ennio Morricone
The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe - Michael J. Lewis
Until September - John Barry

Thanks guys and here's to another 1000 posts!
Hi Greg!

I don't think I've had a chance to say hello before, so Hi! And thanks for the nice comments about the comments. :))

I only include the full screen link so people can grab the links easier, but I can see bookmarking the thin column for posting comments.

Oh, and as to an earlier comment you made about switching over to the new blogger, the reason I didn't do it before was because you had the potential to lose your template settings and not be able to get them back. You couldn't reverse any of their changes.

But now, they force you to change to the new blogger if you want to login, so hopefully that should resolve some of these problems. Already, I notice the full screen links seem to show all the comments again; they must've raised the maximum size limits.

And since I didn't include the full requests text that's still back on Request #2, this post should last even longer before it gets too unwieldy. Of course, it took less than a month to get to 1600+ comments!

Oh, and when I get the chance I'm going to add your blog to my link list. Sorry, I haven't had a chance to do it yet. I was just checking it out now. Great, by the way!

And just checking out the Rocky Horror link you've got over there. Boy, they sure have re-vamped that site since I last visited it a few years ago. It's completely different! It used to be one giant page of nothing but links, but now they've made it all fancy!


And Hi Mel!

Boy, I sure missed you guys! Not feeling 100 percent, but thanks for asking!

I hope the musicals are still around by the time I get to download them!

And speaking of that, how many tracks does the Bob Hope Road picture album have? I'm wondering if it's the same one as I have and whether I should download it or not. I think my disc went up to Road to Bali, but I can't remember.


@ Everybody else:

Please cancel my request for something from Sunset Boulevard by Waxman. I forgot I already had another track lying around.

@ Isbum: Thanks so much for The Lion in Winter, buddy!!

@ Quinlan: And thanks so much for the Mary Poppins! I really appreciate it.

And I'm looking forward to the 2-CD version too. I was looking for either one (anything with an instrumental part like an overture, etc., but as always I appreciate everything people hearing it all!)

And I read all 1600 comments the other day (probably shouldn't have done it all in one retinas still have spots) and there's about a billion things I wanted to respond to, but suffice it to say thanks and hi to all!! :))

P.S. 2 more ungracious requests of things in storage: 1) The theme to Remington Steele by Henry Mancini and 2) TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1. I passed on it when it was floating around the blogs before, but then I realized mine was in storage. :(

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--> 2 Isbum: soon a fresh link for "La morte bussa due volte" OST, stay tuned.

--> 2 Stereo3D: can you please upload Giorgio Moroder's "Battlestar Galactica" @ 320 Kbps and complete?

@the amazing mumford

I can do La Dame Aux Camelias, but I won't be able to post it until the end of next week as it's in storage.


Hi everyone.

I have a request, does anyone has Jean-Luc Godard sountrack of Masculin Feminin??
--> Quidtum :) Thanks!

Some by Francis Lai that I would like having, if you can post.

"LoVe StOry"
"A Man and a Woman"

@ nomwl1's -
perhaps some setting was changed, but I am getting the "non-secured items" warning at the opening of the page and each time I post now.

I only know this has to do with folks who carry a picture or graphic next to their posts.
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@ mel
Here is a folder comprising four files of Sallie's rip of Bob Hope's "Road To... Movie Songs"

@ Sallie
I don't mind uploading the balance of it.
You did the essential i.e. 1) accepting to share and 2) ripping.
Uploading is not a big job. I have a rather good internet connection and a rapidshare premium account which are making the things easier. And I certainly can dispose of more leisure time since I am retired.

@ nomwl1
What Sallie has offered is a 2 CD set with 23 tracks in one disc and 25 in the second one.
A humble request for Mars Attacks.
Here is Mars Attack :

I also requested it a few weeks ago !

Enjoy !
@Filmpac & Michael(anonymous TD fan). Here is Tangerine Dream's soundtrack to "WAVELENGTH" @320.

Enjoy!! (Heartbreakers TD will be posted tomorrow).
@Filmpac - Thanks for the Mannequin tracks, short but better than nothing. It's a shame that most of Sylvester Levay's scores never saw the light of day as a Promo or Bootleg.
Isbum, you need to change your browser's settings to allow the displaying of "mixed content", and that security warning will go away.....I had the same thing happening to me all over blogs until I changed my settings, and now I never get that warning pop-up.
Trav, I second that for a soundtrack from Elvira's first movie....I love that score (would prefer a non-DVD rip if possible).

I have the two Sembello tunes from Monster Squad and will post asap (and the second tune is called "The Monster Squad", not "Monster Rap").
Would anyone happen to have Alfred Newman's score to Mark of Zorro (1940)? I've had the main title music stuck in my head all day. :)
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This IS a DVD rip....I've never run across a studio-recording track for those tunes.
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Never heard of ANY official release for any music from the movie (including the score, but there IS a bootleg out there for it). Same thing for the songs...only video rips of those tunes.
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@ Mel
Sallie's rip of "Girl Crazy"
Thanks Thomas !!!
I have a four more requests if I may, does anyone have any of these soundtracks:-


"XTRO" Harry Bromley Davenport.


"SLIPSTREAM" Elmer Bernstein.

Thanks again in advance.
@ quinlan

Thanks for the Roads To ... and for Girl Crazy.

You folks have hearts of gold - sallie for the rips and you for the ups.

Put it there, pal.
@ sallie and quinlan

Did you get the 1990 studio recording version of Girl Crazy with Lorna Luft from Peacock Alley when it was still available? This one’s the complete Gershwin show as it usually presented on the stage and has all the numbers (except that for some inexplicable reason one of the numbers was missing from the Peacock Alley post) and is a fantastic document of the show.

I can upload it and post it for you if you want.
@ronnie C

Thanks for Wavelength - and thank ing you in anticipation for Heartbreakers, an excellent movie by the way.


@ Mel
The Harvey Girls
Thanks to the original uploader. We know who she is. Congratulations, Sallie, for this wonder.
@ Mel
Go ahead with your version of "Girl Crazy"
I'm anxious to listen to it
Thank you pal!
Does anyone happen to have the album of incidental music from D*wn *f Th* D*ad (1978) from Trunk?
@ filmpac - I had a look at this record on

Thought I'd see if you might be able to find it
(it's on the old request's list along with nomwl1's sly remark about the year of release)

"Hell's Angels '69"
by Tony Bruno

happy fishing!
Just in case someone misses these previous requests - Anyone have "Thunder Alley" the 1967 AIP LP? Also what about "3 in the Attic" 1968 by composers Chad and Jeremy? And "3 In The Cellar" 1970 by Don Randi am American International Pictures LP also, wonder if anyone would have? And Any AIR Soundtrack would be wonderful. The Bunny O Hare soundtrack really sat me groovin!
I'll pop in "Son of the Morning Star" to rip at 320 and have it up asap.

Only two days and the new requests comment section already has damn near fifty comments.

We'll be on Part 4 before you know it...

Well, I'd like to reiterate an old request and submit a new one: Anyone have The Last Unicorn by Jimmy Webb or Cherry 2000 by Basil Poledouris?
@ muad'dib

The Last Unicorn can be found here
@ groovealleyman - I second your requests for Alley, Attic and Cellar. In the meantime, Greg over at Soundtrack Rarities posted an excellent compilation of American International Pictures (AIP) songs and score tracks, if you haven't already spotted it.

@ isbum - The Hells Angels continue to elude me, I've dangled a hook on that one a few times now.

@ ronnie c - Thanks once again for the Tang Dreams, Wavelength is gonna be great. Don't suppose you have a Miracle Mile in your back pocket?

@ nomwl1 - Thanks for the new room, super duper. The 2CD Mary Poppins is on the way, so stay tuned.
Basil Poledouris' Switchback:
@Filmpac - "Miracle Mile" TD soundtrack is in my back pocket and will be posted later for you.
@ quinlan (and anyone else who may be interested)

Downloading today with rapid went fine, but absolutely refused to upload, so I had to go to their competition. I hope it’s OK with you.

Here is the Girl Crazy 1990 Studio Cast – I hope you enjoy it!

A few notes: essential recording:

Widely known for its (very loose) 1943 Hollywood adaptation with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, this musical is among the Gershwins' very best. Originally a star vehicle for Bert Lahr, the original 1930 production also featured Ginger Rogers and Ethel Merman. This new complete recording includes pros like Lorna Luft, Judy Blazer, Vicki Lewis, and David Carroll, and all of them do a bang-up job. The book is a mere pretext: most of the songs are self-contained and could be used in just about any story, and many quickly became classics ("Embraceable You," "But Not for Me," "I Got Rhythm," "Bidin' My Time.") The upbeat score--the original pit orchestra included Glenn Miller, Gene Krupa, and Benny Goodman, Jack Teagarden, Jimmy Dorsey and Red Nichols, sees George Gershwin in complete sync with his jazz-crazed times. There's barely a wrinkle on this 70-year-old show. -- Elisabeth Vincentelli

Note from mel:

The song missing from this Peacock Alley rip was “Boy, What Love Has Done To Me”.
@ sallie and quinlan

Thanks so much for The Harvey Girls. It's great.
@Thingmaker - Many thanks in advance For "Son of the Morning Star" This is a sure rare gem. Your a star!!
As a newcomer I would just like to thank all the regular contributors for their efforts in making this blog such a success.

I am hoping someone can re-upload "The Winds of War" soundtrack which was posted only a few weeks ago. Unfortunately the link is now dead.

It would be very much appreciated as this was one of my favourite television series and I remember the music was great, especially the main theme.

Best regards and thanks to everyone for their contributions.
Thanks John for Switchback. Does anyone have Breakdown reg and rej in 192 or better?
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@ Mel
"Summer Stock/In The Good Old Summertime"
I think it's the last (but not the least) of the great Sallie's rips you wanted reuploaded with RS.
If there is something else I can do for you, let me know.
I had the same difficulties with RS in uploading these last files yesterday after it worked perfectly for the three preceding ones, so I had to wait up to this morning and now it works well.
@ quinlan

Thanks so much for uploading Summer Stock / In The Good Old Summer Time.

Actually, there's still one more of sallie's rips, which is Three Little Words.

I'm most indebted to you for all your help with these.
@ all the Judy Garland fans, go to for the 40th anniversary remastered edition of Judy At Carnegie Hall.
Hi all,
I recently downloaded some tracks that have been encoded with a beeping sound every three seconds or so. Needless to say this is very annoying. Does anyone know of a type of program to remove the beeping sound?

@ Mel
Sallie's great rip of "Three Little Words" is here on RS
Thanks for the very fine studio version of "Girl Crazy"
About that file with a beeping sound every 3 secs... Removing that would be non-trivial. I am afraid you are out of luck.

Here is "Son of the Morning Star" by Craig Safan. 320. No images cuz I don't have a scanner or... much of anything, actually.

@ quinlan

You're more than welcome for the studio Girl Crazy - glad that it meets with your approval.

Sorry but I didn't notice that sallie had uploaded Three Little Words with r*p*dsh*r*; thanks for the tip and a huge thank you for all the others.
Anyone have the following:
1. The Pink Panther (2006) by Christophe Beck
2. Peter Pan (2003) by James Netwon Howard
3. Night of the Living Dead 3D (2006) by Jason Brandt
@ Isbum
As per yr request
"Love Story" ripped from LP @ 320 + high resolution artwork
@ Mel
"Three Little Words" was not uploaded by Sallie with RS but with Gigasize.
That was my upload of Sallie's rip based on yr last request
@ quinlan

Yes, I misread your last message and dug straight away when I began to download what you meant - sorry about that and thank you again for your tremendous help.
@ sallie

Now that the project has been completed, I owe you and quinlan huge thanks - to you for the ripping and sharing, and to him for re-uploading and making sure that I got everything.

You folks are the greatest.
I found some covers of Basil Poledouris scores. Does anyone have these albums:

Making the Grade:

Dear quinlan,
thank you very much, I shall proceed to download. :)

Love means never having to say I forgot. ;)
@Watson & Micheal
Here is Tangerine Dream's "HEARTBREAKERS" @320 as requested.

Enjoy!! If there are any other TD soundtracks you are after, just ask.
Anyone have Mancini's score to W@IT UNTIL D@RK? I saw this not long ago and really liked that opening cue in the airport.
@Thingmaker - Excellent music from the Star!! Thanks a million.

@Filmpac - The Tangs Miracle is on it's way.
Lovely quinlan!

If I may request
"The Summer of '42"
from CD please.

I know that a nice Lp transfer was posted some time back, and out of respect for the effort I only ask now.
This, like Lai's LS, came during a period where romantic scores were flourishing in the area of record sales. Perhaps some of you can think of others.

I also have a desire for the soundtrack to "The Wiz" if anyone cares to post.

Yikes! Sorry, one more came to mind.
"Looking for Mr.Goodbar"
Artie Kane
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Almost Forgot one thing about that Commercials download:
I did those without any filenames or ID tag information....because when that CD was made they seriously mislabeled the tracks and screwed up the ID tag information. If I went by that (the way it automatically was extracted by the one program I first used), nothing would have been correctly labeled. So I redid the files using a different program which simply ripped the files without using any filenames or ID tag info as it was on the CD.
@Filmpac - It took a miracle to get this one uploaded (Crashed Twice). Here is Tangerine Dream's "MIRACLE MILE" @320 as requested.

I hope you enjoy this one, like the others. If there is any other Tangs soundtrack you are after just ask, If it's available I've got it.
--->2 isbum:
"L@ morte buss@ due volte" OST by Piero Umili@ni is here
password to unrar=

PS: @ = a

rip is courtesy by supertony31

@ mel and everyone else-

Mel, I'm glad you are enjoying those soundtracks. I hope to order more of them the next few months. I am really loving these great classic movie soundtracks. Here are more I'm wanting to get:

Good News
Best Foot Forward
DuBarry Was A Lady
Born to Dance
Royal Wedding
Kiss Me Kate
Easter Parade
Lovely to Look At
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Pirate

If anyone has these R*i*no/R*i*no Handmade soundtracks, I'd love to have them, otherwise, I'll post them as I get them.
@ nomwl1 - The 2CD special edition of "Mary Poppins", @320. Comes in 4 parts, Disc 1 is Parts 1&2, Disc 2 is Parts 3&4. Front and back covers included in Part 1:

A word of warning, Disc 2 is probably only for the diehard Poppins fans or the completists amongst you. It contains excerpts from story meetings with the writers and/or arrangers, plus interviews with Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, and the Sherman Brothers. Very little music, but of interest to see how things come about during production, and hear early work in progress on song arrangements.

@ greg - Being an Aussie, I am very interested in the "20th Century Oz" soundtrack you posted on your blog, but alas I missed it and the link is clobbered. Any chance of a repost here? Also the bonus tracks from Metropolis would be superb. Thanks. Note to self - check out Soundtrack Rarities more often.

@ ronnie c - Bad news on the Silver Dream Racer. I managed to find another track #1 "The Dunes", but it has the same skip to something else 50-odd seconds in. Seems to be the only copy in circulation, so methinks we'll have to wait until the rockets or isbums of the world can hopefully locate us an original. Sorry. And thanks for going the extra miracle mile on the Tang Dream:))

@ donovans brain - Wait Until Dark never got a full release, but the main theme is available on a compilation called "Music From The Films Of Audrey Hepburn" that was posted on Requests Part 2. Also, on the weekend I tripped over a Mancini "WC Fields And Me", which I've not seen posted anywhere before. I'll shoot that one up the line soon.

@ isbum - I can do The Wiz, but only @128. Perhaps someone else can do better. You mentioned you had a few blaxploitation soundtracks. Any of these?

"Born Again" (1978), Les Baxter
"Norwood" (1970), Al De Lory
"Dynamite Brothers" (1974), Charles Earland
"Aaron Loves Angela" (1976), Jose Feliciano
"Sheba Baby" (1975), Monk Higgins
"Vanishing Point" (1971), JB Pickers
"Across 110th Street" (1972), JJ Johnson
"Murph The Surf" (1975), Phillip Lambro
"Chicken Chronicles" (1977), Ken Lauber
"Mahogany" (1975), Michael Masser
"Superfly TNT" (1973), Osibisa
"Lord Shango" (1975), Howard Roberts
"Getting Straight" (1970), Ronald Stein
"The Naked Ape" (1973), Jimmy Webb


PS. Sorry about the long post.
Does anyone have the soundtrack to the animated film "Animalympics"?
Can I throw some requests out there (with the hopes that if anyone has one of these, they wouldnt mind sharing, LP rips are most welcome):

The King of Comedy
Sharkey's Machine
Crimes of Passion

Thanks in advance
Filmpac, I'll work on getting that 20th Century Oz reposted on my blog sometime tomorrow morning...just check there for the updated link.

Can you possibly re-up Poppins via MegaUpload? I have a problem with everyone using RapidShare all the time (especially for multi-part things) because RS always has a download limitation and I have to wait 2 hours between each thing I can download...and I don't have that problem with MegaUpload (which is what I use for everything on my blog).

Thanks, mate! :-)
@ filmpac-

I know you didn't post this for me, but thanks so much for the 2 disc Mary Poppins soundtrack. I have the 1 disc, but am so glad to get this version. I am a die-hard CLASSIC Disney fan, so I love any soundtrack from those movies. Thanks again!
Incidentally, Filmpac....I have W.C. Fields and Me posted on my blog here:
@ greg - Thanks for the re-up on Oz, and I'd love to re-do Poppins on megaupload, but at my abysmal 12 K/s upload speed it takes forever.

An old trick, disconnect (wait a couple of minutes) and reconnect often avoids the dreaded wait between rapidshare downloads. Unless you are on a static IP address, in which case you can delete cookies (save folder first).

Either that, or perhaps someone with better speed than me can help out on the re-up. Soz.
Filmpac, NONE of those work for me...I have high-speed internet, and I've tried everything....rebooting, emptying my cache, etc. NOTHING works.
@ greg again - Another note to self, check out Soundtrack Rarities *much* more often. Thanks for the heads-up on WC Fields. I didn't get it from your site, and was thrilled when I found it elsewhere. Cheers mate.
Incidentally....where did you find it? Give the link to the blog where it was....I'm curious to check it out and see if it's any better than mine (or a repost of what I already had).
Bruce Broughton's The Presidio:
A Jerry Goldsmith triple TV special - Hawkins on Murder, Winter Kills and Babe:
Here's the re-ups of 20th Century Oz and the Metropolis singles:


Century Oz

Anyone have Das Boot?
To all the mood music league of gentlemen,

After my computer crash I thought I hadn’t posted the 8th selection, but on double checking, I actually have done so, and now we come the end of my collection with # 9:

It has given me a great deal of pleasure to share all these “miniatures” with you, and am glad that you have enjoyed them. Thanks a whole lot for your wonderful support.

Of course, these things never really come to an end – the collecting never stops.

But now I am going to concentrate a little more on another love of mine, something completely different, namely modern jazz, especially the period 1945 (the beginnings of bop) to the straight-ahead jazz of the mid 1960s – before the advent of the so-called “funky”, “fusion” and “smooth” styles.

But I’ll be around.
@ sallie

Great choices.

Apart from those you mentioned, I'm also looking for Annie Get Your Gun.
Hey all, wonderful to have the request page back.
Was looking for a couple of scores, hope u guys can help. Looking for;

Bad Boys Score (bootleg) - Mark Mancina
Gossip Score (bootleg) - Graeme Revell

Thanks in advance.
@ greg - Thanks HEAPS for the re-ups as requested, much appreciated!

As to the WC Fields & Me, it didn't come from a blog, but a p2p I frequent. It's certainly possible it came from your site, but I don't know. I can tell you it has 11 tracks, @192, and am happy to upload it for you to compare.

As to your comments re rapidshare, noted and I will bear them in mind. I only prefer rapid because it has proved more reliable to me, and I get a count on how many times things have been downloaded. Others also hate mega, or giga etc, but I will check out alternatives in the future.

@ mel - I can do Annie Get Your Gun.
@ gazmo

"Bad Boys" boot
by Mark Mancina


A few weeks ago a poster requested music from Guido & Mario di Angelis (sometimes working under the psuedonym of Oliver Onions). The two composers wrote the music for a large number of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies, that were very popular in Europe during the seventies and early eighties. From all over the net and in my own record collection I found several themes of the Spencer and Hill movies and combined them into one file:

Best wishes,

P.S. If anyone wants more music from the Di Angelis brothers, please let me know.


As requested I made a second copy of Geoff Love's Bond movie themes in better sound quality. I hope you enjoy it:

Best wishes,

@ filmpac

"Across 110th Street" @320
J.J. Johnson

* dialogue tracks not included, sorry.
Why not? That makes it an incomplete/inaccurate representation of the original album. Can you possibly provide an up with all the tracks from the album?
Yes, please, Filmpac....I'd like to compare that W.C. Fields and Me with mine. Thanks again, mate.
@ ISBUM - Thanks so much for the Bad Boys Boot
@ filmfac

Many thanks for your offer of Annie Get Your Gun - seems to be very rare these days.
Sorry - filmpac, not filmfac!

Thanks a lot for the De Angelis stuff. Do you (happen to) have:

Continuavano a chiamarlo trinità
E poi lo chiamarono il magnifico
Piedone lo sbirro
Piedone a Honkong
Piedone l'africano
Piedone d'egitto
Il Soldato di Ventura
Il Professore
Dear Claus,

Yes, I may have several of them. I got several themes from the Piedonne (Platfuss) series, although I cannot recall if the sound quality is very good. What are the English titels of 'professore' and 'continuava ...trinita'?

Best wishes,

Thanks for the better quality BOND, any chance of the TERROR album.

My computer has died so I have probably lost a lot of the great shares from here (and everywhere:) I just bought an external HDD to use with THIS old 98se laptop and the bloody thing was faulty and now out of stock so I'll be praying that this laptop's memory will keep my music secure for now (?)
It's good to be back (sort of).....
Bloody computers!

Il Professore -> Big Man

Continuavano... Trinità -> They still call me Trinity/Trinity is still my name
Dear Jason,

Sorry about your computer. I will post the Geoff Love Big Terror Movie Themes asap. (I still have to record the lp on cd and then convert the tracks).

Best wishes,

Thanks, I appreciate that :)

P.S. if you click on "other" instead of anonymous you can put your name in (took me a while to realise:)
@ isbum:

thank you very much for re-upping matalo! i wasn't online for a couple of days so i saw your post only now. you rule!
Thanks for the Bud Spencer Terence Hill stuff. Don't suppose that you have the score for
The Sheriff And The Satellite Kid

Uno Sceriffo Extraterrestre - Poco Extra E Molto Terrestre?
@ ronnie c

Huge thanks for the TD stuff. I've looked for some of those for ages.

Dear Captain James,

Save for Bulldozer and a compilation album, I mainly have the main themes of the Spencer movies.

Yet it is good to know I am not the only Spencer fan (he was one of my youth heroes).

Best wishes,

@ Filmpac
A very BIG thank you for sharing this great "Mary Poppins Special Edition".
I love it with a particular mention for the high quality artwork.
Your request of blaxpoitation soundtracks;
Here is "Across 110th Street".
Not my rip, thanks to the original uploader? It's @ 320 but sorry there was no artwok (if someone has it it would be very much appreciated).

Coming back to Greg's comments on Rapidshare, it's funny how things can be different from one user to the other. I can very well understand Greg's complaints about rapidshare since I have exactly the same problems with Megaupload.
No later than yesterday I was asked to wait , not 2, but 24 hours by Megaupload because I had exceeded the authorized volume after downloading one file and of course I would not have to wait that long by buying a premium account.
What we have to admit is that all the webhosters offer more or less the same kind of service i.e. a free capability and a premium account and they put some kind of limitations (time and speed) to the free service to encourage you to buy a premium account. That's exactly what I did with RS since I am a heavy downloader and that most of the blogs I am visiting (quite a few) are using preferably rapidshare.
Since the time I have a premium account, along with a high speed internet connection, I download RS files in a matter of a few minutes.
That was just a personal opinion.
Thanks again for the efforts you are developpping in sharing music, whatever the webhoster is.
I found a cover from the complete score of "Robocop 3". Anybody who could post that score?
@ Isbum and Filmpac
Sorry I just noticed that Isbum had already posted a link for "Across 110th Street"
My apologies for that, I did not mean I wanted to compete.
My link has the dialogue tracks.
Like that people will have the choice: with or without dialogues and with rapidshare or megaupload.
Thanks Watson, can't wait to hear "La Dame Aux Camelias".

Here's Spellbinder (@192), sort of an odd electronic score, but, heh, it's Poledouris:

Spreaking of Basil, couple of long shots: anybody have "House of God" or "Behold Hawaii"?

Dynamite Bros can be found at Dichtung's blog, it's still live

anyone got
Quince J's
The getaway

Oaklahoma crude

Thanks for the Tangerine Dream scores - and for persisting with uploading Miracle Mile. I'd have given up after a couple of failures!

All the best

@ greg - The original Lp didn't contain the dialogue.
Do a little research before you criticise please.
Uh, excuse me Isbum, but I went according to this page:

...and although I figured the Ryko reissue was a reissue, I assumed the content was everything from the original album.

Don't be so snappy, please. :-p
Filmpac, try the freeware TZ Connection Booster. I used it and it worked for me...It may actually help boost your upload/download speed a bit.
This is a strange one, I uploaded a soundtrack a few days ago and forgot about it. And forgot who it's for,(it maybe for someone on SLP) anyway I'm posting it here now.
Here is Hans Zimmer's GREAT!!score for "DAYS OF THUNDER" complete with "RADIO FLYER" to boot @320. I have split it into the two individual soundtracks.(Sleeves included).

"Days of Thunder"

"Radio Flyer"

Sorry Greg. :(
Not having a good day here.
Caught in the snow, Isbum? It's messy here on the east coast.
ROBOCOP 3 complete!
@ The amazing mumford - Many thanks for your "Spellbinder" share, this is one of my all time Basil favourites, which I didn't realise existed, a great electronic score.

Still on the Basil Poledouris scene, does anyone have his score to

I second Mr-t's request for Mancini's "Oklahoma Crude"

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for that Hawkins upload, John! Enjoyed that.

Anyway, been filling out the last Goldsmith gaps with his lesser known material, maybe anyone has one of these?

100 Rifles
Ballad of Cable Hogue
City of Fear & General with Cockeyed ID
Dennis the Menace
Contract on Cherry Street
High Velocity
Lonely Guy
Not without my daughter
Players (bootleg)
The Prize
Raggedy Man
Red Pony (bootleg)
Rio Lobo
The Spiral Road
The Loner
The Stripper
The Travelling Executioner

I know that's probably much to ask for but would be forever grateful for one or two of these...

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

First off---thanks for starting the new post nomwl1 (and the kind words too!) your absence from your own blog is ALWAYS felt! as far as i'm concerned YOU'RE the main reason i enjoy this blog so much and keep stopping by.

Okay here's another 2'007' treat. (man-oh-man Jason i'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble with your computer--probably SPECTRE good luck buddy---i hope this helps abit, Trust me you're gonna really dig it---it's only a hi-fi version but really worth it)

and isbum---cheer up amigo! i've got something headed your way (later today hopefully) that'll really bring a smile to your face too!

'Til Next Time,
All The Best,
Rocket From Mars
You are a 24kt gold plated diamond :) been looking for volume 2 for ages, nice one.

Hopefully this clapped-out laptop will survive long enough for me to get an external HDD and backup these files:) I think I've lost quite a bit of stuff:(
It looks like my "good" laptop (notebook for our American cousins) has a hardware fault, which I'm told means "junk it and get a new one" as the repair bill would be stupid. Don't ya love modern technology?
Does anyone have a link for the Lifeforce Complete 2-disc soundtrack?
I downloaded it from somewhere recently (I thought it was here)but have lost it in my recent computer's death:(
VICTOR YOUNG.. Does anyone have the additional '16 min Suite" from his soundtrack for "THE BRAVE ONE"? My old Brunswick UK LP doesn't have it & am curious about this so-called '?additional music'.
Cheers everyone. SEASY
Hi Everyone---
It's me again. Not sure if you're familiar with this isbum---it's by *lm*r B*rnst*in, from the late 50's. it's a TV soundtrack for an anthology series and i guess i'm posting it in honor of President's Day (here in the states--that is).
I hope you dig it.
ps---it's a hi-fi rip and a little 'S,K,P' (Snap, Kracle, Pop) is going on---but there are some amazing melodies for this overlooked (dare i say it? why yes. i'll say it!) masterpiece.
Look in this blog thread:

The Lifeforce complete soundtrack links are there.
@ greg - Henry Mancini "WC Fields & Me" (1976), @192, for your comparison. Like I said, I wouldn't be the least surprised if it does come off your blog, I share what I got from my blogger mates with my p2p mates and vice versa and I know some others do too.

@ jason - Sorry to hear about your computer woes. Just a thought, see if a tech can hook up your old drive for you on something else, I've done that before on PCs, but not laptops. Good luck matey.
@ isbum & quinlan - Almost forgot, thanks for both your quick responses on Across 110th Street. I'm actually going to download both, so well done all round.
@ rocket from mars - Both of your posts put a smile back on my face buddy!

ronnie c. and mr.t
"Oklahoma Crude"
Henry Mancini

It's an Lp trnsfr.btw
Has anyone managed to find any of the following war movie soundtracks I requested before Christmas:

The Eagle Has Landed
Operation Daybreak
Who Dares Wins
Battle of Britain
The Winds of War

Thanks to ronnie.c for Where Eagles Dare. It's appreciated mate!!!

Jason - Was it you who requested STALINGRAD before? I managed to get a copy and am happy to upload it to Rapidshare if you are still interested.
@Anonymous - The Goldsmith fan

I am looking for some of those soundtracks myself. If you come across any, let me know.

In the mean time, here are some from your list:

Dennis the Menace (not my rip):

Raggedy Man:

Rio Lobo:

Sebastian (not my rip):
Thanks for the great blog, nomwl1!

Since all of the comments I've read in the past 48 hours (and there have been a LOT of them) show me that this is a blog read by people who know their stuff, I have two requests (so far):

"He Sleeps/Love Theme" from the "Pretty Woman" score (James Newton Howard) (according to my previous research, only released on two or three bootleg compilations of James Newton Howard scores, although not on a Pretty Woman bootleg...)

Anything by Nick Bicat, particularly from "The Scarlet Pimpernel". I know that it never came out as an actual soundtrack, but I've come to expect that anything is possible when you have this many die-hard fans of soundtracks.
@ filmpac - from Score Baby!

"Sheba, Baby"
Monk Higgins
@ filmpac

Michael Masser

One more call for THE WIZ
Battle of Britain

this guy has untold stuff

Thanks for the Oil Izzy
Thanks for the first Goldsmith uploads, John! They all worked except for Raggedy Man (dead link). Let me know if I can help you out with something.

Dear Captain James and other,

Here are more themes from our heroes Mario Girotti and Carlo Perdersoli:

Yesterday I found out I had more Spencer and Hill themes than I remembered: a compilation album (including Dune Buggy and Flying through the Air), Supersnooper, Bulldozer and Chi Si Ferme e Perduto (a James Bond spoof). I will post these asap. Unfortenately I don;t have the scores for the Sheriff movies.

Best wishes,

@ filmpac - this one comes from our vacationing watson.

"Murph the Surf"
Phillip Lambro
Mr.T, that guy may have "untold stuff", but NONE of the links I tried worked....the files were all gone from not being downloaded for awhile or were deleted because of "forbidden to be shared".

So much for this:
Thanks, filmpac.....will check it out later, but doubtful it was taken from my blog because this one was at 192k....mine were at 128k.

Strange, though, that all of the other guy's files were identically labelled. Even the file info within each MP3 was identical to mine.

…………….anybody have some notice about the soundtrack from “Toto Le Héros” by Pierre Van Dormael ? I’m in love with this movie………….

thanx very much

Last Anonymous
@Cedric - Many thanks for the Spencer / Hill shares, I just love these themes. With regards to "Supersnooper" which you mentioned, would you have any of the instrumental tracks from this movie? or do you just have the vocal track. A great score of what I can remember from watching the video.
Thanks in advance.
Pink Panther (2006) is right here:
Well, I suggest everyone check that site which Mr. T posted:

There's a TON of stuff there which people have been asking for's just that the first few ones I tried had outdated links, but everything I've checked out since my other reply have been active links. Some GREAT stuff over there.
Hi all. Looking 4 help tracking down a couple of soundtracks. Am looking for;

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 OST (1991)
Reckless Kelly OST (Australian Film 1993)
and... still looking for
Gossip (Graeme Revell) Bootleg

Hoping someone can help me out. I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance.
@Anonymous - Goldsmith

Gigasize deleted my Raggedy Man file. I am, unfortunately, now out of town and can't get to it for a while. Maybe someone else here can help you.

If you come across any of the other Goldsmith's on your list, let me know.

True a lot of his links are dead , but many are live , some take a few goes to get working , "Horse Soldiers " took me 2 days to get thru, "Das Boot "goes to some Russian site, if anyone can figure that one out I'd like to know , I was after a rip of that fine score.
Gutted to find his M.Jarre Shogun dead, anyone a got a link for that one
For those who keep looking for this, two Top Gun albums are right here on this page:

Both the songs album and the Faltermeyer album are there.
@ greg,
The link for Pink Panther (2006)
Is not available it says "Sorry, the file you requested is not available."
Ripping "High Velocity" at 320 as I type.
Should be up later today.

Everybody following the stuff at Morricone Lover? Damn! More cool stuff I never heard of, followed by stuff I've been wanting for years...
Just too much stuff to download it all. But I'm getting the stuff I really want.

That link for Lifeforce Complete is dead already:(
Don't suppose anyone managed to grab it?

No it wasn't me that rquested Stalingrad
Did anyone happen to download Salem's Lot from this website?

The current link is dead.
Thanks very much.
Mr Anonymous,
I'm after the Salem's Lot soundtrack too1
If anyone has it?
Harry Sukman I beleive.
@ gazmo,
Found a link to TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze OST
Here's Goldsmith's "High Velocity" at 320 - No pics. (No scanner. But I probably wouldn't bother if I had one.)

I believe I have a copy of "Salem's Lot", downloaded in the last few months. I recall that quality is not great but it's a bit better than the pirate tapes of the score which had been in circulation (back when there was such a thing as tape...)
I will dig for it.


thank you for "La dame aux camelias", I second the request and can't wait to hear it!
Here are some info from soundtrack collector for "Toto le héros"
Mr Thingmaker,
It would be very cool of you to post Salem's Lot for us. I look forward to hearing it!
Here's that "Salem's Lot". It seems like the same source as the old pirate tape, but quality is a bit better. I don't know if it was actually released as a boot CD, but there's a cover pic... And the nice person who ripped it, did so at 320.

I will dig up my copy of the 3 CD "Shogun" and get it re-posted soonish.

@Isbum - Many thanks for Mancini's "Oklahoma Crude"

@Chris - I think this link for "Battle of Britain" is ok, try:-

Also you may find "Who Dares Wins" somewhere amongst the hundreds of posts on this site, but with the title "The Final Option" If the link is still open.
Best of luck!!
The link Lives!

"The Final Option"
Roy Budd

enJoy it's a goodie!
OK, this is a longshot. Does anyone have the soundtrack to "Janken Musume" ?
Thingmaker--you're awesome!
Thanks so much for Salem's Lot!! Jason
@ mel - "Annie Get Your Gun" (1950), @192. This is the Rh|no release, contains both the final soundtrack with Betty Hutton, plus 13 tracks with Judy Garland in the lead before she was replaced due to ill health.

@ isbum - awesome mate, it's a blax-fest from you, thanks! If The Wiz doesn't turn up soon, I'll do you mine @128.

@ greg - I'm not too concerned about filenames being the same on WC Fields, but I am just a little concerned if comments inside the tags were the same. I can tell you that most of my sources are pretty darn scrupulous when it comes to things, so I have to doubt if the bitrate was artificially increased. Anyhow, it sounds pretty good to these ears.
@ filmpac

Wow, this release of Annie Get Your Gun is tremendous!

Thank you so much.
@ The folks who have just discovered this blog.

While the party continues here, I heartily suggest going through the original "Requests" and "Requests Part 2" to see the incredible number of excellent scores that have been posted.

Many of us who started this are still here and will more than likely be happy to re-up dead files.

It serves as a testament to the generosity of all involved.
@thingmaker: Thanks for High Velocity(and the nice quality too)! Another one to take off my list.

@ Tangerine Dream - Drew Barrymore
In honor of Drew's new film and her being able to simultaneously burn Tom Green out of her house and life.


@The amazing mumford - sorry to inform you but 3-tracks of the "Spellbinder" score finish abruptly and short of the scheduled time.
Track 8)lasts 0.34 should be 2.00.
Track10)lasts 3.18 should be 4.05.
Track11)lasts 0.52 should be 4.52.

Any chance you could check this out, it could be an upload error or on the your master.
@ filmpac-

I also thank you for Annie Gets Your Gun. This is great!
@ Jason

I have "Lifeforce" and will upload to Rapidshare either tonight or tomorrow.

@ Everybody else

Thanks again for all the great stuff!
There is a site called which is located in Germany. I'm in the U.S and it won't allow me to purchase anything because I'm in the wrong region. Is there anything I can do on my computer to fool this site to think I'm in Germany? Change some settings or something. Thanks to any expert computer person who can help.

@ Thingmaker: couldn't wait to have Shogun 3cd soon, THANKOO!!!

@ everyone, i' still here: it's just i'm still without mp3 converter (i'm pretty bad with all those computer stuff and couldn't found a free one i could understand), so now i'm more a lurker and a downloader... :blush*
Thanks for Salem's Lot. The 'Master' is very pleased!
@ filmpac
Breaker Breaker one Nine!

various artists

The file is still there but I am unable to download it. When I get to the download page I get a message CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

I do and nothing happens!!!!

Is anyone else having the same problem?
@ psycho mike

Take my advice and leave gigasize well alone - it's bad news.

Caused me enormous problems.
I am seeking Kenyon Hopkins' "This Property Is Condemned" soundtrack. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Psycho Mike, and Mel....I've had no problems with Gigasize. I was able to download BofB with no problem at all. Sounds like it might possibly be something with your browser's security settings?

Captain James....."The 'Master' is very pleased!"....hee-hee. :-) I can see James Mason smiling right now! :-)
I've also been wanting this for a long of my fave Sukman scores (and Sukman's last one, I believe). I have his "Around The World Under The Sea" score posted on my blog.

Breton Girl - by "mp3 converter", do you mean a freeware program for creating mp3's? Try CoolEdit 96....I use it all the time for creating my own and also recording from existing tapes and LP's I still have. You can also use Windows Media Player for extracting off of CD's.
Filmpac, your sources can't be too "scrupulous", because there's a couple of things I found out about that W.C. Fields and Me you downloaded:

1. I checked out a couple of the tracks, comparing the ones you have vs. mine, and there's no doubt in my mind that the ones you have were ripped from my blog posting and the bitrate artificially increased either with a program to do such things, or by converting to wav and then back to mp3 again. Not only were the momentary blank spaces at the beginning and end of each track precisely how I do them and the same length as I do, but I recognized (even though I applied noise reduction to the entire recording) certain little surface sounds/noises which were precisely the same and in the same places as my recording. That tells me whoever upped what you have at 192k simply re-ripped off my recordings.

2. You might as well dump what you have and get the original files off my blog, because not only did these not sound quite as good as mine....but the mp3's of Track 1 and Track 4 are....believe this or MONO. The entire album was a stereo recording, so lord only knows how the idiot who re-ripped this managed to screw up those two tracks and get them in mono when they ALL should be in stereo.
Thanks Greg, i will try to have a look on CoolEdit96 soon... The problem is that i could found mp3 converfted free software, but until now no one i could understand... *blush*
OOPSIE, Breton....I meant to say CDex 1.51.....THAT'S the one I was talking about. CoolEdit 96 is the one I use for doing other things with sounds before converting to MP3. For simple extraction of MP3's from CD's, you want CDex.

My bad.... :-)
I've created an account at last :)

Here is my Crime Jazz folder containing my previous uploads for anyone that missed them on the previous page.

thanks in advance for that Lifeforce
sorry forgot the link
@ greg, any news on that Pink Panther (2006) link?
"Shogun" by Maurice Jarre - 3 CD version. There are a very few sfx but they seem kinda part of the music - a few birdcalls, a brief earthquake rumble, storm sounds...
It's VBR - from below 128 to 256 or so.

Disc 1


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