Friday, December 01, 2006

Requests - (Lost &) Found

Updates - Found!:

Here is a companion section to the Requests Post for found items. I've turned off the comments section on this particular post and if you want to make any comments, please make them at the Requests Post. Any references I've made to looking in the comments section refer to the one at the Requests Post. You'll see links to that post at the top of the blog. And if you feel so inclined, go over to that post and thank the kind and generous uploaders for what you see here. They deserve it, one and all. Thanks to everyone and enjoy!! :))

P.S. Also, considering the sheer number of posts here, some of the references may be outdated before they even get here (especially the ones on Sendspace!). Maybe if you ask nicely, somebody will re-oblige! :))

Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) (1997) (Alejandro Amenabar) (later remade as Vanilla Sky) (requested by 'Ik') - ('Quidtum' so nicely pointed out that The Manchester Morgue is now sharing this here.)

Africa Addio (Riz Ortolani) [requested by 'WJB'] (he also requested 'Addio Zio Tom' by Riz Ortolani, but Skunkape's Crap has shared that one) - ('Rocket From Mars' (or as I like to call him along with Isbum, 'The One-Man Fulfiller') has graciously done this one)

Airport (1970) (Alfred Newman) [requested by 'bc' of the Movie Stream blog - go there to listen to great soundtracks, by the way] - ('Isbum' pointed out that 'Rocket From Mars' has done a vinyl rip available at Skunkape's Crap under the comments section of his request post)

Airport 1975 (1974) (John Cacavas) [also requested by 'bc'] - ('Rocket From Mars' has done it again! Here is his vinyl rip)

Alive (1993) (James Newton Howard) [requested by me] - [Fulfilled by M_George....see Requests Post comments for the link. Thanks so much M_George!! I really appreciate it!]

American Journey (John Williams) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - ('Winne2' of Winne2Scores was nice enough to post this (pw: winne2). Many thanks, Winne2!)

Americathon (1979) (Various Artists) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (We salute you, 'Rocket From Mars' for this great get!)

Arabesque (1966) (Henry Mancini) [requested by 'Sallie'] - ('Quinlan' was nice enough to do this arabesque! And 'Whiteorc' also did his turn here. Thanks so much, guys!)

L'Aventure C'est L'Aventure (1972) (Francis Lai) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - ('Isbum' has kindly let us know that it's available at Moogsensations here. Thanks, as always, Isbum! You're great!)

Baraka (1992 Documentary) (Michael Stearns) [requested by 'Mythodean'] - ('Covered64' made this link available - what a nice person!)

Barbablù (a.ka. Bluebeard or Barbe-bleue) (1972) (Ennio Morricone) (OST) (The Richard Burton film) [requested by 'Quidtum'] - (kindly fulfilled by 'Watson' at 320 Kbps! Thanks so much!)

Beastmaster 2 (1991) (Robert Folk) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - ('Thingmaker' was kind enough to make this available (at 256 Kbps). Thanks!]

Being John Malkovich (Carter Burwell) [requested by 'Enya'] - (Being John Malkovich must be great, but being 'Isbum' must be just as great! Thanks!)

The Big Boss (a.k.a., Tang Shan Da Xiong) (1971) (Joseph Koo) (The Bruce Lee film) [requested by 'Pinto'] - ('John Hartigan' of Soundtrack Lover's Paradise made this link available (psw: brandon). Thanks so much, John!)

Big Top Pee Wee (Danny Elfman) [requested by 'Captain James'] - (like lightning was upped by 'Anonymous'. Much thanks!)

The Biggest Bundle of Them All (1967) (Riz Ortolani) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (Another great get by 'Filmpac'. Is he great or what?)

Billion Dollar Brain (1967) (Richard Rodney Bennett) [requested by 'Anonymous' & me!] - (I've always said that 'Isbum' had a Billion Dollar Brain! - Much thanks to 'Isbum' for uploading this for the third (!) time. It is much appreciated, buddy!)

The Black Hole (1979) (John Barry) [mentioned by 'Sounds of Champaign'] - (The now defunct Slaughtered Lamb was sharing this and the now, unfortunately, also defunct JazzNotes
had re-upped it and posted this at his blog (we'll miss the blog, Jazz! :((((), but he also generously made the link available here. Thanks, Jazz!)

Blue Collar (1978) (Jack Nitzsche) [requested by 'Ruth'] - (You may ask yourself how generous 'Isbum' is. Well, let this prove it! (at 320 Kbps))

Blue Thunder (1983) (Arthur B. Rubinstein) [requested by 'John Hartigan'] - ('Isbum' provided this promo. Is that thunder I hear in the background? No, that's just Isbum's generosity!)

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) (Quincy Jones) [requested by 'Isbum'] - (Filmpac kindly, as usual, shared this at 160 Kbps. Thanks so much, Filmpac!)

Boy on a Dolphin (1958) (Hugo Friedhofer) [requested by 'Watson'] - ('Rocket From Mars' went to the trouble of ripping this from his LP. And according to him, 'this copy is in mediocre condition--it's a Hi-Fi version and gets better after the title track---but it's such a beautiful score I thought I'd post it anyway.' Whatever the condition, we always appreciate it, Rocket!!)

The Bravados (1958) (Hugo Friedhofer) [requested by 'Isbum'] - (I always said 'Watson' had bravado, but definitely not a false one! Thanks so much!)

Breezy (1973) (Michel Legrand) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (Nicely fulfilled by 'Filmpac'. How could it be otherwise? And he fought his instincts to fulfill a request for an anonymous!)

A Bridge Too Far (1977) (John Addison) [requested by 'Red Dragon'] (Maybe a bridge too far, but not so far that 'Isbum' couldn't get there! Thanks, Isbum!)

Bunny Lake is Missing (1965) (Paul Glass) [requested by 'Watson'] (Thank goodness 'Isbum' isn't missing! Thanks, Isbum!)

Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell (1969) (Riz Ortolani) [requested by me] ('Filmpac' did another fantastic job of making this LP available. I love the music from this film so thanks so much, Filmpac! You're fantastic!.......and also generously provided by 'Rocket From Mars'. Aren't they nice? You betcha!)

Cactus Flower (1969) (Quincy Jones) [requested by 'Isbum'] - (Filmpac (through a friend) generously offered this LP rip at 320 Kbps)

The Cannonball Run (1981) (musical director: Al Capps) [requested by 'Watson' & 'Isbum'] - ('Filmpac' was nice enough to make this available here & here (along with some other great race movies) [at 320 Kbps] that also includes bonus tracks from Smokey & The Bandit & Hooper. Thanks so much for this great contribution. You're fantastic!)

The Caper of the Golden Bulls (1966) (Vic Mizzy) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Rocket From Mars' is great to share this (including his scans of the front back LP covers) and that's no bull, golden or otherwise!)

The Carpetbaggers (1964) (Elmer Bernstein) [requested by 'Isbum'] - (This is being shared at Bingo Pop (go there now!) and on this blog, 'Filmpac' was also generous enough to share a version (according to 'Filmpac': 'Here it is @192 bitrate. This is the 21-track bootleg. If anyone has the original 10-track LP, that would make for one sweet post.') Thanks so much guys! You're great!)

Charly (1968) (Ravi Shankar) [requested by 'Isbum'] - (and fulfilled by him too (with an assist from the fair state of Wisconsin)! What a guy!)

Coogan's Bluff (1968) (Lalo Schifrin) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Filmpac' made another great get with this one! It's been on the wish list for a long time....thanks, Filmpac! And according to him, it 'never got an official release, but here is 7 tracks off a bootleg LP I was able to find. The album also contains music from other films, which I don't happen to have.' For whatever you have, we thank you!)

Creatures the World Forgot (1971) (Mario Nascimbene) [CD version requested by 'Thingmaker'] - (fulfilled so kindly by 'D' - see 'Want Some More?' post under Thingmaker's section)

Daniele Luppi: An Italian Story (Not an OST) [requested & fulfilled by 'Quidtum' - he left instructions on how to get it in the comments. Thanks very much, Quidtum! We really appreciate it! Does it get any better than someone fulfilling their own request (and letting us know)?!]

Dark of the Sun (a.k.a., The Mercenaries) (1968) (Jacques Loussier) (the Rod Taylor movie) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - ('Filmpac' so nicely fulfilled this despite his ban on anonymous requesters! Thanks so much!)

The Day the Fish Came Out (1967) (Mikis Theodorakis) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Filmpac' dangled the right hook to get this one on LP at 160 Kbps! Thanks so much!)

Deadfall (1968) (John Barry) [requested by 'Brian'] - ('Isbum' does it again!)

The Devil's Brigade (1967) (Alex North) [requested by 'Isbum'] - (fulfilled by somebody with the initials, RFM - guess who?)

Diane (Miklos Rozsa) [requested by 'The Amazing Mumford'] - (fulfilled by M.E.(pw = youdont). It's a big file, so it's here, here, here, & here. Thanks to M.E!.....oh, no wait.)

Il Dio Sotto la Pelle (1974) (Piero Piccioni) (OST) [requested & fulfilled by 'Quidtum' - he left instructions on how to get it in the comments. Thanks very much, Quidtum! We really appreciate it! Does it get any better than someone fulfilling their own request (and letting us know)?!]

Dirty Harry (1971) (Lalo Schifrin) - [requested by 'Daitheflu'] - ('Blofeld's Cat' was nice enough to share this at his excellent blog, Dichtung Und Wahrheit. Thanks, BC! Update: 'Whiteorc' has provided a link too - see comments. Thanks, guys!)

Doc Hollywood (1991) (Carter Burwell) [requested by 'Captain James'] - (fulfilled by M.E. (pw: youdont))

8 Heads in a Duffel Bag (1997) (Andrew Gross) [requested by 'Detective Mitchell'] - ('Filmpac' contributes a great container for an octet of disembodied organs! Thanks, Filmpac. You're great!)

8 On The Lam (1966) (George Romanis) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Rocket From Mars' came through again on this one)

The Endless Summer (1966) - performed by The Sandals [requested by 'Filmpac'] - (Like the summer, the generosity and music collection of 'Rocket From Mars' is endless. Thanks so much!)

The Enemy Below (1957) (Leigh Harline) [requested by 'Thingmaker', sort of] - ('Watson' is definitely the friend above! Thanks so much for this one! .......and you can't have too many friends! 'Honored General' also very generously offered this. Thanks, guys! You're great!)

Escape To Athena (1979) (Lalo Schifrin) [requested by 'Blofeld's Cat'] - ('D' so nicely provided us with this one - see comments - individual tracks in wma format. Thanks so much for the trouble you went to, 'D'. We sure appreciate it! Update: 'Quinlan' very, very kindly processed D's original wma files and put them here in mp3 form)

Far From Heaven (2002) (Elmer Bernstein) [requested by 'David Federman' & 'Amadues'] - (generously fulfilled by 'Isbum' which also includes 9 tracks from 'The Rainmaker'. This is also being shared over at Winne2Scores, but that link is currently dead. Go there for other great stuff!....and thanks Isbum!)

The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) (Krzysztof Komeda) [requested by 'Toby Roan'] - (last time I looked this was being shared at Happy Dreamer's Time, but I don't know if the link is still active......wait, just checked.....nope, it's gone dead. Uhh.....wait. The Manchester Morgue is sharing this now! Yay! (Not only because it's a great blog, but also because now I don't have to re-up this!))

55 Days at Peking (1963) (Dimitri Tiomkin) [requested by 'Watson'] ('Whiteorc' so nicely provided this at this folder and it didn't take him 55 days. Thanks so much!)

Fire In The Sky (1993) (Mark Isham) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (this was being shared at Not Quite Blogging Yet....he's probably doing more than I am even though he's not quite blogging, yet. :)))

Firewalker (1986) (Gary Chang) [requested by 'John Hartigan'] - ('Filmpac' must've walked through fire to get this 320 Kbps LP rip! Thanks!)

The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T (1953) (Frederick Hollander & Hans J. Salter)
[requested by 'Skinny Robbie'] (anybody have anything from the movie? LP rip, DVD rip? Robbie and I would sure appreciate it!) - ('Anonymous' was nice enough to let us know that this was being shared at the excellent Music-Snob blog)

The Flim-Flam Man (1967) (Jerry Goldsmith) [requested by 'Dim Chandelier'] - (This is being shared over at the excellent Even More Stuff For Wasting Time (hi Jordan!). Enjoy!)

The Fly Trilogy (1958) (Paul Sawtell / Bert Shefter) [requested by 'Stickman'] - ('D' was so kind to upload these: The Fly, Return of the Fly, & Curse of the Fly. You are tops! Thanks so much!)

1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992) (Vangelis) (According to 'D': 'Does anyone have the complete 1492 by Vangelis.I've tried for this a number of times and in each case it's failed to download properly. It usually says file corrupt or something like that.') - ('Werther' nicely came up with 'complete score (with big covers), PS. sorry for 128. but not my rip!', pass: w_e_r_t_h_e_r ........and Breton Girl also came up with one: 'It's not my rip, but here's another version of the 1492 complete score, with 45 tracks (the one W. had uploaded is about 28 tracks)'......Thanks, guys!

Foxes (1980) (Giorgio Moroder) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Filmpac' was nice enough to fulfill
this one with a A 2-LP set, @192 bitrate. Thanks, Filmpac!)

The French Connection (1971) (Don Ellis) [requested by 'BPS'] - (fulfilled by M.E. (pw: 'youdont'))

Funeral in Berlin (1967) (Konrad Elfers) [requested by 'Anonymous' & 'IndyB007'] - ('Rocket From Mars' completed the Harry Palmer trilogy with this one. Thanks so much, Rocket!

Funny Face (1957) (Musical soundtrack) [requested by me] - [my copy's in storage, so if somebody has this, please let me know. Thanks!] - ('Filmpac' was so nice to provide this. Thanks so much, Filmpac! I really appreciate it! Update: And I can't believe it, but while looking for something else, I ran across my CD that I thought was in storage! I feel so stupid. But of course, it doesn't diminish the generosity of 'Filmpac' one bit. He's great!!)

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum (1966 Film) (Stephen Sondheim with additional score by Ken Thorne) [requested by me] - (so kindly shared by 'Filmpac'. A big thanks to you, Filmpac!)

Gandhi (1982) (Ravi Shankar & George Fenton) [requested by 'Meg'] - (is Meg incredible or what? She fulfilled her own request here)

Gator (1976) (Charles Bernstein) [requested by 'anonymous'] - ('Isbum' comes through again! And at great personal risk. A gator almost got him!)

Gold (1974) (Elmer Bernstein) [requested by 'Vince'] - ('anonymous' mentioned that this was being shared over at 7 Black Notes. Yay!)

Gunn (1967) (Henry Mancini) [requested by 'Jason'] - ('Filmpac' has also fulfilled this along with 'Quinlan'. What great guys, eh?)

The Happening (1967) (Frank DeVol) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (Another generous LP rip at 192 Kbps offering from 'Filmpac'. And he also included a replacement track for the corrupt track #2. You are fantastic!)

Hawaii (1966) (Elmer Bernstein) [requested by 'The Amazing Mumford] - ('Watson' was nice enough to send us to the 50th state here and here. Thanks for all your kindness! We sure appreciate it!)

The Hawaiians (1970) (Henry Mancini) [requested by 'Isbum' & 'Watson'] - (Nicely (is there any other way by him?) fulfilled by 'Filmpac'. Thanks so much!)

The Hellcats (1967) (Various Artists) (a biker film with some decent tunes) [requested by 'Detective Mitchell'] - (Scott over at Cool Kooky Hip and Groovy
was so kind to tell us that he's sharing this over there. Go there and get more great stuff while you're at it. Thanks, Scott! We really appreciate it!)

The Heroes of Telemark (1965) (Malcolm Arnold) [requested by 'Watson' & 'Isbum'] ('Filmpac' is definitely one of the heroes of Telemark (and everywhere else). Thanks so much!)

How To Steal A Million (1966) (John Williams) [requested by 'anonymous'] - (this is being shared by Bullseye - go there now!)

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) (Deluxe) [requested by 'Sallie'] - (fulfilled by 'Watson' here & here at 320 Kbps! Is 'Watson' nice or what?)

The Hustler (1961) (Kenyon Hopkins) [requested by 'anonymous'] - ('anonymous' (I wonder if it was the same one?) kindly pointed out that ScoreBaby Annex was sharing this. Go there now!)

In Harm's Way (1965) (Jerry Goldsmith) [requested by 'Isbum' - and see his entry in the 'Want Some More?' post for the LP rip] - ('Watson' generously fulfilled Isbum's request for the 1990 Japanese release. Thanks a lot, Watson. You're great!)

Is Paris Burning? (1965) (Maurice Jarre) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Rocket From Mars' answers this question graciously...and just in case anyone had trouble, he provided a second link! What a guy!)

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) (Ernest Gold) [requested by 'Shortcut'] - ('Rocket From Mars' comes through again! You're great! According to Rocket: '(it's a mono version (that HAD to be filtered))' and from the fantastic 'Watson' comes the 1997 reissue at 320 Kbps).....enjoy both versions - I know I will!)

Jack The Ripper (1959) (Pete Rugolo, Jimmy McHugh, Stanley Black) [requested by 'anonymous'] - ('Quidtum' so nicely pointed out that this is being shared at the excellent, 7 Black Notes)

Jake Speed (1986) (Mark Snow) [requested by 'Detective Mitchell'] - ('Rocket From Mars' fulfilled this with the speed of......., well, Jake Speed!) - (and Detective Mitchell has also posted Rocket's link too - go there and get more good stuff)

Jeremiah Johnson (1972) (John Rubenstein) [requested by 'Vince'] - (Because he's so nice, 'Rocket From Mars' did another one)

Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (Barry Gray) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (You can find this now at XYZ Cosmonaut's CosmoBlog! That's great! Thanks to Lacey for letting us know. You're great!)

The Kindred (1987) (David Newman) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - ('John' has certainly got a kindred spirit of sharing!)

King Rat (1965) (J. Barry) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Filmpac' is definitely a king, but not a rat for contributing this! Thanks so much, 'Filmpac'!)

Last Action Hero (Michael Kamen) [score] [requested by 'Anonymous / Payton' from Germany] - ('IndyB007' of Soundtracks of Doom was nice enough to say he has uploaded this. Go there now!)

Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (Robert Folk) [requested by 'Detective Mitchell'] - (Nicely fulfilled by newcomer, 'Anonymous'. Thanks so much!)

Lifeforce (1985) (Henry Mancini) [requested by 'Lacey'] - (nomwl1: This is being shared over at the MP3 Mix in a different 19 track version that I don't really recognize. Well, I'm pretty out of the loop on these things.)

Light of Day (1987) (Various Artists, Thomas Newman) [requested by 'Sharon'] (I think I have the cassette somewhere, but haven't seen it in a long time, so if anybody has this soundtrack to the Michael J. Fox movie, Sharon and I would sure appreciate it!) - ('Rocket From Mars' comes through again! - here you go, Sharon (and me too!))

Lilies of the Field (1963) (Jerry Goldsmith) [requested by 'anonymous'] - (You're a prince, 'Rocket From Mars' - I know anonymous and I are very happy!)

Lilith (1964) (Kenyon Hopkins) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Rocket From Mars' did it again! You are aces! You and everybody else make blogging a real pleasure!)

Link (Jerry Goldsmith) [requested by 'Wolfcreek'] - (this was being shared over at Not Quite Blogging Yet)

The Long Goodbye (1973) (J. Williams) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (Here's hoping that 'Watson' never says goodbye at any length! Thanks so much!)

Lucas (1986) (Dave Grusin) [requested by 'Alex'] - (This was being shared over at Not Quite Blogging Yet. He's putting us all to shame!)

MacKenna's Gold (1969) (Quincy Jones) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Rocket From Mars' - need I say more? Here it is.)

The Magic Christian (1969) (Ken Thorne) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Rocket From Mars' - need I still say more? Here it is.)

The Marseille Contract (1974) (Roy Budd) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (This is being shared at Blofeld's Cat's fine blog, Dichtung Und Wahreit in the November archives)

Mary, Queen of Scots (1971) (John Barry) [requested by 'youngmanafraidofthunder'] - ('D' uploaded this for us in 2 parts, here and here. He said, 'There's more than half an hour. It's mostly original with a couple of bonus tracks added.' Thanks so much 'D'!! Your efforts are greatly appreciated. nomwl1: Update: Part 2 was deleted before I could download D's copy, so maybe some kind person can re-upload this? If not, I can upload my own copy of it, but it may take a while.)

Matalo! (1970) (Mario Migliardi) (OST) [requested by 'Quidtum'] - (generously provided by 'Watson'. Not so elementary, my dear.....well, you know.) (And amazingly, he was willing to re-rip it at 320 Kbps! What a guy!! Now you can get both versions.)

Medical Center (1969-1976 TV Series) [requested by 'Anonymous'] (nomwl1: I don't know if he's talking about the Schifrin compilation album, 'Medical Center And Other Great Themes' or an underscore album?) - (nomwl1: Well, I'm going to assume it's the former and 'Isbum' was nice enough to make his usual generous offering)

Metropolis (The 1984 Re-release Of 1924) (Various Artists) [requested by 'warvadal'] - ('Quidtum' kindly made this available)

Monster Squad (1987) (Bruce Broughton) [requested by 'anonymous'] (I have part of this score, but I don't think I have all of it, so if anybody's got it, 'anonymous' and I would sure appreciate it!) - (and Phelpster himself generously told us that he posted this at his great blog, The Manchester Morgue - go there and get this and other great stuff!)

Murder on the Orient Express (1974) (Richard Rodney Bennett) [requested by 'Richard'] (my copy is in storage, so Richard and I would really appreciate it! :)) - (and we do, thanks to the ever-kind Isbum!)

My Name Is Trinity (1971) (Franco Micalizzi) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Filmpac' was so kind to make this available here & here with replacement tracks #5 & #6. The first part is the original score (tracks 1-14) and the second contains alternate versions and unused cues per 'Filmpac'. And he was kind enough to provide replacement tracks for ones that had trouble ripping the first time around. Thanks, you're fantastic!)

Night Of The Generals (1967) (Maurice Jarre) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Filmpac' comes through again at 320 Kbps. Thanks, Filmpac!)

Night of the Hunter (1955) (Walter Schumann) [requested by 'Anonymous'] (nomwl1: Music-Snob is sharing the RCA version with Charles Laughton reading over the underscoring, but I don't know if there are any other versions out there with just the score. Update: and 'Anonymous' (not sure if it's the same one) was nice enough to let us know: 'There is another version. I think some German Company put it out. It's a spooky & amazing score. If you come across it...please let us know.')

Nighthawks (1981) (Keith Emerson) [requested by 'Joe Gumbo'] - ('Isbum' fulfilled this generously, as always)

92 In The Shade (1975) (Michael J. Lewis) [requested by 'Isbum' & 'Watson', more or less] - ('Filmpac' generously provided this one. You certainly pulled my fat out of the fire. Thanks, Filmpac!)

One Million Years BC (1966) (Mario Nascimbene) [CD version requested by 'Thingmaker'] - (fulfilled so kindly by 'D' - see 'Want Some More?' post under Thingmaker's section)

One On One (1977) (Charles Fox) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (We go one-on-one with 'Isbum' and we all come out winners. Thanks, buddy!)

Pepe (1960) (Musical soundtrack - various artists) [requested by 'riggoletto'] (This is one that I could swear I have somewhere and have listened to, but I can't seem to find it anywhere) - (and 'Rocket From Mars' fulfilled one that I wasn't sure was ever going to get fulfilled. Thanks so much! I know Riggoletto & I are very happy!)

Quick, Before It Melts (1964) (David Rose) [requested by 'Skinny Robbie'] - ('Rocket From Mars'.....well you know the rest. He's amazing! This one finally gets off the wanted list! 'Skinny Robbie' and I are both happy about this one. :)))

The Quiller Memorandum (1966) (J. Barry) [requested by 'Watson'] - ('Isbum' scores another great score! Thanks, Isbum!)

Red Heat (1988) (James Horner) [requested by 'Anonymous / Payton' from Germany] - ('John' very generously posted this. And also generously posted by 'Thingmaker'. Thanks, guys!)

Red Sonja (1985) (Ennio Morricone) [requested by 'Ripman'] - (Werther generously came through with this one (don't forget the password)) [Thanks (and thanks again), Werther!]:
[PASS: pw: for_the_trolly_type_people_you_dont_have_to]

Rich Man, Poor Man (Alex North) [requested by 'Watson'] - ('Scoreman' kindly uploaded this. Thanks, Scoreman!)

Rollerball (1975) (Andre Previn) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (generously rolled in by 'Rocket From Mars')

Run Wild, Run Free (1969) (David Whitaker) [requested by 'Isbum'] ('One Bite' so magnanimously fulfilled this request. Thank you so much! We really appreciate this.)

Salt & Pepper (1968) (Johnny Dankworth) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (well, I never get tired of saying that it was 'Rocket From Mars' who gave us this. Thanks!)

The Samurai (Le Samouraï) (1967) (François de Roubaix) (a French movie by Jean-Pierre Melville) [requested by 'Quidtum'] - (another great get by 'Watson'. Thanks so much! Isn't this fun?) (And he was nice enough to re-rip it at 320 Kbps! Get both versions, if you want.)

Satan In High Heels (1962) (Mundell Lowe), @128 bitrate (sorry) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (Never need to be sorry, 'Filmpac' for making this available at whatever bitrate. Thanks so much!)

7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964) (Leigh Harline) [requested by 'anonymous'] - ('Isbum' made this available for a limited time only)

The 7th Dawn (1964) (Riz Ortolani) [requested by 'Isbum' & 'Mel'] - ('Isbum' fulfills his own request! Is there anything better?)

Shalako (1968) (Robert Farnon)[requested by 'Isbum'] - ('IndyB007' of Soundtracks of Doom was nice enough to post this at his blog & let us know about it. Thanks, IndyB007!)

Shining Through (1992) (Michael Kamen) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (fulfilled by M.E. (pw = youdont))

A Shot in the Dark (1964) (Henry Mancini) [requested by me] - [there probably never was a full release for this, but check the Requests Post comments for a 4-track EP generously supplied by 'Filmpac'. Thanks so much!! You're great!]

Silent Running (1971) (Peter Schickele) [requested by 'Isbum'] - (originally and generously fulfilled by 'Mixwolf'.......and equally generously re-upped by both 'Isbum' and with a different copy from his archives, 'Filmpac')

Skidoo (1968) (Harry Nilsson) [requested by 'Harry' (hopefully not Nilsson)] - (fulfilled by nobody's bum, 'Isbum'. Thanks for making it available again!)

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (1965) (Sol Kaplan) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - ('Rocket From Mars' got this request to come in from the cold! Thanks so much!)

Swashbuckler (1976) (John Addison) [requested by 'Isbum'] ('Rocket From Mars' fulfilled this (in mint condition) in his usual excellent way!)

Taxi Driver (1976) (Bernard Herrmann) [requested by 'Anonymous'] (Got it from a site and found out a major track was missing!) (nomwl1: another score that's in storage so if anybody has it, we'd sure appreciate it!) - ['Quidtum' was again kind enough to show us the way by telling us that this was being shared over at Cheap Children - go there now and enjoy it (at 320 Kbps!)]

Those Daring Young Men In Their Jaunty Jalopies (a.k.a., Monte Carlo Or Bust) (1969) (Ron Goodwin) [requested by 'Les Dale'] - (Thanks to 'Filmpac' for providing this and a replacement track for the corrupt track #9, along with Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965) also by Ron Goodwin. Thanks so much for doing so much, 'Filmpac'! You're great!)

Tin Cup (William Ross) (Promo Score) [requested by 'Kress'] - ('Scoreman' scored on this one. Thanks!)

Torn Curtain (1966) (John Addison) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (fulfilled by M.E. (pw: 'youdont'))

The Train (1964) (Maurice Jarre) [requested by 'Isbum' & 'Watson'] - (This LP transportation was kindly provided at 192 Kbps by 'Filmpac'. Thanks!)

Treasure Of San Gennaro (1967) (Armando Trovajoli) - (being shared over at This Is Liberty Hall - thanks to 'Quidtum' for letting us know!)

True Confessions (1981) (Georges Delerue) [requested by 'David Federman'] - ('Watson' was nice enough to share this. Thanks, Watson!! You're great!)

Two Mules For Sister Sara (1969) (Ennio Morricone) [requested by 'anonymous'] - (Thanks so much to quidtum for pointing us in the right direction! You're great as always - see comments)

The Untouchables (Original Music from the TV Show) (Nelson Riddle) [requested by 'Anonymous'] (fulfilled so generously by 'Quinlan'. According to 'Quinlan': 'Tracks 1 & 2 were ripped from a quite odd vinyl which is difficult to name LP since it's a 2 track disc. However it's a true 12 inches record manufactured in France for Capitol and turning @45 rpm with the artwork (in very good colours) printed on the disc itself, the whole thing being packed in a transparent plastic bag. Track 3 (the main theme) is the same as track 1 but ripped from the cd "The Best Of Nelson Riddle" for comparison purposes. Just tell me what you think.') (nomwl1: Well, without listening to it yet, I'll tell you what I're great!! Thanks so much!)

The Upside of Anger (2005) (Alexandre Desplat) [requested by 'Sansgarantie' of Soundtracks Lover] (and here is a link to the back cover) - ('Filmpac' came through again on this one. Thanks, you're aces!)

The Valachi Papers (1972) (Riz Ortolani) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - ('Filmpac' made this LP available (at 320 Kbps!). Thanks so much, Filmpac! You're great!)

Villa Rides! (1968) (Maurice Jarre) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Filmpac' Rides! with a stereo LP @192. Thanks, Filmpac!)

Viva, Max! (1969) (Hugo Montenegro) [requested by 'Isbum'] - (as usual, generously fulfilled by 'Rocket From Mars' - are these guys great, or what?)

Waterhole 3 (1967) (Dave Grusin) [requested by 'Filmpac'] - (magnanimously provided by 'Rocket From Mars')

The Way West (1967) (Bronislau Kaper) [requested by 'Isbum'] - (a tired 'Rocket From Mars' kindly made this available. Thanks so much! And 'Filmpac' was also kind at 320 Kbps. I don't know about you, but I'm getting both. Thanks guys!)

Westworld (1973) (Fred Karlin) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (fulfilled by the 'Music Fountain', 'Isbum'.....thanks so much!)

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1969) (Mario Nascimbene) [CD version requested by 'Thingmaker'] - (fulfilled so kindly by 'D' - see 'Want Some More?' post under Thingmaker's section)

White Dog (1982) (Ennio Morricone) [paired with 'So Fine' on at least one CD] [requested by 'Detective Mitchell] - (nomwl1: you can also hear a suite at Pooter's blog, The Soundtracks That Time Forgot) - (and 'Filmpac' was kind enough to provide at 160 Kbps this. Thanks so much, Filmpac!)

The Wind and the Lion (1975) [requested by 'Bongolong'] - (this was generously fulfilled by both 'Isbum' (that link is gone) and 'Quidtum' - you guys are fantastic!)

Winning (1969) (Dave Grusin) [requested by 'Michael'] - (so generously provided by 'Quinlan' - thanks so much! And you don't have to worry about your scanner; your generosity more than makes up for it! You know, it's people like 'Quinlan' (and 'Isbum', 'Rocket', .... well you know who you are :))) that makes blogging such an enjoyable experience!)

The World of Suzie Wong (1960) (George Duning) [requested by Miko (nee 'Anonymous')] - ('Watson' has opened up Suzie's world for Miko. Thanks, Watson!)

The Yakuza (1975) (Dave Grusin) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (IndyB007 was nice enough to let everyone know that he was sharing this at his great new blog, Soundtracks of Doom. Thanks Indy!)

Yanks (1979) (Richard Rodney Bennett) [requested by 'Isbum'] - ('Rocket From Mars' ripped this from his LP.....many 'Yanks' to you, I mean thanks!!)

Young Billy Young (1969) (Shelley Manne) [requested by 'Isbum'] - (graciously fulfilled by 'Rocket From Mars'. Thanks, buddy!)

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) (Bruce Broughton) [requested by 'Captain James'] - (nomwl1: last time I checked this was being shared at Rare & OOP Soundtracks and Slaughtered Lamb as well. Don't know if they've still got them, but if all else fails, I can re-up their files or my own, but check there first)

You've Got Mail (George Fenton) [requested by 'Sallie'] - ('Whiteorc' was good enough to tell us we've got score! Thanks!)

And other goodies:

Al Caiola - Sounds For Spies and Private Eyes
(a mint hi-fi rip) [requested by 'Isbum'] ('Rocket From Mars' provided this mint hi-fi rip. Did I mention how nice you were?)

The Chico Hamilton Quintet playing jazz from THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS [requested by 'David Federman'] - (As 'Rocket From Mars' says, ' It's a hi-fi rip and there's some S,K,P (Snap, Krackle, Pop) going on but it's STILL worth it! "Light me Sidney! Light me!"' - Anything you're kind enough to rip is always worth it, Rocket!)

Skip Martin - Mike Hammer [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (hammered home by 'Rocket From Mars'. Thanks, Rocket! And according to Rocket: 'on the cover the rca label even has it listed under 'Sound Of Violence' and Mickey Spillane on the back liner notes calls it 'man-sized music'. So there you go...')


And things from other original uploaders re-upped by me:

Camille 2000 (1969) (Piero Piccioni) [requested by 'Anonymous'] (this is a re-up of a file posted by the great Lellebelle who is going on hiatus - go there and get great material while you can! Hope he doesn't mind the re-up, but his file has been deleted.)

Children of the Corn (1984) (Jonathan Elias) [requested by 'James'] - (nomwl1: This is a re-up of 7 Black Notes' copy that James mentioned. Just wanted to save you the trouble of James requesting it from you, but if you've got a problem with this, '7 Black Notes', please let me know and I'll take it down. :)))

Heist (Theodore Shapiro) [requested by 'Virtruv77'] - (nomwl1: 'Virtruv77' was 'desperately looking for the soundtrack' to the film and knew that Soundtrack Sharity's link to the promo was dead, so hopefully Soundtrack Sharity doesn't mind this re-up of his file. If you do, please let me know and I'll take it down.)

Mickey One (1965) (Eddie Sauter & Jack Shaindlin) [requested by 'Anonymous'] (this is another re-up of a Lounge Tracks file. Enjoy!)

Mort D'un Pourri (1977) (Philippe Sarde, with sax by Stan Getz) [requested by 'Anonymous' along with any other Stan Getz soundtracks] (nomwl1: I forgot I got this score from Onzichtbaredj's great, but unfortunately gone, blog. Hope you don't mind me posting this Onzichtbaredj; let me know if you do! P.S. It's in a wma format.)

O.K. Connery (aka Operation Kid Brother and Operation Double 007) (Ennio Morricone) (1967) [requested by 'Detective Mitchell'] (again, Lounge Tracks made this available, but since his blog is currently gone, I can re-up his file, but again I kind of hate to do that without his permission...) (Update: Hope Lounge Tracks doesn't mind, but enjoy!)

On Any Sunday (1971) (Dominic Frontiere) [requested by 'Lori'] (here's a re-up of an old Basic Hip file. Since he's currently not sharing those files in album form, I hope he doesn't mind.)

Re-Animator (1985) / Bride of Re-Animator (1990) (Richard Band) [requested by 'Anonymous'] (while we're waiting for Phlegm Noir's re-do of his blog, I've re-upped his file since his link went dead. I hope he doesn't mind.)

Vibes (1988) (James Horner) [requested by 'Detective Mitchell'] (I remember somebody over at Rare & OOP making this available in the comments. I don't know if the link is still good, but if it isn't, I have it somewhere and can re-up that person's file, though I only like to do it if the other person can't or doesn't mind. :)) [I've been kindly told by 'Detective Mitchell' that the link is no longer available, so enjoy! - thanks so much to 'Avanze', the original uploader - if you ever see this, let me know if you have a problem with it. Thanks! :)]

Thanks to all the fine original uploaders! They deserve all our thanks. :))

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