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Requests - Does Anyone Have These? Anybody have any other requests? (Part 5)

Here is Request Post #5. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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Here is Request Post #5. Sorry to be away for so long, but I've been sick and this is the first time I've been in. I haven't been able to read all the newer comments, but in skimming the ones I've missed since I've been away, I will have to do some serious thinking about the future of this Request Post (and frankly, the blog itself). It appears that one person has driven away a sizable number of regulars and another regular who chooses to remain anonymous has continued to spam this blog as a flagrant insult to me and other people here. I will have much, much more to say on this once I've gotten caught up on the recent comments over the last few weeks.

If anybody wants to comment on this, now is the time to do it and perhaps I will see the comment before I log off in the next few hours. I don't know when I'll be in again, so if you have something to say, say it now.

As I say, I'll have much to say about this once I've thought it over, but my kneejerk reaction is that at least 2 people (possibly 1?) have gone out of their way, whether they intended it or not, to attack this Request Post, this blog, and as a consequence me in a most personal way. Their behavior and presence here has severely compromised this post and the blog (though oddly enough the number of visits here is higher than it was a couple of weeks ago). I'm not sure what I've done to deserve this particular treatment, but I accept it nonetheless. Enjoy this request post while you can.
I agree with you !

Spammer must stop spoiling this wonderful place where peaple can easily comment and share their common passion : film music.

I'd also like to re-post a request :

I've some problems with track lenght...
Could you help me ?

Here are the tracks with potential problems :

TERMINATOR 1 : The Definite Edition : track 01
THE HORSE WHISPERER 22-The Very Act of Being.

What I'd like you to provide me is the REAL lenght of these tracks : not the lenght given by websites or the covers, but the real lenght of the track (from a REAL disc, and not from a downloaded MP3).

Thank you in advance !
On the subject of track lengths....I've never gone by what's printed on a cover insert or on a disc itself, whenever I really need to know the precise length of a music cue, I go by what the display on my CD player (either stand-alone or on my computer) says. I time something out when I really need to know the precise length of a music selection.....because running times on inserts or on discs themselves more often than not always include the "blank space" at the end of a track, and also the breaks between tracks, which is usually counted as part of the end of a selection.
You mention a regular (or two?) attacking the blog... Can you post the name(s) based on their IP addresses? It might be very interesting to learn who kept doing this...
Two suggestions, Nomwl1:

1. Eliminate the ability to post anonymously....that will eliminate a great portion of potential problems right then and there if people have to be registered and logged into Blogger with their username.

2. Hang back and see how things go here after eliminating the ability to post anonymously. See how folks behave posting here using their account names/usernames....and then decide on what action to take.

Your blog IS great (as is your decision to allow people to do link posting/sharing here). :-)
This comment has been removed by the author.
Many thanks for the A.C., scoredaddy. This is giving me a big treat!
Taking away anonymous people's ability to post only addresses the second problem and not the first.
now1 i just wanna say that u get well soon and this blog never close. i love ur blog i hope all these things get back to the way they were.

Thanks alot
Nomwl1, This is YOUR blog. It is indeed a shame that there are some with SO much time on their hands, and very little common sense and decency to do some of the tings that have been done. I for one, will come back time and again to visit, and if anyone has any requests, I shall gladly try to fill them.

I also do have a request for anyone that may have them: the
original I SPY LPs. I have the FSM I Spy CD but those are original
tracks and I would like the music that is on the LPs which includes a few cuts by Hugo Friedhofer.

With many thanks beforehand, and a special one to you, Nomwl1!!!!!
The thing about mud wrestling is that - no matter who wins the match - when the wrestling is done, both sides are covered with mud.

I hope that you are feeling better soon. Rest up, and take care of yourself, nomwl1.
@Honored General
I have request. Do u have A Passage of India Soundtrack composed by: Maurice Jarre and Game Soundtrack Call of Duty 3 Composed By: Joel Goldsmith and Babel Academy Promo Composed By: Gustavo Santaolalla

Thanks ALot
nomwl1: I just discoverd this place a few days ago but I enjoy a lot with/¿on? (bad english) it. I believe, -and certainly hope-, that if there is some people who wants to push you to close the blog, this effort had to make you stronger. I see it like the shout of the fans of home team to the visitors.
I have no suggestions, only a request: Keep it open, please.
Best wishes.

And now, a request:
Someone have Jerry Goldsmith's "Freud"?
Thank you all.
Composed By: Jerry Goldsmith

I'd like to weigh in on whether or not to close the blog or the requests post. I think most of your regular visitors understand that you don't have the time to obsessively monitor all the posts that are left; the fact that you have not been well doesn't help. Despite that, this blog has been the best source of info and links for the soundtrack/score collecting community, and you yourself have never been less than totally gracious to all, even those responsible for the uproar and furor during the last month or so.

Speaking for myself, I think that losing your work here would be a major tragedy, and allows the spammers and the troublemakers to "win". However, as Honored General has said above, this is your blog, and you have the final say. Obviously, many of the most valuable resources who have been long-time regulars have seen fit to leave until the problems are resolved; this makes the purpose of the blog suffer.

If you decide to close down shop, most of us will miss you. If not, then all the best, and here's hoping that the actions of a few don't cause the failure of a massive effort.

Thanks a lot Amadues.

Before and above all: I hope you are back in good health with much more to come.

After that, I would like to thank you for your hospitality over the many months I have visited your blog. It has proven educational as well as provided an opportunity for me to swell my soundtrack collection beyond imagining.

Second, I suppose there is no way (short of discontinuing this magnificent forum) to prevent anyone from being rude, self-serving or disrespectful. After all, hiding behind a nom de plume is just as easy as logging on anonymously.

I imagine there might be some way of requiring registration to post, allowing the blg owner to screen out the IP address of any transgressors of common courtesy.

But, basically what it boils down to is that differences of opinion should be encouraged, but rudeness not tolerated; especially in someone else's house.
@ nomwl1
Just a few words to tell you how glad I am to see you back, hoping that you have fully recovered and that your health is now as good as you wish it to be.
I did not comment what has happen here earlier and do not which to do it now since it could be considered as provocative and could lead the fighting to flare up again.
Be certain that no one forced anyone to leave this place that everyone loved, and the people who "left" (provided they did leave) did it with a broken heart but didn't go elsewhere blindfold.
What has happen here is a real shame but one thing is absolutely certain, the respect for you is intact. I am not supposed to speak on behalf of anyone else but me, but I am pretty sure that everyone thinks the same way.
Things happened but they did not happen innocently.
I trust that you will analyze them with your usual good sense and wisdom.
As far as I am concerned I will never thank you enough for what you have done and brought to the majority of us.
All the very best!
A buddy of mine is looking for the complete orchestral score to The Crow by Graeme Revell and he swares that it exists and had seen it on e-bay once. Might anyone here know where i can get a hold of it?


Hi nomwl1---

sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. do YOU have any requests to cheer you up? it's so good to hear from you! i hope you decide to keep your blog going. now that you've started a new link i think i'll start posting here again also (if nobody objects)!

as far as 'what have i done...'---YOU haven't done anything but be a real gracious and courteous host who gave and offered alot without expecting anything in return.

as i've often said in the past---here's wishing you:

All The Best,
(your humble friend),
Rocket From Mars
In reference to posting of Aaron Coplan collection at my blog, for those that prefer to sample or pick and choose what they want to download without downloading the entire five part file, I offer the option of separate downloads in this folder:
Well, I hope all is simply allowed to go on as before...

I find it hard to see how Greg can be driving people away. A rude manner and occasional multiple postings seem like very little to cope with. I can't understand why people get so upset. It's text, fer Zod's sake. It's not even as immediate as IM. I just skip over anything I don't care to read.

The worse problem is the spam postings, but those are infrequent and, while childish and annoying, you can scroll past them. The worst they do is decrease the useful lifespan of a Comments page a bit by bloating it with empty text.

I hope anonymous posting remains an option as I've had trouble signing on even when I do remember logon and password.

Upshot? This is still a good place to swap the stuff we all love. I'm grateful for the opportunity and thank you for keeping it going.

@ nomwl1

I am truly sorry to hear about your ill health and I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

A wonderful person like you doesn't deserve what has been happening here.

I won't dwell on this subject except to recommend that you immediately appoint a capable moderator, through whom all posts have to go, and he will use his judgement as to whether or not he will allow each comment, no matter from whom it came, to appear.

I am confident that if you initiate this all of us old regulars, who have been so happy here, will return to the fold.

Best regards.
Hi Nomwl1, nice to see you're back! :) And sorry you came for seeing what's happened... :(

Looks lik someone could understand (wouldn't?) he's the one who start the fight... :(

I don't know if closing the requests part will be great... I also don't think left the anonymous to comment is a solution. The "war" start because of a blog member, not an anonymous.
Just my 2 cents: why not taking a regular poster here (with a blogger account) and promoted him/her as a mod? We've got this on Score baby's requests since yesterday, and it seems working...

Nomwl1, i hope you'll be better soon... :)
Hope you're feeling better nomw1 and I hope the trouble settles down, your blog is too good to be lost.
@ nomwl1 I hope you are feeling better. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your site. I have been a soundtrack collector for sometime now, but this wonderful site has given me some stuff that I would have never dreamed of having. That’s why I hope you continue to keep this blog open! It is a really special place for "all of us!" I would sadden me to see this place shut down because "all of us can't get along!"
Yes The Crow 2 CD score exists. It appears to be a dvd isolated score rip.
Hello nomwl1,

I'm yet another of the many fans of your blog and the mostly admirable community that visits it. I caught on around Request Post #3 and have found many items of interest and offered a few of my own in return. That said, I do agree that there is one specific blogger who's overall tone, sanctimoniousness and lack of people skills makes his every post a chore to read and/or even simply scroll past... and this person's presence is well documented to be the cause of the mass exodus of your finer sharers. We all know who this is, and so I'll leave it at that. Any kind of pest control in this person's situation would be welcome.

I'd also agree with doing away with anonymous posting. It keeps the trolls out of other blogs I frequent, and it should do wonders here.

At any rate: welcome back and get well soon, nomwl1. And now, my most recently updated Requests List. :)

THE KILLERS (Miklos Rozsa)

SPIDER-MAN: THE MOVIE (the Videogame)

SUPERMAN RETURNS (the Videogame)

MILK AND HONEY (Hal Hartley)

Any scores to films by TAKASHI MIIKE (Graveyard Of Honor, Gozu, etc)

REPO MAN (score only, The Plugz)

ANOTHER BATTLE (Tomoyasu Hotei)

BRICK (Nathan Johnson)

CRIME STORY (the Michael Mann TV series)

INVISIBLE WAVES (Hualampong Riddim )

EXILED (Dave Klotz & Guy Zerafa)

Any scores to films of JOHNNIE TO (Election, Election 2, Throwdown, etc)

EQUINOX (Mark Isham)

LETHAL WEAPON 4 (Kamen, Clapton, Sanborn)

Clint Eastwood's THE ROOKIE (Lennie Neihaus)

SPARTAN (Mark Isham)

STAKEOUT (Arthur Rubenstein)

ANOTHER STAKEOUT (Arthur Rubenstein)

Thank you all very much,

@ thomas:

I just checked my TERMINATOR 1: The Definitive Edition CD and Track 01 (Theme From "The Terminator") runs 4:16 on my Sony Portable Discman.

Hope that helps. :)

Hi nomwl1,

it's good to see you are alive and well.

I'm sorry to see what happened at the comment section and think everyone involved (especially the guys who left) were a little bit overreacting.

As another reader said, too, I just skip all this stuff and just look for the download links.

But whatever, there is now another forum/comment section running and now the links which would have been here are now there. If you're interested, contact John Hartigan.

And whatever will now happen here, nothing was to any degree your fault, you did a wonderful work here all the time. Still I hope this comment will run for a long time.

I found the complete "Harry in Your Pocket" here, so this IS definitely a great place !

Best greetings

@ Amadues -

I will have to look to see if I have A Passage to India.

I only have the first Call of Duty.

Will get back to you!
@ --mcc

Thanks, mine's lenght is more than there is a problem.
Thanks for your help !

So : the last problem :

Could anyone provide me the REAL lenght, form an official CD (not a downloaded version), of track 22 (The Very Act of Being) from The Horse Whisperer ?

Thanks in advance !
@ nomwl1
Glad to see you are back and recovering. I share your sadness about what has gone on here but I feel strongly that things can be salvaged. As you mention, activity has picked up and I am confident we will see everyone sharing as in the days of old!
Still utterly desperate for that Georges Delerue suite from RICH AND FAMOUS. I hear it in my head as I type this. Does anyone care to share it?
where can one find a link to the terminator definitive edition??

This comment has been removed by the author.
@ OST Collector

For Terminator - Definite Edition, see here :

However, track 01 seems to be wrong (some says its lenght is 4.16, instead of 6.??).
So I've uploaded you the correct (I think it is the correct one...) track 01 :

Enjoy !
Hi Everyone---

This was requested here sometime ago:

All The Best,
Rocket From Mars
I'm a bit confused by the questioning over the Terminator track....I looked on this page:

And there's only a 3 second difference between the two "Definitive" releases on most of the tracks....unless one is comparing to the original En*gm* release (which I've had for years on CD). Seems to me this is just a listing error/human error in putting the details up....Is there actually any music itself missing, or am I right about this being just a listing error?
Hi there,
I am looking for The Avengers Theme done by a group called THE FRIENDS OF STEED.It came out in 1998 but then sank without trace until an advertising firm used it in a UK commercial.Do you have this anywhere as I cannot find it.
This was strange....I searched for that AVENGERS recording you're looking for but found nothing through a Blog search. Afterwards, I did a Google search and turned it up, but the few places that had it seemed to require some kind of paid registration to download or listen to it....but it DOES seem to be out there (just not as a sharity/freebie). Kinda strange it hasn't shown up on a blog somewhere.
About The Crow...

What DVD? Is it a region 1 or something i can not play here in the US?

As a child I used to record movie title music off the TV on to cassette tapes, so this is site is a wonderful new find. Please, I do so love it, don't ruin it through bad temper.

A repost request for Cliff Martinez's score to KAFKA starring Jeremy Irons and directed by Steven Soderbergh.

had ever fame complete Score been released which was composed by michal gore or the complete score of summer of 42 which was composed by micheal legrand i mean i have just listened two tracks of summer of 42 01 - Theme From Summer Of`42 02 - The Summer Knows and one for Fame 01.Ralph And Monty ( Dressing Room Piano) was there anymore score released in past?
Greg: That the album was called "Definite" instead of "DEFINITIVE", would be of some suggestiing that the producer of that album was in need of dictionary also as stopwatch! (Who was that person, of an interest?)
I used to do the same thing in pre-video days. :-)

We're probably both in error.....Now that you pointed it out, I actually don't see anything wrong with it being titled "Definite". When looking over the track listings for the Brad Fiedel music, I realized it can't possibly be "definitive" unless it also included the songs from the En*gm* release.....which would truly make it "definitive". :-)
Re: The Definite Edition

I remember FSM making fun of this title when this first came out.
commando and cobra soundtrack pleeeeze
Does anyone have Basil Poledouris' "Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles"?
Hello Everyone---

A couple of fulfilled requests (Various Artist Soundtracks---vinyl rips @ 192 w/ some surface noise)


CARLITO'S WAY: (*note-this is the vinyl edition which is different than the cd of the same name)

later alligators,

Rocket From Mars
I have three requests, can someone help me please?

Below Complete (Graeme Revell)
The Day After Tomorrow Complete (Harald Kloser)
Final Destination 3 (Shirley Walker)

They are very good scores! If someone has any, please share...
about six months ago I was looking for Douglas Gamley's score for the 1973 film Vault of Horror. The only music I could find was four tracks on a compilation of horror movie music which I found on soulseek. Now I can't remember what the compilation was called and was wondering whether anyone could enlighten me as to its name and where I could find it as all I have are the four tracks from that particular film.
Hi, everybody

Excuse me guys, but anyone have this:

X-Men 2 (score) by John Ottman

The Seven Samurai or Shichinin No Samurai (1954) by Fumio Hayasaka

Pale Rider by Lennie Niehaus

High Plains Drifter by Dee Barton

Thanks a lot for your helped!
Cristina, The seven samurai:
Coco, is there any other download for Seven Samurai? I tried twice...each time rebooting my computer...and both times it tolde me the NetSend link that LLDWS has it on would take over an hour to download. Way too long for something that size....any other download locations around?
I posted for Cliff Martinez's KAFKA. Here is something in exchange for all:

John Barry's score for RAISE THE TITANIC:
hello. Does anyone have the rejected score by Alex North in intrada, the new edition? thank you very musch. As I haven't blog, my name is HELEN and it's true. I'm a great fan of soundtracks since many years. I search also "titanic town" by Trevor Jones, "the juror" by james newton howard, "the country bears"by christopher young, "croos roads-bootleg" by trevor jones, "wishcaft"by john scott. Many thanks in advance. Maybe you have THE MACK or the match(I don't know)or LIGHT IT UP by harry gregson-williams.Many thanks dor all a,d many kisses. HELEN.
Greg, i don't know any other link. Post the direct link that Miarroba gives to the host (I don't know if you arrived this place, I hope the step makes easyer you to get it...).
@DJ Vanity Fair

Is this "RAISE THE TITANIC" CD rip? And is the original J.Barry Album or the re-recording?
Thank you, man!
Helen - Do you mean North's rejected score for 2001: A Space Odyssey or another film?
Coco, I'm pretty sure I tried the direct link earlier today, but just tried that link you gave now and it does seem to be downloading much faster. It was probably the time of day I tried getting it before, and also because the download server is in another country....both of those things together are what was causing it to take so long. It's going much faster now, thanks. :-)
If no one has the Intrada 2001 Space Odyssey by Alex North, I have the Goldsmith recording by Varese if needed.

Lemmie know.
WOW....I'm interested in the Intrada release....I was aware of the commonly-available Goldsmith re-recording from VS, but had no idea that original Alex North recordings from the film had ever been released.

Yes, I second that vote for a posting of the original recordings....did a blog search and couldn't find one listed anywhere.
Does anyone happen to have the actual Groovie Goolies album, the one by the group of that name, and not the commonly-found DVD rip that's around online? No one (surprisingly) seems to have the actual album release by the group containing songs from the classic animated series...although I've found one MP3 online awhile back from the album. The cover has a photo of the three singers dressed up in costume and makeup as Drac, Frankie, and Wolfie, posing by a television which has an image on it of the animated characters.
This comment has been removed by the author.
a request:

Daddy's Dyin'... Who's Got the Will? (1990)

Thanx for the music!
Here is a question! The Lost in Space Volume 3 soundtrack (GNPD 8062) has 18 tracks. But! If you put the CD in the computer there is a 19th track that is 6:20 long. It is aptly titled "nothing" and indeed there is nothing playing on this track.

This does not compute. Any explanation?
I love this blog site & the owner should be commended for all this wonderful music he puts up.

Hats off to you sir.

With that said - any chance of more Rozsa, Steiner, Herrmann etc?

Thanks agin for a superb blog!

Best Regards Ste
Here's that request for the Brother Bear Complete Score Promo.

Will post 50 First Dates soon.


Here is the request for "50 First Dates" by Teddy Castellucci.

I will be posting more soon...I have a bunch of stuff to share. Alfrodo requested a repost of "Superman Returns: The Video Game Score" by Colin O'Malley...will post either tonight or tomorrow.

If anyone's interested, here's a sampling of promos that I have...always willing to share...
A Sound of Thunder Complete 2-DISC and 1-DISC Promos (Nick Glennie-Smith)

Agent Cody Banks (John Powell)

Anchorman (Alex Wurman)

Bridge To Terabithia (Aaron Zigman)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Score Promos Seasons 2, 3 (Christophe Beck)

Daddy Day Care (David Newman)

Desperate Housewives Score Promo (Danny Elfman, Steve Jablonsky, Stewart Copeland, Steve Bartek)

Final Destination & Final Destination 2 (Shirley Walker)

Finding Nemo Complete (Thomas Newman)

Frequency Complete (Michael Kamen)

Holes Promo (Joel McNeely)

My Best Friend's Wedding Promo (James Newton Howard)

Pooh's Heffalump Movie (Joel McNeely)

South Park Movie Complete (Mark Shaiman, Trey Parker, Matt Stone)

Spaceballs Recording Sessions (John Morris)

Spiderman 2 Additional Score Promo (Christopher Young)

Talledega Nights Promo (Alex Wurman)

The Tigger Movie (Harry Gregson-Williams)

xXx: State of the Union (Marco Beltrami)

Zoolander Promo (David Arnold)


13 going on 30 Promo (Theodore Shapiro)

Dodgeball Promo (Theodore Shapiro)

Star Trek: Insurrection Complete (Jerry Goldsmith)

Star Trek: Nemesis Complete (Jerry Goldsmith)

Ladder 49 Promo (William Ross)

and any Star Trek Episode Promos (Bryan Tyler, Velton Ray Bunch, Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattaway)

Thank you so much!

Could you post "Anchorman" and "Daddy Day Care" please?

Here's the Superman Video Game Score:

Will post Anchorman and Daddy Day Care soon
Does anyone have these complete Hans Zimmer soundtracks?

Pearl Harbor
Riding in Cars with Boys
Something's Gotta Give
The Weather Man

Thank you in advance!!
@ amadues (in case honored general doesn't have it) Maurice Jarres's A PASSAGE TO INDIA:

(it's a vinyl rip @ 192 and there is some surface 'crackle' in spots')

All The Best,
Rocket From Mars
@ Matt: The Buffy promo scores will be great, if you could post... Thanks :)

For Star Trek scores have you tried Soundtracks of Doom blog? The link is on this blog. I tried the Insurrection link and it still worked.
Brian Tyler's Enterprise: Regeneration promo score, which I posted in Requests 4:
@ Greg

I just posted the Groovie Goolies album on my blog. I believe it originally came from the late-great Mondo Daddykin blog.

Wonderful Wonderblog's Helen. For Matt.I'm intersted in the 2CD of "a sound of thunder and the two alex wurman. For 2001, it is the original rejected score by Alex North conducted by himself. I have the varese releae with Jerry Goldsmith conducting. I request again for Trevor Jones's crossroads and titanic town, harry gregson-williams's light it up, steve jablonsky.'s live in bagdad; Helpe me, please....I would like to create a blog and upload of my film musics collection but I don't know how to do and it is normal i find to post what you search if i have the titles , I will help you with pleasure.
Another request.Steve jablonsky's the island 2 cd
Thank you very much and I ill join soon with fuyture uploads.
Thanks coco for The Seven Samurais and the LLSW´s guys too!
EXCELLENT! Thanks, Erick!
(I'm the anon from above who posted about Douglas Gamley's Vault of Horror score)
I've found the compilation that contained it. It's called "Unheard Melodies - 50 years of Rare UK Fantasy, Horror & Sci-Fi Themes Vol. 5 (1973-1979)" Does anyone know anything more about this series or even better have the rest of it? (i found it on soulseek but can only find this volume and parts of volumes 4 & 6) I can't find anything about them searching on Google. Can anyone help?
I'm also looking from he INTRADA release of North's rejected score for 2001, A Space Oddyssey !!!

Does anyone have it ?

Thanks !
Does anyone have John Harrison's soundtrack for Romero's Day of The Dead (1985)? Would be really appreciated. Thanks ahead!
@Rocket From Mars
i just say Thanks alot for this great score A Passage Of India
Do you have Babel Promo
Go to this page:
All of Romero's zombie film scores are there, including Day of The Dead. When you click on the film's title, a small window opens up with links to all the tracks from that album.
I'd second the request for any Douglas Gamley music, particularly his music to 'From Beyond the Grave' if at all available.

Hello.It's Helen.Another request il it may possible. Two scores by William Ross: THE EVENING STAR/BLACK SHEEP
Help me, please .PLEASE!!!!!Help me for the others request.You are all great!!!!
I'm looking for Malamondo
and La Califfa from The only
Ennio Morricone
Yo Matt:

Here's William Ross' outstanding score to LADDER 49 in 320 -- I hope! This is my first posting/upload ever, so let me know how (and if) it works out!

Glad to be part of the community here!
P.S. Will post EVENING STAR and BLACK SHEEP later tonight/tomorrow -- both also by William Ross (it's a theme day for me, I guess).
William Ross BLACK SHEEP (composer promo):

I have but one request of my wishing at the moment: Michael Kamen's lovely "Last Boy Scout". I have only so far seen a listing and not alas heard a note of this, one of my favorite action films!

If anyone can upload, I will be of an immensity grateful!
And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's EVENING STAR -- another lovely, out of print William Ross score:

It's been a busy first day of uploading for me -- any of these actually working for anyone???

BTW, I second that LAST BOY SCOUT request, also looking for:

HITCH (George Fenton)
MURDER AT 1600 (Chris Young)
CATWOMAN (Klaus Badelt)

So it seems like there's a lot of goes... :)

@Breton Girl...
The Buffy scores will be posted by later tonight.

For others...
Anchorman and Talladega Nights will come soon as I have time to post them :)

A Sound of Thunder as well

Thank you for the Ladder 49 Score! I've been searching for this one for a while!

And last but not least...i don't have the babel promo, sorry...if i see it somewhere i'll let you know!

The complete Catwoman score is on this LLDS blog page:
Nope Greg, file was removed :o(
It's still here on Trickster's site in Russia:
Have to be registered and log in to get to the download.
And another time Greg put a link for a dead file! Will he ever learn?
Uploading Alex North's legendary rejected score for 2001 A Space Odyssey. Will be available later
I found the DODGEBALL promo online at this link:

Unfortunately, you have to download each track individually, and it is slow, but they work and the quality is ok.
Alex North;
Reject score for
2001: A Space Odyssey


Anonymous....will you ever learn to shut the **** up?

I can't possibly check EVERY link on every page I's up to you to check it out.
@ Breton Girl:
Here are the two buffy discs (with covers)


Buffy Season 2:

Buffy Season 3:

Talledaga Nights and Anchorman will be up next.

Ah greg...thank you for the enterprise link... :)

You're welcome, Matt. :-)
Here is the promo cd from "Talledaga Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby":

I have a few more requests...if anyone can help (since my requests up above were fulfilled in a matter of hours! Thanks!)

Chicken Little Promo (John Debney)

Cool Runnings Expanded (Hans Zimmer and Nick Glennie-Smith)

White Noise (Claude Foisy)

Dodgeball (Theodore Shapiro)

Starsky & Hutch (Theodore Shapiro)

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (Cliff Eidelman)

The Santa Clause (Michael Convertino)

The Santa Clause 2, 3 (George S. Clinton)

Legally Blonde (Rolfe Kent)

Thanks Again!

Hey is the link for Alex Wurman's "Anchorman" promo:

Also had one more score to add to my request list...

The Devil Wears Prada (Theodore Shapiro)
Hey out there,

Can anyone post Raintree County from FSM 2 CD set!

I know it's not OOP but there have been new stuff posted here before. Thanks for any help

Thanks Matt :)

Devil Wear Prada is on the regular SLP main page.
@ matt:

Thanks for SUPERMAN RETURNS, man.
Anything I can look for in return?

@ petronius & billy:

I can help with THE LAST BOY SCOUT. Give me a day or so. :)
Greg said...

"Anonymous....will you ever learn to shut the **** up?

I can't possibly check EVERY link on every page I's up to you to check it out. "

All your usual charm, I see.

If you post a link from someone else's site, you damn well should check the link first. When will you ever learn??

For anyone else who is not a butthead like Greg, and waits a nice *friendly* venue, please feel free to join us over at ScoreBaby's Annex.
Greg, thanks A LOT for Day of The Dead! The link's awesome!
My new requests and ideas of collection :

* 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS "promo" (D. Arnold)
* 2009 LOST MEMORIES (D.J. Lee)
* 30 GOING 13 promo (T. Shapiro)
* A LIFE LESS ORDINARY "promo" (D. Arnold)
* AUGGIE ROSE (M. Mancina)
* BABY BOY (D. Arnold)
* BAD COMPANY "promo" (T. Rabin)
* BANGER SISTERS "promo" (T. Rabin)
* CHILDREN OF GLORY (N. Glennie-Smith)
* CHILL FACTOR "promo" (J. Powell & H. Zimmer)
* COBB (E. Goldenthal)
* CROW : STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN [serie] (P.M. Robinson)
* DREAMER (J. Debney)
* D-TOX "complete session" (J. Powell)
* DUELLISTS (H. Blake)
* FLYERS (B. Poledouris)
* FREE WILLY 2 (B. Poledouris)
* FREE WILLY 3 (C. Eidelman)
* GLIMMER MAN "promo" (T. Rabin)
* GOLDEN CHILD (M. Colombier & Various Artists)
* GRUMPIER OLD MEN 1 & 2 (A. Silvestri)
* HERCULES [serie] (J. LoDuca)
* INDEPENDENCE DAY "2 cds" (D. Arnold) if possible, in bitrate 320 kbps, because I have it into 128k
* INSPECTOR GADGET "promo" (J. Debney)
* KANGAROO JACK "promo" (T. Rabin)
* KULL THE CONQUEROR (Joel Goldsmith)
* MAC AND ME (A. Silvestri)
* MAGIC ROUNDABOUT "anime" (M. Thomas & J.L. Venable)
* MURDER BY NUMBERS "promo" (C. Mansell)
* MY COUSIN VINNY (R. Edelman)
* ODD COUPLE 2 (A. Silvestri)
* OUT OF TIME (G. Revell)
* PASSION OF MIND (R. Edelman)
* PATLABOR (K. Kawai)
* PIRATES (Skin Muzic)
* PRACTICAL MAGIC "rejected" (M. Nyman)
* ROUNDERS (C. Young)
* SCARY MOVIE "promo" (J.L. Venable)
* SCARY MOVIE 2 "promo" (J.L. Venable)
* SCARY MOVIE 3 "promo" (J.L. Venable)
* SEMANA SANTA (A. Guerra)
* SHADE (C. Young)
* SIEFRIED & ROY : MAGIC BOX (A. Silvestri)
* SWIRI (D.J. Lee)
* TERMINATOR 3 "recording sessions" (M. Beltrami)
* THREE WISHES (Cynthia Millar)
* TURBULENCES 2 (D. Davis)
* TWINS (R. Edelman, G. Delerue & Various Artists)
* UNDEAD (C. Bradley )
* UNDERWORLD 2 : EVOLUTION (M. Beltrami) if possible, in bitrate 320 kbps, because I have it into 128k
* VALENTINE (D. Davis)
* WISHMASTER "promo" (H. Manfredini)

Very Great thanx ;)
@ Matt

Thank you very much for BROTHER BEAR, I sought it for a long time this complete score :))

I'm happy for my collection "Mark Mancina"!
@ Ruggo

Thanks Ruggo, but that was not the version we were looking for !

What we needed was the INTRADA 2006 release, with 13 tracks, of 2001, A Space Odyssey.

Does anyone have it ?
Hello.It's Helen.Thank you very much for the william Ros's scores.the evening star is a beautiful score.thank you very much, Bill.You are very gentle.i search from the same composer LITTLE RASCALS, THUMBELINA, MY FELLOW AMERICANS, T-REX, HER MAJESTY, LIFE WITH JUDY GARLAND. Here's an interesting composer. I have the others titles that he made. Billy, I count of you. Thank you,and many kisses at the men who love soundtracks....
Mcc: if you can be linking to "Last Boy Scout", you will have made my weekend!

Filmpac, go **** yourself and shut the hell up. Excuse the hell outta me, but everything has been fine here until Anonymous posted his troublemaking troll reply....obviously for the sole purpose of causing trouble because he/she/IT was just waiting for the slightest little reason to go after me, and you obviously did the same damned thing. I was JUSTIFIED in my response.....and I don't always have the time to log in and check every link, for your information. How do you even KNOW that Anon even bothered checking the Trickster link I posted, instead of just trolling like he/she/IT obviously did?

Trickster's site requires registration AND log-in....there is NOTHING wrong with the "dead link" (as Anonymous put it), because Trickster protects his downloads by making them a .rar file you have to get which contains a text (.txt) file containg the actual download link/links....and I just checked the one for C*tw*m*n, which has no less than FOUR download links....and EVERY ONE so much for Anon's trollish "dead links" comment (and no....I won't post those links here because that defeats the whole security purpose of his site requiring the log-in and the way you get to the download links.
Hello.i'm interested by the two scors of theodore shapiro:DODGEBALL/STARKY AND HUTCH- The expanded of COOL RUNNUNGS and THE SANTA CLAUS 2 and 3. thank very much, guy.You are very cool!!!!Dan
P.S:I try to download the link of theodore shapiro's dodgeball but it's too long.
Hello.Does anyone have THE RING-THE RECORDING SESSIONS , THE LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN-promo by Hans Zimmer.thank you very much. At the next.
I have noted from some diggings that there exists a 23 track expanded "Batman Begins", although links for it appear dead. Does anyone know of an active linking for such a beast? It is one of my fave raves, and I was unaware of this expansion. Thanks, guys!
Greg everything was fine here until you came.
Greg: I was not talking about the Trickster link but the Los Soundtracks one. It could be good for you to use your brain sometimes. I know it's hard. But if you want you could have your synapse working!
I posted the working Trickster link why even comment on the LLDS link?

Anon (the other one?)....everything has been fine recently until other people started causing problems.

Here it is at last...the often-requested ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK - The Complete Soundtrack
Yes, Greg, it's always others who start troubles. You're just a very misunderstood guy!
God how this place could be better without you!
Yes it is (in this instance)....and I'm very misunderstood.
Hello Helen (and fellow William Ross fans)... Looks like I've found my niche! Will post WR's MY FELLOW AMERICANS (score only promo), LITTLE RASCALS (promo) and THUMBELINA (OOP) soon! Glad to hear my uploads are working!
I was sarcastic. No one loves you, booooooo! Return to hell my fiend!
Does anyone have Airport 75? I checked the link on a previous YDH2VTB and the rip on there appears dead. Thanks very much.
Airport 1975 can be found here (and the link works):
Hello Billy!thank you very much for the William Ross's scores.It's Helen. I'm very glad to have these william Ross who is an excellent composer. Maybe Billy, you have TITANIC TOWN by Trevor Jons or FROM HELL recording sessions or croosroads promo, or THE JUROR by James Newton Howard, or WISHCRAFT by John Scott, or LIVE IN BAGDAD by steve Jablonsky.....I thank you very much and you are great....What are your favorite composers? As I haven't blog, I will try to make one but my work doesn't allow to take time , but I will try and I will try to give some soundtracks.i promise. Thank you very much and many kisses for all who love scores.
Bobby "Boris" Pickett, the man behind "The Monster Mash", has died. :-(
Why does Greg attack members in this comment area? He must be a gosh-darn ol' troublemaker.

I have to stand with Filmpac with this one - if you're going to go to the trouble of posting links (appreciated, but you somehow make a simple task into an obnoxious art), then the least you could do is to post links that WORK and that aren't dead.

Otherwise, you're not being helpful; just a big pain in the ass.
Could the posters who have problems with Greg please take it elsewhere? The blog is coming back nicely. You've decided to take your shares to another blog. Can't blame you for leaving, and wish you didn't, but why come back only to stir things up?

It seems like some of you just won't quit until this blog goes under!
@ anonymous - Simple enough, if Greg will promise to stay here, we'll stay there. That way everybody is happy. And no, I hardly want to see this blog go under, and if it does it is through no fault of the many who chose to leave, but through the actions of the one.
well if everyone had ignored greg in the first place , he would have gone by now...
....more like through the actions of some others!
The big question is: Since I've agreed to behave nicely, will others agree to also do so instead of looking for the slightest little reason to go after me?

Anonymous from Thursday, April 26, 2007 3:09:00're absolutely correct and 100% right about what you said. are so way offbase and simply wrong. I attacked NO ONE. It was the other (?) Anonymous who said "And another time Greg put a link for a dead file! Will he ever learn?"....and THAT was an attack, Plain And Simple.
MORE like if everyone would either ignore the Anonymous poster(s) who are too chickenshit to use their REAL names, things might be calmer around here....or if Nomwl1 would simply implement a ban on anonymous posting, at least the registered usernames would be seen here and something could be done about the rather obvious trolls stirring up trouble.

I realize that you feel like you've been wronged to some degree, but may I suggest a short and simple apology on your part might go some ways toward recitifying the sad situation you seem to be in the middle of? You have stated that you are misunderstood, but the complaints of your many detractors certainly have some validity, do they not? You say that you will "behave nicely", as opposed to what? Behaving rudely or annoyingly? You ought to just make a fresh start of it man. Apologize (and mean it) and maybe some of these people will cut you a little slack.
....and then again, maybe not. Things were going just fine and cordially until earlier today when the other "Anonymous" (and possibly other Anons) started making continuing comments about me.

Sorry, but no I already said, people (including myself) were behaving properly and being nice and non-threatening until others started up trouble again today.
You're a lost cause Gregory, right, it's always somebody else's fault, but never yours.

Is it too hard to simply promise to stay out of the OTHER place, where it should be clear even to you that you are not welcome?

C'mon Greg, what do you say? Let's end this now.
Come on, lad... You can do it! Give up the ghost buddy, I'm pulling for ya!
Both of you can shut the hell up.....PERIOD.
Hard to make a case that you are the injured party when you cannot agree to a simple enough request.
Does anyone have a full soundtrack for "Murder By Death"?
Hate to interrupt with a film score posting, but here goes anyway -- more from William Ross (of course):

MY FELLOW AMERIC@NS (score only promo)

More where that came from later -- in the meantime, enjoy!
Hello to All,
i think, this is the Blog from "Nomwl1" and not "GREG's"
so i don't understand the excitement. Let Greg on left side, no answer and no comment's!
Maybe so going from self to her own Blog return and here is "Rest and Peace"
William Ross

Yo, petro...

Prepare for the score to the Joe Hallenbeck Football Party. He's the Last of the Great Scouts, Boy. They call him Bruce. Music by the K-Man, may he rest in peace.
We could left that greg alone here, if he could left alone there.... But he couldn't, starting to post on our new place few days ago with 3 links for his own blog!!!!!! And then yesterday, to make one of his nice reply for something stupid (no offence for you, Isbum)...
Just in case someone could unerstand a "french" local language called morvandiot, greg is what we called a beuznot... ;)
So a while ago I got this soundtrack that I thought was some sort of unused score to RESIDENT EVIL but it turns out that wasn't the case. Subsequently, I have this original score to what film I have no idea! Can anyone help identify it?

It's 15 tracks, about 46 or 48 minutes, moody and electronic like a horror/action film score. For some reason my WinAmp thinks a couple tracks are from the score to CHANGING LANES, but why I'm not sure. The info I got from Filtracks suggests otherwise. At any rate, here's a link...

Thanks, if anyone can help! :)
Does anyone have Franco Piersanti's soundtrack for "Corto Maltese: La Coure secrete des arcanes"?? I'm also searching for a long time and I can't find a soundtrack for the Sissi trilogy by Anton Profes. Is there one? Thank you!
@ Laugiscore

Greame Revell's Out of Time is in my collection; I'll post it after my (short) holiday, just like the expanded score(s) for Tomorrow Never Dies.

Does anyone have the score for the James Bond videogame FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE?

A Tribute To Bobby "Boris" Pickett
MCC: a 192kbps gem!!!! My words are: Friday Night's A Great Night For Football!

Many, many thanks for this. I appoint you Film Score God Of The Day.
JG's LONELY ARE THE BRAVE just posted at Scoredaddy's:
One of my all-time favorite, but unreleased, scores.
For those who like an authentic chinese Soundtrack, here is
"RAISE THE RED LANTERN"(CD rip-192kbps):

Zhao Jiping-1994-Raise The Red Lantern:
Thanks for the info on Airport 75.
You're welcome on Airport 1975. I've seen people ask here and there about Airport '77.....has there ever been any sort of score release in any form of that one?
Anyone the BATMAN (1989) Complete Score without SFX???

Is there any music out there from 'Robinson Crusoe on Mars'?
Anyone have Pride & Prejudice by Dario Marianelli or Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (any songs from it)?

Here is the Portrait of a Lady from an earlier request page:

"PRIDE AND PREJUDICE"(Dario Marianelli:
3 different links here:
Glad to be of help, Petronius! :)
Misha Segal's beautiful and lush score from the 1989 film adaption of Ph*nt*m of Th* Op*r*
Hello !

I'm still trying to create a Sci-Fi soundtrack collection.

I'd like to add Mars Attacks! to this collection.

Could someone upload this wonderful music in 320kb/s ?

Thanks in advance !
Thomas, do you mean the album/CD release or a DVD rip of the entire isolated score? Not sure of the bitrate (downloading it right now), but this page from LLDS has it;
It's at 128k.....just checked it out right now.
Thanks for the link elias!
Does anyone have Theodore Shapiro's Devil Wear Prada score? Thanks!
@ greg

I'm looking for the official release, but in 320kb/s.
I already have the 128kb/s of LLDS. I'm looking for a better quality.

Thanks once more !
@ alejo

Try here for The Devil Wears Prada.
I don't know wheter it's a correct link...try it !

Enjoy !
@ Alejo

Oh...scuse me, I gave you the wrong link for Devil Wears Prada.

That one seems to work :
Requests for

Long Good Friday - Francis Monkman

20'0000 Leagues Disney - Paul Smith

Here's hoping Thank You
Here's a link for 20,000 Leagues. Sorry I don't know who to credit for it.

A few Requests...

That 20,000 Leagues was originally posted here at YDHTVTB in the Old Requests post by "Scoreman" (and has turned up in a couple of later Requests threads):
Here's Brainstorm by Horner

Hi. Would anyone happen to have the score to either:

- Roxanne
- Memento
- The Claim
- The Station Agent
- What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

Much appreciated if anyone can help.
Hello !

I'm looking for all James Newton Howard scores for Shyamalan's movies, but in 320 kb/s :

- Sixth Sense
- Unbreakable
- Signs
- The Village
- Lady in the Water

Thanks once more for all your efforts !
@ Thomas:

Here is The Village in 320kb/s.
@ Enya

Thank you so much ! That's simply perfect !!!

Now I'm still looking for (still in 320kb/s):

- The Sixth Sense
- Unbreakable
@ Thomas,

Here are The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable at 320 (not my rips):

The Sixth Sense:



OK, thank you very much ! That's wonderful !

Does anyone know wheter an expanded score exists for Unbreakable, Signs or Lady in the Water ?
@ Thomas
Thank you SO very much Thomas! You're the best!
Here's a video rip of a much-requested sci-fi classic: ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS (1964) - Music by Nathan Van Cleave
@ Thomas
Thanks again for the D*v*l wears Pr*d* link. That link is for the released soundtrack only. I'd love to get Theodore Shappiro's score as well! Anyone?
Courtesy of Mr. Hartigan at Soundtrack Lovers Paradise, here is the score promo of Mr. Sh@piro's DEVIL WEARS PR@D@

Fun score -- happy listening!
Thank you Ruggo for James Horner's Brainstorm. I saw that film as a kid, creeped me out but the score is classic horner in his glory years.
Hello !It's Helen. I thank you very much Billy for the two William Ross's scores. I wait THUMBELINA . I thank you very much in advance. As there are some request about James Newton Howard, I ask again if anyone has THE JUROR. Thank you again and thank you for these fabulous scores. HELEN
Does anyone have the Chris Boardman's SPY KIDS? A extended v. or promo will be better...And the Goldsmith's PLANET OF THE APES in a Cd rip, please (I already get a vinil one on this place I found:
A partcicular collector that has a not bad list of OST).
Thank you.
Does Any one have
An Affair to Remember Cd Version Good Sound
Composed By: Hugo Friedhofer
Coco, that POTA you got was a CD rip (I downloaded it just to be sure). That particular release was a CD-only release (including the EFTPOTA suite), but what you downloaded:
Is only at 128k bitrate. Perhaps you mean you would like a 320k rip?
Coco, here's the 192k rip FirstMoon posted in Requests 3:
Greg, the 192 kbps is better...if someone has a 320 will be great for us. Don't you heard some craks in the tracks? It seem to me a vinil, maybe another bug or something.
Thank you again.

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