Friday, December 01, 2006

Requests - Does Anyone Have These? Anybody have any other requests? (Part 2)

Many kind readers of the blog have requested or mentioned these albums in past comments, but I didn't have them, so I thought I'd ask if anyone else had these. Before anyone gets their hopes up though, I don't expect too much of a response to this post (despite the fact that people who visit this blog are exceptionally nice), but I thought I'd ask anyway. :))

Update: Well of course, I was wrong about there not being much of a response, but I was still right about the people who visit being exceptionally nice!

This is the second part to the Requests Post to make room for new comments.

Also, if you're kind enough to upload something, I'd appreciate you mentioning if it's somebody else's link (as opposed to something you uploaded), just so I know. If it's somebody else's link (from another blog or forum, for instance), I try to keep it in the comments section rather than put it here or on another main post so I keep the possibility of getting it killed to a minimum. Thanks!

Also, please let me know if you don't want me to post any of your links in this section or if you just want to keep them in the comments section. I post them here mainly to keep the links alive and to make it easier for people so that they don't have to sift through so many comments to find something, but any way you'd prefer me to do it is fine by me. :))

And please let me know if any of the links have gone dead.

Also, some of the uploaders aren't crazy about 'Anonymous' people and only prefer to fulfill requests for people who identify themselves, just to let you know. I don't have a problem with 'Anonymous' people, but I can see how people might feel like this makes it less of a community of friends and like-minded people and more of a vending machine. So, you might try and say a few things along with the request or give yourself a screen name if you feel like it. Just a suggestion.

The requests are in more-or-less chronological order of when they were made. Only fair that way. But please read all the way to the bottom if you have the time. Thanks!

And as you can guess, this is a bit hard to update in a timely fashion, so excuse the outdated nature of anything here. :))


Can you identify this piece of music? Per 'Anonymous': 'Hi Soundtrack hedz , please help me out on this one, I have been trying to find out what film score this music comes from for the past 20 years , I know it is pre 1970 that is all,
they use it in a lot of kung fu movies. HERES THE LINK'
(nomwl1: I bet someone out there knows what it is!)

** And 'The Last of the Anonymous' wants to know [nomwl1: Sorry, these are the way the characters came out. Good luck on reading it!]:

'“002 – Operazione Luna”

“Sei simpatiche carogne” (also known as “Uno scacco tutto matto”)

are two italian /spanish production films from late sixties with nice music, expecially the first have a GREAT soundtrack, swingin’ detective jazz at his best…..
I don’t found anything on soundtrackcollector, while IMDB says that “002 – Operazione Luna” had music by Coriolano Gori (Lallo Gori), while “Sei simpatiche carogne” had music by Miguel Asins Arbò'

** Delfino at Delfinotrack was wondering if anybody had the version of 'I Put A Spell On You' used in the Jim Carrey / Lauren Hutton movie, 'Once Bitten' (1985). I haven't seen the movie in a long time and I couldn't remember what version was used. Can anybody help? Thanks!


0) Does anyone have TRACK 1 of CD2 from "Jerry Goldsmith - Live in Barcelona"? [requested by 'Kyle']

1) Appelez-Moi Mathilde (1969) (Michel Legrand with arrangements by Vladimir Cosma) [requested by 'Anonymous']

2) Barfly (1987) [requested by 'Cineaste' of OST Hub]

3) Battle Beyond The Stars (James Horner) [requested by 'Toby']

4) Be Cool (2005) (Various Artists & John Powell) [requested by 'Anonymous']

5) Bloodline (1979) (Ennio Morricone) [requested by 'Vince' & 'anonymous']

6) Boney (1972-1973 TV Series) (Sven Libaek) or Nature Walkabout (1965 TV) (Sven Libaek) [requested by 'Penthouse Safari']

7) Broadcast News (1987) (Bill Conti) [requested by 'Robotgunfighter']

8) Calendar Girls (Patrick Doyle) [requested by 'Kyle']

9) Una Casa Con Vista Al Mar (a.k.a., A House With a View of the Sea) (2001 Canadian / Venezuelan Documentary) (Nascuy Linares and Loreena McKennitt) ('Or if you have the Loreena single (Dante's Prayer, in Spanish) I would be most grateful. Thanks.') [requested by 'Meg']

10) The Challenge (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) [requested by 'Anonymous']

11) City Heat (1984) (Lennie Niehaus & Various) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (nomwl1: I have this LP, but I'm pretty sure it's in storage so I'm hoping somebody else has it!)

12) Compartiment Tueur (Michel Magne) [requested by 'Pierrick']

13) Conquerors of the Ages (Edmund De Luca) [requested by 'Soilworker' of Crime In Your Coffee] (nomwl1: he provided a reference link if you want to see info on it and I remember them searching for this over at Planet Xtabay (Xtabay's World). They provided a link to a low bitrate (32 Kbps) version of the album, if you want to hear it.)

14) Crow: City Of Angels (1996) (Graeme Revell) [requested by 'Futuresoundtrackblogger']

15) Curse of the Jade Scorpion (2001) (Various Artists) [requested by 'Licorice Pizza' (Hi Timbo!)] (the soundtrack to the Woody Allen movie) [nomwl1: I think there was one on the Soundtrack Factory label (Hollywood Ending/The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion - Import CD), but it seems kind of obscure, so hopefully somebody out there has it!]

16) Le Dernier Combat (a.ka. The Last Combat, The Last Battle, etc.) (1983) (Eric Serra) [requested by Luis José] (Luis also wanted to know the difference between score and soundtrack. Anybody want to answer that? I'm sure someone out there can do it more eloquently than me! Thanks!)

17) Don't Drink The Water (1969) (Pat Williams) [requested by 'Samgigi']

18) Dragnet (1987) (Ira Newborn) [requested by 'Anonymous']

19) E.R. TV Soundtrack [requested by 'Robbob']

20) Fahrenheit 451 (1966) (Bernard Herrmann) (The complete score) [requested by 'anonymous'] - ('Quidtum' nicely reminded us that the shorter Tsunami version is being shared at Bullseye)

21) Fire (1997) (A.R. Rahman) [requested by 'Meg']

22) Flashpoint (1984) (Tangerine Dream) (requested by 'Anonymous') [nomwl1: 'Attax' over at Rare & OOP kindly re-upped this at his blog (though I don't know if the link is still active)]

23) Fly Away Home (1996) (Mark Isham) (requested by 'Anonymous') (nomwl1: it's on a 17 track bootleg with other Isham bonus tracks)

24) Follow Me (1969) (Stu Phillips, with Dino, Desi, & Billy) (the surfer film) [requested by 'Steve', 'Danny', 'Lori', 'Randy', & 'James K' - that's not a band like Dino, Desi, & Billy, by the way]

25) From Beyond (1986) (Richard Band) [requested by 'Anonymous'] (nomwl1: Skunkape used to be sharing this, but that link went dead. And it seems to me I've seen somebody else sharing this recently, but my brain isn't working.)

26) The George Sanders Touch: Songs For The Lovely Lady [requested by 'Mykl']

27) The Getaway (1972) (Quincy Jones) [requested by 'Virtruv77']

28) Goldeneye (Michael J. Lewis) [Rejected Promo] [requested by 'Anonymous']

29) Goodbye E Amen (1977) (Guido and Maurizio De Angelis) [requested by 'Anonymous']

30) Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' (1967) (Frank De Vol) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - (nomwl1: I have this and will post it if nobody else does. :))

31) Guns for San Sebastian (1968) (Ennio Morricone) (Extended version) [requested by 'youngmanafraidofthunder']

32) Heavenly Bodies (1984) (Various Artists) [requested by 'Rudy D']

33) Heavy Metal (1981) (Elmer Bernstein) - (Expanded version with 25 tracks [running time of 80.38 min.]. Here is the back cover to the boot.) [requested by 'Ripman']

34) The Horse Whisperer (Thomas Newman) [requested by 'Anonymous']

35) Hotel (1967) (Johnny Keating) [requested by 'Watson']

36) The Hunter (1980) (either score by Michel Legrand (USA) or Charles Bernstein (Europe), if either exists) (the Steve McQueen movie) [requested by 'Anonymous']

37) Innocent Blood (1992) (Ira Newborn) [requested by 'Anonymous']

38) Into The Night (1985) (Ira Newborn) [requested by 'Anonymous']

39) Legends Of Toei Action Movies Original Soundtrack Collection compilations [requested by 'Anonymous']

40) Lili (1953) (Bronislau Kaper, musical director - Hans Sommer) (musical soundtrack) [requested by 'anonymous'] - Update: Mel was kind enough to put up 27 minutes of the score here.

41) The Lion in Winter (J. Barry) [requested by 'Anonymous']

42) Little Women (1949) (Adolph Deutsch) (the June Allyson / Elizabeth Taylor version) [requested by 'Anonymous']

43) Lost Liners: An Age Gone By (2000 PBS TV Special) (Michael J. Whalen) [requested by 'Anonymous']

44) Made in Heaven (1987) (Mark Isham) [requested by 'Secretly a Terrific Whistler'] ('main song was written by Neil Young ("We've Never Danced")')

45) Madly (a.k.a., Madly, Il Piacere Dell'Uomo) (1969) (Francis Lai) [requested by 'Anonymous']

46) The Manhattan Project (1986) (Philippe Sarde) [requested by 'Anonymous']

47) Max (2002) (Dan Jones) (the John Cusack movie) [requested by 'Anonymous']

48) Michael J. Lewis Classical Filmmusic [requested by 'Cedric'] - (according to 'Cedric': 'an excellent compilation of the music he has composed during the first 25 years of his carreer?') (nomwl1: I have a 2-CD promo of his music, but I don't think it was called Classical Filmmusic, so if that's not the one, I don't know which one he means. Has anybody heard of this one?)

49) Missing in Action (1984) (Jay Chattaway) [requested by 'Shystrak']

50) Moulin Rouge (2001) (Craig Armstrong) (The 13 track rare promo) [requested by 'Varun / Mythodean']

51) La Notte (Giorgio Gaslini) (1960) [New Sound Jazz #2 - Giorgio Gaslini Quartet] (a movie by Michelangelo Antonioni) [requested by 'Buscoglione' & 'Quidtum'] (cover+tracklist are here)

52) Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) (J. Barry) [requested by 'Christopher'] - (nomwl1: This is another one I have, but I think it must be in storage since I can't find it anywhere around here. I'm sure some nice person out there will provide it though!)

53) The Plague Dogs (1982) [requested by 'Anonymous']

54) Portrait in Terror (John Ottman) [requested by 'Stereo3d']

55) Premiers Désirs (a.k.a First Desires or Erste Sehnsucht) (1983) (Philippe Sarde) [requested by 'Michael']

56) Roommates (1995) (Elmer Bernstein) [requested by 'Anonymous' & 'Sam' (possibly one in the same)]

57) Le Ruffian (1983) (Ennio Morricone) [requested by 'Porter']

58) Saint Joan (1957) (Mischa Spoliansky) [requested by 'Mel']

59) Se7en (1995) (Howard Shore) (Expanded CD) [requested by 'Atlantean Sword'] (nomwl1: CheefBrody's Rare Scores says he'll be sharing this one in the future)

60) Seven Notes In Black (Fabio Frizzi) [requested by 'Anonymous']

61) Starship Troopers 2: Hero Of The Federation (2004) (William T. Stromberg, John W. Morgan) [requested by 'A. Gonzalez']

62) The Squeeze (1977) (David Hentschell) [requested by 'Anonymous']

63) Summer School (1987) (Danny Elfman & Various Artists) [requested by 'A']

64) There's A Girl In My Soup (1970) (Mike D'Abo) (Peter Sellers movie) [requested by 'Bob Haldeman'] (he's looking for the songs from the movie)

65) The Thing From Another World (1951) (Dimitri Tiomkin) [requested by 'eniksleestack']

66) The 13th Warrior (Graeme Revell's rejected score) [requested by 'John']

67) Three Kings (1999) (Various Artists & Carter Burwell) [requested by 'Rocket From Mars']

68) Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970) (Jerry Goldsmith) [requested by 'Pierrick']

69) The Touchables (1968) (Ken Thorne & Various Artists) [requested by 'KaBluie' - and go to his blog for great movie tracks, by the way]

70) Wavelength (1983) (Tangerine Dream) [requested by 'Anonymous']

71) The Way of the Dragon (1972) (Joseph Koo, J. Barry (uncredited), Ennio M. (uncredited)) (The Bruce Lee film) [requested by 'Pinto']

72) Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) (Frank De Vol) [requested by 'Tiger']

73) The Wild One (1954) (Leith Stevens & Shorty Rogers) [requested by 'Anonymous']

74) Winterschlaefer (Winter Sleepers) (1997 German film) (Tom Tykwer and friends) [requested by 'Anonymous']

And some nice miscellaneous things:

1) 1958 single "What, Me Worry?" b/w "Potzrebie", credited to Alfred E. Neuman and his Furshlugginer Five [requested by 'Stickman']

2) 'Does anyone know where to get a copy of the play form of this production? ['Oh Dad, Poor Dad....'] [requested by 'James Pawlak']


And these may or may not exist (does anybody know?):

All the President's Men (1976) (David Shire) [requested by 'Anonymous' - he also wants to know if it's a good score. I can't remember.]

Clash of the Titans 1981 (John Barry rejected score) [requested by 'Cineaste']

Clownhouse (1989) (Michael Becker & Thomas Richardson) [at least I think this is the one he's talking about] [requested by 'Wolfcreek']

Clue (1985) (John Morris) [requested by 'Sallie'] (do you know if there is a bootleg to the movie Clue floating around anywhere?)

Flamingo Road (1980 TV) (Gerald Fried) [requested by 'Alex'] (does anybody have any music from it?)

1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992) (Vangelis) (extended version without the SFX) [requested by 'Steve'] - (is there one out there?)

Fun With Dick And Jane (1977) (Gene Page, Ernest Gold, Lamont Dozier) [requested by 'Lori Rogers'] (any songs or music from the original film)

Green Slime (1969) [requested by 'Anonymous' & 'Stereo3d'] (nomwl1: Is there a whole score out there somewhere?)

Ironside (1967-1975 TV Series) (Quincy Jones, Various Artists) [requested by 'SteMc' of Scores of Scores - go there now! (well, wait until you read the rest of the request actually)] (don't think there's an actual soundtrack, but any music from the series would be good!)

Murder By Death (1976) (Dave Grusin) [requested by 'anonymous'] (possibly never released.....anybody out there know for sure?)

The Private Eyes (1981) (Peter Matz) (you know, the Tim Conway / Don Knotts movie) [requested by 'Phillip Spankweasel'] (was there ever was an OST to this movie? [SoundtrackCollector doesn't seem to have any info on it, and I've never seen one, but does anyone out there know?])

Sanford and Son (1972-1977 TV Series) (Quincy Jones) [requested by 'Soylentgreen'] (the full version of Jones' theme) - (nomwl1: Is there one out there or is there just the one we usually hear? If there is, I'd love it too!)

and Breton Girl wanted:

any unreleased/promo scores from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and Stargate SG-1?


And some requested by 'Isbum':

1) Hell's Angels '69 (1969, go figure!) (Tony Bruno, Various Artists) (black cover with picture of a biker with his legs straight out, just sittin' on his chopper)
2) Red Sky at Morning (1970) (Billy Goldenberg)
3) The Corrupt Ones (1967) (Georges Garvarentz)
4) Tomorrow Never Comes (1977) (Roy Budd)
5) Ricatto Alla Mala / La Polizia e al Servizio del Cittadino? (Luis Bacalov) [Point Records]
6) Al Caiola - The Magnificent Seven Rides

'Anonymous' (not to be confused with 'Anonymous') requested these:

Woman Times Seven (1967) (Riz Ortolani)
The Valachi Papers (1972) (Riz Ortolani)
Exposure (A Grande Arte) (1991) (Jürgen Knieper)
The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (1976) (Christian Gaubert)
Serial (1979) (Lalo Schifrin)
Foolin' Around (1980) (Charles Bernstein)
If You Could See What I Hear (1982) (Michael Lloyd)

'Detective Mitchell' requested these:

*fulfilled: 1) Dead Heat (1988) (Ernest Troost) - (nomwl1: And Detective Mitchell was able to fulfill it himself! Is there anything better or what? Way to go, Detective! Go to his Junk Drawer now! Update: And John Hartigan of Soundtrack Lover's Paradise was nice enough to provide a copy of Detective Mitchell's LP transfer 'minus the hiss & clicks'. Thanks! (psw: treat), covers included)
2) Mac and Me (1988) (Alan Silvestri & Various Artists) (bad movie, good soundtrack)
3) Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann (1982) (Michael Nesmith)
4) Transylvania 6-5000 (1985) (Lee Holdridge)
5) The Punisher (1989) (Dennis Dreith)
6) Jonny's Golden Quest / Jetsons: The Movie (1993) (John Debney promo)
7) Wired (1989) (It contains songs from the film as well as bits of the score by Basil Poledouris) (the John Belushi biopic) (nomwl1: I have this on cassette and will rip it when I get the chance, but does somebody out there have the CD or LP?)
8) Arch Hall, Jr. and the Archers - Wild Guiitar! [an album CD, not an OST]

'Quidtum' requested these:

1) Inner Space (1974 TV Documentary) (Sven Libaek) (I've got already a bad rip from vinyl)
2) anything from Piero Umiliani except these albums I've already got (see the list here)
3) anything from Armando Trovajoli, Riz Ortolani
4) Le Mépris (1964) (Piero Piccioni) (OST) [nomwl1: I think I have the Delerue music from this movie, but not the Piccioni Italian version - see above]
5) Alessandro Alessandroni: Wizard of Sound (Not an OST)
6) Malizia (1973) (Fred Bongusto) (OST) (a movie by Salvatore Samperi) [here's a picture of the cover]
7) Les Galets D'Étretat(1972 OST) (Georges Garvarentz)
8) Primo Canale (1971) (Puccio Roelens) - (From Quidtum: 'Did someone happen to download this OST from here?...The blog has no life signals unfortunately. This OST is very rare and obscure and the label too. Is there anybody able to contact this guy called "Tower of death"?? I want it so badly!!!!!!Roelens'stuff is so cooooool!!!!!')

'Anonymous' requested these:

1) Satanik (Roberto Pregadio)
2) Kriminal (Roberto Pregadio)
3) I Spy (Capitol Vers. / Earl Hagen) - [nomwl1: I have the FSM version, but I realized that a couple of tracks are messed up so I'm not able to post it, but does anyone out there have the Capitol vers.?]
4) Spy With A Cold Nose (Ortolani)
5) Run For Your Wife (Nino Olivero)
6) Fathom (John Dankworth)
7) Smashing Time (John Addison)

Anonymous wants:

1) Christmas Vacation Soundtrack Complete (1989)
fulfilled: 2) Ernest Saves Christmas (1988) (Mark Snow) - This is now being shared over at SoundtrackSharity - go there now and get great stuff (I know, how many times can I say that?) and 'Sallie' said she was going to post both of these, but I'm not sure if that ever happened.

Mel wants:

1) Young And Warm And Wonderful - Peter Nero
2) Something We Eight - Mike Sammes Singers (EP)
3) Hollywood's Great Themes - Percy Faith (includes Theme from Splendor In The Grass)
4) Blue Chiffon - George Shearing

Ill Folks wants:

anyone have "Just Plain Folks" the single by Theodore or the flip side to Lon Chaney's "Monster Holiday" single? [nomwl1: and if Ill Folks doesn't have it, I'm not sure these will be that easy to find!]

Wolfcreek wants:

1) The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992) (Graeme Revell)
2) Brainscan (1994) (Various Artists & George S. Clinton)
3) Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991) (David Michael Frank)
4) Soul Survivors (2001) (Daniel Licht)
5) The Best Of Jean-Claude Van Damme (1992) (Paul Hertzog, John Scott, & Kevin Bassinson) (nomwl1: there were 3 volumes of these compilations)
6) The Savage Streets (1983) [the Linda Blair movie]

David Federman wants:

Summer and Smoke (1961) (Elmer Bernstein)

Alex wants:

anything (suite, isolated DVD scores, etc.), main titles or suites from tv series like Flamingo Road (Gerald Fried) [this one is hard-to-get], Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, etc.

Wonderboy wants:

1) Daddy's Dying OST (1990) (nomwl1: can't find any info about this movie, but maybe somebody out there knows?)
Fulfilled by 'Wonderboy': 2) Les Jeunes Loups OST (1968) (Jack Arel) [on tracks 1-11, including the score from La Lecon Particuliere (1968) (Francis Lai) on tracks 12-15 - 'Two Blaxploitation French OST's from 1968'] (nomwl1: Does it get any better than somebody fulfilling their own request?........Well, maybe French blaxploitation soundtracks?)
3) Zoe Poledouris - songs from Starship Troopers OST not on the CD
4) this is a bit different: can anyone identify this Charlie Chaplin (?) piece and version?
it's a small 244 KB mp3 file:
- update: According to the very kind, Mel: 'To Wonderboy,

Your clip is not from anything by Charlie Chaplin, but rather the beginning of a Spike Jones 78 in which he takes off Rossini's William Tell Overture.

The particular section which you uploaded can be found approximately 6 minutes from the beginning of the original Overture. - [nomwl1: And Mel was kind enough to provide links to the different versions, but they've unfortunately gone inactive.....I think Sendspace likes to delete files somewhere between 1 and 2 seconds after being uploaded.]

Juan Carlos Naranjo wants:

1) Volunteers (1985) (James Horner) (the Tom Hanks movie)
2) House of Cards (1993) (James Horner) (the Kathleen Turner movie)
3) The Stone Boy (James Horner)

Anonymous wants (nomwl1: I have a few of these, but they've probably been posted on the web somewhere....until I can post them, anybody's welcome to fulfill....): Update: Since the demise of Not Quite Blogging Yet, I haven't had a chance to re-up them here or update these links.

Fulfilled: 1) The Sand Pebbles (Jerry Goldsmith) - already posted on this blog
Fulfilled: 2) The Natural (Randy Newman) - (this was being shared over at Not Quite Blogging Yet) - (and also made available by 'Rocket From Mars', naturally....take your pick!)
3) Greystoke (John Scott) - (and CheefBrody says he'll being sharing this one in the future)
Fulfilled by 'Isbum': 4) Bobby Deerfield (1977) (Dave Grusin) - [paired with The Electric Horseman soundtrack]
Fulfilled: 5) The Fury (John Williams) - (this was being shared over at Not Quite Blogging Yet)
6) The Chase (John Barry)
7) Three Days of the Condor (Dave Grusin)
Fulfilled by 'Isbum': 8) The Electric Horseman (1979) (Dave Grusin) - [paired with Bobby Deerfield soundtrack......'Willie Nelson songs sold separately.']
Fulfilled: 9) Year of the Dragon (David Mansfield) - (this is being shared over at CheefBrody's Rare Scores)
Fulfilled (by 'Anonymous'): 10) The Sicilian (David Mansfield)

BPS wants (nomwl1: and 'BPS', you mentioned having some 'uncredited funky tunes' that you found on a DVD that you wanted identified. Please feel free to upload them and maybe someone out there can identify them. :))):

1) Barbara Cook's Losing my Mind (@ BC Sings Mostly Sondheim)
2) The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) (Michael Legrand)
3) Irma La Douce (1963) (Andre Previn)
4) Marx Brothers Go West (1940) (Charles Wakefield Cadman / Roger Edens / Bronislau Kaper) (nomwl1: which may only be available paired with the scores of 'A Day At The Races' & 'The Big Store')
5) Ruggles Of Red Gap (1935) (Heinz Roemheld (uncredited) & John Leipold (uncredited)) (nomwl1: Is there a release for this one?)

Anonymous wants:

1) This World, Then The Fireworks - (music by Pete Rugolo)

Anonymous wants:

1) Sebastian (1968) (Jerry Goldsmith) - (nomwl1: I have this and will probably post this eventually.......assuming the blog portion of this blog has any validity anymore! :)))
2) Lassiter (1984) (Ken Thorne)

Anonymous wants:

1) The Duellists (Howard Blake)
2) Miller's Crossing (Carter Burwell)
Fulfilled by 'Breton Girl': 3) The Black Cauldron (Elmer Bernstein) [requested by 'Anonymous'] - ('Breton Girl' was nice enough to provide the complete score here. And she's also willing to upload the LP version if you ask her nicely. She's still looking for the 2-CD recording sessions, if anybody has them. Thanks so much, Breton Girl! You're great!)

'Enya' wants:

1) What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993) (Alan Parker)
2) Memento (David Julyan)
3) The Crossing Guard (1995) (Jack Nitzsche)
4) Frequency (Michael Kamen)
5) Stir of Echoes (James Newton Howard)

'Watson' wants (and whatever Watson wants, Watson should get!):

1) Honky Tonk Freeway (1981) (George Martin, Elmer Bernstein) (mostly songs I know but there's some Bernstein on there too if I remember correctly)
2) Rivelazioni Di Un Maniaco Sessuale Al Capo Della Squadra Mobile (aka So Sweet, So Dead) (giallo score by Giorgio Gaslini, came out on Cinevox in the early 70s I believe)
Fulfilled: 3) Broken Arrow (1950) (Hugo Friedhofer) - (nomwl1: I will be posting this when I can)

'Anonymous' wants:

Three Volumes of the Prisoner's Music. - (nomwl1: I think you're most likely to find those at XYZ Cosmoblog if they're still available there. Let us know if you got what you were looking for. :) Update: And he did let us know that he only got the first part there. Are you talking about The Prisoner File CD's or Vol.1, etc.?

Sirius_Rack wants:

According to Sirius: 'I've been looking for two CDs from Irish film composer Shaun Davey (best known for The Tailor Of Panama - the non-007 Pierce Brosnan spy flick and the movie Waking Ned Devine).'

1) The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (a Royal Shakespeare Company musical) (Shaun Davey)
2) Twelfth Night (1996) (Shaun Davey) (the Helena Bonham-Carter movie)

'Both of these CDs are long out of print and were pressed in very low quantities in the UK. I've never even seen a copy of the Narnia musical and the Twelfth Night CD sometimes goes on eBay for absurd prices.

So please, please if anyone has these, or has access to them, please rip at 320 and post them, and bring a fruitless four year quest to a happy end. You can hear some very nice samples on his site' at this link...(nomwl1: Well, I hope somebody out there has these and is nice enough to share them!)

Bramwell wants: (nomwl1: I have some of these and may be posting them at some point)

1) Peyton Place / Return to Peyton Place (Franz Waxman)
2) A Summer Place (Max Steiner)
3) The Long Hot Summer (Alex North)
4) Diamond Head (John Williams)
5) Love is a Many Splendored Thing (Alfred Newman)

Kansas (or possibly just 'Anonymous') wants:

Fulfilled: 1) Phantasm (1979) (Fred Myrow, Malcom Seagrove) - [nomwl1: This is being shared over at The Manchester Morgue. Don't know if the link is still active, but go there and get great stuff!]
Fulfilled: The Entity (1982) 2) (Charles Bernstein) - [nomwl1: This is on this blog back around the Halloween posts]
3) No Way Out (1987) (Maurice Jarre)
4) Apology (1986) Maurice Jarre)
5) The Emerald Forest (1985) (Brian Gascoigne) - ['Isbum' had posted this but the link went dead. Maybe if you ask him nicely he'll re-up]
6) Perfect (1985) [John Travolta/Jaime Lee Curtis vehicle]
7) American Anthem (1986) [Mitch Gaylord vehicle]
8) New Year's Evil (1980) (W. Michael Lewis & Laurin Rinder)

Do these soundtracks exist?

I would love them also:

9) Schizoid (1980) (Strange music by Craig Hundley)
10) Scalpel (a.k.a. False Face) (1976) (Bob Cobert also known as Robert Cobert)

Anonymous wants:

1) The Carey Treatment (Jerry Goldsmith)
2) Dollars (Quincy Jones) - [nomwl1: I can re-up Dust To Dust's copy of this unless someone else wants to re-up the score.]

'A' (a friend of 'Isbum') wants:

1) The Hitter (Garfeel Ruff)
2) Black Fists (Ed Bogas)
Fulfilled by 'Filmpac': 3) The Choirboys (Frank De Vol) - [LP Rip at 192 Kbps]......this is also being shared over at 7 Black Notes......get both 192 Kbps LP rips and double your fun!
4) Honey Baby, Honey Baby - (Various)
5) Hit 'Em Hard - (Bobby Davis Orch.)
6) The Man from Hong Kong (a.k.a. "Sky High") (Noel Quinlan)
7) Stony Island (David Matthews)

'Anonymous' wants:

1) Lucas (Dave Grusin) - (nomwl1: look below in the 'Found' section)
2) Il Serpente (Ennio Morricone)
3) L'Attentato (Ennio Morricone)
Fulfilled by 'Filmpac': 4) Il Gatto (1978) (Ennio Morricone) - [also requested by 'Sam' & 'Porter' - one of whom may be 'Anonymous'?] (128 Kbps)
5) 11 Harrowhouse (Michael J. Lewis)
6) The Unseen (Michael J. Lewis)
7) Something Wicked This Way Comes (James Horner) - [nomwl1: this is being shared at Rare & OOP Soundtracks - 'Winne2' was also nice enough to post Rare's link in the comments....I've never actually been able to get some of these Oxyshare links to work, but maybe you'll have better luck!]
Fulfilled: 8) The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (Bernard Herrman) - (see comments - Thanks, Sallie!)

....and 'Has anybody ever heard of a release of Charles Bernstein's great "Mr. Majestyk"?'

'The Amazing Mumford' wants:

1) In Pursuit of Honor / Class of '61 (John Debney)
2) Monte Walsh (John Barry)
3) Farewell Moscow (Ennio Morricone)
4) Hundra (Ennio Morricone)

'Seasy' wants (a big welcome to New Zealand!):

Fulfilled by 'Filmpac': 1) Parrish (1961) by Max Steiner - (nomwl1: I have this if no one else posts it. Update: But 'Filmpac' showed his enormous kindess once again with this LP rip at 192 Kbps. Thanks so much, 'Filmpac'! You're great!)
2) Desiree by Alex North
Fulfilled by 'Filmpac': 3) Bedazzled (1967) by Dudley Moore

'Anonymous' (who's concerned with my Google results) wants:

1) Skip Martin & His Prohibitionists - Songs and Sounds from The Era of the Untouchables
2) Kai Winding - Suspense Themes In Jazz
3) Laurie Johnson - Music From The Avengers / The New Avengers / The Professionals (Unicorn 1980) - (nomwl1: seems that this one has been shared on the web before, but I can't remember where. Well, if no one else posts this, I've got it)

'Jamie' wants:

Fulfilled by 'Filmpac': 1) Santa Claus: The Movie (1985) (Henry Mancini) - (nomwl1: which I think is the sequel to 'Easter Bunny: The Movie......'Jamie' (nee 'Anonymous') will be happy with either the vinyl or bootleg CD version) - (Fulfilled by the very generous 'Filmpac', enjoy this LP rip at 256 Kbps from a very nice person! My nomination for the next film: 'Filmpac, The Movie')
2) Gremlins (1984) (Jerry Goldsmith) (the original score, not the expanded or bootleg score) - (nomwl1: which I think is the prequel to Gremlins 2: The New Batch)
3) Beverly Hills Cop 2 (1987) (Harold Faltermeyer) - (nomwl1: which I think is the sequel to Beverly Hills Cop: The Cash Cow)

'Sallie' wants:

Miracle on 34th Street (1947) / Come To The Stable (1949) (Cyril Mockridge) (Percepto version)

'Zote' wants:

1) Franco Micalizzi - Superuomini Superdonne Superbotte
2) Bruno Nicolai - Una Vergine Tra I Morti Viventi
3) Sante Maria Romitelli - Yeti — Il Gigante Del 20' Secolo

Anything else from Franco Micalizzi is welcome. Stridulum, Karate Amazones, Diabolica, Let sleeping corpses lie, I due Volti Della Paura and last but not least: Sei iellato amico, hai incontrato Sacramento

'Anonymous' [check comments for his E-mail address - search for the word 'briefro' or 'Jorge Moises' in the comments section] wants:

According to 'Anonymous': 'My request for all the friends is Jorge Moises,el cantor do pedagio.
I'm surfing after this singer about six month and nothing..
all the best!
happy new year to everybody.'.....(nomwl1: I hope someone out there can help him. I didn't want to post his E-mail address on the main post, but you can search the comments section or leave a comment and I'll make sure to let him know. Thanks!)

Anonymous wants:

1) Roughing It (Bruce Broughton)
2) Brubaker (1980) (Lalo Schifrin)

Anonymous wants:

1) Old Dracula (especially the music used during the dance scene)
2) The Spirit is Willing
3) Andromeda Strain
4) What Dreams May Come
5) The Hammer Dracula and Frankenstein Soundtracks
6) King Kong Escapes
7) King Kong Vs. Godzilla
8) The Flash (TV Series) (Danny Elfman)
9) Dark Shadows (1990s Series) (Bob Cobert)
10) The Comedy of Terrors [Vincent Price AIP]
11) The Night Stalker / Night Strangler TV Movies

'Kress' wants:

Bad Company (Trevor Rabin) (Promo Score)

'Porter' wants:

1) E Poi Lo Chiamarono Il Magnifico (Guido & Maurizio De Angelis)
2) Kaos (Nicola Piovani)
3) Il Serpente (Ennio Morricone)
4) Maddalena (Expanded) (Ennio Morricone)
Fulfilled by 'Whiteorc': 5) Stanley & Iris (John Williams) - [see comments]

'Jamk' wants:

1) Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina (1997)
2) The Black Stallion (1980)
3) The White Countess (2005)
4) Polish Wedding
5) Happy Endings
6) To Kill a Mockingbird

These 4 scores fulfilled by 'Whiteorc' (Thanks, Whiteorc!):

Miller's Crossing
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Orlando (1993)
The Cider House Rules

'Lori' from Brooklyn wants:

1) Fireball 500 (Frankie and Annette movie)
2) Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1966) (Mario Nascimbene)
3) Any music from the 1975 film Fun with Dick and Jane (not the Jim Carrey version)
4) Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) (Les Baxter)

'Sansgarantie' of Soundtracks Lover wants:

1) A Very Long Engagement (Angelo Badalamenti)

and these rare Morricone albums:

2) Richard III
3) Il Federale (1961 EP Version)
4) La Cuccagna
5) Diciottenni Al Sole
6) The Virginian
7) La Voglia Matta
8) I Basilischi
9) Duello Nel Texas
10) La Fidanzata Del Bersagliere


If I've forgotten anyone or if anybody else has any other requests, please let me know. As I get more, this post will probably change from time to time.


Oh, I forgot........some of my own requests (I finally thought of some things I wanted. It never occurs to me to ask for a lot of stuff! With so many nice people stopping by though, I suddenly realized I should think of more requests!):

1) How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1967) (Frank Loesser) (either the Broadway or Film versions - both of mine are in storage and I would really appreciate it! Thanks!)

2) The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders (1965) (John Addison) - (my copy has a couple of messed up tracks, so I'd really appreciate it as this is possibly my favorite John Addison score)

3) Start the Revolution Without Me (1969) (John Addison) - [if there was one]
4) What a Way To Go (1964) (Nelson Riddle)
5) The Road To Hong Kong (1962) (Robert Farnon)
6) Don't Make Waves (1967) (Vic Mizzy)
7) The Sweet Ride (1967) (Pete Rugolo)

The song, 'Secret of the Silent Hills' (Vocal Version) written by Les Baxter (but anybody's version is fine)
The song, 'Whatever Happened To Ol' Jack' - Freddie Slack & His Orchestra (vocal by Bobby Troup & Phil Gordon) (1949)


Hi Everybody!

Welcome to the New Requests Post (Part 2) comment section. The old section was getting a little too full so I've transplanted it over to this one. Nice and empty! Enjoy!
Jason said...

Still can't login to my account :(
so sorry about the anonymous....looking forward to the next 1500 posts and many rare treasures :)

Thanks everyone
Hi again!

I've also re-upped a few things here and there and split the old post into 3 separate posts as you can probably tell by now. Be sure to look at them for any updates (they're up-to-date up to last Friday, more or less). Enjoy!
.......oh, and sorry, but I've got leave now, so hope everything works! :))
@ jamk

I have To Kill a Mockingbird, do you still need it?
Ooooh... lovely decor in the new requests room. Here's a housewarming present, Henry Mancini - "Sometimes A Great Notion" (1971):

And such a *GREAT* notion it was you started the requests page :-))
Danny Elfman's Scrooged (with sound effects):
Okay, here we go again. For Scrooged, make sure everything is in the line when you copy it. Man, I can never get this right. **If you see any other posts from me, just beware.** I will learn this eventually.
Ok, normwl1, two requests that you missed for the re-post:

-Q: The Winged Serpent (1982) (Robert O. Ragland)
-If Looks Could Kill (1991) (Various Artists)

Also, Timerider has been fufilled. Check my blog.

Other than that, nice idea to re-post the requests post. The comments section was getting a bit too long. Thanks to everyone who has fufilled my requests and given me some nice stuff to listen to.
Thanks for "Brubaker" filmpac!!
Made my day, yes indeedy!:)
Ennio Morricone's Bugsy:
@ Sallie-

We're getting there on KSM but I probably won't have it converted til tomorrow- I hope you can wait til then- sorry it is taking so long!
Does anyone have the Promo of
"Remember the Titans"
by Trevor Rabin that they could share?

My friend in Wisconsin is looking all over for it, so I guess it's a goodie. :)
The "Titans" is important because I want to trade him for the ultra-rare "Mama Dracula" by Roy Budd.

As it's said "I'm workin' it!";)
Here's nice rare score for you to enjoy. From 1994, Cabin Boy music score by Steve Bartek.
psw hofert

I believe someone was looking for The Winds of War. I have that and will share shortly.

If you check out my blog, let me know if you can help me with my request list. Thanks as always.


uploading Remember the Titans right now.
I have the remember the titans trevor rabin as well as the john debney reject. Will see what I can do.
Whoa...and wow...looks like scoreman came thru. I won't duplicate the effort. Thanks!
@ jamk

Here's To Kill a Mockingbird

Graeme Revell's Bats:
@John Hartigan

As Scoreman is uploading Trevor Rabin's Titans, could you upload John Debney's rejected score? It would be nice to hear both sides.

Remember the Titans - Trevor Rabin. 12 tracks @320.

@John Hartigan

I'll second the request to upload Debney's rejected score to Titans. Thanks
Howdy Folks---

Continuing with the spy groove---

---it's a hi-fi rip (and track 06 is a little dodgy in spots) BUT i highly recommend it. especially since some of the arrangements are by the always amazing Mr. Quincy Jones.

'Til Next Time.

Rocket From Mars
Many thanks for Doc Hollywood. I don't know how I missed it!

Thanks for the new listings! Hnece me finding Doc Hollywood!

Did you find Rush Hour 2 in the old postings? The link is there!
Max Steiner's The Searchers:

This CD has 37 tracks - hence, the two parts. Download both now.
As per your new 'requests: lost and found' page.
The Children of the Corn OST at '7Black Notes' doesn't work. File not found.

Also, Young Sherlock Holmes at
Rare & OOP Soundtracks and Slaughtered Lamb is a no go too.

Any help with these gems, is, as always, greatly appreciated!
Yes, the above post was from your truly...and I thought I clicked 'other'
Victor Young's score for 1956's Around The World In 80 Days (in two parts):

This is a bootleg. The legit release will be coming on 27th January. Same number of tracks as the boot, some different track titles, different arrangment in tracks. Otherwise, the music should be the same.
Hi again from New Zealand & Happy New Year. A LONG OVERDUE 'Thank You' to the people who found my requested "Bedazzled (Dudley Moore) & Max Steiner's "Parrish". Still hoping day by day for "Desiree". Even just the 'Main Title' & the 'Waltz' would be great. Someone else recently beat me to request "God's Little Acre" by Elmer Bernstein. My LP was in a garage sale bin & aleady 'wrecked' when I found it 30 years ago, but I love it. Finally, "Rio Lobo" & "Ballad of Cable Hogue" by 'the master' - Jerry Goldsmith would be magnificent. This is a great blog site, & as I said in my original note, all you guys & gals are incredibly patient & generous. Maybe that's a trait in us 'soundtrackers?' Cheers again.
Hello again...
I noticed someone wanted "QBVII" off the CD, and I have that. I'll get it up soon.
I can also get that "Frankenstein: The True Story" and Rosenman's "Prophesy" up... BUT Is there a CD version of "Prophesy"? cuz mine comse from old analog.

Thanks for that Basie/Bond, you are the man :)

Any more Cool Spy grooves ?
Hi Jason---
Thanks! There are lots more---LOTS more! (and since this is 2-007 i plan on ripping and posting plenty of them!)
Talk to you soon,
Rocket From Mars
ps---hi isbum! i haven't forgotten that phase4 spy album---i'll get to it soon.
Rocket, now you're just getting me all excited :)

No problem on the wait for that KSM, I appreciate you doing it in the first place.

Thanks all
This one's for Jamie... various artists soundtrack to Vision Quest (1985), @320:

PS. Not my rip, and I had to go hunting for this one myself, but I'm a sucker for 80s soundtracks myself. All thanks to the dude I swiped it off.
Just to let you know... I re-ripped and re-posted all The Prisoner files 1-3 last week (partly due to seeing the request on here!). Get them while you can if you missed them before!
Here's the link:

All the best,
Does anyone have Bill Conti's
SPY HARD? Also OUR MAN FROM R.O.M.E, I think it was called? Has title tracks from various Eurospy films, including the rare vocal version of Upperseven.
Here is an album with 3 Morricone score, uploaded by Patrick...

Tracks 1-5 from I Pugni In Tasca
Tracks 6-10 from I Basilischi
Tracks 11-17 Gente Di Rispetto
Hi !

I'm looking for one of the greatest Golden Age soundtracks : The Robe, by Alfred Newman.

Could anyone provide me this soundtrack ?

Thanks !

PS : I'm also looking for any other soundtrack of peplum movies !
I saw someone has asked this yet, but without answer...

Does anyone have very rare Thomas and the King soundtrack, by John Williams ?

Thanks a lot !
Michael Kamen's The Last Boy Scout:
For my fellow Trevor Jones fans here's his score to the TV miniseries Guliver's Travels:

So, new requests thread, some new requests

True Women - Bruce Broughton
Intersection - James Newton Howard
Journey of Natty Gann - James Horner (I could never get the one on Attex's old blog to work)
Stanno Tutti Bene - Ennio Morricone
Masquerade - John Barry

Thanks in advance guys!
@ thingmaker It was me asking for
"QBVII" and I would greatly appreciate it!

@ Rocket - Thanks for remembering the Stanley Black records, thinking others here are gonna dig those too!

I'm working on a Conti trio, "Blood In Blood Out", "Spy Hard", and "Thomas Crown" that I'll post today. Stay cool. ;)
Someone mention Stanley Black records :))
Could someone post the Main Title to "Laws of Attraction"?
It's great, but i really didn't want to get the whole score just to have it.
Another terrific piece of music is in "The Devil Wears Prada" when the employees are getting the office ready for Meril Streep's arrival.

I know this is an odd request, but never ventured ..ya know. :)
(short upload too;)

I have The Man from R.O.M.E compilation and will upload within the next day or so.


Great to see you posting here. Love the cosmoblog, and 55 Bells too!

@John Hartigan

It was me who requested The Winds of War, many thanks for your help with this I'm really looking forward to hearing it again.

A couple more requests from me, if I may:

Shout at the Devil - Maurice Jarre
Island in the Sky - Hugo Friedhofer

Any help with these as always greatly appreciated.

Cheers everyone!

Hi to all

Many thanks for the rare soundtrack posts, especially the LP rips like The Andromeda Strain.
Many years ago I had a large collection of vinyl soundtracks, which were gradually sold off when CD'S came on the market, a few recordings were transferred to tape, but not complete albums.
I'm now trying to re-collect as many of these lost albums as possible. So far 75% have been found thanks to all on various sites but I'm still outstanding these special ones. Can anybody help me with these:-


If anyone is interested I have a rare film suite from GOLDEN RENDEVOUS BY JEFF WAYNE made up from a Japanese single and B sides of JEFF WAYNES Jubilation and Matador singles approx 12 min in all. The only problem is that it's on MINI DISC, if anybody can help with a transfer from MD to PC please let me know.

Someone wanted Young Sherlock Holmes, there is a 2-disc version on Slaughtered Lamb
@ Watson - I can do you Shout At The Devil mate, coming soon. And I second the request for Island In The Sky.
Does anyone else here collect Easy/Lounge music, or Library albums, KPM, DeWolfe etc ?

I thought there may be others who collect these as there is a big crossover between the two styles, you can't beat a Big-Bombastic-Orchestra twanging away with cool jazzy guitars to a theme from a 60's spy movie......:)

Come on guys (and Gals) lets see a show of hands
Filmpac comes through with the Jarre score once again!
Do it for Watson...but I'm lookin' foreward to it too!! :)
Anyone here ask for some Hammer Horror?
@ Amazing Mumford:

I have Journey of Natty Gann will up soon.
"Blood In Blood Out"
by Bill Conti

"Spy Hard"
Bill Conti

"Thomas Crown Affair" (promo)
Bill Conti

and one that I hope gets an Oscar nomination, otherwise I have no idea what Hollywood thinks is a good film score.
And I'll stop trying ;)

"The Black Dalia"
by Mark Isham

Whew nJoy!
isbum, thanks so much for SPY HARD, I appreciate it greatly!
As for THE BLACK DALIA, I couldn't agree more.
Let's see if Oscar shines on this one.
@ watson & isbum, the dynamic duo - Maurice Jarre's "Shout At The Devil" (1976), from LP @192:

@ isbum, thx for the Conti's, I got myself some downloading to do. And, I concur on the Black Dahlia, totally.

@ rocket - thx for Basie Meets Bond, very choice indeedy.

@ anonymous who requested Biggles etc - I can do, if you can do us a favour and drop us a note with a name or a nick. I'm funny about that.

@ everyone - thought I would transplant my own requests here from the tail-end of the old request page. Looking for:

"Half a Sixpence" (1967)
"Convoy" (1978)
"Iron Eagle" (1976)

PS. While on the Jarre's, I got heaps more, so keep requesting 'em!
Bugger, that was "Iron Eagle" (1986), not 1976, but you all knew that hey ("sigh")
Would it count if I ask for a Sam Fletcher tune, "I'd Think it Over Twice"? (Mp3 only). This song from this rare guy is on a 45 at huge price.
I only want to listen to it (sigh!).

I am unable to share music but I can share the music passion. :-)


Ravel, Montreal, Quebec
@isbum - Requested

The Comancheros - Elmer Bernstein. 23 tracks @320. Covers included

Thanks sallie - looking forward to it.

Filmpac, is that Iron Eagle by Poledouris? I think there's a 10 minute suite tagged onto the end White Fang that I'd be more than happy to upload if you're interested.

Let me know!
@ Quidtum and Saddam ;)

"Hang 'Em High"
Dominic Frontiere
@ Amazing Mumford

Actually, Iron Eagles was both the various artists OST, and more specifically a bootleg with about 22 minutes from Iron Eagle, plus about 40 mins from Return To Blue Lagoon. For more info on the bootleg, look here:

Bit of a long shot, I know, but sure would love to hear the 10 minute suite you got :-))
@ Amazing Mumford-

All I have is the Elmer Bernstein score- do you have that one already? I don't have the James Horner one (I thought I did).

Sorry if I let you down. Let me know if you are interested in the E.B. one.
I'd have that "QBVII" up already, but my computer has been mucking out and tidying up today.
All clean now and the upload is in progress...

Somebody asked for "The Man in the Wilderness" and I think my LP rip is the only one around, so I'll re-up it - the link is certainly dead.

All to be done in the morning.

IF anyone has the soundtrack to Meet Me In St. Louis, I would really love it.
Ice Station Zebra - complete score
I have the Iron Eagle (3-tk 23:33)/Return To The Blue Lagoon (4-tk 44:01) CD, horrible sounds but it's better than nothing. Will get to it soon unless someone else can do it sooner.
@ scoreman Thanks for the Bernstein!
Jerry Goldsmith's The Challenge:

Ice Station Zebra - is that the FSM release?
One more Jerry Goldsmith for the night - Rio Lobo:
Many thanks for Young Sherlock Holmes. What a star!

Excellent my friend! Thank you so much for 'Shout at the Devil', they don't make 'em like that anymore.


Thanks for the Conti - I've always liked his Thomas Crown score and never felt 'Stick Man' got enough kudos for it. It's one of his best. Ditto Blood In Blood Out. Many thanks again! Haven't heard Black Dahlia yet, but looking forward to it.


I have 'Green Ice' and will upload within the next day or so. ps. Don't be shy, give yourslef a nic.

Cheers everyone

@Filmpac - many thanks in advance for the help with INSEMINOID ETC.
My Nickname is :- Ronnie.C.
Could you also help me out with DUEL AT DIABLO (NEIL HEFTI).
This would be very much appreciated.

Thanks Again!
@ John - Thanks a bunch for Rio Lobo! Can't believe I never heard it before..what a corker!
Up next Shout at the Devil.
Only got an LP release in France?

@ Watson - I was dead set on not giving Conti's Crown a chance, you know the drill, I was like "the original is a classic. Conti won't be able to top it!"
Turns out to be one of the most delightful scores I've ever heard.
"Stick Man"? Sheesh, that's funny.
The guy writes the powerful "American Gladiators" theme and can't stand on a rooftop for fear of being blown off by a gust of wind. ;)

Great posts today you people! :) Thanks again!
I have just found your blog. It is the best thing I have seen for OST,s . Sorry to make a request so soon ,but I am attempting to find The Right Stuff by Bill Conti, if anyone could help I would be most greatfull.
Hey guys....

Am looking for some help with a "Friday The 13th" film series, Soundtrack Compilation i am working on for the many fans, like myself out there.

So far, i have;

Tangerine - Johnny Mercer (Part IV)
Stella By Starlight - Ned Washington ((Part IV)
To Each His Own - Jay Livingston (Part IV)
Love is a Lie - Lion (Part IV)
His Eyes - Pseudo Echo (Part V)
He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) - Alice Cooper (Part VI)
Animal - Felony (Part VI)
Teenage Frankenstein - Alice Cooper (Part VI)
Hard Rock Summer - Alice Cooper (Part VI)
Dream Girl - FM (Part VII)
Magic (In Your Eyes) - FM (Part VII)
The Darkest Side Of The Night - Metropolis (Part VIII)
Say This To Me - Neo a4 (Part VIII)

The remaining tracks are quite rare. The tracks i need are;

From Part VII;
"I'm Not Mad (Ready For The World)", "Take The Time To Dream", "The Real Thing", all performed by FM - FROM THE FM ALBUM "TONIGHT"

"Heart of Ice", "Coming Out of Nowhere", "Can't Look Back", all performed by Stan Meissner - FROM THE ALBUM "WINDOWS TO LIGHT"

"Essence of You", performed by Eye Eye - FROM THE ALBUM "JUST IN TIME TO BE LATE"

From Part VIII;
"Strike", performed by The Koo - FROM THE KOO ALBUM "SAME"

If anyone had these tracks or albums, and would be willing to post them, i'd be very grateful. Hopefully the whole compilation will be complete soon for all of you to hear. Kind regards

The Challenge (1982) Jerry Goldsmith
in a little bit better Quality
160-192 kbps + Cover
White Buffalo (1977) - John Barry
Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977) - Jerry Goldsmith
"QB VII" at 256 from the CD:

"The Man in the Wilderness" is coming.

Hey! Part 2 of "Mary Queen od Scots" is gone...

Oh, and by the way - I'd really like to have "The People that Time Forgot" by John Scott.

Still lookiing for "Kings of the Sun" by Bernstein.

Here's that "The Man in the Wilderness" by Johnny Harris. Really a pretty neat little score, here ripped from vinyl. I'm not holding my breath for a CD.

Maurice Jarre's Enemy Mine:
Hello everyone,

This place seems like the place to come to get help in sourcing hard to find stuff. I am wondering if anyone here can help me at all. I am looking for in 320kbps if possible...

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (Promo) - Theodore Shapiro.

THE PRISCILLA COMPANION - Polydor release of Guy Gross score to "Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone! :)
@ Thingmaker

Many thanks for "Man In The Wilderness" LP Rip it's very much appreciated.

There was a little flurry of Mario Nascimbene scores posted a while back. I got "Barrabas" and the Hammer "Dinosaur Trilogy"... CD, yet!
Woo Hoo!
I have another one to post - from LP - unless somebody has a CD version. "Francis of Assisi", a neat little score, which I only own because there was a copy of the LP in average or better condition, but with no jacket (Jackets? We don't need no steenking jackets!)... Collectors. Weird.

"Shout at the Devil"! Thank you, filmpac!
And, thanks to isbum for "Hang 'em High". I always kinda liked that one. I am amazed at how few Dominic Frontiere scores I like, considering how much I love the "Outer Limits" music. The recent appearance of "A Name for Evil/The Unknown qualifies as additional "Outer Limits" music in my book...
Is there more? I have the "Outer Limits vol. 1" CD. Has any more material surfaced? Stuff that might have been intended for vol 2?

Iron Eagle - Basil Poledouris
psw: zoe
Aside from 'Children of the corn' has anyone tracked down 'Salem's Lot' Original Score by Harry Sukman?
@ Breton Girl & Sallie

I can't thank you enough for GATSBY & Mockingbird- we've been playing them continuously since we got them!

@ Jason-

finishing up KSM- I've got it converted to mp3 at the bitrate you requested- but, I'm having a hard time segmenting it into tracks- I may have to upload the entire score as one long mp3- I hope that's ok with you- I should have a link this afternoon.

Here are two great OSTs if anyone wants them....
From the 1995 documentary about cartoonist Robert Crumb (some nice ragtime/"old-timey" music"

CRUMB OST (1995)

And from the totally under-rated 2001 film GHOST WORLD

If there is an interest...I'd like to offer
"Wings of the Dove"
"Raise the Titanic"
if I can get them loaded this afternoon....


Does anyone know of anything from

"Mrs. Parker & the Vicious Circle?'


"That Winslow Boy"

also- anyone track down
"The Portrait of a Lady" yet???
Does anyone have any Green Hornet soundtracks?
Hi guys and dolls – some info I can’t keep to myself: over at, someone called sashimi is sharing a 2-CD Barbra Streisand retrospective which the Streisand fans among you won’t want to miss. Go here to get the 3 links:
@ john & thingmaker
many thanks for
QB VII & Enemy Mine

You are welcome.
Jamk, you're more than welcome for The Great Gatsby ost, it's nice to see someone who likes the music... :)
And i'm happy i was doing this rip for christmas because now i've got troubles with my pm3 converter and i don't know when i'll be able to upload something... :(
@anonymous #1

As requested, here is the 'Our Man in R.O.M.E' compilation:

@anonymous #2

As requested, here's Bill Wyman's meisterwerk, 'Green Ice':


I have the Varese CD of Desiree and will upload shortly.


Any chance your Jarre archives might contain 'The Man Who Would Be King'? :)

Cheers everyone - keep all the great shares coming!

I'd like to 2nd the request for
"Duel at Diablo" by Neil Hefti

@ filmpac Thanks for Shout! Really colorful score. The guy went a tad overboard on noise reduction, but if this get's a reissue I'll be first in line to get it!
I wonder if you have the Jarre score to the potboiler (literally!)
Hi folks!
I can`t find one rare soundtrack from Ennio Morricone.
Its name is - Menage All'Italiana (1965).
Anyone help?
Oh Watson!
Let me do "Man Who Would Be King"

Coming right up!
"The Man Who Would Be King"
Maurice Jarre

*crown not included ;)
Watson-- A HUGE thank you for Our Man In R.O.M.E. You're the best!

Here's Alex North's 'Desiree' as requested:


Hey, that was quick! Thank you very much for MWWBK. Excellent stuff. I've been playing the Conti scores on a loop by the way - why does this guy have only one Oscar?


Gosh, requests are being made and filled now while I am in bed for the night. Amazing stuff folks!

Two requests from the old page, made by Amadues.

First up, we have Max Steiner - "The Caine Mutiny" (1954), from LP @192. Warning - this contains dialogue, a LOT of dialogue. So much it's kinda like reliving the movie again. But I still like it.

Also, Max Steiner - "The Letter" (1940), bootleg @192. Soundtrackcollector shows this one as having had an LP release, but I have never been able to find it. As far as bootlegs go, this is quite good, runs for near an hour. Like a lot of bootlegs, the tracks are imaginatively named Track 01 etc.

I've got a few other requests planned to go over over the next few days, stay tuned. Oh yeah, and I have just found Jarre's Mandingo, that one has eluded me for like ever, but the new request got me looking again. Cheers all!
Don Davis' score for the TV movie Invasion (in two parts):
Another Don Davis. For the movie Hyperspace. The album also includes Davis' contribution to the TV series, Beauty and The Beast. Track 12, The Beast Main Title was written by Lee Holdridge.

Some of the scores I have posted are in danger of being deleted. Take A Hard Ride is gone. The Challenge will be next, I am sure. So grab it while you can. Some of the Varese ones - Bad Girls, The Grudge 2 and The Kindred - are heading that way. So grab them if you have not got them. Very soon, they will be gone.
Damn, you leave this place for two seconds (well a few hours) and the posts triple :)

One big single file is OK with me, no problem

Some great stuff posted guys :)
Mandingo? That smutty film I love?
(jaw dropped to floor)
It was a joke, but you amaze me filmpac!
No composer does aberrant behavior and human degradation like Jarre.
What a find!
Requesting Georges Garvarentz's The Diamond Mercenaries (Killer Force) 1975. A fantastic soundtrack, if someone may have it?? Thanks
Request for Sante Maria Romitelli's Hatchet For The Honeymoon (Il Rosso Segno Della Follia) 1969. Would anyone have this amazing soundtrack? An incredible Mario Bava masterpiece.
@ John

Just curious, how can Take A Hard Ride be gone already? Rapidshare links stay up for 45 days, even longer if people keep on downloading them.

The Agony and the Ecstasy - Alex North - Varese Club Only w/ Goldsmith Prologue.

Great score! from North. Thanks for any help.

The message I received was that the file was Forbidden To Be Shared. I guess someone does not want it given away for free.

If anyone still needs Take A Hard Ride, let me know and I will post it elsewhere.
I'm not the original requester but I would like that Biggles score :)
Thankyou Watson for "GREEN ICE".
One problem at the moment, I'm having trouble trying to get onto Rapidshare to download it, very frustrating.
Is anyone else having the same problem ?

@ John again

Ah, the dreaded "Forbidden to be Shared" message. Just curious again, was the link only posted here, or was it taken from some other blog, or even posted on some other blog?

Reason I ask is that all my rapidshare links still seem to be good, even those back over a month now. I was starting to feel that we were ten-foot tall and bulletproof hiding here in a comments section.

Biggles is uploading now.
Here is:

Chinatown (1974) Complete 27 Tracks
Jerry Goldsmith

Egyptian (1954) Varese 11 Tracks
Alfred Newman & Bernard Herrmann

The Robe (1953) 27 Tracks
Alfred Newman
Those Hammer links are dead already on your blog :(

To quote my favourite film series...."I Have a bad feeling about this", maybe this soundtrack sharing's days are numbered.

Any chance of a link here :)
Poor Indy over at Soundtracks of Doom has a "FIEND" who is killing posts before they even get put up!

It's a bad sign. Maybey we should leave out the lable names. Dunno much about this really.
I don't really understand how it works but I presume it's the people at Rapidshare/Megaupload etc that kill these links?

How the hell do they find the time to go through millions of files?
surely they must have better things to do???

I hope we can continue our little club here, if anyone technically minded can help to hide us from the "Link-Killers" we can all live in isolated soundtrack collector's heaven :)
by Michael Small

Can anyone share the promo of the JAWS score he wrote? Some have said that Small's rendition of the theme is very powerful.
@ Ronnie C - Stanislas Syrewicz (whoever the heck he is) - "Biggles" (1986), @192.

Some explanation here. I thought that what I had was the LP (that's how I had it filed), but on closer inspection I am now thinking this is a DVD rip. For one, the tracks don't match what is in For two, it contains small bits of dialogue. There are 2 vocal tracks by Jon Anderson of Yes (always a plus, angelic voice), and 6 score tracks. All in all, it sounds OK.

I now *third* the request for the Biggles LP. Cross fingers someone else can do better.

To answer your question, I did not take the post from another site. Nor posted from another site. It is my own post that I uploaded to Rapidshare. And I saw at another site that thair Varese posts are being killed. I am going to upload Hard Ride at another place, put the post here, and see what happens.
Reupped Take A Hard Ride.

Let's see what happens now.

I've got Jaws The Revenge promo by Michael Small. I'll upload it.
@ John again again

OK, fair enough, I wasn't trying to accuse you at all. That then is a bad sign, as it would seem to me we have now been spotted by the dreaded link-killers.

A suggestion then to all uploaders. It might be a good idea from now on to leave the label name out (Varese, FSM etc). It stands to reason they are probably running searches that way, rather than searching for individual titles. Just a thought.

A sad day it is indeedy if we have landed on the radar (-:

My fault the way I wrote it. Did not take your comments any way at all. I should have worded it properly.
Regarding the Micahel Small Jaws IV promo ---

scoreman, if you have the disc, plase, please rip it at 320kbps. I know it's alrger size and will take longer to upload, but I'm a Jaws freak and have wanted this one for years!

Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies!
@sirius rack

Always @320 when I have the disc.


Is Jarre's Mandingo the full score? I've never heard of any kind of release. Is it ripped from a DVD or something?
@ scoreman as to Small's Jaws, thanks in advance!

@ thingmaker - just listening to QBVII now and it sounds and is great! Many thanks for saving me the effort buddy! :)
Because of the slight "panic" that's ensuing at the moment over various bloggers' uploads being deleted by MegaUpload, etc., I went through every link on my blog and found two (neither of which were anything recent or particularly widely-distributed, or even commercially-available), and found two of my posts for which MegaUpload gave me this message: "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable." - What exactly does that mean??
@isbum - Requested

Jaws - The Revenge - Michael Small. 8 tracks @320

A Trevor Jones promo for GI Jane (with 5 bonus tracks - from five different movies). Posting is in two parts.
Does anyone have John Ottman's Cellular score?
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thank you for The Robe !
You are wonderful !

I have another request :

- The Greatest Story Ever Told by Alfred Newman

- De Nuremberg à Nuremberg, an unrealeased soundtrack by Vangelis (I know a bootleg version exist)
Many thanks to John for 'Rio Lobo', & to Watson for 'Desiree'. Loved 'em both. Cheers. SEASY
Sallie, I found Cellular here :

password : subido_por_Trizi_para_WWW.TODOALBUMS.NET

Enjoy !

PS : in return, could you provide me any péplum or old western soundtrack ?

Here's North's 'Agony & The Ecstasy' from the V****e Club CD:


Anyone know where I can find
the score to the excellent 'Copland' by Howard Shore?

isbum commented earlier that no-one does abberant behaviour and degradation like Jarre ... which naturally brought to mind 'The Damned' - now there's a companion piece to Mandingo! Any chance you'd have that one in your archives?

All the best

Here is an ED2K link :


That's all I found, up to now.
@ captain
Cop Land (1997) - Howard Shore
Has the original poster checked their link for war & peace yet,I'm itchin' to have a listen but the link doesn't respond.


@ Thomas:

In the area of "Old Western" soundtracks, I have:

The Sons of Katie Elder
The Wild Bunch
The Big Country
The Searchers

Do you want any or all of these?

Thanks for trying with "BIGGLES".
I have not been able to download this rip as yet, to hear for myself. (I can remember snipits of dialogue on the LP).
Still trying to access Rapidshare, but managed to download "GREEN ICE" from Watson this morning.

I'm looking for Miklos Rozsa's Double Indemnity. Does anyone have it? It also contains music from The Killers and The Lost Weekend.
Also, does anyone have the soundtrack to Bernard Herrmann's The Wrong Man?
@ John Artigan

thank you for Iron Eagle but the link seem to not work...
could you please correct this? thanks
OK, Sallie

I already have The Searchers, by Max Steiner, but not the others... could you give me the links please ?

I you have other Golden Age peplum soundtracks, I'm looking for too.

Thank you !


PS : i searched for the soundtracks you requested, by without any result... sorry...
White Orc & Thomas
Many thanks for Cop Land!
Much appreciated.
Ok I'll upload those. What Golden Age peplum soundtracks are you look for exactly (Julius Caesar, King of Kings, Ben Hur, etc)?
The Sons of Katie Elder

The Wild Bunch:

The Big Country:

PS: Here's a Golden Age peplum you might want:

Prince Valiant:
@ Thomas:

I don't have the "Golden Age" of Julius Caesar, I have the Bruce Broughton version.

If anyone has the "Golden Age" version of Julius Caesar, I'd love to have it.
Yet another impossible Req: how about some Swingle Singers' swingey 60s soundtracks ("Operazione San Pietro", "Dragées Au Poivre", etc)?
OK, seeing as virtually any obscure score seems to be found by the collector's here :)) does anyone have.......wait for it (deep breath)

STALKER (the Tarkovsky movie)
SLEEPER (Woody Allen)
ROSWELL (Kyle Mc....)
SAHARA (Mathew McConahey)
GAMBIT (Michael Caine)
ONLY WHEN I LARF (David Attenborough)

There must be someone who has one or two of those :)

You're great. Thanks for Agony and the Ecstasy!


I can upload the golden age Julius Caesar
Hey Jason- I've got NONE of those, but I know that nomwl1 has Hefti's "Barefoot In the Park"- and intends to post it "soon" if you know what I mean...

Hey Jason....

I have Jason and the Argonauts. And you can find the Mad Max Trilogy here...

And get it while you can.... Luis Bacalov's Django.

If it's still working this evening, I'll put it up on doom.
Per you request....

Home Alone: John Williams

Flash Gordon: Howard Blake

All together now, "diiivvveee!!!"

Thanks to the original uploaders and
thomas, in your search for peplum, have you gotten these yet: Hercules, Hercules Unchained & The Titans? Let me know, so far it seems that the Italian scores have been safe over at doom, let's hope that holds out at least...
Mad Max 1:Brian May
Somebody know a link to Jerry Goldsmith's "Rent-A-Cop" and "Criminal Law"?
That was quick, thanks guys, keep 'em comin :)

Is anyone else experiencing slow dowloads at the moment?
Here's Goldsmith's Rent-A-Cop:


@ Sallie

Thanks for the offer, but I already have Bernstein's Natty Gann.
Elmer Bernstein's Saturn 3 (in two parts):
Indy, i couldn't speak for Thomas, but i'm really regarding about Hercules, Hercules Unchained and the Titans...
Thanks :)
@ Watson - I'll upload "The Damned" for you! also drop me a line
@ as I have something specifically for you.
Does anyone have Shrunken Heads or The Mummy (1959)?
Does anyone have the VSC of "The Robe"?
I'm also looking for the VSC of Long Hot Summer/Sanctuary
@sallie & Thomas - Requested

Julius Caesar - Miklos Rozsa - Golden Age version. 20 tracks @320. Covers included.

It may be brief but its lovely and I think it's quite rare(I haven'tseen/heard anyone mention here it is-For all you Delerueites--

@ jason & more
Jerry Goldsmith
Outland (1981)
Cassandra Crossing (1976)
@ Scoreman-

You're awesome! Thanks.

I have the VSC Long Hot Summer and will upload.


Looking forward to hearing 'The Damned' in its entirety (the only track I can remember is 'Lullaby for Lisa') - ps, have dropped you a line.


Does anyone have the John Debney VS Recording of "Somewhere In Time"? The one I downloaded had a track that was corrupt.
@whiteorc, thanks
Nevermind, I reparied the archive and it works. Does anyone want me to upload John Debney's VS recording of Somewhere in Time?
hi there , does anyone have the " PETER THOMAS SOUNDS ORCHESTRA original score for the bruce lee movie "THE BIG BOSS" its available at itunes for refarance...would be very greatful if anyone has this. much appreciated.

@ Jason

Well dear, I did the best I could. I seemed to have a really difficult time extracting this one from the .ape file. If you have real problems and want the original .ape and .cue files- we can figure out a way to get those to you, just let me know....
As it is, the entire score is in just 1 MP3 file. Sorry!

King Solomon's Mines

And also here's
John Barry's 1980 Score for
"Raise the Titanic"

Hi, I just managed to download "BIGGLES" and the good news is, this is from the LP, not a DVD rip and is minus only 4 - songs. I don't think the track listing in Soundtrack Collector is 100% correct, anyway the main tracks I want are here and the sound quality is great! Well Done and many thanks.

As long as its all there, one file is OK, Thanks again very much :)

I have downloaded the Egyptian 3 times now and I can only extract 10 tracks, I keep getting errors, any ideas?
thanks for those scores:)

@jamk, are you in the UK?

Uploading The Robe 2 CD. Big file so it will take awhile to upload.
@ jason-
Try right-clicking and choosing
"extract without confirmation". If that doesn't work, right click and choose "repair archive". Hopefully one of those will work.
@ Watson and the other Jarreniac's!

The Damned - A Season In Hell


I don't have that option, do I need a premium version or something?
I only have the free edition

I don't have that option, do I need a premium version or something?
I only have the free edition
OK, thank you very much !

I already have : Ben Hur, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, King of Kings, Spartacus, The Robe, The Fall of the Roman Empire,...

Actualy, I want to discover Péplum music ( and also Western music ).

Among those I'm looking for
- Demetrius and the Gladiators (Walxman).
- The Vikings (Mario Nascimbene)
- Rio Bravo (Bernstein)
- The Robe ( 50th Anniversary Edition )

But, to sum-up, I'm looking for the greatest soundtracks from the greatest Peplums... and from the greatest Westerns.

I use Winrar to extract my files and that comes standard.

Let me download it and see if it does the same thing or me. I'll see what I can do.
Hej Jason,
i have 10 downloads from egytian and no problems!?
Look her for track 11
Sorry I didn't mean I had the first 10 tracks, I just had "10 tracks"....

Well I've tried again with a new download and I'm only getting 9 tracks now, I'm missing tracks 1 & 7.
If Sally can help maybe I won't need to be a pain in the backside asking for new links:(

Sorry for the messing around guys
I presume there are only 11 tracks in all
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Boy, go to sleep and there are more shares than you can shake a Rapidstick at... jolly jolly:-)

@ Ronnie C - John Scott's "Inseminoid" (1981), @192:

@ everyone - Not seen this one posted anywhere, thought y'all might enjoy it. John Scott's "The Shooting Party" (1985), @192:

@ isbum - Mandingo is downloaded, about to have a listen now and then it will be next to go. My guess it's from a bootleg LP, trying to confirm that now. And thanks for The Damned, one I didn't have!

@ john hartigan - Many thanks for Basil's "Iron Eagle". Not listened yet, looking forward to it.

@ sallie - I have for you "Meet Me In St Louis", coming very soon.

@ everyone - Many thanks for all the great shares, so many great scores it's hard to know what to pick!
The problem is that the tracks are too long, when I click "extract without confirmation, that fixes a couple of the tracks. But tracks 1 and 7 are so long that extracting without confirmation won't even work.

We can't rename them either.
@ jason-

Got it to work. Do this:

Drag the file to your desktop. Right-Click and rename, then drag it into the folder containing the soundtrack- WHEW!
@ filmpac-

Meet Me In St. Louis???? I'm thrilled!
I have nooooo idea what you mean :)
Which file
rename what to what

I may just dump this and wait for another source

sorry Sal I'm not stupid (honestly)

People stop and stare
They don't bother me ....

Here's the VSC Long Hot Summer/ Sanctuary as requested:


Thank you for The Damned - paired with Mandingo this is gonna be a sleazefest deluxe.


Thank you for The Shooting Party, a nice elegiac little score - good movie too.


@ Jason

No, I'm in the U.S.- Minneapolis to be exact. Why?
@ jason - oh, oh
here is "Egyptian" complete new as rar-file:
Another request :

- Jason and the Argonauts - Herrmann
- Mars Attack - Elfman

Thanks !
If you were in the UK, I was gonna ask you to drop a "proper" CD copy in the post, never mind I'm having problems unzip/raring files :(

Anyone having problems with Raise The Titanic (or just me again :)

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