Saturday, November 25, 2006

By Request - Krakatoa, East Of Java (1969) (Frank DeVol)

Here's a request by another great friend to this blog, 'Watson', and I'm happy to fulfill it. It's always a treat to be able to fulfill a request by a good person. Okay, I could've fulfilled a lot of requests from evil people in the past and never known it, but I choose to believe that they were all good (though someone named Osama B.L. requested the Princess Diaries scores, but that could've just been a coincidence).

This is another album that I was thinking of putting up eventually and now I can! When I see Frank DeVol's name anywhere, I always enjoy it. How many composers had an equally prominent career as a character actor? (If you don't count Jerry Goldsmith's dozens of film roles as the pony-tailed butler, hotel clerk, or romantic rival to C. Thomas Howell.) How can you not like a Frank DeVol score? Okay, I could see how someone might not, but that's more about free will than it is about Frank DeVol.

If you don't remember Frank DeVol, he turns up in an awful lot of movies and television shows. He's bald, thin and very funny (uhhh.........but not because he's bald and thin). I'm trying to think of any familiar roles. Well, he was on Get Smart as one of the CONTROL scientists and he played the bandleader (go figure!) on Fernwood Tonight, among many other roles. And he composed the music for films like Pillow Talk, Cat Ballou, The Dirty Dozen, The Flight of the Phoenix, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, etc.

I always feel funny about writing background info like that. I feel a little condescending when I assume people don't know or have forgotten these things and it seems like the kind of thing that people could look up elsewhere and get much better information. But I always find it informative when I read it on other blogs, so I've always got to remind myself to stick some in every once in a while. It probably even encourages people to download it, I guess. I'm not sure whether it's hearing that he's bald or that he was on Fernwood Tonight that would give people that extra incentive to download his music, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway.

And I'm pretty sure Krakatoa is west of Java, but I think that's one of those famous film flubs. Well, if I were tasked to make a film, I probably wouldn't spend a lot of time looking at an atlas either, I guess. Well, in case you're not too busy looking at an atlas right now, I hope you enjoy this score!

Track List:

01 - East Of Java (Vocal) - Chorus
02 - A Nice Old Fashioned Girl
03 - Just Before Sunrise
04 - A Nice Old Fashioned Girl (Vocal) - Barbara Werle
05 - Kee Kana Lu
06 - East Of Java
07 - Main Title
08 - A Nice Old Fashioned Girl
09 - Just Before Sunrise - [Vocal] - Barbara Werle
10 - A Nice Old Fashioned Girl
11 - East Of Java
12 - Kee Kana Lu (Vocal) - Javanese Children's Chorus
13 - Just Before Sunrise
14 - East Of Java

pw = youdont

Krakatoa, East Of Java (Rapidshare)

Krakatoa, East Of Java (Filesend)

around 37 MB

@ 160 Kbps

Dear nomwl1

Thanks you so much for looking this out and sharing it. This is another soundtrack I have been after for years and I'm so looking forward to hearing it again.

I'm very pleased to be a friend of this - and you are a great friend to soundtrack lovers everywhere.

Thank you for your kindness.

He also played the head counselor of the Thunderbird Boys Camp in the movie Parent Trap. I shouldn't know these things.
Just to be pedantic, in the real
world, Krakatoa is WEST of Java
Hey, blogaroonie, always read carefully the kind words of the poster first - this'll make sure you're not gonna repeat things that've already been said. :-)
I want to thank you for this... It's awful. Really. I need to see the movie again sometime, cuz I'm betting there's a decent score - or hoping anyway - but it sure isn't on the album.
All the same. Thanks for posting it - I always wondered...
Hi Watson!

You are very much welcome! And you're so nice to say the things you did!! :)))


Hi Anonymous!

I had forgotten about The Parent Trap. I for one am glad you know those things! :)


Hi Blog-A-Roonie!

Well, if you're pedantic, so am I!!


Hi Anonymous!

Thanks for sticking up for me! I really appreciate it! :))


Hi Anonymous!

I'm glad I could make an awful album available to you! Actually, you may have the distinction of being the first person to ever leave a comment like that. I'm always glad to be of service! :)))


And I love how this post got linked by a Java news site! Well, in case you want to know all about Java networking, I hope this album helps you out!! :))
The Producer or Director of this movie made a FATAL MISTAKE.

Krakatau (or Krakatoa in western english) is located at WEST OF JAVA, not east.

Maybe it's because old movie usually made with short survey time.

greetings from Germany! My father will be so happy to get this soundtrack he looked for so long! Thank you!

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