Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanks So Much!

Update: I wasn't able to upload this before Thanksgiving and had to wait a few days before I could, but I had the post all written so here it is. Download it anyway and listen to it until next Thanksgiving! Otherwise, all of the text still applies. :))

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! (Well, at least everyone in the United States) I thought I'd make up this compilation not only in honor of Thanksgiving, but also to thank every one of the fine visitors to this blog who have made blogging such an enjoyable experience.

As a word of warning, this is probably not the best compilation in the world, but in my defense, I only thought of making it up last night. Yes, I know, it sounds kind of stupid, but I hadn't really thought of making up anything to commemorate Thanksgiving. But I suppose it's like a lot of these compilations; you get an idea in your head, you get inspired to make something up, and then you're compelled to crank it out. There were so many 'thank you' songs though that I was tempted to make up 2 or 3 volumes, but I got a little tired of it after the first one and I didn't have a lot of time, so I didn't end up making the other ones. It's too bad though because I had to leave off some good songs, but how much thankfulness can a listener take anyway?

And as seems to be the pattern with these things, I wasn't able to put it up far enough in advance (since that would've required a time machine in this case) to allow most people to listen to it before Thanksgiving, but again, you can enjoy this all year round! Or what is more likely the case, you can ignore it all year round.

But the important thing is that I put it up and again, I wanted to say how thankful I am to everybody out there who takes the trouble to visit this blog and to those who contribute something in the way of files, requests, or comments. As a blogger (and I suspect this is true of almost all bloggers), I never expect anything in return. You hope for things like comments, but you never expect them. And I certainly never expect people to upload things and post them on the blog. I'm especially amazed and gratified by the spirit of people who say they just want to contribute something. I would blog even if nobody ever commented or uploaded anything (though it would probably get pretty lonely around here), so I always consider anything else as a fantastic and unexpected bonus.

I also want to single out some people for special thanks. I want to sincerely thank Blofeld's Cat, Elias, Detective Mitchell, Isbum, Mickey, Quidtum, Quinlan, Ripman, Rocket From Mars, Watson, Werther, and many other fine people (you know who you are!) for making many wonderful contributions to the blog and for their continued interest and passion for sharing. These are exceptional people and I consider them all friends (whether they want to be or not). Mickey, Isbum, and Rocket From Mars in particular have gone far above and beyond in their support and encouragement of this blog. Thanks is a small word to repay them for the enjoyment I've gotten from these people.

I'd also like to thank the many excellent bloggers who've stopped by (and those who haven't) and their blogs from which I've gotten so much enjoyment in the past, present, and hopefully, the future (you never know which one is going down next!). In particular, Ill Folks, Timbo of Licorice Pizza, Lazar of Lazar's Lounge, JazzHollister of the late lamented JazzNotes, Penthouse Safari, Telstar Ted, & Onzichtbaredj also all from gone but not forgotten blogs, Bongolong of Bongolongland, MisterLesterKeen, KaBluie, Jordan (Omega) from Even More Stuff For Wasting Time, Sallie of Old Time Radio Experience, Fredda, and so many other wonderful bloggers who have enriched my online experience more than I can ever say. They have brightened this blog with their visits and comments and have brightened my day with their blogs.

I sometimes think it's not as obvious since I run out of time to mention them as much as I would like, but I love reading these blogs (and all the ones you see in the link list), listening to their music, and generally enjoying what they have to offer. I try not to take it for granted, but it's sometimes easy for me to forget how much effort and work these people have put into their blogs so that I and others could enjoy them. Thanks again!

And thanks to all the other fine readers of the blog like Mel, J.R. Kinnard, Skinny Robbie (I really should've put them under the blogger section, but oh, well), Lacey, Honored General, Breton Girl, WJB, Dominic, Les, all the great 'Anonymous' people out there, and all the other people my foggy blogger's brain might have forgotten. I really value your visits and cheerful insights. You guys are fantastic!! And as this compilation says, Thanks So Much!!!!! (I added the extra exclamation points)

So as you listen to this compilation, imagine that I'm thanking all of you personally in song (though try not to get creeped out by the fact that my voice occasionally turns into a female or a chorus) and that it's a heartfelt thanks! Enjoy!

Track List:

01 - William Hung - Words of Gratitude - [Spoken]
02 - Bing Crosby - I've Got Plenty To Be Thankful For
03 - Randy Roberts - The Pilgrim / Thanksgiving Song
04 - Pat Godwin - Thanksgiving At My House
05 - Spencer Ross - Thanksgiving Day Parade (instr.)
06 - Carmen Miranda - Thank You, North America
07 - Billy Paul - Thanks For Saving My Life
08 - The Beatles - Thank You Girl
09 - Pastels - How Can I Thank You
10 - Joe Tex - Say Thank You
11 - Connie Francis - My Thanks To You
12 - Sam & Dave - I Thank You
13 - Sly & The Family Stone - Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Again)
14 - Helmut Lotti - Thank You
15 - Solomon Burke - Thanks I Needed That
16 - Candi Staton - The Thanks I Get For Loving You
17 - Dolores Gray - Thanks a Lot, But No Thanks
18 - Boyce & Hart - Thanks For Sunday
19 - The Shirelles - Thank You, Baby
20 - Bob Hope & Shirley Ross - Thanks For The Memory
21 - Eddie & Ernie - Thanks For Yesterday
22 - Charioteers - Thanks For Yesterday
23 - Roberta Lean - Thank You
24 - Cadbury's Roses - Thank You Very Much
25 - Dido - Thank You
26 - Cynthia Fee - Thank You for Being a Friend
27 - ABBA - Thank You For The Music
28 - Bob Dylan - Miami Convention Message - [Spoken]
29 - Anton Rodgers, Albert Finney, & Chorus - Thank You Very Much

Total Time: 1:14:48

pw = youdont

Thanks So Much! - Part 1 (Rapidshare)

Thanks So Much! - Part 2 (Rapidshare)


Thanks So Much! (Filesend)

around 103 MB

You're welcome. The pleasure is all mine! This is a great blog, not just for your wonderful shares, but the real feeling of community you foster. That sounds corny, but it's true.

On behalf of myself (and J.R. Kinnard, wink, wink), I wish you and your readers a Happy Thanksgiving.

p.s. Isn't there an Ernest Tubb song called, "Thanks, thanks a lot"? I seem to remember my Old Man really liked that song.
Nomwl1, it's really for me to thank you - you are a gracious, generous, entertaining and completely dedicated host.

Regarding your remarks to the most unselfish guys in our community (those that you mentioned by name), all I can say is "Amen to that".

And I hope that all the Americans among you had a really super Thanksgiving.
i must say "thank you" for this amazing blog again. long live old souls, rare but good souls, all 'rock's!

..................... W.
Nomwl1, I'm very proud you consider me one of your friends; I'll keep posting things you and your readers might like in the near future. I still enjoy visiting your great blog, and the time you spend answering ALL comments and writing such interesting texts just amazes me; If I were to start a blog, you would surely be a model, but I would have to buy some talent from you then!! thanks for the great work and for the time involved.

Now, I've got a request: could you place a link to a marvellous blog I discovered a few weeks ago? The blog is called 'Evidence Of Intelligence' and is specialized in Progressive rock (classic progressive, or bands inspired by Genesis, Camel, Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP, etc.). The guy there (to_nyd) does a wonderful job, but he is about to call it quits because he doesn't get the feedback he deserves. Maybe some of your readers could visit his blog and drop a word of encouragement...

Thanks again, nomwl1, my friend!!
STOP PRESS!!! to_nyd has changed his mind and decided to go on with his marvellous prog-rock blog. Still, a link here would be welcome, since that guy is a nice guy and deserves a lot of positive feedback!!! Big smacks from France, that ridiculously small country at the western tip of Europe!!!
Nomwl1, No thank you. Great music and commentary here as usual. Glad to be associatied with you for sure. Been away since October working working at a factory due to a strike at my company. Should be going home late December. Really am thankful for blogdom to keep me sane throughout all of this. The music is the soothing sound. timbo
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nomwl !

Hi again!

the LS Bumble Bee returns for a Xmas month only

Please come by and say hi!

Still a big fan of your blog!

Thank you so much for creating this blog! You have a ton of old soundtracks that have been forgotten for wayyyy too long. Thank you for bringing all of this back. This is what the Internet is for, useful sites like this. Please keep up the good work!!
I'm grateful for your blog, but what's your password for rapidshare? Thanks
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