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Requests - Does Anyone Have These? Anybody have any other requests? (Part 4)

Does anyone ever feel like this is like a snake shedding its skin? No, that's not a nice analogy. How about a worm leaving a slimy trail on the sidewalk. No, that's not good either. Well, something that leaves little bits of itself behind. We're on Request Post #4 and I hope everyone is enjoying themselves! I know I sure am! And you should all pat yourselves on the back for your generosity!

For your convenience (whatever that means over here as well!):

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Welcome to Request Post #4!

Please refer back to the older post to check for requests, etc (you can use the links at the top of the blog or on this post).

Hope this one keeps working out as well as #1-#3!
......and not to shortchange Dr. Criddle, here's a request he made at the bottom of Request Post #3:

'Anybody got the music soundtrack for "The Secret Policeman's Ball"? I'm specifically looking for a recording of Tom Robinson's song "1967 (Seems So Long Ago)"'

P.S. Dr. Criddle, if you see this, hope you got the Carrie post I left you on the blog!
.....and to Isbum, I hope he isn't too disappointed I didn't change it over on Monday, but I assume he meant as long as it was before he came back posting with a vengeance! :))

Also, speaking of shortchanging, check out First Moon's posting and Darth's requests towards the bottom of Request Post #3, too!

And to reiterate my shameless requests from the previous post:

1) John Goldfarb for Vince (no, that's not a sequel, just for reader, 'Vince')

2) John Addison's 'Murder She Wrote' theme.


@ Mel: You're very welcome for Pinocchio! I hope you enjoy it! (Surprisingly, it's gotten the most number of downloads of all the ones I just posted).

@ Greg: It's been a while since I listened to Lord of the Flies, but I imagine you probably already dl'ed it and figured out which version it was. :)) And the Boys from Brazil extended version you were talking that the DVD rip? I seem to remember having a version of that somewhere, but I didn't know there was a legitimate expanded version. Just wondering. (Sorry, I was too lazy to switch windows to soundtrackcollector!)

@ Isbum: On 'The Sporting Club', I figured that's why you left that track off. And on The Wild Bunch, the tracks are okay, just the track titles for the LP version that you upped were actually the titles for the Video CD version, I think, so people will just have to change them to the LP version track names. But let me know if I'm wrong. :))

@ Rocket: You came through again with The Manhattan Project! Just musing about that when I posted La Valise and you posted it! (well, after another request came in). You are the man! :))
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Hello James Bond Ardent Admirers
John Barry is back (and 007 along with him) in "The Man With The Golden Gun" as sung by Lulu (that's for you Greg).

As part of his regular obligations, our favorite spy wants you to know that he'll return in "The Spy Who Loved Me".
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Anyone have LA PRIMA NOTTE DI QUIETE by Mario Nascimbene ??????? Supposed to be GREAT, and is too pricey when it turns up on Ebay.

The other dave on this thread, he he.

I think The Running Man is by Harold Faltermeyer.

Does anyone have the soundtrack to Chuck Norris' Code of Silence by David Michael Frank?

@ nomwl1 - Sorry, I will always post complete Lp's from now on.
Did I ever tell you about the ukelele track I left off from Bacharach's What's New Pussycat?
or After the Fox..? One of those.
It drove this Peruvian guy crazy trying to get it from someone else.

Thanks for part 4!!
@ Hartigan - Say what? I just bought a copy of Code today!
I'll rip it tonight for ya.
Regarding BOYS FROM BRAZIL, yes the longer version is a straight LD Isolated Score rip. There are several differences compared to the CD suggesting that there was a lot of post-production tinkering. Some cues on the LD are shorter than the official CD and vice versa owing to the "suite" presentation of the CD, some appear on the CD that weren't used in the film or are alternates of film counterparts. And of course there are some terrific cues that are officially unreleased.

Now hear this!...

Several years ago I cobbled together my own edition using both of these sources. I'm never content to merely plop down duplicate tracks from two sources that differ by two beats, etc. and call one of them an alternate (unless it IS a true "alternate"). Makes for a fairly repetitive listening experience IMO. Instead, I prefer to edit the WAV files into the cues as they were written. TBFB posed a bit of a problem in that the LD is in mono, so certain cues will switch from stereo to mono, as smoothly as I could edit them. The occasional FX bleed crops up from time to time as well, but it's not terribly distracting. My version has 17 tracks and runs around 50 minutes, and including the song "We're Home Again" sung by Elaine Paige.

I'm always hoping that this will be part of the Varese Club Series or Intrada's Special Collection. We'll see what happens tonight when Varese announces their latest batch. Intrada should have a new one in the next couple of weeks. But, if Varese has not included TBFB I'll up my version. It literally took me hours and hours to compile but I don't think you'll be disappointed.

P.S. I did the same thing with THE MUMMY. It came out great, if I do say so myself!

@ Isbum: You can rip them however you like, buddy. :)) Didn't mean to sound like I was telling you otherwise; just letting people know in case they had downloaded them. :))

@ Bistis6: Thanks for the info on Boys of Brazil! And anything you compiled from the two versions I bet will sound great!

@ Quinlan: You've got a license to kill!


nomwl1's - oh you..stoppit now.:)
@ Libra23

Which trailer music were you after?
I have about 10 X Ray Dog albums and 5 Immediate Music albums.

hi Guys How r u all well does any one have Frida Academy Promo Release

Track listing

1. Benediction and Dream
performed by Lila Downs
2. The Floating Bed

3. Self-Portrait with Hair Down

4. Alcoba Azul
lyrcs by Herman Bravo Varela, performed by Lila Downs
5. Solo Tu

6. La Cavalera

7. Viva la Vida
lyrcs by Herman Bravo Varela, performed by Trio/Marimberos
8. The Journey

9. Entrata and Adagio

10. The Suicide Of Dorothy Hale

11. The Departure

12. Coyoacan and Variations

13. Rockefeller Center Meltdown

14. Estrella Oscura
performed by Lila Downs
15. Frida's Letter

16. Portrait of Lupe

17. Still Life

18. Burning Red

19. Burn It Blue
performed by Caetano Veloso and Lila Downs

and thanks alot for this wonderfull site and thanks for Brokeback Mountain Promo Release i dont remember his name who post the link but any away thanks Alot

I have THE RUNNING MAN and will upload asap. Look back here within a couple of hours.

It is pretty good although it is missing the music from the "show" itself towards the end of the film (it's the kind of Lights Camera Action kind of thing...).


OK... THE RUNNING MAN at 192 (sorry it's not 320 but it's not my rip...) by Harold "Top Gun" Faltermayer.


Can't remember if I requested it before but I would love it if someone had Elliot Goldenthal's "Sphere" score... one of my favourites.

Mumford, THANKS much for the Day of the Dolphin!
Another HUGE thanks to Rocket for The Manhattan Project. Fantastic!

You guys never cease to amaze me with what you come up with.

Speaking of Elliot Goldenthal, does someone by chance have his classical oratorio FIRE WATER PAPER? I know its not film music but man its a stunning piece. Well worth a listen. I caught it on the radio years ago and never forgot it.
Hey everyone!
Does anyone have the soundtracks to:
-The Crush
-Outrageous Fortune
-Iron Will
-The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Just found one CD I thought I had lost - anyone want Michael Kamen's Event Horizon score at 320?

BTW I have finally started my own OST blog (some irreverance, be warned!) at

So far there's only one OST (The Running Man as posted here by me) but I promise to try to get some interesting and unusual stuff there asap).

@ venu, ne thing is good, these r the immediate music albums i have:

Action & Drama
Action & Drama 2
Epic 1
Epic 3
Horror & Sci-Fi
Romantic Adventure
Romantic Comedy 2
Suspense & Drama
Suspense & Drama 2
Suspense & Drama 3
Theme For Orchestra and Choir
Abbey Road

if u could fill the i.m. gaps that be great, not heard of x-ray dog, curious wot type of music it is

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@ nomwl1 - In honor of the new page you wrote, a wee collection of John Addison themes to "Murder She Wrote", from different sources, at different lengths & bitrates:

@ vince - Don't be shy, you can request things in here too. An early Johnny Williams score, "John Goldfarb, Please Come Home" (1965), @192:
Well, Varese didn't release it so here it is:

THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL (expanded) - Jerry Goldsmith

Again, this is my own edit from the CD and Laserdisc isolated score. Please let me know what you think!
Hello Everybody---

Part 4? Who would have thunk it? Thanks for setting us up once again nomwl1!

for filmpac---you asked about classic Disney's a great one by Ron Granier:


plus---I'm not sure wether you saw this one before (it may have gotten buried in one of my long rants) but it's from the classic TV show:


It has some great themes from TV shows on there.

-Rocket From Mars

ps---as far as SWORD IN THE STONE, I have the kid's album from the film with dialogue and songs. would you be interested in that?
rocket, I would sure love to see the sword of the stones posted!!

Also I wanted to repost this:
Anyone have the following:

"Ferngully: The Last Rainforest" - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
"Escape to Witch Mountain" and if there is one to "Return From Witch Mountain"
New member here. I will begin by answering the request for the 15 track Papillon
Bummer! I have Ferngully. I've gone through all my CDs, though, and can't find it. It's just gone. This is the fifth CD that I know I have that has gone missing. I hate when that happens. So, I will second darth's request. Please help me replace my missing CD.
Hey gang. Number 4 and we’re still going strong! Here’s the current batch of scores I’m after:

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter – Dave Grusin
Not Since Casanova – John Debney
Shergar – John Scott
The Traveling Executioner – Jerry Goldsmith
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Jerome Moross

Thanks again guys!
@ Libra23

X-Ray Dog is very similar to Immediate music. I'll post one of their albums up for you to sample.I'll post Abbey Road 2 as well.Are you able to upload Romantic Comedy? Cheers

Papillon link seems to be dead
Does anyone have Lost Horizon: Dimitri Tiomkin?

Thanks :)
@ anonymous
No the "Papillon" link is not dead.
This problem has been covered already several times by Greg or myself.
What you certainly did is copy the URL from the thin column page where it looks truncated. If you do it from the thin column page you must highlight together the line where the URL is AND the next line whether it is blank or not. Then copy and paste in the address bar, you get it.
To avoid that, go to the full page request . There the URL is shown entirely.
Good luck
Ah I got it now, thanks! seems like the posted link was cutoff.
@ mel, isbum and all jazz lovers
Here are links to two LPs ripped @ 320 + complete high resolution artwork covering the sessions Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery recorded together for the Verve label, produced by Creed Taylor.
Imagine jazzmen of the quality of Jimmy Cleveland, Quentin Jackson, Ernie Royal, Clark Terry, Joe Newman, Phil Woods, Ray Barretto and others performing as sidemen just to play some riffs and you'll have an idea of how great these recordings are!


thanks, it's romantic & comedy #2 i have, don't have the first one, if you meant this one ne way then sure i'll upload it soon
@maimone digital - WELCOME!:)
Thank you very much for Papillon.
Very nice to have another contributor, indeed!
The Running Man...
Thanks for your effort paulz. It should sound fine for now. :)

@ paulz - Congrats on starting your own blog, all the best! In celebration, filmpac is happy to bring you Elliot Goldenthal's "Sphere" (1998), @192 (nope, not my rip):

@ rocket - Awesome, thanks for Moonspinners, likewise the heads-up on the Disney TV toons, I had forgotten about that one. And yes, please bring on the Sword in the Stone, in any form you can!

@ bistis6 - Belated thanks for your run of Rosenthals, I am just getting into these now.

@ isbum - I get the feeling you are champing at the bit awaiting your trumphant return.... soon, buddy:)
okey dokey---

here's THE SWORD IN THE STONE kid's album---it's a little 'S,K,&P' in spots BUT the majority of the six Sherman Brothers songs sound great.

Hope you cats dig it.

Rocket From Mars

ps---I also have a bunch of eclectic Sherman Bro.s stuff I plan on ripping soon. if folks are interested I'll post them also.
hi Guys how r u all any body knows Academy Award winning aur nominations promo cds links
hello I seek the music of main road of Jean Hubert wolf with anemone and borhinger more the music of J have wife a Sardinian shade of Philippe with Nathalie baye main road was composes by Gilles granier thank you if you have these film music of mettrent has provision

bonjour je recherche la musique du grand chemin de jean loup hubert avec anemone et borhinger plus la musique de j ai epouse une ombre de philippe sarde avec nathalie baye

le grand chemin a ete compose par gilles granier
merci si vous possedez ces musique de film de les mettrent a disposition
thanks for the sphere link filmpac, was after that one
Can anyone repost the Lord of the Flies OST
amadeus - i have an oscar promo of david arnold's gozilla score if that's ne good?
@ Libra23

Here's X-ray dog - Sit up and listen

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The Running Man sounded great, surprisingly. :)


Time Bandits, now there is an interesting score. I love that film, anyone else here a big Terry Gilliam fan?
Hey guys,

this is a great blog - I hope it stays alive a long time. All the great contributors here, it's wonderful. :)

I have a tough request:


Music by Luis Bacalov, and of course Bach as well as the fantastic spiritual "Sometimes I feel like a motherless child" sung by Odetta. I wanted to buy this album, but could simply not find it anywhere - except for outrageous out of print rip-off prices... . :/

Is anybody out there that can provide a high-quality rip? (320 or lossless, the Bach parts would probably need that)

Thank you. :)

Hi Everybody!

@ Filmpac: Thanks (once again) for fulfilling my requests! You certainly honored the new Post #4! You are fantastic!

@ Rocket: You came up with more great stuff! And thanks for the acknowledgement for Post #4 too!

@ Amadues: I didn't get a chance to say it before, but a belated welcome back!

@ Bistis6: Can't wait to see what you did with Boys With Brazil!

@ Maimone Digital: I second Isbum's welcome. Welcome!

@ Darth & First Moon: I think I have Ferngully somewhere (unless I'm like First Moon and it magically disappears....I know exactly how you feel, FM!) and can post it if no one else does.

@ Isbum: Hi! (Just for the fun of it)

@ Everyone else: Wanted to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful contributions! Didn't acknowledge them individually, but I appreciate each one of them (at least the ones I've been able to download!)
I pulled out my LP of Dick Hyman's "Purple Rose of Cairo" today... well, I tried to, except that it had water damage and was stuck to the LPs on both sides of it. Does anybody have this charming score?
Hiya out there to you all... "best bloggers in the world," ;)

I thought I'd take the opportunity to repost my want-list in the new thread, hoping to get some bites. I'm seeking mostly American film OSTs but some Asian ones as well. If there's anything you seek in return, please let me know... and thanks!

THE KILLERS (Miklos Rozsa)
SPIDER-MAN: THE MOVIE (the Videogame)
SUPERMAN RETURNS (the Videogame)
MILK AND HONEY (Hal Hartley)
any scores to films by TAKASHI MIIKE (Graveyard Of Honor, Gozu, etc)
REPO MAN (score only, The Plugz)
ANOTHER BATTLE (Tomoyasu Hotei)
BRICK (Nathan Johnson)
CRIME STORY (the Michael Mann TV series)
INVISIBLE WAVES (Hualampong Riddim )
EXILED (Dave Klotz & Guy Zerafa)
scores to films of JOHNNIE TO (Election, Election 2, Throwdown, etc)...
EQUINOX (Mark Isham)
LETHAL WEAPON 4 (Kamen, Clapton, Sanborn)
Clint Eastwood's THE ROOKIE (Lennie Neihaus)
SPARTAN (Mark Isham)
STAKEOUT (Arthur Rubenstein)
ANOTHER STAKEOUT (Arthur Rubenstein)

Thanks again!
To: Maimone Digital.

from me too - many thanks for 'Papillon'.
To my mind, one of Jerry Goldsmith's most haunting scores. I love it........

@ Filmpac

Thanks for the kind words and the Sphere score - I am not worthy!

I will be trying to keep my new blog up to date and try and do a few different sorts of OSTs that may not get much play/appreciation out there ;-)


Sorry for taking such a long time, but here is Supersnooper COMPLETE:

Best wishes,


Here is my third Geoff Love post:

The album includes Jaws, The Eiger Sanction, Psycho and many others. Warmly recommended.

Best wishes,

Event Horizon - Michael Kamen and Orbital is up on my blog at 320 if anyone wants it.
@ quinlan

Thanks very much for the two Jimmy Smith / Wes Montgomery LPs.

Some really swinging stuff here!
I just downloaded the expanded version of the "Carrie" soundtrack on the main page, but it doesn't include the two songs that appear in the film, sung by Katie Irving.

Does anyone have either the 13 track Varese Sarabande release of the soundtrack that contains both the songs???

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help, those two songs are amazing.

@John Hartigan: I have that Code of Silence by David Frank, digitized from cassette. Could upload that one, but it's not quite cd quality I'm afraid.

Anyone have other Frank scores?

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Thanks alot nomwl1

Would be great if you can post Ferngully!!
@ rocket - Awesome, thanks man for Sword in the Stone!! Quick question, when you say "kids album", does this mean there is another release also? indicates a couple of different LPs, but without any track listings it is difficult to be sure if these are different versions, or re-releases, or whatever.

Now I'm in a wee Disney mood, a little something I had in the archives, thought you all might enjoy. Louis Armstrong, "Disney Songs The Satchmo Way", @VBR:

Many Thanks for the complete "Supersnooper", and also thanks for ripping it @256.
This was well worth waiting for.
@ STEVO - Please feel free to post your version of "Code OS", I would'nt mind checking it out.
And thanks, you bring up a point I wanted to get made to everybody reguarding my posts.

I will be posting Lp rips (unless noted)
If you have Cd versions, tape or anything better, feel free to post them.
I may bang my head on the turntable a few times, but I won't be angry for long. ;)

with that out of the way...

"Code of Silence"
David Frank

This is terrific action scoring, I would be very interested in hearing more from David Frank.
Hi filmpac---
I'm not sure about the other albums for 'Sword' but this was a kid's record with a pop-up storybook included. It's really a beautiful packaging deal. Hope that helps---
Now that nomwl1 has got me in the mood with Paradise Alley, I am keen to hear Sly Stallone singing on Rhinestone. Anyone?

Rocket, thx for the info on Sword, an hour of googling later I am thinking this was the only release. Cheers mate!
Hello James Bond Idolaters (& Idolatresses)
For those who thought 007 could not feel any emotion, here is "The Spy Who Loved Me", this time scored by Marvin Hamlisch, still with his usual attributes i.e. an LP rip @ 320 and high resolution artwork.

As a note, if you look carefully at the back cover picture, you may note that there are 6 tracks noted on side 2. Tracks 3, 4 & 5 of this side are supposed to be listened to on a continuous basis without any separation between the tracks (that's the way they are on the LP). So I ripped them in one single shot corresponding to track 8 of this submission to avoid too abrupt starts or ends.
So be sure that the entire LP (11 tracks) is here.
James Bond originally wanted to come back for his next adventures in "For Your Eyes Only", but he changed his mind at the last minute; it will be in "Moonraker".
See you then.

I'd love to check the quality on your rip, but - are you sure about that link? I'm getting an error constantly...

I'm getting temporarily unavailable on it. Try again later but here's the link again, just in case my dyslexia is kikin' in
Here's a cover from "The Persuaders" that I found.

Anybody got the score?
Hey dudes I'm back :)
Had a few problems with the old computer but its sorted now (hopefully)
Managed to salvage most of my files :)
I see you guys have been busy here, especially Rockey, Isbum,filmpac & quinlan....what would we do without you?

Great job on those Bond LP's

Thanks for the Geoff Love Terror Themes

Would anyone have the link for "The Caine Mutiny" handy? I'll be darned if i can find what page that was on :(
Is anyone else getting "this page not found" when going to megaupload?
Perhaps they are down for mantinence or something.
Duh! Sorry, it's been awhile.

Code of Silence
David Frank

And here's one I completely forgot about.
Kenny Rogers in
"Six Pack"
by Charles Fox

I second the request for that "The Persuaders" - hopefully someone may have it????
OH and Check out the Front Cover: "The Persuaders"
And how about "The Professionals"

Please someone try finding these!!!
"The Avengers"
MegaUpload might also have deleted or removed a file.
HI Jason,

Welcome back! Here's something i posted awhile back with you in mind (just in case you didn't see it i'll post it again)...Lets just say there are a bunch of bizarre Bond treats to be found here:

Let me know what you think---

(First isbum, now Jason! on the same day no less Happy happy joy joy!)

(or Rockey. whatever. just don't call me 'late for dinner') ba dum bump [that's the sound of a 'rimshot' for all you kids out there]
@ 7 Black Notes
with thanks for "Bloody Mama"

"Up in the Cellar"
by Don Randi

and Don formed a band that played at a club on Ventura Blvd. near Universal Studios.
A very hot potato with a very frantic version of "Shaft".

"Don Randi and the Baked Potato Band"

@ The Disney Chicks* ;) + Dog lovers everywhere.

by Euel Box

*not to imply that you are chicks,
just liked the play on Dixie Chicks.
Yeah, Rocket, we need to hire a drummer for rim shots. All I hear is crickets! ;)
THANKS for Benji....I watched it again on TCM recently, and the music (and Oscar-nominated theme song) is wonderful music.
Anyone have a 320 of Battlestar Galactica Season 1 by Bear McCreary...? Can't find it in my local shops, but since they released season 2...there has to have been a season 1 CD release...right?
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Over the weekend, I found a copy of Stanley Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange' [Warner Bros. 1972]. If anyone else would like to check it out as well, here it is @ 192:
What was the blog page you found Clockwork on....Link, please?
I didn't find it on a blog page. I found a copy of the CD and ripped it myself.

Didn't know it was out there already (didn't look, either). Sorry.
Anyone have the soundtrack to the movie: GRATEFUL DAWG by Jerry Garcia??

Thanks alot, I believe there are 15 tracks!!
@ mel and quinlan

"Black Smith"
by Jimmy Smith
*includes the version of "Hang 'Em High" that I spoke of.

also not a soundtrack, but this Motor City composer did score "Black Belt Jones" with Luicci DeJesus(sp).

If ya love "blacksploitation" get this!
"Big City Funk" (Best of)
Dennis Coffey

*includes the Top 10 single "Scorpio".

Anyone have LA PRIMA NOTTE DI QUIETE by Mario Nascimbene ?
@ amadues - I highly doubt any of your requested Oscar promos for older movies exist, they are a fairly new concept. But enjoy Alfred Newman's "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing" (1955), sounding nice @192:

@ isbum & jason - Welcome back!

@ anonymous - Caine Mutiny link got deleted a while back now. Perhaps someone can assist in a re-up.
@ isbum

Thank you much for Code of Silence. Am listening to it now...I used to have this on cassette way way back in 80s...ugghh..that's almost 20 years agooooooooo...Great action themes for a pretty decent Chuck Norris movie.

By any chance does anyone have Showdown in Little Toyko, also scored by David Michael Frank and stars a young Brandon Lee who pretty much steals the movie from Dolph. This was released on CD but was pretty hard to find even back when it was released.

A lot of David Michael Frank 80's music is tied to Steven Seagal movies...hence the Film Music of Steven Seagal CD which I also don't own anymore.

Some requests I made previously and hoping with more visitors now...maybe someone might have:

- Death Before Dishonor by Brian May
- River of Death by Sasha Matson
- Alan Quartermain & The Lost City of Gold by Michael Linn (I recall this appeared on a compilation CD with some other movie scores)

Thanks for all the wonderful shares!

"A Streetcar Named Desire"
by Marvin Hamlisch

post 100!
@ isbum

Hi and thank you for Black Smith.

Nice to see you around on a regular basis again and I hope your problems are now over.
Patrick Williams was the Mancini of the KOST-FM generation.
Here's two of his jazzy and mellow scores.

"How to Beat the High Cost of Living"
Featuring Hubert Laws & Earl Klugh

"Just Between Friends"

Hi mel!
I hope so.
At least until we get another HS Internet provider.
@ john hartigan - I can do you Showdown In Little Tokyo. Any chance you could do us a favor and re-up here the "Birds Of Prey" I posted to your blog, which got canned, for Breton Girl?
No biggie, Moon....I thought you meant you had found Clockwork on a blogpage somewhere.
Thanks for that Patrick Williams's a fun one from a fun movie with a great cast that includes several folks from the original SNL Not Ready For Prime Time Players. I like finding these oddball little forgotten scores from back then.
Just a question:
What is the big deal with "Oscar promo" scores? Aren't they usually just CD's sent out to Academy members for voting or nomination considerations, and not really releases of un-commercially released albums? Correct me if I'm wrong on that, but I get the impression some seem to think that Oscar promo releases are always unreleased scores.
could anyone post a copy of the music from the 1975 version of "Fun with Dick and Jane", I don't have the equipment to strip music off a film. My email is and I would gladly pay for a copy. thanks. Also selling for dirt cheap lots of lounge records in brooklyn if anyone is interested.
Ya know Greg, I was gonna mention the cast of "How to Beat.."
it's really weirder than just the SNL (Jane Curtain,Garrett Morris) folks.
Susan Saint James/Jessica Lang?
Eddie Albert and Dabney Coleman!
How many curmudgons did this movie need.
Fred Willard as Robert..that kills me when a guest star is listed with such a common as mud name!

Like for instance...
Sir Laurence Olivier as Kevin.

This one was a fun discovery for me.

"Slam Dance"
by Mitchell Froom (was married to Susanne Vega "Tom's Diner")

"Wall of Voodoo" frontman Stan Ridgway sings the title track.
2 much information?

good 2 B back:)
Would anyone have Tony Christie's "Avenues & Alleyways" theme song to "The Protectors" 1970's British TV Series? I've searched everywhere. Thank you.

Thanks for posting "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Marvin Hamlisch. Do you have his score for Woody Allen's Take the Money And Run, I would love to hear that one again.
@Rocket (Rockey:)
Sorry, Y is next to T on the keyboard:)
Interesting Bondesque compilation.

Here is my Crime Jazz folder in case anyone missed it

good to be back
@ Jason,

My be you can help me out with a question. A few years a cd album was planned consisting of jazzy crime themes like Dirty Harry and several other Lalo Schifrin themes. The album did not include original themes, but very well done cover versions. I believe it was to be released by Varase (and even found a track list with samples on the internet), yet the cd never appeared on the Continent. Have you, as a jazz expert, ever heard about it or even found it?

I'm no expert :)
The only ones I can think of are
Acid Jazz Movie themes
Blue scores (on the bluenote label)
Scored 1-0 (JTQ label)

If you have a link to a tracklist that would help, maybe Rocket,Isbum,Filmpac or Quinlan can help

Those 3 are all Jazz versions and not very faithful but interesting versions
I was wondering if anyone has the soundtrack to the 1969 feature film, "A Boy Named Charlie Brown"? There is a soundtrack out there for the 1964 CBS special of the same name (which would be cool to have, too), but I'm looking for the one for the 1969 movie. I know that Columbia Records released an LP in 1970, so hopefully someone might have it. Thanks!
Hi Everyone---

Sorry Cedric i can't help you there.

Here are a few requests from waaaaaay back. I don't think they were fulfilled---but it's pretty hard to keep track these days.

@isbum: A STUDY IN TERROR (hi-fi @ 192)

@jamk: THE BLACK STALLION (vinyl rip @192)

bye for now,

Denis, you do realize that the 1969 album (because it was a two-record set) is essentially the entire soundtrack of the film....dialogue and all? One could just as easily record right off the DVD that's on the market.
I'm not a big Disney fan, but if you have kids, Disney is one of those things you have to put up with, like diapers or something. Yet, I must say that Disney Songs The Satchmo Way is awesome. Thanks and best wishes.
@all: I've uploaded my own rip of Frank's "Code of silence" (320k). I used a sealed cassette and steinbergs wavelab for de-hissing/enhancing the sound and considering the fact that I'm no pro it turned out quite neat! (plus you don't hear crackles or pops)

Check it out if you haven't already, this is in my top 5!

@ Jason

Your remarks helped me to get my thoughts together and refresh my memory. The exact title was Jazz in Film, released by Silva Screen years ago. The cd used to have 'its own' website ( but that is defunct now. The track list is:

Modesty blaise
Suite from 'Bullitt'
Touch of Evil
Cinderella Liberty
Dudley Moore Tribute
The Gauntlet
The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
The Man With The Golden Arm
Walk On The Wild Side
'Dirty Harry' Suite
Austin Powers

Does anyone have this gem and want to share it?

Best wishes,

@ breton girl

I wish you a very happy birthday.

Please don't blush.

Best wishes from mel.
Been searching lately for Barry DeVorzon's "Looker". It's seems to be rare, could but maybe someone here has it? Thanks!

@ breton girl

B1rds 0f Prey
I wasn't quite sure if that was the case but had a sneaky suspicion. Thanks for clearing that up. I've already recorded the music & dialogue off the DVD, so I guess I don't need the '69 album if that is all that's available. It's a shame that the score alone doesn't exist as there is some great music there.
@ Cedric - Very interesting selections on that disk. I know i would have grabbed it if i found it.
From 1971

by Stu Phillips
*side 1 - songs
side 2 - Score by Stu sounds like crime jazz but a tad edgier.

by Stomu Yamashta

Denis, I don't have the album, but when I checked out the information and the tracks listings at, it was very obvious to me why it was a double-LP release.
@John Hartigan & Filmpac: thanks a lot for Birds of Prey...

@ Mel: thanks for the birthday wish - it's just one day early... ;)
Manos Hadjidakis -
Here is the film composers best selling Greek Lp.
"Lilacs Out of a Dead Land"

Anybody have the following by him?
"Memed My Hawk"
"300 Spartans"

@ Quinlan - listening to Mancini's Angels" now. Thanks my friend, it's great!
* an autographed copy of this is at Amoeba (L.A) for under 15.00 if anyone like signed stuff.
@ robert - re your request for Tony Christie "Avenues And Alleyways". This comes from a compilation called "Fantasy Film Worlds Of Gerry Anderson", I'm on the prowl for that as I type, hopefully I'll be able to bring you the complete comp later. But here's Tony:

@ greg - Indeed, an Oscar promo gets sent to Academy members for their consideration. They are highly sought after by collectors due to their rarity, and by us score lovers because they often contain more of the score than is commercially available on the soundtrack.

@ isbum - Just when I was getting caught up, you've put behind me behind the 8-ball again:))

@ anonymous - Glad you are digging the Louis Armstrong, I've given it a few spins of late too, even hooked my flatmate who *hates* Disney.
Anyone have Satanik or Kriminal?

Thank you!

Here's a super long shot request:

Une Hirondelle a Fait le Printemps by Philippe Rombi

Doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks for any help.
More info on super long shot request:

Une Hirondelle a Fait le Printemps (EMI Music France 5351512 - 24 tracks, 41:08) Philippe Rombi

If anyone posts this then I will know miracles exist. Thanks
filmpac thanks alot for ur beautiful link Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing i have been searching it for ages thanks again iam confused that fame won the oscar for best score just because of one Ralph and Monty (dressing room piano) and that was only 1:57 minute long and only one piano was used in that there was not any other instrument used , it must have been its promo version by the way filmpac thanks again for Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing
@ Italian film score fans

This Triple Feature Lp is lot's of fun.
Side 1 - "Casanova 70"
by Armando Trovaioli
Side 2
by John Dankworth
+ "Marriage Italian Style"
also by A. Trovaioli

Just an update i am not looking for the score of Ferngully, i am looking for the OST with Robin Williams and Tim Curry singing...
Track listing

1. Life Is a Magic Thing - Johnny Clegg
2. Batty Rap - Robin Williams
3. If I'm Gonna Eat Somebody (It Might as Well Be You) - Tone Loc
4. Toxic Love - Tim Curry
5. Raining Like Magic - Raffi
6. Land of a Thousand Dances - Guy
7. A Dream Worth Keeping - Sheena Easton
8. Some Other World - Elton John

Can anyone help with that?
Hello.I search desperetely the rejected score of YOUNG GUNS by James Horner. Does anyone have it? And would you have SIMON BIRCH by Marc would be wonderful . I have"une hirondelle a fait le printemps" .I will try to post it. Thank you very much for this soundtracks and at the next.
@ filmpac Thank you very much! And I along with many more hope you find and post the rest of "Fantasy Film Worlds Of Gerry Anderson" - Robert
@ john hartigan - David Michael Frank "Showdown In Little Tokyo" (1991), @192:

Oh, please post "une hirondelle a fait le printemps". It has very beautiful music I'm sure everyone here will like. Rombi is a great composer. If you or anyone else also has these:

"Le Coût de la Vie / Une Employée Modèle / Joe Pollox et les Mauvais Esprits" (Cinefonia digipak CFR 010 - 25 tracks, 74:15)

Oui, Mais... (Le Clown et l'Enfant M001 - 30 tracks, 45:18)

Thanks for any help with these.
Would anyone happen to have Henry Mancini's "Experiment In Terror"? :)
Hi isbum---

Here's a rarity to go with the other John Scott score---

There's some great stuff on this album and I read somewhere that the title song was nominated for an Academy Award in '70 (not sure if that's true though)


ps---'GB' i do have THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST. MATTHEW but it's the 1964 lp release with no Bacalov.(and at 192) If you're still interested let me know.

You keep doing it....loading some of the very finest soundtracks. Recently it was 'Papillon' & now Alfred Newman's "Love Is.....'. Newman knew how to write themes of romance, passion & such exquisite intensity - and yet they were often so simple. You find great examples in things like 'How the West was Won', 'Diary of Anne Frank', 'The Robe', 'A Man Called Peter' etc etc. Who could fail to be moved by those first seconds of the 'Love Is..' Main Title? - you'd surely have to be made of stone. But then I guess I'm just a crusty old romantic...
Thanks again.
@ Rocket Thanks my man!
Now that's two versions of "Mad About the Boy" you've given me.
Peter Sellars singing it in "The Magic Christian" and this one.

People will start to talk if this continues! ;)

I am still slogging throught ReQ-Pt.3. I suppose you meant Scott's "The Decievers" which I haven't found yet.
Well, this is FUN!:))

Another Italian for you ferner's.

"Bebo's Girl"
by Carlo Rusticelli

If you own the Cd of this, please post it. Thanks:)

I posted THE DECEIVERS in Pt. 3. should still be there.
So has anyone downloaded THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL that I posted??? I curious as to everyone's opinions on my editing.
@ Who requested this? Yuk..yuk :))
My guess is Darth or Ruggo.
Here it is..

"Every Which Way But Loose"
score by Steve Dorff

that song "Behind Closed Doors" is on a loop in my head now. thanks;)

@Bistis6 - I haven't yet. But while I have your attention, cyberhug for the Mancini duo!!
Hank went BIG on the destruction of Lom's Castle and it was magnificent! Without a Clue was rather Addison"ish" and will be perfect paired with "Who's Killing the Great Chef's" I re-did.

Many other thank you's will follow. :)
I'm looking for new links for
the TV scores of the man
from UNCLE
@ mel
Hi mel
I noted in the Wes Montgomery's LPs you listed that you had "A Day In The Life". This is the first of 3 LPs he recorded for the A&M Records label produced by Creed Taylor, over a period of one year between June 1967 and May 1968. I have this record and I have also the other two. I thought it would be nice to share them with you or anyone who likes WM. These records are somewhat of his legacy since he died of a heart attack on June 15, 1968, a month after he recorded "Road Song" which therefore was his very last session.
I remember you commenting very positively Jazzmen such as Charlie Parker or Paul Desmond playing with strings. I do share your opinion. That's the case for these Montgomery's records. There are strings but he also has Ron Carter Grady Tate, Ray Barretto, Herbie Hancock, Hank Jones and others to back him.
Listen to what they are doing with "Scarborough Fair"...
I hope you'll like them as well as I do.
Here are for, I hope, your listening pleasure "Down Here On The Ground" (December 1967) and "Road Song" (May 1968)

@ isbum
Thank's an awful lot for "Black Smith". Great performance again of our friend Jimmy. If you had not accepted to share it, it would have been greatly missed.
Thank you
Hi isbum---

Earlier today (wednesday) i posted John Scott's A STUDY IN TERROR---i thought you asked for that ages ago---maybe i was wrong (its happened before)

while i'm here has anyone posted George Garvarentz's THE SOUTHERN STAR or M.H. Arnold's THE HEROES OF TELEMARK? And if not---would anyone be interested in them?

@ filmpac and quinlan---sorry, i was just going through Requests #3 and noticed you cats had already posted THE SOUTHERN STAR--never mind.

Rocket, save you the trouble, yeah I posted Heroes Of Telemark back in either Part #2 or #3. Link is still good too.
Has anyone ever come across the shoundtrack to the TV SHOW:

The Incredible Hulk with Lou Ferrigno

Thanks in advance!!
awesome filmpac! you wouldn't happen to have that link handy would you?
@ denis
Since you said that it would be cool to have also the Original Sountrack Recordings of The CBS Television Special "A Boy Named Charlie Brown", here it is performed by an excellent jazzy and swingin' Vince Guaraldi & his trio.
This is not my rip so thanks to the original uploader.
The FrontCover picture is not too good, so if anyone could supply a better one it would very much appreciated.

Rocket, old Heroes of Telemark link:
@ anonymous
Per your request, here is Henry Mancini's "Experiment In Terror".
Very good rip - not mine. Thanks to the original uploader.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you so much for Experiment In Terror!!! that was SO kind of you!!! :D
@ Rocket - Our dear friend Quinlan did a sweet clean-up on The Southern Star - make sure you get that one.

Here's one you might enjoy Rocket.

"Hot Dawg"
by David Grisman

not a soundtrack
* he is a noted string player who has worked with a number of film composers. He and Denny Zeitlan (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) did a record together.
darth - It took me a bit to get to these, but here Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. On Pet Detective, 7 of the 11 tracks are from Ira Newborn's score. On When Nature Calls, only one of the tracks is from Robert Folk's score. The rest are songs from the movie. Anyway, here they are @192:

Ruggo didn't request Any Which Way But Loose, but he'll take it considering one of his ancestors played a predominate part in the film (and I'm not referring to Clint).

I am definitely interested in the LP release. I will try to get my hold onto the CD - once I get it, I will definitely share this gem! :)

Thank you.

That's funny Ruggo. Speaking of "Behind Closed Doors",
(stilll playing in my head)
have you ever noticed singer Charlie Rich's resemblance to Dr.Zaius?

"Down and Out in Beverly Hills"
side 1 - songs
side 2 - score by Andy Summers

and I think this one's on Cd as well, but i already ripped it.

by Georges Delerue

@ quinlan

Hi and thank you very much for posting Down Here On The Ground Road Song. Both are very beautiful albums which I'm very happy to add to my collection.

On the subject of jazz with strings, I have, if you are interested, a Brubeck LP "Bernstein Plays Brubeck Plays Bernstein" (1960) - the first side is a performance of Dialogs For Jazz Combo and Orchestra by Howard Brubeck (Dave's brother) with some soaring Paul Desmond above the N Y Phil strings; on side two the Quartet plays 5 tunes from West Side Story. Seems to be quite rare these days.

Let me know if you would like this.

Somebody asked for 60s comedy scores a while back now, and I hope you know who you are. I truly don't know what to make of this one, but any movie that stars Tony Curtis, Lionel Jeffries and Zsa Zsa Gabor can't be all bad... can it? Dennis Farnon scored it (Dennis who, erm, apart from this it seems he did some episodes of Rocky & Bullwinkle), its called "Arrivederci, Baby!" aka "Drop Dead Darling" (1966), from LP, @320. Make of it what you will:
60's Comedy score requests ? I suspect that could have been me filmpac, and I thank you for Arrividerci Baby.
BISTIS6: I listened to your Boys From Brazil yesterday and I think
it's fantastic. This is a favorite score of mine, and this is the one I'll be listening to from now on. Nice job putting this together, and thanks so much for sharing it.
Isbum-I have Bebo's Girl(la ragazza di bube) on cd,can do soon.
Also Darth(I think)-I have the full AV:when nature calls promo(about 45/50 mins of good folk)can do that too.
Keep a look out.

"Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?" does anyone have the soundtrack to that sixties Doris Day fun film?? Or the theme song by The Lettermen? Thanks
@ Greg, the link to the Incredible Hulk OST on ScoreBaby is DEAD, Do you have it to post elsewhere or has anyone seen it elsewhere?

@ First moon Thanks alot for the Ace Ventura's CDS!!
@'D':"When Nature Calls" Robert Folk promo is welcome!
Thanks in advance
Here's Ace Ventura WNC

@ Darth

I have The Hulk OST and will try to up it now. Should have the link later this morning...
I have The Incredible Hulk, but I won't be able to get it up until tonight. If no one finds a working link, I'll post it tonight.
Never mind, Bro Brer's got it.
Does anyone want me to upload the remaining Sherlock Holmes radio plays?

I only ask because although Part 1 was quite popular only a few people have downloaded Part 2 which makes me think that at least 14 people were disappointed and chose not to continue.

I will only upload Part 3 if there is interest from any of the regulars as I am not on a fast connection and it takes me around 70 minutes to upload each file.

@ quinlan

Thanks for the Bond scores. The collection is building up nicely.

@ Rocket, ISBUM, Filmpac, Greg

Thanks for all the new additions. Some good stuff has been uploaded since I last visited.

Does anyone want:

Master & Commander - The Far Side Of The World
Gladiator (2 disc Special Edition)

All will be at 320 kbps.

Kind regards.

Do you have Goldsmith's 100 Rifles and/or Jericho? Been looking for 100 Rifles all over the place.
@ first moon, Ill look for the Incredible Hulk tonight thanks alot!!
Here's Bubo's Girl from the camcd

The tracks didn't come up, so here they are-

1 BUBE 1:42
2 STEFANO 1:21
5 BUBE, ADDIO! 2:27
9 PASSI 1:25
12 MARA...T'AMO 1:34
13 NASCOSTI 2:02
17 ANSIE 3:21
19 SEI TU SOLA 2:44

Joe H*rn*ll's H*lk TV Score

You're welcome, and thanks right back to you! I've sat on that edit of BFB for years, only giving it to a couple of friends. As far as I know it hasn't made the rounds. But everyone here has been so generous that I just wanted to give something that I thought was a little special. I'm very pleased that you like it well enough for it to be the version you listen to, and I hope that whoever else downloads it feels the same.
Here is The Man of UNCLE.
Dont know the bitrate...

Here is Gladiator 2 CD:

Your version of "Boys from Brazil" is absolutely the best one I've heard yet. I've listened to it several times and it's really good. Thanks so much for taking the time to create that, it's a real treat for fans of that score.
Thank you and thanks to the original uploader, whoever you are! :)

@bro brer
Thanks for the new link to the H*lk tv soundtrack (and thank you, darth, for requesting it). I was excited when I discovered the links on ScoreBaby & LLDSW while back but quite disappointed to find out both lead to the same dead link.
@ 'D' - Thanks for Bebo's Girl!
That Lp was pretty trashed, but I really dug the interplay between the "Chinatown" style trumpet and oboe-or whatever wind insturment that was.
Hello James Bond Worshippers
John Barry is making a new come back and invites us "to rake the moon" with his usual talent in "Moonraker"

Did you know that in his preceding mishaps the closing credits were saying, "James Bond will return in For Your Eyes Only" but, because of the successes of Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, "Moonraker" was finally chosen by the production (source imdb).
So this time for sure, 007 will return in "For Your Eyes Only"
Several more Lp rips @ 320

"Kiss of the Spider Woman"
by John Neschling
with Nando Carneiro/Wally Badarou

"Children of a Lesser god"
by Michael Convertino

enjo Y

Glad you like it.Uploading i made me realise how good 'n' catchy it was.I hadn't played it in a while.
I think the wind inst might be a type of sax.

@ bistis6 - I finally found
"The Decievers".
And as a bonus you put "Sword and Sorcerer" by David Whitaker.
I only have "Hammerhead" and "Run Wild Run Free" by him but I love those scores!
Any other scores by David Whitaker would be greatly appreciated.
By me:)!
Thanks alot @Bro Brer for the incredible hulk tv ost that was ACE!!
I'm looking for the German Soundtrack Vitus
@ Quinlan - I have a big favor to ask of you.
Could you possibly do a make-over on Georges Garvarentz' "Diamond Mercenaries" AKA "Killer Force"(better title with O.J. Simpson being in the cast).

I held off asking because you are buisy with 007, but after burning this on disc, I've come to realize how badly it needs fixing.

I re-ripped and uploaded it here for your convenience.

@ Our new members- Any of you have the Cd "Film Music by Georges Garvarentz" that only got 2000 issued?

That's the only Whitaker I have save for a 9 minute track from VAMPIRE CIRCUS on a Hammer compilation re-recording.
bistis6 - I have that thanks, tis a real pity so little was released from him.
Perhaps some of his work for television will be unearthed by FSM.
@ mel
Thank you for your kind offer of Brubeck/Bernstein which I would like very much to have.
As a matter of fact I may already have part of it since I have an LP called "The Dave Brubeck Quartet Plays Music From West Side Story And Wonderful Town". There are four pieces from WSS (Maria, I Feel Pretty, Somewhere & Tonight) + one from the Broadway Musical "Wonderful Town", A Quiet Girl. On the other side he plays other hits from Broadway shows such as What Is This Thing Called Love?, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, Night And Day & My Romance.
By the way should you want to have this record, let me know.
What you are proposing will hopefully complete it.
I have another (among others) Dave Brubeck that you might want too: "We're All Together Again For The First Time" featuring Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Gerry Mulligan, Alan Dawson & Jack Six.
Again let me know.
BIG thanks for that Boys From Brazil. I have the Varese CD myself,but this is a top notch job!!!!!!!!!!!

I second the request for:

Une Hirondelle a Fait le Printemps (EMI Music France 5351512 - 24 tracks, 41:08) Philippe Rombi

I've heard sound samples from this score and it sounds very good. I hope the anonymous who said he had it will post it.

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