Saturday, November 18, 2006

Requests - Does Anyone Have These? Anybody have any other requests?

Many kind readers of the blog have requested or mentioned these albums in past comments, but I didn't have them, so I thought I'd ask if anyone else had these. Before anyone gets their hopes up though, I don't expect too much of a response to this post (despite the fact that people who visit this blog are exceptionally nice), but I thought I'd ask anyway. :))

This is the first Request Post - Request Post #1 - I took the main part out because it's outdated, takes up a lot of space on the blog (like most things don't!), and might be confused with the updated version. If for some insane reason anybody wants to or needs to see the old one, let me know. I still have it here (in a secret vault where I keep all the babbling that takes place on the blog).

You can still read the comments section though (you just can't add to it). Go to the newest Request Post to add comments (see links at the top of the blog). Thanks and enjoy!

you can find The Black Hole at this site:
A fellow named rocket man did a vinyl rip of AIRPORT. Go to "skunkapes" and check the post that asks for requests. You'll find it in the comments.

The Slaughtered Lamb has posted "The Black Hole" just below "Howard the Duck".
Did that come out alright?;)

Here are a few I did recently..

Gordon Parkes - Shaft's Big Score

Jerry Fielding - The Gauntlet

J.J. Johnson - Man and Boy

Bon Apitite!
Thanks CL!

Talk about timing! He must've just put that one out!
christian did that while I was tippy-typeing.
woa! seems we are all here at the same time..kinda weird huh
Hi Isbum!

Wow. Between the time I read CL's comment and posted mine, you snuck yours in there! Hee he he! :))

Thanks for all the info! Also, I need to catch up on the E-Mail. I just read yours, but haven't had a chance to respond yet. :))
Ha ha ha!

2 more comments before mine showed up! Isbum, you are fast, my friend!! :))
Well, i've got 4 requests, but i don't know if someone got the ones i'm searching about...
The omen & The Omen III Final Conflict complete scores (there's few tracks missing on the Deluxe cds)
Poltergeist II complete score (2cd)
Poltergeist III
The Black Cauldron Recording Sessions (2cd)
King Arthur Recording sessions (NOT the complete score)
The Last Samurai Complete score

Thanks :)
Here's a link to Roma Violenta, for Ed.

I'm sure i've got Beretta 70 for Ed and A Shot In The Dark for you nomwl1 hanging around somewhere. I'll have to dig my own crates since I've got a nice bunch of untagged DVD's!!!
And here's a link to Beretta '70, for ed
Wanted dead or alive ....Boney or Nature Walkabout OST's by Sven Libaek :)

Love your site. I have one request:

Metropolis the 1984 Re-release Of 1924 Film by various artists.

Please and thanks.
"7 Faces Of Dr. Lao" Great film. I would love to hear the Soundtrack.

Film Score Monthly just issued "The 7 Faces Of Dr.Lao".
Please support them by purchasing it through Screen Archives.

Here's some more that I'd love to see posted..

Viva, Max! - Hugo Montenegro
The 7th Dawn - Riz Ortolani
Lilith - Kenyon Hopkins
The Carpetbaggers - Elmer Bernstein
Shalako - Robert Farnon
Yours, Mine, and Ours - Fred Karlin

and this last one I had on LP - so I know it exists.
Coogan's Bluff - Lalo Schifrin
isbum ...If its not been posted before I'll post the carpetbaggers sometime for ya
How about the soundtrack to Westworld? Anybody run accross this one, please post. That would be awesome, I am finding this one to be very elusive.
I've posted what I have (which is about 27 minutes)of the Lili (1953) score and which can be downloaded from here:

I'm searching for the following:
Saint Joan - 1957 (Mischa Spoliansky)

The Seventh Dawn (La Settima Alba) - 1964 (Riz Ortolani)

and sundry other non-soundtrack stuff which I'll leave for another occasion.

Nomwl1, thanks for all the great music you're posting.

Regards - Mel.

I didn't expect that much of a response! I wanted to say thanks to everybody for the nice things they've said, for commenting, requesting, and for fulfilling requests.

And nice to see Breton Girl. Didn't know she was visiting the blog, so that's a nice treat! (as for everyone else, I knew you were visiting from previous visits!)

Keep on requesting and commenting for anything you're looking for or that you have. Thanks! (Wasn't I right about the readers of this blog being exceptionally nice?)

P.S. And Mel, feel free to request any non-soundtrack material as well. I probably should've put up a separate post for that, but for some reason, there's a shortage of people requesting non-soundtrack material. They probably know I don't have it. :))
Thank you for all the great music that's been posted here - it is very much appreciated. I have a couple of requests and I hope there's someone out there who can help me out:

Jeremiah Johnson -John Rubenstein
Bloodline - Ennio Morricone
Gold - Elmer Bernstein

Thanks again - this is a great blog!
Yes, this is a most excellent blog!

I double the votes for Gold and J. Johnson!!! Bring on the "Grizz"!
*blush* I visit your blog since i found you with Xtabays, so it's a lot of time now... :)
Thanks a lot for the great posts :)
Thanks big time for the Lili.
Seems to be a few elmer bernstein wanted ....any good ?

01 Walk on the Wild side
02 Somewhere in the used to be
03 Hallies Jazz
04 Rejected
05 Doll House
06 Terasina
07 Night Theme
08 Walk on the Wild side Jazz
09 Furnished Room
10 Kitty
11 Oliver
12 Comfort Southern
13 Finale

Nomwl1, I'm sorry. I told you I thought I had Mancini's "A Shot In The Dark", but all I can seem to find is a Mancini compilation with the title track A Shot In The Dark on it. You're the host here and you're the least well served!! Instead, I have found the top-notch OST of The Return Of The Pink Panther, but I think you already have it...

If you have any other request, let me know and I won't upload it, as usual (sob sob, sigh sigh) :-(
I am looking for the Varese Sarabande release of Romancing the Stone. It was a soundtrack club exlusive and has since sold out. Does anyone have a copy that they could post? I love Alan Silvestri's music! By the way, since I'm thinking about Alan Silvestri, I'd love the scores to Back to the Future 1, 2, and 3 as well.
Hi Sallie, I've uploaded Mancini's Charade for you in the Superman II comment section ;-)
I tossed this over to the "hollister" folks, but everybody deserves to slip in this banana.;)

Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Naturally, I should offer it to "skunkape"...
Would love to grab Christian Bruhn's 'Timm Thaler' soundtrack. Some great funky beats on that one!
Anonymous, you can find what you are looking for somewhere on XYZ Cosmoblog
Mickey, thanks! Found what I was looking for on that blog. Great stuff
Great site! Some more requests:

Woman Times Seven - Riz Ortolani
The Valachi Papers - Riz Ortolani
Bloodline - Ennio Morricone
Gator - Charles Bernstein
Journey to the Far side of the Sun - Barry Gray
Exposure (A Grande Arte) 1991 - Jürgen Knieper
The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane - Christian Gaubert

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Giorgio Moroder / VA - Metropolis O.S.T. (1984)
Rock Pop/O.S.T. | MP3 320 Kbps | 91,6 mb

1. Love Kills - Freddie Mercury
2. Here's My Heart - Pat Benatar
3. Cage of Freedom - Jon Anderson
4. Blood from a Stone - Cycle V
5. Legend of Babel - Giorgio Moroder
6. Here She Comes - Bonnie Tyler
7. Destruction - Loverboy
8. On Your Own - Billy Squier
9. What's Going On? - Adam Ant
10. Machines - Giorgio Moroder
" In 1984 (appropriately enough for a science fiction event), Giorgio Moroder produced and composed the music for a spiffed up re-release of "Metropolis." Though it caused many serious students of film to blanch, it remains a cult film, and the one most often to have introduced people to the land mark 1926 film.
Moroder restored and scored Fritz Lang's classic silent film with songs such as "Here She Comes" by Bonnie Tyler, "Love Kills" by Queen's Freddy Mercury, and "Cage of Freedom" by Jon Anderson. But it is his own atmospheric use of synthesizers and evocative sound effects which flesh out the effective underscoring."
Isbum - Here's SILENT RUNNING -

Not my rip, it's only at 160 but sounds pretty good. From vinyl, I'm sure. Also includes covers.
:-) I used to have the original Decca release and the Varese Saraband re-release on green vinyl! Groovy.

Thanks much for the Metropolis hook-up. I have it on vinyl and now I have it on computer.

I have a few requests:

Ernest Troost - Dead Heat (have it on LP, but do not have the means or materials to transfer it to MP3)

Various Artists - Mac and Me (bad movie, good soundtrack)

Various Artists - The Hellcats (a 1968 biker film with some decent tunes)

James Horner - Vibes

Andrew Gross - 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag

Ennio Morricone - O.K. Connery (aka Operation Kid Brother and Operation Double 007)

Michael Nesmith - Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann

and finally

Lee Holdridge - Transylvania 6-5000

It would be appreciated. Thanks.
Here are a few I just upped for the Jerry-fest(or feast) over at hollister's.

Both Goldsmith*
@Mixwolf - I know those "used to have blues". Me too.

Thanks, I hope it's not the same one I have:( Tis a damn shame this score not getting a proper rerelease. R2D2's folks Huey and Dewey should be honored!

Thank you friend!
Wow again!

This is fantastic. I think I might've mentioned it before, but the readers of this blog are still exceptionally nice since the last time I said it! I'll update the main post when I get the chance to reflect the ones people have upped or found and to add the new requests. Please keep up the great work! Maybe we'll find all of these someday! :))
Hi Everyone---
First off---Nomwl1 AWESOME site! It's really appreciated.
I plan on sharing things others are looking for when i can. They'll all be ripped from the original vinyl---so the quality might be a wee bit dodgie---but i'll try my best.
If you go here you'll find Airport 1975
Rocket From Mars
More goodies!!

Mort Garson's "Black Mass by Lucifer" with his "The Unexplained"

Alex North's "The Bad Seed"

Oh! Rhoda!:)
I am looking for the rare Promo score of Moulin Rouge released by Craig Armstrong in 2002. It contains the following tracks:

• 1. Satine's Theme* (2:05)
(Score composed by Craig Armstrong)
• 2. Nature Boy (3:26)
David Bowie (Co-produced and arranged by Craig Armstrong)
• 3. The Duke's Plan* (1:25)
(Score composed by Craig Armstrong)
• 4. One Day I'll Fly Away (3:17)
Nicole Kidman (Co-produced and arranged by Craig Armstrong)
• 5. Your Song (String Version) (2:51)
(Score additionally composed and arranged by Craig Armstrong)
• 6. El Tango de Roxanne (4:42)
Ewan McGregor/Jose Feliciano/Jacek Koman (Co-produced and co-arranged by Craig Armstrong)
• 7. Satine and Christian's Theme* (2:09)
(Score composed by Craig Armstrong)
• 8. Your Song (3:36)
Ewan McGregor (Co-produced, orchestrated, and arranged by Craig Armstrong)
• 9. A Fool to Believe* (2:12)
Nicole Kidman (Composed and arranged by Craig Armstrong)
• 10. Come What May (4:47)
Nicole Kidman/Ewan McGregor (Orchestrated and arranged by Craig Armstrong)
• 11. Death Scene* (5:03)
(Score composed by Craig Armstrong)
• 12. Nature Boy Instrumental* (3:29)
Ewan McGregor (Co-produced and arranged by Craig Armstrong)
• 13. Satine Theme 2* (2:52)
(Score composed by Craig Armstrong)

* Contains commercially unavailable material

thanks in advance :)
I would adore the soundtracks to the movie Gandhi, done by Ravi Shankar and George Fenton, and the movie Fire, done by A.R. Rahman.
Would love finding the Soundtrack to the T.V. Series ER for a school project coming up in a few weeks. Please and Thanks.
please, please help!:

* Merchant Of Venice by Jocelyn
* Conan The Barbarian Complete
Film Score [with live tracks]
(bootleg) by Basil Poledouris
* The Untouchables by Morricone
* Ecce Homo by Morricone
* Salo by Morricone
* Hamlet by Morricone
* Secret of the Sahara by Morricone
* Vatel by Morricone
* Phantom Of The Opera: Original
Soundtrack Recording (1998 film)
by Morricone
* Stalin's Women (Sai Cosa Faceva
Stalin Alle Donne) by Morricone
* Cleopatra by Alex North
* We Are Not Angels by George
* Lust For Life by Miklos Rozsa
* King Of Kings by Miklos Rozsa
* Samson & Dalilah by Victor Young
* The Ten Commandments by Elmer
* Spartacus by Alex North
* The Portrait Of A Lady by
Wojciech Kilar
Thanks for your patience. If you have the one of them, please help!
A belated Thank You, Mixwolf, for "Silent Running".
The one I had was so muddy that you could hear the carp sucking on it;)

Let me know if your looking for anything friend.
@ meg

regarding gandhi score:
i found only 2 tracks at
both are the songs featured in the movie (Vaishnav & Raghupati) with orchestra by george fenton ... i am alos looking for the score :|

regarding the fire score:
the movie hardly had any score. though,it did feature a couple of old songs by A.R.Rahman (those were done for other movies) ... however, it did feature the famous "bombay" theme he wrote for the indian movie "bombay" .. if you need that one, let me know @ :)

if you are looking for scores with indian instruments .. i would suggest Water and Kama Sutra by Mychael Danna. water even featured a few songs by rahman
hope this helps :)
Here are some recent uploads!

The Chairman - J. Goldsmith

The Whisperers - J. Barry

Klute - M. Small

Get Carter - Tyler Bates

Sketches of Harry - David Axelrod

Free Ride - Dizzy Gillespie with Lalo Schifrin

Lady in Cement - Hugo Montenegro

Mannix - Lalo Schifrin

Fire Sale!

I'll add one more

Jerry Goldsmith's "Papillon"
Does anyone have OST to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (the movie not stage play)? bluesBob(
Here is the soundtrack to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Enjoy

I'm looking for "Lilies Of The Fields" soundtrack.
How about The Secret of Nimh by Jerry Goldsmith? Anybody?
I`ve been looking for Dave Grusin "Winning" soundtrack.
Please help
Sallie (and anybody else who wants them):

I upped these (but to make it easier on myself, they're only on Rapidshare) (if you can't see the links, open a larger window using the permalink or 'Links To The Post' hyperlinks next to the comment hyerplink):
Back To The Future:
Back To The Future II:
Back To The Future III:

I'll also be posting the 'Romancing The Stone' soundtrack club version soon.

Also, thanks to Isbum for all his generous links, Rocket From Mars for his equally generous offers of future vinyl rips, and everybody else for helping fulfill people's requests and providing info. You guys are the best! :)))

And 'Anonymous' who wanted The Secret of Nimh: if it isn't available at JazzNotes under his Goldsmith post comments section, then I can upload my copy. Let me know. :))
Do you have the wonderfull ost from
the hustler by Kenyon Hopkins ?
Thanks very much..
No luck at JazzNotes for The Secret of Nimh. Can you post?

Many thanks.
@ isbum: thanks for Jerry Goldsmith's "Papillon" ..bitrate??
Hi Anonymous 1!

I don't think I have The Hustler, but I'll put it up as a request. :)


Hi Anonymous 2!

I'll be happy to put up The Secret of Nimh. :)


Hi Anonymous 3!

Nothing to say, but hi!


Also, I forgot to mention that the password on the Back To The Future files is 'youdont'.
Oh, I forgot, for anybody who provides links, let me know if you want me to put them in the main post or just keep them in the comments. Either way is fine with me.

I don't want to put the link up if somebody wants to keep it discreet, but I'm also happy to put it in the main post if you want to help keep the link alive. Now that Rapidshare has reduced their limit from 30 days down to 10, links can die out pretty fast. :(

Just thought I'd make a contribution!

The Neverending Story - Klaus Doldinger/Moroder/Limahl

This is the rare German release ( Die Unendliche Geschichte). This truly is a beautiful sounding soundtrack! 17 tracks + bonus song!


If anyone out there has Red Sonja - Morricone, please upload. Varese released it through their club years ago (along with Bloodlines) and I can't find that one anywhere. Thanks!
Hi Ripman!

Thanks for the contribution! I've put your request in the main post. :)


Oh, I forgot another request of my own. Does anybody out there have James Newton Howard's score to 'Alive'? Thanks!
Sorry, I don't know what my bitrates are. I guess it's passable, no complaints yet.

Now to to you Nom, I just upped my boot of Obsession this AM and here you are with it all ready to Mega-Up it.

Great minds DO think alike!!:)

Don't delay on my fire sale stuff..heck they could go any second!
I've been trying to replace my lost vinyl copy of NIGHTHAWKS by KEITH EMERSON for decades.
Has anyone got it?
Hi Isbum!

Talk about coincidence! And I hope those fire sale items stick around a little while longer. I'm waiting for my Rapidshare premium account to renew and am currently using the free option again. It's taking forever! :))


Hi Joe!

I'll put your request in the main post. :)

No prob! I'm sure everyone remembers that cool movie from their childhood and the soundtrack is nothing short of magical. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. =)

I made a type-o in my previous post. I meant *Bloodline instead of Bloodlines.

I believe there is also a CD that was released with just Red Sonja on it. The movie was Arnold's biggest turkey, but I love the score.

Here's a rare gem just in time for Halloween!

I Know What You Did Last Summer - John Debney (promo) 1997

@ 192 but sounds like 320! Trust me, the sound is superb and very close to lossless. This soundtrack is very ominous and one of the most atmospheric scores I've ever listened to..

Feel free to put this on the front page if you like. High-res covers are included =)
Another coincidence!!(eyes going Boing..boing!)

I just got Nighthawks a couple of days ago..and my name IS Joe!

I'll post it for you here Creole Joe.
Now1l, thats enough, I'm starting to get creeped out.:)
Sorry about that, Joe Gumbo ;)

Halloween is coming, so I guess thats my warm-up-creep-out.

Here is Nighthawks and I friggin' love it!

It's like Emerson,Lake&Palmer walked in to a Roy Budd scoring session. Brain Salad Soundtrack!

hit go
Glad to help when I can do it.......
Spartacus OST by Alex North here
1. Main Title
2. Spartacus Love Theme
3. Gladiators Fight To The Death
4. Blue Shadows And Puple Hills
5. Homeward Bound: On To The Sea/Beside The Pool
6. Hopeful Preparations, Vesuvius Camp
7. Prelude To Battle: Quiet Interlude/The Final Conflict
8. On To Vesuvius: Forward, Gladiators/Forest Meeting
9. Oysters And Snails - Festival
10. Headed For Freedom
11. Goodbye My Life, My Love - End Title
All credits and thanks to monsieur aperitivo!
Also diggin'for "Love theme from Spartacus", wonderful theme revised bu such artists:
Gabor Szabo
Yussef Lateef
Ramsey Lewis
Bill Evans & Brad Mehldau
and finally
Terry Callier.
isbum... I hereby nominate you for sainthood!
It may take me weeks to recover from this.
Thanks, sincerely.
(& thanks to you too nomwl1)
Thanks Joe,
it took years to go from "Frog" to "Prince", so now I have something else to strive for.

@anonymous..thank you so much for Spartacus OST by Alex North mate!! i hope it's good bitrate.

@nomwl1..thanks a million for help about The Ten Commandments!!!
Wow! Can someone please upload Goldsmith's 'Medicine Man'?
Gonna post this one just because I like it so much!

The Emerald Forest
by Junior Homrich with Brian Gascoigne

That's the ticket! I'll name my son "Junior"! ;)

Damn DAM!
Hi Everybody---
I've got alot of what people are looking for and hope to share as much as i can---it's just tough--- what with work, family and all to rip, catalogue, and post them. (Is it alright that alot of the older ones are Hi-Fidelity and not stereo? Please let me know.)

First off there's "8 On The Lam". A Bob Hope/Phyllis Diller heist comedy from the 60's. Hope you enjoy it.

Rocket From Mars

ps---Thanks again nomwl1---and feel free to post anything i send along.

pss---thanks for Mannix isbum.
The Secret of Nimh? Still waiting :)


Bitrate: Variable [Very Good]

PASS: youdontvisitthisblog.miahnrakemsvke78596874098mnohanrigrodatvco98574673
If anyone out there has these albums as good bitrate, please upload!:

*The Merchant Of Venice by Jocelyn
* Conan The Barbarian Complete
Film Score [with live tracks]
(bootleg) by Basil Poledouris
* The Untouchables by Morricone
* Ecce Homo by Morricone
* Salo by Morricone
* Hamlet by Morricone
* Secret of the Sahara by Morricone
* Vatel by Morricone
* Phantom Of The Opera: Original
Soundtrack Recording (1998 film)
by Morricone
* Stalin's Women (Sai Cosa Faceva
Stalin Alle Donne) by Morricone
* Cleopatra by Alex North
* We're No Angels by George
* Lust For Life by Miklos Rozsa
* King Of Kings by Miklos Rozsa
* Samson & Dalilah by Victor Young
* The Portrait Of A Lady by
Wojciech Kilar
....................thank you!

youdontvisitthisblog.mia hnrakemsvke78596874098mn ohanrigrodatvco98574673

mates, copy the password and paste onto simple text, later remove the spaces. after that you can use it.
Hey Rocket from Mars!

Almost peed my pants when I saw "8 on the Lam"!

Tryin' to remember who did the guitar great..Al Caiola maybe?

High Fi's OK. Takes me back to diggin' the crates all over LA lookin' for the stereo ones to replace the monos.

I gotta good rip of Si Zentner's take on Goldsmiths "Warning Shot" I can up for you if you'd like.

Thanks Rocket!
I ahve a request for Harry Nilsson's soundtrack for Skidoo (1968). I want it just for the track where Nilsson sings the end credits (it is truly one to hear at least once in your life). Thanks!

Thank you for the Red Sonja!

There is a lot of Morricone on this site:

Stop! Before you skidoo..

@ripman and the other mates.. i tried to download Ennio Morricone's "Two Mules for Sister Sara" from but the file has been deleted by rapid. if you have got it, please help me?? (or has someone got it?)
Did anyone get that Skidoo download?

I cant get this to go through.

I MUST HAVE SKIDOO !!!!!!!!!!!

can anyone help?
I just copied and pasted skidoo,
it was ready to go.

Um, how's your popcorn?
Hi Again,

Glad you liked '8 On The Lam' isbum. Yup--- that's good ol Al on guitar. Check the info on my mp3's--- sometimes i try and put info like that in there. Thanks for the Zentner offer but i think i've got it somewhere.

I was able to rip a couple of other albums for everyone---

for anonymous #? The Secret Of NIMH---

(sorry nomwl1 i just noticed you had mentioned you would get around to posting it---didn't mean to step on any toes---as always---if you want, feel free to post that link!)

and isbum here's Viva Max!---

Clean and in glorious stereo.

Hope you cats enjoy them,

All the Best,

Excellent Rocket from Mars!
Moog to the left, horns to the right, and drums smack inbetween!

A great engineer on that score, my guess would be somebody who worked with Al Hirt before, but Hugo was a genius too.

This also has an early example of what would later be termed "sampling". The snippets of dialogue are used as a counterpoint to the music.

RCA issued Quincy Jones score for "Mackenna's Gold" around the same time. I have a rip from the LP, but the guy had the level too low. Any chance of you having that one?

Thanks for Viva Max! I was grinning ear to ear the whole way through it!
i posted here before too but as anon ..
finally i started a blog myself :D
i have a small colection (i started collecting just 4 yrs back)
presently ... i uploaded duma by john debney and stuart little complete score by alan silvestri
i hope its helpful to anyone who is looking for them :)
further i am looking for the score of the documentry Baraka and the promo score for moulin rouge released by craig armstrong
any help is greatly appreciated :)
Can anyone help with:

The liberation of lb jones- elmer b
Planet Of The Apes TV- Lalo OST
Diamond Mercenaries OST
lucky luciano - pierro
The Dissection and Reconstruction of Music From the Past as performed by the Inmates of Lalo Schifrin's (cd version)
Quincy Jones - Smackwater Jack (cd)
Tutto A Posto E Niente In Ordine Piero Piccion

It would be really appreciated, can trade with anyone that helps.

Many thanks, ed
heres the quincy jones album requested:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anyone have "Monster Squad" by Bruce Broughton?

I know it's out there somewhere.
Hi Orphan Of The Storm,

Many thanks for link, but it's deleted, any chance you could put back "Smackwater Jack"

Best, ed
hi, i'm werther.. red sonja is my post and haven't got bloodline, so it's just red sonja. i writed my list, but i found spartacus only from you. i still waiting for the merchant of venice, the morricone albums and the others. please help, thanks!
.......................... W.
19 leechers for red sonja and no thank you -except ripman and nomwl1??? long live :)

............................ W.
Many thanks for Red Sonja - great score and thank you for taking the trouble to upload it. Still looking for Bloodline if anyone out there has it.
I gave my time to upload BH's "Obsession" for delfinotrack's site and got one thank you.

Welcome to the bloggers world:(

Bad manners aside, many folks respond when they have gotten the chance to hear the music.

Now up the bootstraps and your chin, we must go on! :)
not rude leechers only: i know many blogs. some of these put broken albums (missing tracks, cutted songs etc) on their blogs. for example: jazznotes, mondo morricone, seven black notes etc. that is an ethical problem unfortunately. so, i must say that this blog is perfect. nomwl1, many many thanks for your effort.

........................... W.
isbum, thank you for Skidoo. I have been looking for it everywhere. You are a saint (I was the "Anonymous" who requested it). You should let norml post that on the blog.
Your welcome anonymous!
Living in a garbage can
can be a lot of fun :)

Did you call him "norml"? He he!

OK then... mister norml, feel free to post "Skidoo" for everybody.:)

Harry Nilsson stayed at a hotel where I worked. When I first met him he only had underwear and a t-shirt on.
I said "Great to meet you, I am a big fan of yours."
He said "In that case, I better put my pants on."
The Red Sonja / Bloodline (1985) (Ennio Morricone) links are dead. Please repost if you can. Thanks.
i learned that rapid deleted my red sonja files! i don't know who complainer is??? and 19 leechers, 2+1 thanking. no repost. so sorry.
"Summer School." I used to have this on vinyl, and my cassette is warped from the sun. Anyone got a good rip?

Also, the "Police Academy" march. You know the one. Surprisingly good song for such a lowbrow series.

Hi Everybody!

Did I mention that you guys are great? Well, if I didn't, you are!


While I was waiting for my premium Rapidshare account to renew, I missed out on some of the links on my own blog, so if anybody was able to download Red Sonja or Smackwater Jack and can reupload it (if the original uploaders don't mind), I'd appreciate it!


Also, hi W!

I know I've got some of your requests like the Rozsa, but I have to hunt around for them and rip them. It may take me a while. In the meantime, if anybody has any of those, I'd appreciate any help on W's behalf (and anybody else who has a request, for that matter).

And don't get too discouraged at the lack of thanks. It seems to be the nature of sharing music like this. You're really lucky if just a couple of people say thanks.

And it also disturbs me that the Red Sonja link was killed so fast. Hate to think trolly type people lurk around here.

Also, thanks so much for what you said about the blog! I'm sure the other bloggers you mentioned as far as posting incomplete albums did it unintentionally (and I really like their blogs too). Sometimes it's easy to make an honest mistake, and I try not to post albums if I think there's a problem with it, but I'm sure some have slipped by here too. Hopefully, not too many. :))


And I'd like to remind everybody to please look at the main request post occasionally as I try to update it, so if you have any of those requests, please feel free to fulfill any of them. I know as it gets longer, it gets harder to scan the whole thing, but I'd appreciate it. Thanks a lot! Again, you guys are great!! :))))

P.S. If you don't see your request up there, it may mean that I'm planning on posting it. Or I may have forgotten, in which case, please feel free to remind me!
I was wondering if there was every a OST to the
Peter Matz - The Private eyes (1984)
Don Knotts & Tim Conway Film
Anyone have "Follow Me," the soundtrack featuring Dino, Desi and Billy?
@ nomwl1.. i know that the blogs make this mistakes intentionally, cause, i warned them about their broken albums, but they didn't care it. some of them didn't even give an answer:)!! anyway..
maybe you're right about red sonja post. i uploaded it again. if someone [real someone? :))] kill the link again, please someone upload it instead of me. thank you:

pw: for_the_trolly_type_people_you_dont_have_to

............................ W.

Please email me I may have some stuff you are interested in.


Thanks so much for sharing and reposting the Red Sonja score. I have been looking for this for a long time.
i saw your requests and saw BARAKA there as well

so hopefully this is what's needed

1. Michael Stearns - Mantra, Organics (04:46)
2. Inkuyo - Wipala (05:07)
3. Dead Can Dance - The Host Of Seraphim (06:20)
4. Michael Stearns - Village Dance (02:59)
5. L. Subramaniam - Wandering Saint (06:44)
6. Anugama & Sebastiano - African Journey (03:38)
7. David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir - Rainbow Voice (03:01)
8. Michael Stearns - Monk With Bell (02:37)
9. Michael Stearns - Broken Vows (04:43)
10. Michael Stearns - Finale (04:37)
11. Michael Stearns - End Credits (03:29)

192 kbps
Elmer Bernstein's Gold is now available over at 7 Black Notes.
Hello Varun,
I found the Gandhi Soundtrack and uploaded it to Megaupload. It is in RAR Format. This is the link:

@mates: please no upload anything to megaupload. it was forbidden by some country!
Have I mentioned lately that I love this site? Keep up the good work, everybody. Special thanks for Nighthawks! I have requested that ST on other sites and got nothing in response. Thanks again!
Anon- Sometimes, unfortunate as it may be, tracks 'go bad' - but I'd rather share 99% of an album than 0% - hoping somtime that the other little track might be filled in by another smooth operator!

As for 'dead links' - there's not much we can do about other people complaining about a post and having it removed from a file sharing host (IE Rapidshare) but most of the time I at least try to repost when I have the time (But I do put more emphasis on posting new material - then getting back to the old stuff)

Anyway - Off my soapbox. It's all good - just have fun, and cut us a little slack!

Please enjoy

(Oh and if you need someone to re-up The Black Hole - I actually did get it downloaded from Slaughtered Lamb before the site went away! Lemme know (I'll be back Sunday)

I'll post it to my site - and in this string (for good measure)
well said friend.
a humble request for the great Jerry Goldsmith score for "The Wind and the Lion". I sold my LP a while back before ripping...

I would like to request The Light of Day (1987). It starred Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett. Fox performs "You Got No Place To Go." Thanks!
For the humble bongolong

Most others listed in this thread above are still alive, so go back and get them..they're waiting for you.

I highly recommend this record for your Halloween festivities

Combo of Mort Garsons music
Black Mass
and The Unexplained

also Bernard Herrmann here


Rub your bellies and say "Mmmmm...

i see you but you should write a note for your posts if there is a missing! should give an answer if someone says a problem about your posts! you should be kind! ok? i spend money for per k.bit in my country! the guests shouldn't be mislead by bloggers! thank you!
@the other mates

so sorry about this polemic. these are tasteless but final words for me. enjoy with this blog!

......................... W.
Isbum, thanks a lot for The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, it's just another great post :)

And anonymous number???, before complain about missing track(s), try to think it take some time to Jazz Holister and the other nice people who post all these great rare stuff - for free! And for Jazz, he usually put it in the post if there's a missing track (or a missing cd)...
If it's perfect to have the complete score, it's still great to have the almost complete one for free instead of buing this for 50/100 bucks or more.
And i wouldn't complain when someone is kind enough to give a quick reply for a request, by the way...
So long spoilsport.
Hi ed, will be about 10 days and i can reup then no problem.
@breton girl

_ "And anonymous number???, before complain about missing track(s), try to think it take some time to Jazz Holister and the other nice people who post all these great rare stuff - for free!"

1. 'try to think..?': you have no business to say what i need to do! Please tell me, who am i? a blogger? a shopping? i don't have to put a post there, but i did. cause, i love some rare music, i love some rare ost like the other mates and i'm not a leecher only. this is a good intention. ok?

_ "If it's perfect to have the complete score, it's still great to have the almost complete one for free instead of buing this for 50/100 bucks or more."

2. Red Sonja was requested by ripman is very rare and great ost and flawless rip. it's free :) nomwl1's posts, attax's posts, loungetracks's (rip) posts etc too.

3. if i had some of the other albums by requested, i think to gave to other mates seriously: thank you to everybody who help to each other with good intention!!

4. please don't be a lawyer of someone against me.

........................... W.
Hi Everyone---
Here are a few more albums you cats might be interested in:

(Secret Agents is in mono---except for the bonus Nancy Sinatra track)

I thought i'd try rapidshare this time since some folks have requested it.

Til Next Time,
All The Best,

ps---Thanks for The Wind and The Lion isbum. An awesome score to a great little film!

There are 2 scores i've been longing to hear in their entirety for some time now---does anybody have Elmer Bernstein's Sweet Smell Of Success and Quincy Jone's The Italian Job? And if you do would you mind shareing them?
i'm not sure these came through in their entirety before---

that should work!

third time's the charm (i hope)---
Here is Black Hole - I reupped from Slaughtered Lamb's orginal post.
Listening to MacKenna's Gold now Rocket! Bless YOU it's STEREO and your Lp sings like a virgin!

Got Quincy's Italian Job for you, check back a little later.
I'll put my sweet covers in the zip too!

Too bad the guy who had Quincy's "Smackwater" record dissapeared. He had a blog too!
If you are out there ... please give us another shot at that score.

I am at track 5 of "Mackennas" now and BIG Hugs to you Rocket Man!!
Almost forgot this Rocket, your links were complete the first time.
All you do is click on the orange headline at the top and your links can be seen in their entirety.

Took me a while to "Get" that too.
thanks isbum---i appreciate the info. glad you're enjoying MacKenna's. Here's Africa Addio for you:

I'll email you in abit so you can send those jpegs. i JUST found a copy of Walk Don't Run by Quincy Jones. anyone interested?

ciao for now,
My first try at megaupload,

here's Quincy Jones' "The Italian Job"

sure hope it works for ya!
thanks isbum!
like a charm! i've been waiting to hear this one in it's entirety for some time now. appreciate it!
All The Best!
Rocket From Mars
Hi Everybody!

First, to back up a little bit, I wanted to thank Werther for re-uploading Red Sonja! (That can sort of get lost in the furor) He didn't have to, and so I really appreciate it (in case, anybody is tempted to get too mad at him!)

And although it's probably stupid of me to comment on this since it seems to have been largely ignored, I'll do it anyway.

As far as the blogs making mistakes intentionally, I think it was probably one of two things. If there's a bad track or a 'broken album', then there's not much the blogger can do about it because they don't have a better copy. Or sometimes they didn't notice that there was something wrong or they haven't listened to the album in a long time and forgot.

For instance, I debated whether I should put up my copy of 'Honey West' even though one of the tracks had a funny sound on it, but I thought it was better to put up 99.9% than none at all. And as JazzHollister said, you hope that somebody else will have a better version or a good track and can help. You'd rather make it available than not at all.

Or if by 'broken album' you meant dead link, then as we all know, it's hard to re-upload something quickly sometimes, especially if it's an older post. It's taken me a while sometimes to get around to it, and I'm sure it's the same with other bloggers. Or they may have a general policy about not re-uploading (for the same reasons that you didn't feel like re-uploading Red Sonja, for instance). It doesn't mean they don't care or that they ignored your request necessarily, but sometimes there's a lot of things to keep track of with a blog or that it's tiring to re-upload multiple times. Or it's like JazzHollister also said, sometimes you want to concentrate on newer posts.

I tend to re-upload, but I haven't had to do it very often and I also put up fewer posts than a lot of bloggers do. If I put up a lot more posts and had a lot of links go dead, than it would be a lot harder to respond to individual requests to fix things. It's actually pretty hard for me to do it as it is now, but that's another story. :))

And as for bloggers not giving an answer or not caring, I'm sure it was a case of the blogger not realizing that you had made a comment (or possibly forgetting about it with all the other things going on). Unless you have comment moderation turned on, bloggers can't tell when somebody actually makes a comment on an older post, so I really think it was probably just an honest mistake on those other blogs. The only way you can tell if somebody has made a comment is to open up every single comment section on every single post, so unless the blogger does that, chances are that he/she didn't see your comment about a problem with the file.

Now since I'm insane, I actually do open up every comment field in every post on the blog (though I'm somewhat behind lately), but I try to do it periodically to see if there are any problems, requests, to see what people have to say, and to respond to all the comments, but it's fairly time-consuming and most bloggers, I'm sure, would rather spend the time concentrating on newer posts. I tend to feel that if somebody went to the trouble of leaving a comment, they deserve a response (no matter how long it takes), but it's probably also one of the reasons that I get so behind, so it's a trade-off.

It may also be one of the reasons that this isn't exactly a top blog or anything. If I focused more on putting out more material and less on stuff like that, the blog would probably be better than it is, but what can you do? More quality or more anal retention, it's really a toss-up (and in case you hadn't noticed, I usually opt for the anal retention).

I think of the blogs you mentioned not caring, I think it was just more that as bloggers we're all just trying to do the best that we can and share what music we have, so I'm sure they weren't trying to do anything bad.

Now as far as anybody who might be mad at Werther goes, I can understand the frustration of paying for k.bit, or say if, for instance, you're anybody using a dialup connection or using the free option of Rapidshare and waiting 80 minutes for the next download (all things I've done....well, except for paying for the kilobytes), and then getting a bad file with missing tracks or something wrong with it. It can make you frustrated.

Also, going to all the trouble of uploading Red Sonja when you didn't have to, having hardly anybody mention it, and then having the links killed. If I weren't used to it as a blogger, that would make me frustrated too (and actually it still does, now that I think about it). So, I don't blame Werther for wanting to blow off a little steam.

But he apologized about the polemic (now if only I would do that about mine), he even referred to his words as tasteless, said they would be the final words on the subject, and wanted us to enjoy the blog. That's how I interpreted it when I read it, but it may have sounded like he was saying they were final words like he was leaving for good and saying 'enjoy the blog' as a mean gesture. But that's not how I took it (of course, I might be naive). So hopefully, people will see his comments in that light.

Oh, and that reminds me. I suspect the reason the Red Sonja links were killed was because they were posted in a forum. Apart from a few links being killed here and there, I've never had a problem with it on this blog, and other Morricone here is okay, so I suspect that it was the forum links that got it killed (since a few other links have gone dead in there as well).

I prefer it if people didn't do it, but I'm not hard-nosed about it or anything since it doesn't happen much to me (probably because nobody really wants my files!).

Sometimes I'm tempted to put up other blogs' or forums' Rapidshare links since it's so much easier (like with say The Black Hole when it was on The Slaughtered Lamb, or with the Phibes albums on my Theatre of Blood post, for instance), but if they were to get killed here for some reason, if I were the other blogger, I wouldn't appreciate it, so I remind myself not to do it. That's why I just put up a link to somebody's blog rather than the actual link. It's a little more inconvenient for the person who wants the file, but I also figure they'll go over to the other person's blog and find something else they might enjoy, or discover a blog they didn't know about.

And Werther (in case you haven't stopped reading by now), I looked for the albums you requested in my collection and realized that almost all of them were in storage, so I'm sorry about that! I know I definitely have Lust For Life, King of Kings, & Portrait of a Lady, but those CD's are in storage. I think I also have We're No Angels, The Untouchables, and Cleopatra, but if I do, they're not here either. But Hamlet is here, so I'll be posting that eventually. If anybody else has any of these, please feel free to fulfill the request. Thanks!


Also, thanks to everybody who came through with fulfilling requests! You guys are.....hmmmm......what Tony The Tiger says......'Great!'

And to anonymous, I didn't know Megaupload was forbidden by some countries. That's a shame. Does anyone know why? I like using it. Well, if anybody is from one of those countries and they want one of these files that somebody made available through Megaupload, let me know and maybe we can re-up them on something else.


Hi J.R.!

I'm so glad you could finally get Nighthawks! I don't know if Joe Gumbo has gotten it yet, but I'm glad somebody else was looking for it and got it now.


Hi Jazz!

Thanks so much for the offer of The Black Hole. You are fantastic! For myself, I checked to see if I had downloaded it and realized I hadn't, so I checked the original Slaughtered Lamb link to see if it was still working and it was! So I used that. So people have 3 choices: use that link, use the link Jazz just left, or go over to JazzNotes and read the funny post over there and get it!

P.S. I've been meaning to ask. All this time, I thought you were male (despite the picture), but somebody on the forum said you were female? Just wondering since I don't want to keep going around referring to you as 'he' if you aren't. :)))


Hi Bongolong!

I was thinking of posting The Wind and the Lion eventually (and thanks Isbum for helping again! You deserve a medal or something!), but Attax mentioned he was going to do it eventually when you requested it over at Rare & OOP, so I held off. I didn't know if you had already gotten it, so I put it off, but Isbum to the rescue! :))


Hi Orphan!

Thanks for re-upping! We'll look forward to it.


Hi again Werther!

It's a good thing Breton girl is going on vacation. :)


Hi Rocket!

You are fantastic as usual! We should all thank Rocket again for ripping his vinyl!

It seems to me I saw somebody sharing Sweet Smell of Success somewhere, but if nobody else posts it, I can post it eventually (but usually somebody beats me to the punch anyway...if anybody else has it, please feel free).


Hi again Isbum!

Thanks so much for The Italian Job :))) You're the top, as usual.
Thank you rocket for ripping your vinyl.:)

Gonna listen to Africa Addio now.
It's Riz isn't it?
Boy if you had his score for "The 7th Dawn" it would make an excellent double header!
Would love to see if anyone has the following (thanks in advance everyone)..

1.Biggest Bundle of Them All (Riz Ortolani)

2.How To Steal A Million (J. Williams)

3.Guide To The Married Man

4.Satanik (Roberto Pregadio)

5.Kriminal (Roberto Pregadio)

6.The Fox (orig. version) (Lalo Schifrin)

7.Billion Dollar Brain (Richard Rodney Bennett)

Any groovy / 60's go-go soundtrack stuff. Thanks again.
I upped RRB's Billion $ Brain twice now and both died from lack of love:(
I'll do it again, meantime here's a few
The Fox (Orig.rec.)

Also Lalo

Chilly and Groovin'
Thanks lsbum! You have some great stuff and glad you share with us!
Thank you to everyone here for sharing their collections like this. I've managed to get soundtracks I've been after for years. Many thanks to our host for making this possible.

I have one request - The Quiller Memorandum, by John Barry. Any help with that one would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks again to everyone.
That is completely bizzarre!
I was reading your request for Quiller and was about to type in that I would be recieving a copy of it soon.
Then the postman knocked and friggin had the package in his hands!!!
Freak my freak OUT!

I have to go pay a parking ticket, but I'll upload it today.

Weird things like this happen when I visit this site.
Here you go, The Quiller Memorandum

still kinda freaked :(
New link for I Know What You Did Last Summer just in case the other gets deleted:

I also have a new offering..

Breakheart Pass - J. Goldsmith

Yes, it's the new remastered LA-LA version. Hi-rez inserts included with track listings.

Take care everyone!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I have been after Quiller for years - you've made my day ... no make it my week! I really appreciate you taking the time to upload this -it's extremely generous of you.

Thanks again!

Here is Laurence Rosenthal's score for "The Miracle Worker"

A good one for a nice fall day;)
It seems that we were on the same frequency Dr.Wattson!

Anybody have these soundtracks?

1. The Bobo

2. Salt & Pepper (J. Dankworth)

3. The Happening (DeVol)

4. Spy Who Came in From The Cold (Sol Kaplan)

This is great stuff guys. Thanks to "youdont" and all for contributing.
Here's something groovey, baby!

The Adventurers score reworked by The Ray Brown Orchestra but most importantly arranged by Quincy Jones.

Iceland's Bjork has taken track #2 on this record and reworked it as a song. Does anybody know the name she gave it?
Hi Everyone---
Thanks for Quiller isbum. I'm still digging around for a couple of your requests! I'm pretty sure I've got a few more of them---(hopefully I'll find 'em).

In the meantime here's one for you nomwl1 and "Sharon' (of course)! Hope you enjoy it.

As always---All The Best!
Rocket From Mars
Dude, this thread is out of control with awesomeness! Does anybody know how many comments a Blogger thread can take before it explodes?
Mr. Kinnard, are those links I see stuck in your beard??
Let me get you a comb.;)
i will love "TORN CURTAIN" Hitcchcock's soundtrack......anybody...?

....and yes.....your blog it's the best !!!
Hello Again---

I had some exra time on my hands and somebody asked about this one---

I'm not sure why but it's one of my favorite of Goldsmith's and a really nice little film too!

All The Best!
Rocket From Mars
I'll post Torn Curtain today

until then, keep the knives in the droor. ;)

Thanks for Lilies Rocket Man!

hi, thanks for the explanation.

* an anonymous wrote about megaupload: it's me. here the explanation is: megaupload don't like rapidshare- you know: when you get a file, you don't wait for another item about 1 hour or 80 mnts in megaupload. and the others (filesend etc) were unknown by users in turkey a few years ago- in the past almost everybody prefer megaupload, so law courts wanna prevent all pirates(!) in turkey. they don't know that all sharing files are photocopy only. :)

* hamlet is a good beginning- thank you!

* i'm so sad about Breton girl's vacation, but until she come back i'll save our engagement rings as a priest under oath! :))

........................... W.
I tried the link for Vibes at Rare and OOP and it's no longer avaialable. You may need to upload it.
Murder isn't easy.

Torn Curtain
Conducted by Elmer Bernstein

Note: My cover says conducted by Bernard so, umm fuggetaboutit!
Also, I was told that the link for rocket mans rip of "Mackenna's Gold" is dead.

I reupped it again and included my covers (front&back) so get it before it goes again.

Don't forget to thank "rocket to mars" for doing such a great job!

Just a quick note: just checked the original Mackenna's Gold link and it still seems to be good. Maybe the problem is that it's on instead of which may be screwing people up. I know it's screwed me up in the past (just got a account now). But download Isbum's file too, if you can (I know I want those covers!)
Oh, and anybody trying to use Isbum's link to MacKenna's Gold, they'll have to change the 'megeupload' to 'megaupload' to get it to work, otherwise you'll be redirected elsewhere. Try this instead:

Thanks again to Isbum (and Rocket, and while we're at it, Ripman!) for all the fine music! :))
Oh for pete's sake!
Sorry guys:(
I can say that until brenton comes back..right?
Hi Isbum!

We must have other women in here besides Breton Girl, right? Maybe Sallie will pop back in. :))

Oh, and by the way, I saw your E-Mail about Sunday In The Park With George (I still have yet to answer your original E-Mail, by the way, in case you thought I forgot), and I have the CD, but I think it might be in storage. I'll have to check when I get home. I'll let you know. If not, I may be able to scrounge up a copy somewhere (or maybe some nice person here will have one....hint, hint). :)))
Now I see that I misspelled Mackenna's wrong on the spine of my insert (Makenna's as in makin'us some screw-ups!);)

You and I should do a remake of "Tango & Cash" he!
We'd fight over whose more cashed.
Please add this request:
AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (the original)
Score by Victor Young.

one of the most delightful and listenable soundtracks ever recorded. Also the first LP I ever bought,.
Morricone's stuff for you dear friends:
The Untouchables OST (1987)
Ennio Morricone & Bruno Nicolai - OK Connery (1967)
Ennio Morricone - Two Mules for Sister Sara OST
These are not my upload, only found links, so all credits and thanks to the original uploaders.
Links alive @ the moment of my post, but no time to test their content.
Could anyone upload the soundtrack to "Murder on the Orient Express" by Richard Rodney Bennett? Thanks..Richard
Here is Dominic Frontiere's score for "Hammersmith is Out".

Because, somebody had to. :0
Hello Everybody---

Wow! 'The One-Man Fulfiller" High praise indeed from a couple of happening cats like you two nomwl1 and isbum. Thanks for the compliment.

and on that note---bad news isbum; I don't think I have anymore of your initial requests after this one (but i'm sure i have others you might be interested in):

It's a decent Hi-Fi rip---hope you enjoy it!

All The Best!

Rocket From Mars

ps---I recently joined a soundtrack forum but it seems a little too---i don't know---structured? hardcore?---i understand why it might be like that but it really made me appreciate this space and your hospitality nomwl1! As always---Thank You!
Yiiipeeee! You came through with "Lilith"!!!
I have it on VHS and was trying to convince Lukas Kendall to issue it due to his access to the Colpix library.
He thought it was too obscure.
How obscure can a film starring Warren Beatty, Gene Hackman and Peter Fonda be?
"Gone with the Wave" was obscure.

I see that you are a New Yorker, Rocket. I moved to L.A. in 1976 and have been plain tolerating this city since.
I have made great friends of NYC transplants here, but, they seem to come with an egg-timer attached and when it rings, they move back to New York.
That was sad. You know what else is?
You are out of my requests:(

I can't let that happen, this is too much fun! Here's a few more..

"Prudence and the Pill"- Bernard Ebbinghouse (yellow cover like 8 on the Lam, black line drawing of a girl pointing to her head)
"The Devils Brigade" - Leroy Holmes Orchestra
"The Magic Christian"- Ken Thorne
"The Day the Fish Came Out" - Mikis Theodorakis
"Hell's Angels '69" (black cover with picture of a biker with his legs straight out, just sittin' on his chopper)
"The Yellow Rolls Royce" - Riz Ortolani
anything by Georges Garvarentz.

You dig the jazzy scores huh?
I got some uploading to do for you because "Lilith" sounds so good!

Nomwl1 and I were seperated at birth, we got a lot of talking to do.;)
It's payback time rocket, I hope you like these.

That Man In Istanbul
Georges Garvarentz

International Detective
Edwin Astley / Leroy Holmes


covers in files
Earlier someone requested "Follow Me" by Dino, Desi and Billy. I, too, am seeking that one ...
@ anonymous..

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR The Untouchables & Two Mules for Sister Sara MATE. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!

* i'm searching for this ennio's ost too: giotto, el greco, il federale, la califfa.

........................ W.
Hi Everyone---

Thanks for 'Istanbul' isbum!

I'm glad you're digging Lilith.

Yeah---i'm one of those NYers who 'did his time' in LA (5 years in the late 80's). But i really missed that east coast vibe (plus all the cool junkstores where i pick up most of my vinyl). Anyway---i DO have some of those requests and will try and get to them in the next week or so.

All The Best,

Rocket From Mars
Hi everybody!

Literally, almost no time to comment, but I wanted to thank Quidtum for the trouble he took to find those links, Rocket for his amazing contributions and the nice things he said about the blog (just listened to 8 On the Lam and Viva Max! - fantastic!!!!, thanks so much for those and all the others....still getting caught up on my listening), Isbum (as always) for his continued help and friendship (really that goes for everybody too) - I don't have to post a lot of stuff because you do! (and I have a couple of those scores you mentioned in your new wish list, but I'm hoping Rocket will beat me to the punch, so I won't have to! :))...and am in the middle of listening to Klute....makes me want to throw Charles Cioffi out a window!), and everybody else who's stopped by or that I've forgotten! How's that for a comment in almost no time?

P.S. And to all you trolly-type people out there. You're also welcome here, but please, go easy on the link-killing! :))
.....hey, you're really fast....!!!! but the "Torn Curtain" you posted it's the John Addison one? (that used in the film), or the unused score by Bernard Herrmann?
I'm looking for the music heard in the film....
Anybody have any songs from an old movie called "Fun with Dick and Jane", it was recently remade but I want the music from the original version made in 1976. It had a great theme song and some killer funk tunes towards the end of the movie. No soundtrack is listed so any info would be appreciated. Also been searching for a while to the soundtrack to "Winning" starring Paul Newman.
Ennio Morricone - "La califfa"(1970)
To Lori Rogers
I uploaded "Winning" OST to satisfy Michael's request (or anyone else who may like it). There is now a link in the Request/Updates-Found section of this blog. Or here it is again
Good luck
My requests (great wishes):
Sven Libaek - "Innerspace"(I've got already a bad rip from vinyl);
anything from Piero Umiliani except these albums I've already got (see the list here:;
anything from Armando Trovajoli, Riz Ortolani;
Daniele Luppi: An Italian Story;
Piero Piccioni: Il Dio Sotto la Pelle OST;
Piero Piccioni: Le mépris OST;
Alessandro Alessandroni: Wizard of sound;
Mario Migliardi: Matalo! OST
What anonymous posted as the link for O.K. Connery is not taht album, but the album for Bruno Nicolai's Agnete Speciale LK. O.K. Connery is still MIA. You may have to repost that as you did with Vibes.
@ quidtum

i really don't know what i can say. thank you so much once again brother/sister. i love this blog :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

........................ W.
Detective mitchell is right, sorry for my mistake, this is exactly what I erroneously posted above:
Soundtrack from Jess Franco's James Bond spoof.
Bruno Nicolai : Agente Speciale LK OST
[ 1967 ]
01 Lucky Theme Song
02 Carnival Fanfare & Party
03 Group Therapy
04 Lucky & Cleopatra/Circus Fight
05 Secret Reunion - Lucky Theme
06 Lucky in Rome
07 Lovely, but Dangerous
08 Spy Chase
09 Parachute Down/Mission Danger/Patrol Pursuit
10 Funny Trains
11 Lucky & Yaka Love Theme
12 Escape & Last Goodbye
13 Lopagan Island
14 Bossa for Lucky/Showgirl Dance
15 Lucky Tango/Lucky & Madame Linda
16 L.K. Shake
17 Gold Glasses/Escape from the Base/Death of the Gold Glasses
18 End Titles - Lucky Theme Song
19 The Lucky Suite
Please forgive me!
Love this site!! Thanks nomwl, lsbum ,rocket and all the rest. Please keep up the good stuff.

More groovy 60's please!
This is to fulfill Ed's request concerning Quincy Jones' Smackwater Jack.
Here it is (the artwork will come later when I have a new scanner
Hope you'll enjoy it
Whilst there's a lot of Quincy Jones stuff been uploaded; I'm desperate for some music from IRONSIDE! Anthing, anything at all would be appreciated! ;) Thanks in advance.
I have found so much great stuff throught this site, thanks!!!

Looking for Dimitri Tiomkin's THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD and other Theremin-heavy scores from the 50s

Thanks in advance!
Stemc, did you know that the theme from Ironside is on the Smackwater Jack post above yours? Get it.

Here's some groovey
Kaleidoscope - Stanley Myers

Greek Stylin'
"Z" with "State of Siege"
Mikis Theodorakis

Thanks for the Winning soundtrack, I have been looking for this for months. Hopefully some info will pass through on Fun with Dick and Jane.
Has the "Murder by Death" score by Dave Grusin ever been released? I'd love to find that one someplace.
Thanks so much,quinlan.
I knew only California Montage theme from Get Easy Sunshine Pop Collection,but now I have complete ost.Thanks again
I hope that I am wrong, but it looks like OST and More is no more.

Here is what I wanted to post for Halloween.
Phantom of the Paridise
Paul Williams

The Conversation
David Shire

Being invisible is the best way to be safe.
I was gonna ask over inthe forum - but looks like it may be gone?

Anyway - I've always loved the movie Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid - and Miklós Rózsa did the score! As far as I know there hasn't been an actual release. Anyone got a boot or sessions or somethign from that one? I imagine that would be quite the find!
Hi Everyone---

'if you want it here it is, come and get it...' this one's for you isbum:

By the way---have you ever heard George Harrison's Wonderwall soundtrack? Let me know if you're interested...

Oh and thanks for the Halloween posts!

I know what you mean---it is sad when you see so many blogs packing it in. That's one of the things making this one ever more amazing! (You really are doing a fantastic job nomwl1! Once again---thank you!)

All The Best,
Rocket From Mars
oh---shoot, now I get it! 'OST and More' as in the forum---not a blog. yeah---that really sucks. oh well i'm sure---like a phoenix it will one day rise again!

---R F M
Thanks for the "Magic" Rocket!
I have looked into Wonderwall and it does sound interesting.
Harrison was already into the sitar stuff in '69?
Well, I gess Mancini's "The Party" came around that time as well.

Please say you have "Prudence & the Pill"? I would crawl through a dog kennal to hear that again!;)
really need the soundtrack for the jean claude van damme film lionheart aka wrong bet if anyone has this soundtrack they could share please let me know even via email
Thank you very, very much for the Lilies of the Field. I had almost given up on it. Just goes to show you, never ever give up. Thanks a lot.

Hey wolfcreek, I want to hear that score too.
nomwl1 should post that on his request list.
Lionheart is by John Scott?
I'm not sure but let me request it from some folks I know and see if we can catch it.
that would be so awsome hope we can get it
Hi Everybody---
Sorry isbum i don't have Prudence (but there's a big record fair in NYC this weekend so you never know...)

But here's another score you requested---

All The Best,

Rocket From Mars

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