Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch)

Here's another score it never occurred to me to post. It seemed a little like posting The Pink Panther or Topkapi - ones that people would already have. I kept waiting for it to show up somewhere else, but since it hasn't as far as I can remember and since I'm trying not to take these for granted, I thought I'd post it. Not everybody can get everything, so there may be some people who want it but don't have it. Or have it on LP, but can't listen to it anymore and want a nice digital copy. Or want to humor me by downloading a great score to a favorite movie of mine.

Maybe 46 years is long enough so that this isn't as common as I think it is. No, it's probably still pretty common. Well, it's funny. It makes you think of all the CD's you take for granted now that are in every bargain bin, but may eventually become scarce before we know it.

Well, enjoy this score to the Billy Wilder Jack Lemmon / Shirley MacLaine comedy-drama!

Track List:

The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 01 - Main Title - Theme from 'The Apartment'
The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 02 - Lonely Room
The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 03 - Where Are You Fran?
The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 04 - Ring A Ding Ding
The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 05 - So Fouled Up
The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 06 - Tavern In Town
The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 07 - Hong Kong Blues
The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 08 - Theme From 'The Apartment'
The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 09 - Career March
The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 10 - Blue Christmas
The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 11 - Kicked In The Head
The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 12 - Little Brown Jug
The Apartment (1960) (Adolph Deutsch) - 13 - Office Workers (They Want You Upstairs)

pw = youdont

The Apartment (Rapidshare)

The Apartment (Filesend)

around 41 MB

Very cool!

Adolph deutsch tiene grandes soundtracks.

Gracias por este aporte.

PD: busco otro soundtrack de Deutsch: Little Women, con Elizabeth Taylor?

Thank you so much for posting this. I've been wanting to check it out since enjoying the film a few years ago. Just stumbled upon your blog and there it was !

Turns out 'Lonely Room' was the track I was after, from the scene where Mr Lemmon is getting hammered on his own in a bar at christmas. Certainly struck a chord with me !

Thanks again

Thank you! Merci! Danke! Gracias! :-)
Hi Alex!

Thanks so much!


Hi Anonymous!

I don't think I have the Little Women soundtrack with Elizabeth Taylor, but I'll take a look. :))


Hi James!

I'm so glad you get to hear the score. And I hadn't thought about it before, but I guess this is a good soundtrack to offer at Christmas time!


Hi Castro & The Jockey!

You're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome! :))
Thanks so much for posting THe Apartment Soundtrack. When i open it up i am asked for a password. could you let me know what it is? Thanks so much
My parents had this album and used to play it all the time -- and what a great film. Thank you!
Can someone re-upload. The link is no longer valid. Thanks.
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