Sunday, October 29, 2006


Well, there's no actual go-go here, but I liked the name so I thought I'd call that the compilation! I haven't put up a comp in a while (but that's mainly from lack of time and mental energy), so I thought I'd put one up just in time for Halloween.

This is actually a digital update of an old tape compilation I made up maybe 10 years ago. And actually it doesn't really have anything to do with Halloween. A friend of mine and I were talking and at the end of the conversation I told him to give me a theme and I'd give him a compilation. Well, he thought I was kidding, so he jokingly said 'cannibals'. A day or two later, I mailed him this compilation.

I've always wanted to go back and re-do a lot of those tape compilations, but it's fairly time consuming pulling from all the different sources and some of those sources are in storage in another town. And ironically, it generally seems harder to do digital compilations than tape ones. But hopefully, I'll get some mental energy to do more in the future. I did a whole series of horror compilations, but those would probably be too exhausting to re-do anytime soon. This one was exhausting enough!

Well, I went back to the original sources, got rid of some songs that only had marginal references to cannibals, and tried to narrow the focus by taking out most of the non-human flesh-eaters. And I supplemented the comp with new material from excellent blogs like these (go there for more great stuff!): The Manchester Morgue, 7 Black Notes, Delfinotrack, JazzNotes, ScoreBaby Annex , House of Colonel Angus, From The Negative Zone, Cake & Polka Parade, & Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else. Also, thanks to DIYMedia, 'Isbum', 'Skinny Robbie', and others for their unwitting contributions!

And not only is this one of the first re-do's of a tape compilation, but it's also the first I've done that is longer than the usual 74 minute CD length. It's really an abitrary length borne out of the fact that I burn the comps onto CD's and listen to them, but since I tend to listen to them mostly in the form of mp3's now, it's probably an unnecessary restriction. Well, when it came time to figuring out what to cut or how to split it into two CD lengths, I just said, 'aw, forget it' and decided to make it as long as it needed to be. Of course, once you get it, you can split it up however you like (or not at all). I can't really stop you (though I am working on a machine that will allow me to reach through your computers and control what you do with these compilations, but that won't be ready for some time).

And though the order and selection may seem random, it's been carefully selected to maximize your listening pleasure (or to test your ability to withstand pain, I'm not sure which).

I would've liked to put on some selections such as a track from the Eating Raoul musical and a comedy bit by Redd Foxx about cannibals, but both of those are in storage. And I would've also liked to include something from the soundtracks to Alive, The Hills Have Eyes, or one of the other Texas Chainsaw Massacre pictures, but I didn't have those soundtracks. And if anybody has any additions, I'd love to hear them!

Well, I suspect that most of you won't get to hear this comp until after Halloween, but I think you can still enjoy it all year round. After all, every day is a good day to listen to cannibal-related music! Enjoy!

Track List:

01 - Vincent Price - On Boys
02 - Monty Python - Cannibalism
03 - The Police - Friends
04 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) - Track 1
05 - Prologue / Opening City Music - [from SOYLENT GREEN (1973) (Fred Myrow)]
06 - Cast - 'Stuck In A Cave' - [from ALFERD PACKER: THE MUSICAL (1996)]
07 - The Buoys - Timothy
08 - Trailer from 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (1974)
09 - Délicatessen Générique Fin - [from DELICATESSEN (1991) (Carlos D'Alessio)]
10 - Trailer from Flesh Feast (1970) / A Taste Of Blood (1967) / (I Was A) Teenage Strangler (1964)
11 - C.W. McCall - Comin' Back For More
12 - Cast - 'Nobody Eat Anybody' - [from ALFERD PACKER: THE MUSICAL (1996)]
13 - Angela Lansbury & Len Cariou - A Little Priest - [from SWEENEY TODD (Stephen Sondheim)]
14 - Stanley Holloway - Sweeney Todd, The Barber (1956)
15 - Trailer from 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (1974) - [Bryanston TV Spot 1]
16 - Sacha Distel - Monsieur Cannibale
17 - Flanders & Swann - The Reluctant Cannibal
18 - Raymond Scott - Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals (1937)
19 - Trailer from Super Shock: Cannibal Girls (1972) / Raw Meat (1972)
20 - Drinking Coco - [from CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1979) (Riz Ortolani)]
21 - Trailer from 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (1974) [60 second spot]
22 - Laaz Rockit - Leatherface - [from LEATHERFACE: THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III (1989)]
23 - Target-Firing - [from CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE (1980) (Alessandro Blonksteiner)]
24 - The Meat Plant - [from A MAN CALLED DAGGER (1967) (Steve Allen)]
25 - Intro Narration - Main Titles - [from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE II (1986) (Tobe Hooper)]
26 - Coupling - [from THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE & HER LOVER (1989) (Michael Nyman)]
27 - Cast - Texas Chili Cook-Off Winner - [from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE II (1986)]
28 - Mountain Men at Home - [from WRONG TURN (2003) (Elia David Cmiral)]
29 - Lon Chaney, Jr. - Theme from 'Spider Baby' (1964)
30 - Cannibals' Dance - [from EMANUELLE E GLI ULTIMI CANNIBALI (1977) (Nico Fidenco)]
31 - Blood Feast Radio Spot (1963)
32 - Fuad Ramses Exotic Catering Service - [from BLOOD FEAST (1963) (Herschell Gordon Lewis)]
33 - Cannibal Fantasy - [from RAVENOUS (1999) (Michael Nyman)]
34 - Tom's Bright Idea - [from 2000 MANIACS (1964) (Herschell Gordon Lewis)]
35 - Survivor Promo - [from 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (2006 TV)]
36 - 1M5 - [from RED DRAGON (2002) (Danny Elfman)]
37 - Avarice - (from HANNIBAL (2001) (Hans Zimmer)
38 - The Lambs - Silence of the Lambs - The Lambs - [from SILENCE! SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - THE MUSICAL]
39 - Main Title - [from THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1990) (Howard Shore)]
40 - Cast - Eat Us - [from ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES (1993)]

Total Time: 1:41:45

pw = youdont

Cannibals-A-Go-Go! (Rapidshare) - Part 1 (around 70 MB)

Cannibals-A-Go-Go! (Rapidshare) - Part 2 (around 69 MB)


Cannibals-A-Go-Go! (Megaupload)

around 139 MB

What a tasty compilation!! It's 11:18 am here in France, and I'm really hungry!!

On the downside, you forgot to include Ian Dury's "Eat Me With Your Rythm Stick". What??? It was "HIT Me"?? D'OOH!!! I'm stupid!!

Great work, as usual, you put half of the other blogs to shame, and I'm glad to say 'hello' again ;-))
nomwl1, YOu are a crack up dude. Thanks for this treat on halloween! Timbo in limbo!
great idea for halloween !!

i have just one question, in your Texas Chainsaw Massacre I & II (lost files for now...), it is the scores cues from Tobe Hooper & Wayne Bell (for the first) and Jerry Lambert (for the second) or only songs & sfx ??

and if it's the scores version, with or without sfx ?

Many thanks for all great scores you have shared on your blog !

regards, cheefbrody
(if you want, i have a blog too for scores, but it is all new...

i hope to see you soon on my blog... :)
Hi nomwl1,

Nothing to do with cannibals, but I didn't know where to place these comments.

Firstly, I am very remiss at not acknowledging and thanking you for sharing so much fantastic music. I think your blog is one of the very best and would sincerely like to thank you for all the goodies that I've downloaded from you.

But something happened which prompted me to write. I started downloading Coltrane's My Favorite Things a few minutes ago via rapidshare and noticed that it had been downloaded only seven times. I had never noticed this post before and would have downloaded it earlier had I seen it. Same thing with The Wham Of Sam, and a few others. A few of your posts are not prominently enough displayed. So, I'm sure that many people who would go for these invaluable shares are missing out.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to address this problem and find a solution.

To your (potential) visitors: The name of this blog is "you don't have to visit ..." But if you don't, you will be the poorer for not having done so (and regularly).

Like you, all my LPs are in storage. When eventually I manage to find a place for them I will be able to reciprocate (I've been collecting records since the early 1940s).

Thanks again.

Sincerely - Mel.
nomwl, you are awesome! Great post! Thanks for all the great posts. I just wish I checked your site last night. Thanks again.
Another wonderful set! Thanks for the nod. Incidently, I did post a new entry on Halloween, so go leech away. And as long as I'm here, can you add "The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T' to the request list. Been looking for that one forever (especially if someone has the deleted songs, but I'll take a DVD rip at this point!) Keep up the great work. I *DO* have to visit this blog!
Hi Mickey!!

Make sure you aren't too hungry! :)))

Well, if it had been 'Eat Me With Your Rhythm Stick' that would've been a good addition! (though there is that line in there about Borneo. I wonder if that counts. Lots of cannibals used to be there. :))

And thanks for all the nice words! You can say 'hello' again any time you want. :)) (I always love seeing your name in the comments!)


Hi Timbo (in limbo!)!

You are most welcome, my friend!! And I hope you didn't gorge yourself too much on candy and human flesh over Halloween!! :))


Hi Chief Brody!

You don't happen to know 'Detective Mitchell', do you? Sorry, just a thought....never mind.

I'll have to check to see what's on that Texas Chainsaw Massacre score. I can't quite remember off-hand. But looking at your blog, I think your version is different. I think mine is probably the special edition bootleg.

And thanks for the nice words about the blog! I really appreciate it. And I'll be putting up a link to your blog, if you don't mind. :))


Hi Mel!

What nice things to say! You are so kind. :))

And as for those posts, I sort of designed them to be somewhat buried, but you're the first person to ever comment on it!! They used to be even more buried, so that's why the numbers are so low. Plus, I don't think people came here to get that music, so they kind of overlooked it, but I like to post all kinds of music (though I have been in a bit of rut with soundtracks lately :)), and I'm so glad you were one of the seven! Also, I think on those files, because the Rapidshare links tended to get cut-off in the comments section, I think a lot of people used the Megaupload links which is why the Rapidshare numbers are so low (but that's true actually of all the files).

I always like to think that there's good stuff in here if only people would look, and so I really appreciate that you looked all around the blog and found more stuff that you wanted. :))

And I'd love to see your LP's when you get more room, but you don't have to worry about reciprocating any time soon. I never expect anything back, so when people offer such nice stuff here like in the Requests post, it really blows me away (like your Lili score)!

Hey, that reminds me. If there are any musicals you'd like to hear until you get your LP's out of storage. Let me know. I might have them.

Always fun taking a stroll down a Parisian Thoroughfare!! :))


Hi Anonymous!

You made my day with those nice words!


Hi Robbie!

I'm just insane enough to check back every once in a while on your blog hoping that it'll change, and now it has!! Everybody else should go over there and get a wealth of trailers and radio and TV ads for movies galore! (I think I already have a lot of those trailers, but I can't resist downloading them again!!)

And I'll add 5000 Fingers. At one point I actually taped all the songs off the video, but unfortunately that tape is in storage. :(( Of course, the sound quality wasn't the best on the ones I taped, but it'd be nice if someone out there had a clean rip of the LP. I may have some of the songs floating around somewhere there. I'll take a look. :))
Hi nomwl1

Just to fit in with the currentsoundtrack-a-gogo mood of your blog, I thought I might put a link to the Tucker soundtrack, written by Joe Jackson. This is a jazzy score, at times mellow and at time big band-ish. Mostly instrumental.

Enjoy ;-)
Hi nomwl1,

Thanks so much for your very kind offer.

I'm actually looking for all kinds of weird and wonderful things, apart from those that you already know about:

Beakfast At Tiffany's - Mancini;
Young And Warm And Wonderful - Peter Nero;
Something We Eight - Mike Sammes Singers (EP);
Hollywood's Great Themes - Percy Faith (includes Theme from Splendor In The Grass);
Blue Chiffon - George Shearing.

Well, that's a start. But they all seem to be very elusive.

Who knows? Perhaps you may have one or two.

Thanks again.

Regards - Mel.
Hi Mel. Here's the link to Breakfast At Tiffany's. I'm sure nomwl1 will be able to provide the other ones ;-))
To Mickey: Very many thanks for providing me with the link. I seemto be the first to download it - here's something I've never seen before:

You have requested the file (39298 KB). This file has been downloaded 0 times already.

To nomwl1: You are providing a great service here!

My best wishes - Mel.
Hi Mel. I'm glad you found the link. You know, if only one person gets one of my posts and that person is happy, well, that makes my day and I'm happy too. I don't care at all about the number of downloads. Besides, I'm sure that everyone has already got that record for ages!!! (lots of Mancini stuff to be found at Ibiza blog, btw). ;-)
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
1 link to publish oh the Blog:

The old man and the sea-1958-Dimitri Tiomkin:
1 more link to publish on the Blog:

Exodus-1960-Ernest Gold(192 kbps):

To Elias, thank you for sharing Exodus – a nice surprise, as I’d been meaning to request it.


Nomwl1, I’m beginning to spend more time on your blog than all the others put together. Please don’t construe that as a complaint. On the contrary, I’m having a whale of a time. YouDon’t is fast becoming THE community center for soundtrack sharity.

My best – Mel.
Remember "I Eat Cannibals" by Total Coelo? Ladies in plastic garbage bags.

Nice catch with Holloway's neglected "Sweeney Todd" and the Price mock-up about cooking boys. So who's eating Gilbert Grape? There's a question that can gnaw at you.

Speaking of Halloween horrors, anyone have "Just Plain Folks" the single by Theodore or the flip side to Lon Chaney's "Monster Holiday" single? Some obscurities really have remained obscure. I do have "Cannibal King" by Phil Ochs.

My blog's switching to singles, mostly. Easier to replace if they disappear, and with the stuff I have, it's way too easy to go 45 days without a download on Rapidshare.

Always nice to see you alive and thriving over here. Must be the diet...
Hi Mickey!

Thanks so much for this contribution! As always, you're great! Tucker is a great score!

And thanks so much for helping Mel out with Breakfast at Tiffany's. In case I haven't said it lately, you know you're one of my favorites around here!!


Hi Mel!

About your wish list, I wish Mickey was right about being able to fulfill them, but I'll make sure to put them in the Requests post. I hope somebody out there has them!

And it's funny how people don't download links that are in comments that much! Mickey's one of the generous ones, that's for sure.

And it is so nice what you said about spending time on the blog. I still have a hard time believing anybody spends time here, but it is so gratifying hearing that. I really value that you enjoy spending time here!


And speaking of generous.......

Hi Elias!

Thanks so much for these links! They are some great scores by great composers. And you fulfilled Mel's request even before he asked for it!! It just confirms that people who visit this blog are great. Thanks again! :)))


Hi Ill Folks!

You came up with some great ones I hadn't thought of. Thanks! And I'll put the singles that you mentioned in the Request post. Maybe somebody (someday) will have them! I'd love to have them too.

I hate to hear that you're switching to singles. I'll miss the bigger compilations; they were great! Though I know what you mean about the pain of replacing them. Re-uploading can be a real bother.

I think though since Rapidshare switched to 10 days, links can go dead pretty fast. I don't know if they're still at 10 days, but a lot of blogs have seen their links go inactive because of it, I think. And it's hard for me to believe people don't download that material, but I know from experience on this blog that some of the stuff we love tends not to be downloaded too much! I always think it will get downloaded more, but I guess people aren't that interested. Even this post on cannibals didn't get a huge number of downloads before the links got killed. You'd think people would like to listen to flesh-eating songs more, but there's no accounting for taste, I guess.

And thanks for the nice things you said though I'm not sure it can be called thriving.........but the diet is nice! :))
Was there a lot of coffee handy when you wrote all that? I zipped through all that text to try to find a radio spot it turned out I already had....
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