Sunday, October 29, 2006

Flowers in the Attic (1990) (Christopher Young)

Here's another Halloween score that I've been wanting to put up for a long time but never got around to it. Christopher Young is another one of those composers that I don't really have to say how great he is, so I won't (but he is). I think of this as one of his finest scores. It's to the creepy and disturbing movie which some people may not have liked, but I enjoyed it. It starred Louise Fletcher and Victoria Tennant. It was about children being kept in some part of the house. I wonder which one. Enjoy!

Track List:

Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 01 - Flowers In The Attic
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 02 - The Grandmother's House
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 03 - Up On The Rooftop
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 04 - Seventeen Lashes
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 05 - Bathing
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 06 - Children Of The Devil
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 07 - Goodbye, Daddy
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 08 - One Flower Dies
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 09 - Sleeping Witch
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 10 - The Attic
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 11 - God Sees Everything
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 12 - The VCA Waltz
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 13 - May Flowers
Flowers In The Attic (1990) (Christopher Young) - 14 - End Title

pw = youdont

Flowers in the Attic (Rapidshare)

Flowers in the Attic (Megaupload)

around 64 MB

Thankyou for putting this one up. Its a great score, with a georgeous main theme. Christopher Young is underated.

Many thanks

Pooter (from "The Soundtracks that Time Forgot")
Hi Pooter!

I totally agree with you about Christopher Young! I love the main theme too. And thanks so much for your thanks!

And everybody else, go over to Pooter's blog for some great movie treats! Where else are you going to get to hear the complete score to The China Syndrome?
Sigh, I have downloaded from both places and each time when I go to open a file in WinRar, it says I have to have a password. I've never had this happen before with any of these files?? PLEASE help, as I have been wanting Flowers in the attic score since I was a child. I dont care for the movie now, but when I was a kid I watched it around 100 times and read the series countless times.
Oh - opps, guess I'm beyond stupid and should read everything FIRST. Works now, thank you!
Hi Darkhaven!

I hope the score brings some nice memories! And those are the problems with opening the files I like the best ....the ones that solve themselves! :))
One of Chris Young's finest scores - and at last somebody has put it up. F*ck yeah! Especially considering it goes for upwards of $50 a pop on eBay ;-)

Stay away from the movie though, it blows chunks.
Hi Mr. Shrubber!

Wow! I didn't realize it was selling for that much. Maybe I should sell my copy!

And I know the movie isn't the best, but I still somehow enjoyed it. :)
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