Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dracula (1979) (John Williams)

This version of Dracula is widely considered by most people to have the most Langella of any of the Dracula performances. It also seems to me that this is the kind of thing that somebody else would've shared by now, but I don't remember seeing it anywhere, so here it is! What can I say except that it's John Williams. And it's Dracula. And it's Halloween. Really, do you need any more convincing than that? Enjoy!

Track List:

Dracula (1979) (John Williams) - 01 - Main Title & Storm Sequence
Dracula (1979) (John Williams) - 02 - The Night Visitor
Dracula (1979) (John Williams) - 03 - To Scarborough
Dracula (1979) (John Williams) - 04 - The Abduction Of Lucy
Dracula (1979) (John Williams) - 05 - Night Journeys
Dracula (1979) (John Williams) - 06 - The Love Scene
Dracula (1979) (John Williams) - 07 - Meeting In The Cave
Dracula (1979) (John Williams) - 08 - The Bat Attack
Dracula (1979) (John Williams) - 09 - For Mina
Dracula (1979) (John Williams) - 10 - Dracula's Death
Dracula (1979) (John Williams) - 11 - End Titles

pw = youdont

Dracula (1979) (Rapidshare)

Dracula (1979) (Megaupload)

around 53 MB

Thank you -- you freakin' RULE!!

SINcerely, Blacula666
Hi Blacula666!

Aw, thanks so much for saying that! :)))
i may be a couple of years later than Blacula, but I gotta agree - YOU RULE!

I have looked everywhere for this soundtrack and I tried to download it via the links you offered and they aren't working on my computer! *damn*
Wow, I can't believe this file is still live after at least two years.
Mega-Kudos and thanks so much!

Kalamazoo, MI
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