Sunday, October 29, 2006

By Request (Sort Of) - Castle Freak (1995) (Richard Band)

And here's another one on Attax's request list. I thought maybe I had this CD in storage, but luckily it was actually here. Well, with a name like 'Castle Freak' and tracks like, 'The Family Tomb', I think this earns its Halloween street cred. This is the score to the Full Moon film starring Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton (you know, of Re-Animator, etc.) and besides the spooky stuff you would expect has some nice string quartet work as well. Enjoy the score and try not to Castle Freak Out this Halloween!

Track List:

Castle Freak (1995) (Richard Band) - 01 - Prologue
Castle Freak (1995) (Richard Band) - 02 - The Toy Room
Castle Freak (1995) (Richard Band) - 03 - The Castle
Castle Freak (1995) (Richard Band) - 04 - Giorgio Unleashed
Castle Freak (1995) (Richard Band) - 05 - The Family Tomb
Castle Freak (1995) (Richard Band) - 06 - John's Despair
Castle Freak (1995) (Richard Band) - 07 - Giorgio Snaps
Castle Freak (1995) (Richard Band) - 08 - Il Castello Di Giove
Castle Freak (1995) (Richard Band) - 09 - Giorgio Abducts Becky
Castle Freak (1995) (Richard Band) - 10 - The Final Battle

pw = youdont

Castle Freak (Rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)

Castle Freak (Megaupload)

around 60 MB

Dude! Thank you so much!!! :D Love this movie. :)
P.S. You don't happen to have "Re-Animator" or "Bride of Re-Animator," do you? Or "From Beyond"? :)
Thanks so much in thinking of me :)))
Hi Anonymous 1!

You're very welcome!


Hi Anonymous 2!

I'll take a look. I can't remember off-hand, but if not, I'll put those in the request post. :)


Hi Attax!

You are so welcome! I'm only sorry I couldn't fulfill more of the ones on your list, but I'm always glad to help out such a great blogger!
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