Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Private Lives of Elizabeth & Essex (1939) (Erich Wolfgang Korngold)

Well, after I put up Kings Row, people asked about more Korngold (well, maybe it was just one person, I can't remember). Well, unfortunately, normally I would've posted The Adventures of Robin Hood as it's possibly my second favorite Korngold score, but that one is in storage, so if you want another great score by Korngold, I encourage you to seek that one out (or The Sea Hawk or Anthony Adverse). Update: I realize now that The Adventures of Robin Hood is available at Bullseye, so go now to this excellent new blog (actually, it's what this blog should've been if I could actually describe music well and if I was more on the ball) and get it as well as other goodies!

In lieu of that, I had this one handy so I thought I'd post it. It's the The Munich Symphony Orch. conducted by Carl Davis, and while I like both of those institutions (and yes, at this point, I consider Carl Davis an institution), I can't help but feel this recording is a bit disappointing. I know, I'm really making you want to download it now! Well, obviously the composition is going to be great, no matter what you do, but the performance doesn't really pop out at me the way a lot of Korngold recordings do, but maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. Listen to it and enjoy it without being prejudiced by me. It's still great music no matter how you slice it.

This is the score to the Bette Davis / Errol Flynn drama on the long out-of-print Bay Cities CD. Enjoy (despite what I say)!

Track List:

01 - Suite One- Elizabeth and Essex
02 - Suite Two- The Queen
03 - Suite Three- Reconciliation
04 - Suite Four- Ireland
05 - Suite Five- Essex Returns
06 - Suite Six- The Tower of London

pw = youdont

The Private Lives of Elizabeth & Essex (Rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)

The Private Lives of Elizabeth & Essex (Megaupload) - (Link Re-Up)

around 95 MB

Thank You for this. Any Korngold it better than No Korngold at all! This version I do not have. I have the Gherhardt,but don't know where it is, because it is packed! I'm in the middle of a household move, surrounded by boxes, typing in the dark. Hopefully we close on our house tomorrow, and get this show on the road! Thank You, once again! You can't put up enough of these Golden Age scores!
thank you for flynn

................. W.
Nic e- I'm really liking these classic film scores. Once you listen to enough of them you can definitley pick up how they influenced some of the next generation of composers -

Good stuff.

Thanks again for posting!
is there any way i can thank you enough ????
if Erich Wolfgang Korngold is the GOD, you have to be my pope :D
cant wait to hear this one :)

ps - i was among those few "ones" who requested korngold scores and i am delighted that you uploaded this one
Hi Honored General!

I'm so glad I could make a version available to you that you don't have. Like you say, any Korngold is better than no Korngold at all!

I hope your move goes well and is not too stressful. And how is it typing in the dark on the day before Halloween?

I love the Golden Age scores too, and I hope I keep posting ones you like! :))


Hi Werther!

You're welcome!


Hi Jazz!

I really agree about the classic scores. And thanks so much for the kind words!


Hi Mythodean!

You are so nice! I really appreciate you saying all those nice things! It makes all the effort worthwhile. (Though can I forgo the celibacy thing if I'm Pope?)

I hope you won't be too disappointed by the score. It's a good movie and a good score, but I really wish I could've put up Anthony Adverse, The Sea Hawk, or Captain Blood. I think they're all in storage, but if you ever get the chance to hear them, I know you'd be blown away! :))
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