Thursday, October 26, 2006

By Request - Sweet Smell of Success (1957) / Walk on the Wild Side (1962) - Elmer Bernstein

A great friend to this blog, 'Rocket From Mars', who has fulfilled an awful lot of requests, wanted to hear 'Sweet Smell of Success' so here it is! These are possibly my favorite Elmer Bernstein jazz scores (along with The Man With The Golden Arm). Sweet Smell of Success was the cynical Burt Lancaster / Tony Curtis film and Walk On The Wild Side was the Jane Fonda prostitution movie that wasn't Klute.

I love Elmer Bernstein's music in all his different genres. I love the jazz Elmer, the Western Elmer, the comedy Elmer, and the dramatic Elmer. They're all different, but they look suspiciously like the same man. Not to be confused with Leonard Bernstein who was all the same, but looked suspiciously like different men.

Well, this is great music any way you look at it, so enjoy!

Track List:

01 - Sweet Smell Of Success (1957) - The Street
02 - Sweet Smell Of Success (1957) - Sidney & Susie
03 - Sweet Smell Of Success (1957) - Hunsecker's Price
04 - Sweet Smell Of Success (1957) - The Smear
05 - Sweet Smell Of Success (1957) - Susie's Problem
06 - Sweet Smell Of Success (1957) - Hunsecker Operates (Goodbye Baby)
07 - Sweet Smell Of Success (1957) - The Trap Is Sprung
08 - Sweet Smell Of Success (1957) - Medley
09 - Sweet Smell Of Success (1957) - Love Scene (Susan-The Saga)
10 - Sweet Smell Of Success (1957) - Out Of Darkness
11 - Walk On The Wild Side (1962) - A Walk On The Wild Side
12 - Walk On The Wild Side (1962) - Somwhere In The Used To Be
13 - Walk On The Wild Side (1962) - Rejected
14 - Walk On The Wild Side (1962) - Terasina
15 - Walk On The Wild Side (1962) - Night Theme
16 - Walk On The Wild Side (1962) - Furnished Room
17 - Walk On The Wild Side (1962) - Oliver
18 - Walk On The Wild Side (1962) - Comfort Southern
19 - Walk On The Wild Side (1962) - Medley

pw = youdont

Sweet Smell of Success (1957) / Walk on the Wild Side (Rapidshare)

Sweet Smell of Success (1957) / Walk on the Wild Side (Megaupload)

around 98 MB

Hi nomwl1---
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The film was just on here in NYC and made me long to hear the score even more---and now here it is. I really appreciate it!
As always---
All The Best,
Rocket From Mars
Great post! Can't get enough Elmer Bernstein. Thanks!
Thanks Gentleman for all wonderful music
Very nice post indeed.
Thank you for it and the rest of your blog as well.
Concerning your requests section, I have an answer for Michael who requested "Winning" OST, but I do not know where to put it, so here it is:
If it is not the right place, move it where it should be and, please tell me where I should have done it since I might have a couple of other request that to satisfy.
Thank you
Coming back to my former comment, I can see that the URL for "Winning" was truncated. This is how it should read after the usual
Sorry for that.
I am also sorry not to be able to offer the artwork since my scanner just broke down. I will come back later with it as soon as I get a device.
How Sweet it is!
This is great, now my snappy Lp transfer can go into retirement.

Not really ...I keep EVERTHING!;)
Ps- Thank you quinlan for putting up "Winning", its cool!
Thanks for "The Sweet Smell of Success," but can you also post the companion soundtrack album featuring the Chico Hamilton Quintet which focused on the jazz aspects of this great novie. In addition, could you post two other Bernstein masterpieces: "Summer and Smoke" and "Far from Heaven." Last request: George Delerue's "True Confessions," released last year in a stingy limited edition of 1,000 copies and arguably his greatest U.S. soundtrack.
And under the 'I respond no matter how long it takes me' category......

Hi Rocket!

You are so welcome! I'm glad you could get to hear it after seeing the movie. That's always fun. And I'm so glad I could fulfill your request especially after you've fulfilled so many for people! You are the best, Rocket!


Hi Locnar13!

You are very welcome!


Hi Quietman!

And thank you for saying that!


Hi Quinlan!

Thanks so much for what you said about the post and the blog and thanks so much for fulfilling the request. That's awfully generous! And by now, I know you've figured out to post these in the Request post, so that's why I didn't mention it before. You and everybody else really make it pleasure to blog. I love that you wanted to help people out with the request and no need to apologize about the artwork. Most of my files don't have artwork either!


Hi Isbum!

You and me both!


Hi David!

I posted your requests at the Request post (which you probably have seen by now). :))
Thanks for the Bernstein SS of S stuff. I, too, am looking for what seems like a Holy Grail quest: a rip of the Chico Hamilton companion album...
Hi Anonymous!

You're welcome and I hope you found your Holy Grail at the Requests Post. :))
Big Thanks for this one. Great site.
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