Sunday, October 29, 2006

King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) [Southern Cross]

Here is Max Steiner's score to the original 1933 movie. It's Fred Steiner conducting the National Philharmonic Orchestra and it's the Southern Cross version. Well, if you want to collect the Kong scores (then you would probably have this one already, but I digress....), The Manchester Morgue was sharing the John Barry score to the 1976 remake a while ago, so go there and get it!

And I'm sure somebody out there is sharing James Newton Howard's version of the Jack Black remake somewhere. Oh, and I'm also sure (well, I have faith anyway) that between XYZ CosmoBlog & Azathoth's Abode on the Plateau of Leng, they must've shared something by now from King Kong Vs. Godzilla or one of the other movies where he makes an appearance. And come to think of it, I forgot about King Kong Lives. You can get that one on this blog somewhere. If you search around, I think it came somewhere after The Son of the Pink Panther.

Well, Max Steiner may be one of the only composers who could beat out Ennio Morricone for total number of scores, but I'm not sure since I've never actually counted. If you've got some time, maybe you could watch each one of their respective movies, tally it up, and let me know. Thanks!

Well, enjoy the score to a movie that even after all these years and all those remakes still holds the most power! (Well, if you don't count Charles Grodin being stepped on.)

Track List:

King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) - 01 - Main Title; A Boat In The Fog
King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) - 02 - Forgotten Island; Jungle Dance
King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) - 03 - Sea At Night
King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) - 04 - Aboriginal Sacrifice Dance
King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) - 05 - Entrance Of Kong
King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) - 06 - The Bronte; Log Sequence
King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) - 07 - Cryptic Shadows
King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) - 08 - Kong!; The Cave
King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) - 09 - Sailors Waiting
King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) - 10 - Return Of Kong
King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) - 11 - King Kong Theatre March
King Kong (1933) (Max Steiner) - 12 - Kong Escapes; Aeroplanes; Finale

pw = youdont

King Kong (1933) (Rapidshare)

King Kong (1933) (Megaupload)

around 69 MB

Oustanding! I love this blog! I've been looking for the 1933 score for quite a while now. I agree, this one still holds up after all these decades. I still feel sad for the big monkey. Thanks for posting this score!
Hi Locnar13!

You are so nice for saying that! I'm so glad I could finally make it available to you. And no matter how many sequels he comes back in, I still feel sad for the big monkey too!
If only he hung out in Central Park, nobody would have noticed him. ;)
I think you're right Isbum (though he would've really messed up the view!). :))
So, I don't actually believe this will work.
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