Sunday, October 29, 2006

By Request (Sort Of) - The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band)

'Attax' at Rare & OOP Soundtracks requested some Richard Band scores in a forum, and this was one of the ones on the list. I don't know if he got it by now, but I thought I'd put it up anyway. This movie starred John Saxon and Michael J. Pollard, and generally any sentence that starts that way really needs no finish. This is not to be confused with the 1996 Charlie Sheen movie of the same title, though I could see how someone could make that mistake since he looks so much like Michael J. Pollard.

Have I mentioned how much I like Richard Band's music? Well, this should make a nice Halloween score to listen to. Or as the movie tagline says, 'From the darkest corner of the universe comes a new dimension in fear.' Or maybe that's just Charlie Sheen moving in next door.

Sure, you could go to better blogs and get all the Friday The 13th, Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street scores this time of year. Or you could go to Scar Stuff to get all sorts of Halloween goodies. But where else are you going to get 'The Arrival'? (Sounds of crickets chirping as a tumbleweed rolls by)

Well, enjoy it anyway!

Track List:

The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 01 - Main Title
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 02 - The Meteor
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 03 - At The Hospital; Dream Visions
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 04 - Max Leaves The Hospital, But...
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 05 - Max Wanders Off
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 06 - The Changes Begin
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 07 - Max, But A Lot Younger
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 08 - The Bar
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 09 - Max Kills The Bar Girl
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 10 - Max And Lonnie Montage
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 11 - The Love Scene
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 12 - Max Takes A Hostage
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 13 - No Alternative
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 14 - Chase Down
The Arrival (1991) (Richard Band) - 15 - Finale And End Titles

pw = youdont

The Arrival (1991) (Rapidshare)

The Arrival (1991) (Megaupload)

around 59 MB

And again thanks so much :))
any sentence that starts that way needs to end.
LMAO!!!:) :)) :))) :)))))!!
forbidden crypts link ist kaput mein herren
Hi Attax!

You're very welcome!


Hi Isbum!

No it doesn't. :))))


Hi Gypsy!

Thanks for letting me know! I realized it after I put up the link, but I forgot to remove it so thank you very much for reminding me. :))
hi!! I was wondering...doyou have "the Pit and the Pendulum" soundtrack??? I´ve been looking for it for a long time.Take care.
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