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Oscar Winning Scores, Vol. 1 (1935-1949)

Well, I thought I'd do something special for the Oscars, but as usual, I only thought of it a week or two ago, so it's another rush job, I'm afraid. It didn't really occur to me to compile one of these because it seems something like this must already be floating around out there somewhere (either a commercial one or a private one) and I assumed a lot of the material would be in storage. But when I looked, I realized I had almost all the tracks here to do it (well, at least for the first two volumes.....once you get past that, I'm going to need to hunt around for a few things which is why it stops at 1968).

Well, maybe if there are commercial compilations out there, they'd probably be re-recordings done all at the same time else it would probably cost too much to get the clearances, I suppose. And I don't remember seeing one that had all the scores, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there.

And, my copy of The Adventures of Robin Hood actually is in storage so I used Archer's copy (of the Bullseye blog) for that track [thanks, Archer, wherever you might be!]. And a few other things were in storage as well, so I had to make do. Still, I like the result. It grew on me.

Well, I tried to use the original soundtracks when I could (unless I liked re-recordings better) or ones conducted by the composer. Also, as you can imagine with so many different sources, I had a devil of a time with sound quality and normalization (see an earlier post....hunt around....for the explanation on why that would be). So, considering the amount of work involved, be kind in your judgements!

Hopefully, this will give people a nice sampler of some of the best of Hollywood film scoring and a nice reminder of the movies and of film history just in time for the Academy Awards (and it works pretty well after the telecast is over too.....unless that self-destruct mechanism I had installed is working, in which case the compilations will turn into pumpkins just as Ellen Degeneres says goodnight).

I'd say something about the individual films, but I figure if you really want to know, you can go over to the Internet Movie Database. What do I look like, Wikipedia? (Seriously though, I wouldn't mind talking about them, but if I did, I probably wouldn't stop.....and how much more reading do you want to do?). Suffice it to say, they're all good films (though I don't normally watch 'The Informer' because it seems too depressing.....still, how can you beat John Ford?). And what's this 'Wizard of Oz' I keep hearing about? Well, #3,4,& 11 are probably my favorite films on the list (though the others are great too). And my favorite music on the list is probably #2,3,6,7,10,11, # 13, but who's counting?

Well, even if you're not interested in older movies (which might be possible for some of the people who come here), this might be a nice painless way to try them. Or if you don't like compilations, which I suspect a lot of soundtrack collectors don't, you can just try this one to get your feet wet, or to celebrate the Oscar season, or just to humor me by not making all my hard work go totally to waste.


Track List:

01 - 1935 - The Informer (Max Steiner) - cond. by Max Steiner
02 - 1936 - Anthony Adverse (Erich Wolfgang Korngold) - Anthony Is Born - Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra, cond. by Lionel Newman
03 - 1938 - The Adventures of Robin Hood (Erich Wolfgang Korngold) - Robin Hood Attacks Sir Guy's Party / The Attack
04 - 1939 - The Wizard of Oz (Herbert Stothart) - Main Title
05 - 1940 - Pinocchio (Leigh Harline, Paul J. Smith, & Ned Washington) - Coach To Pleasure Island
06 - 1941 - All That Money Can Buy (a.k.a., The Devil & Daniel Webster) (Bernard Herrmann) - The Devil's Concerto - The Royal Philharmonic Orch., cond. by Elmer Bernstein
07 - 1942 - Now, Voyager (Max Steiner) - Warner Bros. Fanfare & It Can't Be Wrong - National Philharmonic Orch., cond. by Charles Gerhardt
08 - 1943 - The Song Of Bernadette (Alfred Newman)
09 - 1944 - Since You Went Away (Max Steiner) - cond. by Max Steiner
10 - 1945 - Spellbound (Miklos Rozsa) - Part 1 - cond. by Miklos Rozsa (rec.1952)
11 - 1946 - The Best Years Of Our Lives (Hugo Friedhofer) - The Citation / Graveyard & Bombers
12 - 1947 - A Double Life (Miklos Rozsa)
13 - 1948 - The Red Shoes (Brian Easdale) - The Red Shoes Ballet - The Philharmonia Orch., cond. by Kenneth Alwyn
14 - 1949 - The Heiress (Aaron Copland) - The Heiress Suite: Prelude / Catherine's Engagement / Cherry Red Dress / Departure / Morris Suggests Love / The Proposal / Finale - St. Louis Symphony Orch., cond. by Leonard Slatkin

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Oscar Winning Scores, Vol. 1 - Part 1 (Rapidshare)

Oscar Winning Scores, Vol. 1 - Part 2 (Rapidshare)


Oscar Winning Scores, Vol. 1 (Megaupload)

around 150 MB

Notes on the compilation:

If you're wondering what happened to 1937, that's the year the Deanna Durbin musical, 'One Hundred Men And A Girl' won for best score. Back then, all the movies....dramas, comedies, musicals, etc. were thrown together and there were 14 nominees (it beat out Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, Lost Horizon, & The Prisoner of Zenda, by the way).

Well, I didn't have any instrumental music from that film (as far as I know....sometimes it gets hard to tell) which may or may not explain why I left it off the compilation. Also, no composer credit was given for the movie, but Charles Previn was the head of the Universal Studio Music Department and was credited in the nomination, so I assume he got it (unless he got Sacheen Littlefeather to refuse it for him).

03: This is from the original 1938 soundtrack recording in mono (from the Tsunami release)
05: Some tracks on the soundtrack were composed by some combination of those three (or other) composers (though only those three received the Oscar), and this track is credited to all three.
06: Okay, Bernard Herrmann didn't compose 'Pop Goes The Weasel' (as far as I know), but you get the idea. I wonder why the Devil (in this case, played by Walter Huston) is always associated with the fiddle? Maybe if Charlie Daniels ever does a follow-up to 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia' he can have him playing the ukulele.
09: With one of the most famous train scenes in all of film history (parodied by 'Airplane' if I remember right) which is why you hear the train theme towards the end of the track. Either that or it's just one huge coincidence.
14: This is a world premiere recording, as reconstructed by Arnold Freed

For some reason, I can't get the password to work. I'm using youdont, but it's saying that it's the wrong pw. What could I be doing wrong?
@ sallie

I haven't had time to download this yet, but try punching it in like this:

pw = you_dont_have_to_visit
@ nomwl1

Congratulations on a great job very well done.

I've had a project like this at the back of my mind for years, from when I was working with tape - simply never had the time.

Now you've done it for me and I appreciate it very much.

All the best.
@ nomwl1

Where did you get the Pinocchio track from? I've never seen it anywhere. Pinocchio happens to be my all-time favorite Disney feature. One of my earliest memories is being taken to the cinema to see it (must have been a re-release) around 1945!!

Do you perhaps have a *complete* soundtrack that you could post?
nomwl1 -
This is awesome! I really appreciate all the work that went into this. My son really enjoys the old musicals, and this will be a fun way to explore them. Thanks!
Hi Sallie!

I'm glad you were able to get it to work! (per your comment on the other post) If you're having any other problems with the files, please let me know! :))


Hi Mel!

Thanks for helping Sallie out!

And if you ever decide to make up your compilation, I'd love to hear it! And I know what you mean about having it in the back of your mind for years. There are so many compilations like that I want to do, but never get around to it. And it never even occurred to me to do this one until I thought of the upcoming Oscars!

And speaking of things I should get around to, maybe that P. will show up in the Requests post someday, if I can ever rip it. :))

And thanks for all the nice things you said about the comp! I don't usually get a lot of feedback on these comps, so I really appreciate it!


Hi First Moon!

Thanks again for saying those nice things! It really means a lot! And say Hi! to your son for me; I hope you guys enjoy listening to the music! :)))
What a pity! Files deleted by Rapidshare and Megaupload.

Can you Repost Please??
Another request to repost
Pretty Please
"- Invalid link
- The file was deleted because of violating our Terms of service"

Sallie, please reload this album to megaupload. It`s great music!
please repost a new link. this compilation is a gem.
Both files with Rapidshare and Megaupload are deleted. Like this one very much and hope you would be able to repost it again. Thanks
any chance to reupload this compilation again???

and is there a volume 3???
Can you upload the post, please?

the links are dead
Thanks so much for the article, pretty useful data.
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