Thursday, February 08, 2007

Post With Mostly Filler


I wasn't going to post anything today because I've got so many things to do online in the limited amount of time I have on these computers, but I thought I'd better post something so people don't think I've completely disappeared. I just need to get caught up, but hopefully I'll post something on this blog before evolved monkeys come and take over the planet! (Forget I said that.......that was supposed to be a secret).

I've been disinclined to write the posts that go along with the stuff I wanted to post (along with a bunch of other reasons), so please excuse the relatively long absense (though for me, it hardly seemed any time at all).

Well, eventually..............more to come! Be patient. :)))

Good to see you, man! I'll look forward to your posts.
Ten days short of two months.
But then, I told you that if you really wanted to save the world, it was going to be very time consuming.
Say hello to the Superfriends for me and hurry back!
Hi J.R.!

And I look forward to your comments!


Hi Isbum, good buddy!

I told the Superfriends 'Hi!' from you. The Wonder Twins say hello. :))
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Hi, buddy; Glad to see you back, alive and kicking. I was wondering if you hadn't been abducted by some 5-armed aliens in search of the perfect soundtrack :-)))

Loking forward to your new posts !!
Fine to have you back.
I've missed your posts. Hope all is well with you.
I just stumbled across your fantastic blog--thanks for all your hard work!

I figure you might be the best person to ask--I'm looking for "He Sleeps/Love Theme" from "Pretty Woman" (James Newton Howard). Do you have any idea where I might be able to find it?
Hi Mickey!

And I'm so glad to hear from you! Always so good to see your name in the comments! The aliens were nice, but I never did find the perfect soundtrack. :))


Hi Onzichtbaredj!

And so good to see another old friend!


Hi The Bench Jockey!

Thanks so much!


Hi Alythia77!

Thanks for the nice words! I'm not sure about the Pretty Woman track you're looking for, but you can try asking for it in the Requests Post. Hope you find it! :))

''and for the guy looking for Rozsa's DIANE:''

Thank You for all the good stuff that you have put up! Don't get discouraged, just keep on blogging! XD!
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