Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holiday and more random thoughts!

I just wanted to wish everybody a happy holiday or for people not celebrating any holiday, a happy unspecified segment of time! I hope everybody has more enjoyment than they can stand (so much so that they end up going back to the stores and returning some after the holidays!).

And again, a special thanks to all the wonderful readers of this blog and to all the other bloggers who spread so much joy and happiness through their music and their spirit.

I probably won't be coming online again until after the New Year, so I wanted to let everyone know (though they'll probably think it's just the normal lull in the blog).

In the meantime, be sure to go to all the other excellent blogs in the link list or have fun hanging out in the Requests post for a while.

And I also wanted to say that I suspect that most readers of the blog skip wordy posts like this which I can totally understand. Who has time to read all this? But I like to make posts like this for my own enjoyment and for those other people who might get enjoyment from the non-music stuff on the blog (all 2 of you). I always think of the blog as being half music blog and half non-music blog. The non-music stuff is in some ways actually easier to produce than the musical side (though it often takes me forever to figure out what to say on these posts). I find it easier to type in stuff off the top of my head since it's marginally easier. Of course, that ends up being more verbose than if I planned these things more carefully.

That's also why I've been posting so many instrumental soundtracks on the blog. I bet people who come here think of it as a soundtrack blog, but I always think of it as place where I can post anything. But because I love soundtracks so much, I have so many of them, people have been making a lot of requests, and there are so many other soundtrack blogs out there that remind me of things I want to post, I end up posting a lot of instrumental soundtracks. And they're marginally easier for me to post since they tend to be homogenous. I don't have to fill in a lot of different composers or performers' names when I do the tags or file names. And since I don't have access to, Gracenote, iTunes, etc., I have to do all that stuff myself. Between the tagging, trimming, zipping, uploading, writing, etc., it can take a while.

It also occurs to me to mention that since I've been posting more instrumental soundtracks, the number and rate at which people download most of the files has actually dropped, but the traffic on the blog has gone dramatically up. Now obviously a lot of that has to do with the Requests post, but I also suspect that some of that increase has to do with the fact that people have been able to pigeonhole the blog much easier than they did before.

There was a period a while back when I ended up not posting anything for a week or two and when I came back I ended up posting a lot of movie-related material all in a row. That was around the time I posted Pennies From Heaven, the Soundtrack Gamut compilation, etc. After that, the traffic on the blog increased by about 200 visits per day more than what I had before. And before, I had a nice steady flow of blogs linking to me, but it had sort of plateaued. However, when I came back, all these blogs that had largely ignored me were suddenly linking to me. It was a strange phenomenon which I still have trouble accounting for, but I suspect that the reason for the sudden jump was the fact that people could now suddenly identify what the blog was about (or at least what they thought the blog was about). I think they pegged it as a place to get certain kind of material like vinyl soundtracks or movie-related material, etc.

But all of that was unintentional, of course. And then around the time I posted the Orphaned Film Songs compilation there seemed to be this inexplicable spike in downloads and visits. I would post something and by the time I refreshed my Rapidshare premium account file list, there would already be 5 or 10 downloads of some file! Then I would come back a couple of days later and that file would have 60 or 70 downloads! In comparison to the rate at which people downloaded before, that was an amazingly fast rate. It used to take a month or more before you'd get to those kind of numbers.

I still don't understand why people were visiting so much back then. In fact, as far as I can tell (since I can never tell the total number of downloads what with it being impossible to tell how many people use the second download option and all), the Orphaned Film Songs compilation has arguably the highest number of downloads on the whole blog. There may be a few of the older posts that have higher numbers, but that was before I had a premium account and I have no way of telling. I love that compilation, but I love all the compilations here and so it's still a mystery to me.

Then, when I posted the Inspector Clouseau album, I think people downloaded that one at the fastest rate I'd ever seen. The total number of Rapidshare downloads is still lower than on Orphaned Film Songs, but people downloaded it faster than anything I can think of on the blog. Still don't know why. It's a fantastic album, but so are a lot of the ones on here.

Then, right after that I ended up not posting anything for about a week and when I came back the number of downloads and the rate at which they were being downloaded had dramatically dropped. It was closer to what it had been when I started the blog. Some files would get maybe 20 or 30 downloads or they would take a much longer period to get the higher numbers.

And ever since then, the number of visits per day has gone dramatically up (somewhere over 3 times what it was before that first break), but the number of downloads still remains relatively low on some files. There's a bit of a Flowers For Algernon quality in that respect. It reminds me of the rate when I first started the blog. Now don't get me wrong. Many files get pretty decent numbers and they get there faster than when I first started, but it's still rather odd.

Because I love soundtracks, I always forget just how uniquely unpopular they are (in a relative sense). But if I were worried about popularity, the number of downloads my files get, or traffic on the blog, I would be posting rock or pop albums. I know if I were posting any other kind of music I would get more downloads. Or if I was posting more popular kinds of soundtracks, the numbers would be higher like they are on blogs that post lounge albums or horror, sci-fi, giallo, etc. soundtracks.

And even though it may not seem like it, what with the Requests post and all, most of the posts on this blog get maybe 2 or fewer people commenting on them. Only on certain anomalous posts do I get an extraordinary number of comments. It tends to be a feast or famine situation usually. It can be especially discouraging on things like compilations where you put a lot of work into them, they're your favorite things on the blog, you can't tell how many people download them, and maybe 1 person comments.

But I'm not usually bothered by it much except occasionally when I go to other blogs and see comments on a post from 15 or 16 different people. If I get more than, say, 4 different people commenting on any one post that's an unusually high number. Or if you notice on this blog, special posts where I ask a question or say something to the readers gets maybe 7 to 15 comments (if I'm lucky) whereas on other blogs they might get 40 or 50 comments. I suspect that if I ever ended this blog (which I hope won't be for a very, very long time) my last post would probably get 15-20 comments (as opposed to the 90-150 that I've seen on other blogs). I anticipate on this Happy Holidays post, for instance, I'll probably get 7 or 8 comments (not including my responses). But then I'm not a good judge. I thought I would only get 3 or 4 comments on the Requests post. Some things I thought were going to get a lot of response get nothing and some things like the Requests post go through the roof. Go figure.

[And by the way, since I brought it up, I always figured when it came time to end this blog I would always just leave it up but just not post or maintain anything (despite the fact that it already looks like that from time to time). That's the way people used to do it (way back in the Stone Age of last year). Now for some reason, people delete their blogs or kill all their links. It's kind of strange. I don't know why they don't just let the links die out naturally. There are still old-school bloggers who haven't bothered to take down their blogs even though they haven't updated them in a year and a half. I always figured I'd be like that. I'd leave all the posts up and let people download them until they expired from a natural death. And I'd wander in every 5 or 6 months and post something. But I digressed as usual. To get back to commenting on comments..................]

But in case you thought I was complaining about the lack of comments, I understand all the reasons (or at least most of them) for why those things happen. Having enjoyed other people's blogs for so long, I knew all those pitfalls when I started the blog. They're all the same reasons that I don't end up commenting much on other people's blogs. Lack of time (especially with so much text on this blog), not knowing what to say, not having anything to say about a particular post, etc. It's all very understandable why people don't comment as much (I just have to keep reminding myself of the reasons from time to time). And I certainly feel very lucky about the comments I do get since it's a lot more than other blogs get. And things like the Requests post certainly compensate, so I try not to be too discouraged by things like that because it seems kind of ridiculous to feel that way when the people who do comment are exceptionally nice. I would expect more trolling or flaming or at the very least more indifference, but people who come here seem to be unusually kind and complimentary. It's quite amazing. I suppose that's why I try not to take it for granted. And I'm sure people may be sick of me being overly effusive or redundant about it, but I always think it's worth noting.

But the people who do comment seem to be more enthusiastic and engaged than they were before which was exactly the kind of interactivity I was hoping for when I started the blog, so it's a trade-off I don't mind.

Paradoxically, I have much more traffic now (which creates more visibility and things like link-killing, etc.), but fewer downloads and comments than say if I were posting lounge or pop albums. If some of the link-killers actually bothered to look at the number of downloads on some of the files they were killing, they probably wouldn't have wasted their time!

And the feedback I do get from the people who do comment is so much more engaged than before (though the conversation was always lively from the regulars). Before (with the exception of the regulars), I got more random comments from people who grabbed certain things and then didn't come back much. Now it seems I get a wide array of people visiting (though some of the old regulars have drifted away). And when I post more non-soundtrack stuff the same thing will probably happen all over again, I suppose. Today's regulars will drift away when I start posting mostly Hawaiian slack-guitar music, but what can you do? I just blog the way I like and don't worry too much about the direction of the blog or about its popularity. My only concern would be alienating people who come here, but all you can do is post the stuff you like. And I guess if I were concerned with not alienating readers, I wouldn't write posts like this one that require retinal transplants after people are done reading them.

And that reminds me. Getting back to people skipping posts like this. I can tell that some people don't read them when they make comments about stuff that I've already addressed. Or that they don't go too far back into the archives when they request or post material that's already on here! But like I said, I don't mind too much. With so many blogs out there and so much stuff to go through on this blog alone, I can totally understand. I figure people can always skip over the stuff they're bored by and go straight to the music. But they may miss out on something interesting (or God forbid, important) on one of these kinds of posts. Well, to reward the diehard readers who actually wade through this morass of verbiage, I thought I'd put some Christmas presents on this post. If you look carefully, you should have fun finding them. Sort of Christmas and Easter rolled into one! Though don't get your hopes up too much. Some of the stuff you will probably already have and some you probably won't want (remember, I warned you), some are leftover links and a couple of things are posted specifically as a gift here, but enjoy it regardless and thanks again to all you guys who actually bother to read this stuff!

Well, I had a lot more stuff to say that would've been really interesting (well, mostly to me), but my brain has stopped functioning right now. Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas to you!

I understand much of the sentiment in this post. I have another blog (using the name J.R.) that has become a living fossil of late. I check in once a month or so. It was kind of depressing to put so much effort into it with so little response. After about 2 years I finally realized that blogs were a decidedly selfish pursuit, and grew more comfortable with talking to myself!

Anyway, "You Don't..." is probably my favorite blog, and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way. Whatever you decide to post is fine by me.

Have a great holiday and a safe New Year!
Hey, I responded to your comments on my site, but in case you don't get back around there before you come back, I figured I'd stop by here too. I hope you have a happy holiday as well, and a happy new year. You know, all that stuff. I appreciate the kind words you left for me, and I'm glad you've enjoyed the music I've shared.

I've actually always been a little confused by the people who kill their blog instead of letting it stay up as well. If I ever have a reason to just give up posting on The Morgue, I'd at least let people know, and tell them to have at it while the links were still up. Seems odd to me, it doesn't cost anything, and if you were to not update I don't imagine it would take much effort to keep it up either. Not that The Morgue is going anywhere, just saying.

I understand about the entertainment you can get from making long posts too, if you look at my posts most of them are like 3 or 4 paragraphs long at least when I don't really need to write anything for them. But I like writing about the stuff I'm posting most of the time and I just figure if people don't want to read me trying to be funny they can just skip ahead and find the link. Coming up with the descriptions is half the fun for me. Man, even my post explaining it ended up being long-winded. Sorry to leave an essay in your comments, I'll shut up now.

Have fun over the remainder of the holidays!
Hello, nomwl1 (what a strange name you gave yourself...),

thanks for wishing Vespucci and me what you did - I wish you the same, and I'm happy to know at least one of the many soundtrack-bloggers which isn't doing the same old routine... (honestly: most stuff on ost-blogs bores me to death!).

so - have a nice xmas, lazy holidays and a funny and festive new-years-eve-party - cu in 2007!

lucky from cineville
Merry Christmas nomwl1!

Thanks for all the great music you have shared these past few months. Looking forward to the new year and what treats might come.

pooter (from The Soundtracks that Time Forgot).
Merry Christmas!

I've been a replier and requester of your blog for many months now (under an "anonymous" unfortunately) but I wanted to take a moment out to thank you and all the other contributors to this site of being one of the best places to find music that is hard to find.

I've had the opportunity to grab a few items along the way (Inspector Clouseau among them, I'm the one who requested "The Happening", "I Spy" Oh Dad" and other groovy music)and think you've done a fantastic job here. The comments selection alone in your requests file was impressive. I just wanted to let you know though I do not comment on every posting you put up, your work is not done in vain. I think I can speak for many of us when I say we appreciate all the hard work you and your cast of regular contributors (they know who they are) have done..

In closing I look forward to 2007 to "youdont" continuing to be my 1st stop in bloggerland.

Hi nomwl1
(I think that's an abreviation for

many thanks for your kind comment on my blog, for a large part this year was so great concerning mp3-files due to your fantastic blog.

In terms of a "blog defined by the personality of his administrator" I think yours is just the greatest around all the film music ones (as there are so much by now I stopped visiting all the others).

Concerning comments you are so right, there are very few on my blog as you will have noticed. However, I have 20.000 hits in about 10 weeks by now (about 19.000 by myself, but it's a great feeling looking at the own blog).

I wish you all the best for all the holidays to come and hope that we continue our contact. And don't worry, if you post other music, I will download it anyway (I think so far I have downloaded at least 95% of everything you ever posted).

Again, many thanks for a lot of hours of listening pleasure

The difference between a blog like yours, and ones that get 40-50 comments and more hits, is that the other guys are in it for the wrong reasons.

They don't love music. They love Paypal money. Google ads. Some stupid idea about being famous for giving away other people's music.

What you and the good bloggers do is turn people on to what you love, and if there is a chance the artist can make money off it, or a used record store can thrive by selling it, you usually let them. Your ego is secondary. You respect the people for whom music is their life and not just their hobby.

What you offer for free is almost always something hard to find or in your case a compilation that you put time and effort in creating.

What difference does it make if 40 people say "nice share" or 10? Why the popularity contest?

Those who are posting every rock album they can find, are just bringing ridicule, scorn and trolls into the blogworld. You and most of the links you choose, are the ones that are sincere.

Treasure different strokes. If everybody did like soundtracks or Hawaiian music or whatever, you wouldn't have the fun of being able to turn people on to it and talk about it. Who wants to be just some jerk with album covers and links and the same stuff everybody else has?
Hi nomwl1---

Thanks for this post. You're words always bring a smile. You really are the best!

Here's wishing you a fantastic New Year in '07.

Your fan,

How you hid the links was very clever little brother, but then again, so was talking the Doctor out of spanking us when we were born! ;)

Happiest ever in 2007!!
Please stay on. The value of what you share is enourmous, and would be missed greatly if you decide otherwise. Here, if you wish is my first fileshare, "The Enemy Below" by Leigh Harline. Ripped at 192 kbps, it's at :

Enjoy, all!

All the best whishes for OO7 (is it the James Bond year???) from France! Your blog is incredible. I have been a fan of film music since I was a child with Morricone, John Barry and french composer Philippe Sarde and Vladimir Cosma ( I think I was 7 or 8 years old and I'm now 37! ) I must admit that it is the first time that I post a comment here. Usually I just "take" the music full of joy blessing the people of the net which take the time to share with others all this incredible music. Yes we are not a lot but the few that we are, do enjoy a lot, all the great work you're doing. With your kind of site you make us understand that everywhere in the world there is people like me, like you that live with the love of film music. Film music is poor now ( hello mediaventures ) and seeing that there is so many great old soundtracks that I do not know and that I discover with your blog is absolutly great!
Thank's again to you.
As the vulcains says in Star Trek: Live long and prosper!

Vic le viking
Hi Everyone
I'm a big soundtrack lover and I love to trade copies of great music. One fav of mine is "THE ENEMY BELOW" by L. Harline. Anyone out there help me?
You are right about soundtracks being relatively unpopular, but that just means that when you find someone who loves them as much as you do, you have an UNDERSTANDING that is pretty intense.

Thank you for the music that would take me a lifetime of frustration to try to find myself, coming from a non english speaking country with few record stores of any kind, let alone vintage vinyl.

Thanks for the great music. I just found your blog, and have had a great time looking around and downloading, listening to The Bishops Wife right now. Thank you again.

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