Sunday, December 10, 2006

Some Things I Wanted To Mention

Okay, this picture has nothing to do with the post, but I just thought I'd put it up. :))

I'm fairly behind, but don't worry. Any requests anybody has made anywhere on the blog will go up at the Requests post (eventually). It may take me a while, but they will all make it there. And even if I haven't had the chance to respond to all the comments yet, I read all of them (just in case you thought any of them were ignored) and I will respond to all of them (no matter how long it takes!). :)))


- Is there a better way of navigating Opera blogs? I do it, but it's always mighty hard for me to save those archive pages the way I do it. It takes forever to go through the pages. Am I missing something or is there a better way? Is there any way to download all the pages (not the files, but the blog pages) at once or do you have to go through 30 plus pages, one at a time, like I do?

- Is there an alternative to Rapidget that I'm missing? I can't use download accelerators since I can't install that kind of software on other computers, but Rapidget used to be perfect for me to use. Is there a better way that I'm missing? Is trying to drive me away? (Okay, that last one was a rhetorical question.)

[Those two things alone get me incredibly behind on great blogs like XYZ's CosmoBlog, to name just one.]

And some things to be aware of:

.....Check out Soundz's (it's going to take me some getting used to saying that) new blog: Bingo Pop
- for those lamenting the absence of PS, here's hoping for a long and healthy stay for Bingo Pop!!

......Check out Evidence of Intelligence, for 'Progressive rock (classic progressive, or bands inspired by Genesis, Camel, Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP, etc.)' per Mickey's recommendation. Drop some kind words of encouragement, if you're so inclined.

......I didn't get to mention it before, but PixelMutt is back with the occasional post of great sonic collections. You can't keep a good man down!

.......Same goes for Mr. Lucky at Cineville. It's nice to have him back!

........And Skinny Robbie and Pastor McPurvis, now that I think about it!

.......And it seems kind of a shame, but Ill Folks has switched to primarily single tracks since it's easier to re-upload those when they die out. I'll miss the larger compilations!

.......And check out the re-uploads here. I would've put the name down, but as soon as you do that, it probably starts showing up on all the bad guys' Google & blog searches.

........And now that I think about it, I never applauded all those bloggers who bounced back after their blogs shut down (usually after being attacked). So here's to The House of Colonel Angus (who still seems to be under attack) [nee Psychoplasmica], The Slaughtered Lamb, Soundtrack(s) Lover, and The Dust Strikes Back [nee Dust To Dust]. We all salute you for your perseverance and thank you for giving all of us that wonderful music!

........and for no other reason than they were on my mind, if you haven't visited them lately, visit Stax O' Wax for some great material, Abstract Fidelity for some random tours through the radio dial, KaBluie's Blog for some great movie-related tracks, Linear Style for some interesting mixes, and as always just go over to Licorice Pizza & Lazar's Lounge just because they exist. No other reason needed than that, really. Well, that goes for Rangeraver, 7 Black Notes, Rare & OOP, Way Out Junk, ........uhhh, somebody stop me!!!!

Go to all these places for great stuff!!

And go here quick, there may be a limited shelf life!:

......The Bumblebee is back for one month only. Telstar Ted has revived his blog, but only until January 1st at which time he'll shut it down again and delete the posts. Go there quick!: L.S. Bumblebee

......Lounge Tracks is back with some great Christmas music! Don't know how long he's back, but any amount of time is most welcome!

Welcome back guys!! We missed you! :)))

And don't forget to check out the link list for more great new (and not so new) blogs and the 'Want Some Soundtracks?' post for any new soundtrack blogs! :))))

And let me know if I forgot anybody. It's so hard to keep up nowadays!

P.S. Things I worry about and failed to mention before:

- I haven't seen a recent update from Bullseye lately. Hope he's okay! (Same thing goes for Hall of Records, Legends of Mythodean, Locnar13's Movie Grooves, and The Mountains of Madness, now that I think about it!)
- Hope Caesar Tjalbo is feeling better. My thoughts are with you and I know how you feel! (I don't think he knows this blog exists, but I still wanted to mention it.)
- Which also reminds me of the health (& sundry) issues of April Winchell, Hamhead at Hamhead's Cellar, & Lobstar at Copy, Right? They seem to be more or less okay right now, but still I worry.
- I miss Ibiza's Music now that it's shut down (well, except for a couple of old archive pages). Deleters took another one down. :((((( And what's even sadder is that I was only able to work my way up through part of the June archives before it happened!
- And what happened to JazzNotes anyway? I know he's fine from the comment he left here, but it's always a shame when great blogs go down.
- And while I'm thinking about it, what's happened to SteMc and his Scores of Scores (and the forums)? It's always a shame when forums (or blogs, for that matter) get shut down.

- And lastly, here's to all those bloggers currently under attack by deleters, et al. There certainly seem to be a lot of them lately. It come in waves, it seems. Don't let it get you down, guys!!

Whew! I had more to say than I thought. :))

To answer your question, YES, we have to open one page at a time to view your fine collection.

Next question; Yes, Rapid share IS trying to drive you away and it should succeed. You should use any other service BUT rapid share. Try Megaupload (I think) or mediashare or even a mix of a few, particularly if your post is multi-part. I would download pt1 then must wait an hour or two to get pt 2 (which rapid share would have removed by then LOL).

You have a good site and I know it is hard work, but we, your public, recognize your efforts.
I'm missing Rapidget, too.

Instead I'm now using "Flashget", which I got for free from the net.

It grabs every link as you mark it and then starts downloading auomatically.
...but please stay with Rapidshare !!!

For me it's still the best.

From Sendspace for example I cannot download anything here in Germany, somehow it's blocked.
thank you for all the great files and for linking to Cake & Polka! I have a request! would you happen to have "Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"? I'm dying for a copy of "Comedy Tonight"/
Hi Lacey!

Thanks for the info! As for the 'one page at a time', I was actually talking about other blogs on the Opera community like XYZ or Licorice Pizza, but thanks for letting me know that you can read this blog just fine!

And I am tempted to get rid of Rapidshare at some point, but I'm probably going to stick with it indefinitely. (Especially if I can make some downloader like Flashget work for me). I don't like some of the things that Rapidshare has done lately, so it does make me want to get rid of them just on principle!

And thank you for saying that about the effort! It really means a lot! :))


Hi Omega!

I really wish they would come up with a new version of Rapidget. That was great. Thanks for letting me know about Flashget though. I'll definitely give that a try!

And it's weird how some countries block certain services like Sendspace & Megaupload.

That's another reason I like to provide 2 options for people. If I do end up changing though, let me know if you ever have a problem with the service I use and I'll try to change it.


Hi Fatty Jubbo!

You are most welcome!! I've linked to Cake & Polka since the blog began (and am happy about it!!) & I've been meaning to thank you for the nice things you said about my blog on your radio playlists!

And I have A Funny Thing Happened..., but I'll have to check if it's in storage. If it isn't, I'll be happy to put up 'Comedy Tonight'! :))
There is a nice new blog of El Rincon with a nice EP version of 'Mon Oncle" and on the festival de Cannes 1960

It's here:
Thanks for the shout out! Fatherhood has put a bit of a dent in my sharity schedule, but expect at least a couple of albums a month. Keep up the great work!
You, as usual, are too kind and wordy! (ha ha) Thanks for the update on blogdom. Been super busy with work and have missed the frequent visits here but stop by as time permits. Thanks for the mention. Timbo
Hi Onzichtbaredj!

So nice to see you again! Thanks so much for the link. That blog looks really interesting.


Hi Pastor!

It's so nice to see you stopping by! And we can certainly understand the lack of shares. I'm just happy to see the lights on in the Vinyl Orphanage every once in a while! :))


Hi Timbo!

So glad to see you whenever you stop by! I'm not sure how anybody has any time to blog & surf! And I miss your frequent visits here too, but I just hope you're able to get some musical solace from the web while they keep you busy! :))

P.S. How's that for wordy? (Ha ha) :))
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