Sunday, December 17, 2006

Daktari (1968 TV) (Shelly Manne)

Daktari! Daktari! Every once in a while, for some reason, I just feel like saying that. Here is the soundtrack to the 1966-1969 TV show about a doctor (daktari) played by Marshall Thompson working in Africa (a.k.a. southern Los Angeles). Can you expect a fun, jazzy album from Shelly Manne? Probably. Enjoy!

Track List:

Daktari (1968) (Shelly Manne) - 01 - Daktari
Daktari (1968) (Shelly Manne) - 02 - Out on a Limb
Daktari (1968) (Shelly Manne) - 03 - Clarence
Daktari (1968) (Shelly Manne) - 04 - Africa
Daktari (1968) (Shelly Manne) - 05 - Stay With Me
Daktari (1968) (Shelly Manne) - 06 - Elephantime
Daktari (1968) (Shelly Manne) - 07 - Wameru
Daktari (1968) (Shelly Manne) - 08 - Toto
Daktari (1968) (Shelly Manne) - 09 - Galloping Giraffes
Daktari (1968) (Shelly Manne) - 10 - Judy Judy
Daktari (1968) (Shelly Manne) - 11 - Ivan
Daktari (1968) (Shelly Manne) - 12 - Rhino Trot

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Daktari (Megaupload)

Daktari (Filesend)

around 25 MB

He's the Manne, but you're The MAN!

Thanks for this! I had no idea it existed. I had a pet spider monkey when I was growing up that would have loved this!
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