Sunday, December 17, 2006

By Request - Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch)

'RT' requested the soundtrack to this Woody Allen movie and so here's a laserdisc rip of it. I love 'Quiero La Noche' (which you may remember from my 'Orphaned Film Songs' compilation....yes, I know, you don't care) which is a reworking of 'Cause I Believe in Loving' used in the end titles (or really, the other way round). Both versions are very memorable. This is such a fun listen.

When Marvin Hamlisch isn't winning Oscars, I guess he's winning Tonys, but I don't think he's done either for quite some time.

And I guess this can be considered a Christmas post since I imagine a lot of people are going Bananas around this time of year. We could all probably use a good laugh amidst all the stress!

P.S. This also fulfills Werther's blanket request for Woody Allen scores.

Enjoy everybody!

Track List:

Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 01 - Main Title [incl. 'Quiero La Noche' - The Yomo Toro Trio]
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 02 - Porno (contains dialogue)
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 03 - The Muggers & The Good Citizen
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 04 - A Whirlwind Romance
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 05 - A Religious Dream
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 06 - Off to San Marcos
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 07 - Revolutionaries
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 08 - Training
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 09 - Survival
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 10 - Kidnap
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 11 - The Victory
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 12 - Back in the USA - A Chance Meeting
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 13 - Miss America Sings - The TV Ad
Bananas (1971) (Marvin Hamlisch) - 14 - Finale - End Titles [incl. 'Cause I Believe In Loving' - Jake Holmes]

pw = youdont

Bananas (Megaupload)

Bananas (Another Megaupload)

around 34 MB

Awesome!!! What A Soundtrack! Thanks Mucho!!
I actually taped all the music from the VHS music onto cassette years ago when I was experimenting in media. I must say I always believed there was a soundtrack for it out there somewhere. Thanks!
don't you need an itunes account for the download to work?
never mind. i got it.
thank you ever so much.
Many many thanks : this is one my favorite movies and one of the funniest soundtracks i know. This is a musthave for any Woody Allen fans (and I am!).
Thanks again.
"This also fulfills Werther's blanket request for Woody Allen scores"

- Philip Glass is scoring the new Woody Allen movie, "Cassandra's Dream". so I guess it's not true. :)
Thanks a lot! Very good score by Marvin Hamlish...Congratulations, keep up the good work and thanks again. You are simply the best!
Hello, I love this movie and the soundtrack, however it's not downloading properly for me. I did just the regular megaupload process. Though it just wont shot up on my itunes when I open the file with it. ideas?
This was just awesome! Thanks!
Very nice, thanks a lot :)
been looking for this. THANKS!
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I love you. You just made my weekend!
Awesome I realize this is like 5 years old but thanks! Saw the movie last night and needed to hear "Quiero La Noche" awesome stuff!
Thank you!
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