Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Orphaned Film Songs, Vol. 3

On this volume I ended up using more tracks provided by some of the kind friends to this blog than I did on Volume 2 (see the above post for that one). So thanks to 'Filmpac', 'Rocket From Mars', & 'Isbum' for their great material from Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell, The Quiller Memorandum (I already had a CD cut of that song, but I still ended up using Isbum's version because it sounded slightly better! Either my CD's are really crappy or Isbum's mp3's are really fantastic. I suspect it's both.), Viva Max!, and The Americanization of Emily. You guys are great (doing my best Tony The Tiger impression........well, I don't actually have one, but you can't tell that over the computer)!

Again, I ended up using some familiar songs, but some that are a little bit more unusual. And this compilation seems to have a higher percentage of songs from movies I haven't seen (I think the percentage is somewhere around 50 percent). Also, for some reason, this comp ended up having more sad ballads than the other volumes (Volume 1 is available here, by the way....as if anybody cared). It just sort of worked out that way. Still, this volume turned out better than I thought it was going to. Well, you be the judge.

And enjoy this compilation from a Buona Sera till.......Comes the night!

Track List:

01 - Jimmy Roselli - Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell - [from the film, 'BUONA SERA, MRS. CAMPBELL' (1968)]
02 - James Darren - Gegetta - [from the film, 'GIDGET GOES TO ROME' (1963)]
03 - Sergio Franchi - The Song of Santa Vittoria (Stay) (Italian Version) - [from the film, 'THE SECRET OF SANTA VITTORIA' (1969)]
04 - Lee Ramos - Flor De Azalea - [from the film, 'THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA' (1964)]
05 - Matt Monro - Wednesday's Child - [from the film, 'THE QUILLER MEMORANDUM' (1966)]
06 - Amy Irving - Why Don't You Do Right? - [from the film, 'WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?' (1988)]
07 - Jackie Cain - A Second Chance - [from the film, 'TWO FOR THE SEESAW' (1962)]
08 - B. Bowers & J. Butler - You Gotta Let Me Go - [from the film, 'SEBASTIAN' (1968)]
09 - Al Hirt and Hugo Montenero, Chorus - Don't Turn Back - [from the film, 'VIVA MAX!' (1969)]
10 - Tata & The Ian Smith Singers - Listen To The Melody - [from the film, 'THE HOT ROCK' (1972)]
11 - Dancing Too Close To The Flame - [Vocal] - [from the film, 'Q, THE WINGED SERPENT' (1982)]
12 - Tony Backhouse - Heat of My Thoughts - [from the film, 'BRAINDEAD' (1992)]
13 - Smiley Lewis - Shame, Shame, Shame! - [from the film, 'BABY DOLL' (1956)]
14 - Sammy Davis, Jr. - The Ballad Of Johnny Cool - [from the film, 'JOHNNY COOL' (1963)]
15 - Peggy Lee - Johnny Guitar - [from the film, 'JOHNNY GUITAR' (1954)]
16 - Strange Love - [Vocal] - [from the film, 'LUST FOR A VAMPIRE' (1971)]
17 - Chorus - Emily - [from the film, 'THE AMERICANIZATION OF EMILY' (1964)]
18 - Chorus - Mirage (Vocal Version) - [from the film, 'MIRAGE' (1965)]
19 - Henry Mancini with Chorus - Charade (Vocal) - [from the film, 'CHARADE' (1963)]
20 - Chorus - The Wishing Star - Theme from Taras Bulba (Vocal) - [from the film, 'TARAS BULBA' (1962)]
21 - Jimmie Rodgers - The Long, Hot Summer - [from the film, 'THE LONG, HOT SUMMER' (1958)]
22 - Chorus - The Green Leaves Of Summer - [from the film, 'THE ALAMO' (1960)]
23 - Chorus - Finale - [Vocal] - [from the film, 'GREEN FIRE' (1954)]
24 - Mary Hopkin - For All My Days - [from the film, 'KIDNAPPED' (1971)]
25 - Chorus - Tatara Women Work Song - [Vocal] - [from the film, 'PRINCESS MONONOKE' (1999)]
26 - The We Three Trio - Baby The Rain Must Fall - [from the film, 'BABY THE RAIN MUST FALL' (1965)]
27 - Jimmie A. Hassell - Comes The Night - [from the film, 'SEBASTIAN' (1968)]

pw = youdont

Orphaned Film Songs, Vol. 3 - Part 1(Rapidshare)

Orphaned Film Songs, Vol. 3 - Part 2(Rapidshare)


Orphaned Film Songs, Vol. 3 (Megaupload)

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Your blog rocks !
Hello. Can someone please tell me if the version of EMILY (track 17) on Orphaned Film Songs, Vol. 3 is the exact version from the original soundtrack LP? What is the time duration for that particular track? Is it an unidentified chorus singing it? For over 30 years I've been searching for a choral version of Emily that's not the same as the soundtrack album. Thanks...Russ
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