Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Have Gun Will Travel (1957 TV) (Bernard Herrmann)

Here is some Bernard Herrmann music from the Richard Boone TV Western, Have Gun Will Travel. Sometimes, I'm amazed they could get away with a half-hour Western in those days. I don't think they would ever try that now (if they still made Westerns on broadcast netowrk TV, that is). You'd think it would work out about as well as an hour-long sitcom, but I think it forced them to make their points more succinctly. (Hmmmm.....maybe they should be writing this blog.) Occasionally, you do feel that hour-long Westerns pad some of the plot out as filler, but Have Gun Will Travel moved along at a nice pace.

You'd think using Bernard Herrmann would actually work against that pacing, but he shows again what a master he is at scoring any genre.


Track List:

Have Gun Will Travel (1957 TV) (Bernard Herrmann) - 01 - Main Title
Have Gun Will Travel (1957 TV) (Bernard Herrmann) - 02 - The Street / The Card
Have Gun Will Travel (1957 TV) (Bernard Herrmann) - 03 - The Fight
Have Gun Will Travel (1957 TV) (Bernard Herrmann) - 04 - Travel
Have Gun Will Travel (1957 TV) (Bernard Herrmann) - 05 - The Rocks
Have Gun Will Travel (1957 TV) (Bernard Herrmann) - 06 - The Return
Have Gun Will Travel (1957 TV) (Bernard Herrmann) - 07 - Captured / Reunited
Have Gun Will Travel (1957 TV) (Bernard Herrmann) - 08 - End Title

pw = youdont

Have Gun Will Travel (1957 TV) (Bernard Herrmann) (Rapidshare)
Have Gun Will Travel (1957 TV) (Bernard Herrmann) (Filesend)

around 24 MB

@ 320 Kbps

wow wow.
R. Boone was the early Dennis Farina. But Farina was a cop.. so was Boone as , none other than JOE FRIDAYs boss in the 1950s Dragnet Movie.
P.S. The Have Gun Will Travel Radio show with John Denner is as exciting as the tv show.
go to Old Time Radio for free downloads
Hi Vince!

Thanks for the tip. I'd love to hear the radio show. And I love John Dehner; he's got a great voice - perfect for Paladin (or Joe Friday, now that I think about it). :))
Just wonderful! Thanks for this...as well as the sudden burst of new music shares. I enjoy and appreciate your efforts!

And John Dehner has always been a favorite since I was a kid and saw him in so many TV shows, even as Doris Day's boss in her CBS TV program.
Hi Don!

Thanks so much for the nice things you said! It means a lot to hear it. I always like to think somebody out there is enjoying it (and now I know it's not just my imagination!) :))

And I completely agree with you about John Dehner (and the Doris Day show). :))
Thanks for this - always wondered what this was like, but didn't expect it would be this good!

The more Herrmann I hear, the more impressed I get with him. Somehow he managed to repeat himself without repeating himself, if you know what I mean. Even with work you'd expect to be minor there's always a gem. Did he ever just phone it in?!
Hi Mr. P!

I know exactly what you mean about Herrmann. That really describes it! And I'm so glad you liked this post! :))
Hi, great blog! Was excited to find these Have Gun tracks but looks like the files are no longer available. Any chance they'll be back? Thanks for the blog anyway!!
Could it possible to repost this one? Thanks
No! It's gone (=
Can you re-up?
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