Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes (1970) (Miklos Rozsa)

It's always good to put up some Miklos Rozsa. I always enjoyed this Billy Wilder movie, and though perhaps it was a flawed film, the score reminds me of the enjoyment of watching it (like any good soundtrack should do, I suppose).

It doesn't have the best sound, but if you're like me and you liked the movie, you'll enjoy hearing the score again. It starred Robert Stephens (as Holmes), Colin Blakely, and Christopher Lee (the movie, not the soundtrack).

This was probably one of the last good films Billy Wilder made (though The Front Page & Fedora were pretty solidly made, but a remake and a virtual remake make it harder to count those.). Billy Wilder was another favorite director of mine (well, not of mine since I didn't actually own him, but you know what I mean).

I always think of this movie as being part of that sharp downward decline he had after 'Kiss Me Stupid'. Well, now that I think about it, that decline probably wasn't that bad after all, but when you've been that good for so long, making movies like 'Avanti' or 'Buddy Buddy' seems like a bad downward spiral. And I kept wishing he would direct ten more films because he still seemed so sharp (and so that 'Buddy Buddy' wouldn't be his last film), but then I'd always remind myself that he was getting into his 80's. Still, he at 80 is probably going to be a lot better than many in their 20's.

Well, enjoy!

Track List:

01 - Prelude; Baker Street
02 - Smoke Machine
03 - Concerto; Cocaine
04 - Watson's Rage
05 - Von Tripetz Appears
06 - Gabriele- Love Scene
07 - Canaries
08 - Diogenes Club- Train To Scotland
09 - Inverness- The Cemetery
10 - The Sighting- Scottish Castles
11 - Attack of the Monster
12 - Awakening of the Monster
13 - Farewell
14 - Finale

pw = youdont

The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes (1970) (Miklos Rozsa) (Rapidshare)

The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes (1970) (Miklos Rozsa) (Filesend)

around 73 MB

Hi Vince!

Thanks for the kind word about the posts and the welcome back! I just tried both links and they seem to be working fine. Hope you can make it work. :))
Flawed film! God I love this movie!
BTW The music may well be from the Isolated music score which appeared (in mono if I remember correctly) on the US Special Edition Laserdisc, I think though it has or is getting an official release very soon.

Great site keep up the good work

Hi Ennioman!

I love the movie too! :))

And thanks for the info; I sure hope it gets an official release. I'd love to hear that too! And thanks for what you said about the site! :))
Hi Bud, yeah I just found out it is a re-recording, (due out next month) but packed with material including tracks from the unused scenes, but that's a whole other story as you probably well know! ;-)

Hi Ennioman!

Oh, that new release sounds good! Re-recording or not, I love that they're going to put it out! Sounds fantastic. Thanks for letting me know! :))
Thanks for this one and for all the great music!

Could Rozsa's "Fedora" be requested?

Are the initial Varese CD Club releases like Eye Of The Needle, Last Embrace, Raggedy Man, The Rose Tatoo... you get the picture, available for sharing?

These are so hard to track down and so damn expensive if one does.
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hi nomwl1

your blog is amazing and i am sure you had a very hard work to do it. I would like to know if you have the soundtrack of "sherlock holmes and the case of the silk stocking (2004)" recomposed by adrian johnston. it is most probably the modernized version of Luigi Boccherini: La Musica Notturna delle strade di Madrid, Op 30 No 6 G324: Passacalle. And if possible i would appreciate the soundtrack (also composed by adrian johnston) of the movie "crime and punishment (2002)". Thank you and best regards
ops "Seems i've been mistaken about the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack, the music i am interested in is in the beginnig (for whom saw the film: when Holmes leaves the opium cave and after a short walk meets Watson) which is not boccherini. Can anyone recognize it? Thanks in advance."
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