Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris)

Here's another instance of me uploading something and then by the time I post it, it's already been posted. In this case, I think 'Isbum' posted it, which just goes to show we still have the whole psychic thing going on. Well, enjoy it either way!

Track List:

Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 01 - Silent Movie March
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 02 - Sidewalk Oddities / Custom Suit and Acupuncture
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 03 - Burt Reynolds' House
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 04 - Engulf & Devour
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 05 - The Wrong Dog Rag
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 06 - Liza Minnelli and Knights in Armor
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 07 - Coat Routine / Men's Room
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 08 - Anne Bancroft / Rio Bomba Bossa Nova
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 09 - New Flamencos / Jalousie
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 10 - Marcel Marceau
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 11 - Wheelchair Chase
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 12 - Marty Feldman Two Step
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 13 - Babalu
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 14 - Hotel Sleez / Lord of Winos
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 15 - Sneak Preview
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 16 - Film Chase / Coke Machine War
Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) - 17 - Silent Movie March

pw = youdont

Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) (Rapidshare)

Silent Movie (1976) (John Morris) (Filesend)

around 56 MB

Pretty sure I haven't seen this one around - if I had I would most certailnly have downloaded it.

Thanks and regards.

Filesend - File not Found.

Rapidshare - FIle Forbidden to be shared.

the Gremlins are at it again....
nomwl1, thank's for posting this one. Unfortunately it looks like the links have been deleted. Any chance of a re-up?

Thanks again

Hi Mel!

You are very welcome!


Hi Anonymous!

Wow! You're right. I can't believe how fast that was. :((


Hi Watson!

I'll re-up when I can, but I can't believe how quick and selective they were!
Any chance of a re-up :-( I remember almost pissing myself at the Paul Newman Wheel chair race! One of the funniest things I've seen..)
nomwl1 - thanks for the re-up my friend, greatly appreciated. There's next to no John Morris available on CD so it's great to have this available.


Yeahhhh Thanks for the re-up, great beatin these bastards
Hi Anonymous & Watson!

You guys are very much welcome!
Gran pelicula, música genial.

Gracias por compartir!
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