Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison)

Who can't use more John Addison? Here's the score to the Tom Jones-like (Fielding, not Pussycat & Delilah) movie starring Ann-Margret. Both movies were directed by Tony Richardson, so I suspect that's why they wanted John Addison again. Well, this score isn't as fun as the one for Tom Jones, but in fairness I don't think it's supposed to be. Hmmmm......I wonder who plays Lady Booby referred to in Track #5?


Track List:

Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) - 01 - Overture for Joseph
Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) - 02 - Joseph on the Road
Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) - 03 - Sword Fight
Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) - 04 - Love, Lost and Found
Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) - 05 - Lady Booby Goes to Bath
Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) - 06 - Bedroom Farce
Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) - 07 - Jousts
Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) - 08 - Mr. Wilson's Story: A Rake's Progress
Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) - 09 - Fanny Rescued and Loved
Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) - 10 - The Death of Sir Thomas / Parson Adams Sees the Ghost
Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) - 11 - Past Misdeeds / The Fight in the Barn
Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) - 12 - Wedding

pw = youdont

Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) (Rapidshare)

Joseph Andrews (1977) (John Addison) (Filesend)

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I'm bloody peppers for Addison!
Is that the guy from Equis on the cover? Looks like Peter Firth.

Thanks for this nom!
That is Peter Firth as Joseph Andrews and Ann-Margret who played Lady Booby. The movie has a good bit of Tony Richardson trying to out-Tom-Jones Tom Jones, like the Tom Jonesesque eating scene where Lady Booby swallows a whole oiled Asparagus.
Hi Isbum!

Yes, I believe it's Peter Firth (though it's hard to recognize him from Equus with his clothes on......or maybe that's the kid from Harry Potter).....unless you mean Ann-Margret, in which case I really would've like to have seen her in the Equus role!


Hi Limeseeds!

I responded to Isbum's comment before I read your helpful response, but I kind of hated to delete it so I left it up. Thanks for the information! I'm picturing Ann-Margret eating asparagus right now! :))
You naughty boy!
No pony for your birthday now!

I felt sorry for the little Peter.
It must have been freezing in that barn!
Better that he have a little Firth, I guess!
This is great info to know.
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