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Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) [expanded & regular versions]

Some time ago Dr. Criddle requested the score to Carrie and I apologize only posting it now, but better late than never (keep that in mind for a lot of these postings, by the way). As you already know by now, I've gotten very behind. Well, I thought I'd post an expanded version with 28 tracks (as well as the regular version which is a repost of a file from the late, lamented Dust To Dust blog (hope he doesn't mind)).

When I started the blog, one of the things I always wanted to do was to post things from blogs that weren't around anymore, but I've never gotten around to doing it much, but I thought I would try to do more of it in the new year. I always wanted to post them in tribute to those great blogs that I missed, give people a sense of what they used to offer, and to make those things available to people again.

In this particular case, I wasn't as driven by that motivation because Dust To Dust is only recently gone and there's still always the possibility that he may come back in another form (if he hasn't already in some way that I don't know about), but more by the fact that I thought people might want the regular version to contrast with the other one and it saves me the trouble of having to dig out my copy and rip it.

But nevertheless, I hope it serves as a tribute to the great Dust To Dust as well as being interesting to contrast both versions.

I don't think I have to say much about Carrie. Pino Donaggio, Stephen King, telekinesis, bad mother, bullies, pig's blood, knives, a really lousy after-prom, and a nude Sissy Spacek. What more could you want?


Track List:

Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 01 - Opening Title - In the Shower
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 02 - Phone Call From School
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 03 - Poor Carrie
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 04 - Praying
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 05 - Broken Mirror
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 06 - Telekinesis
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 07 - Depressed Carrie
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 08 - Setting Up the Bucket of Blood
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 09 - Talking About Prom - Carrie's Power
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 10 - Crazy Mother
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 11 - Mama Hurting Herself
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 12 - The Ballot
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 13 - Switching the Ballots - Bucket of Blood
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 14 - Prom King and Queen
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 15 - Sue Knows - Bucket of Blood
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 16 - Sue Knows - Bucket of Blood (Alternate)
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 17 - The Revenge Starts
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 18 - School In Flames
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 19 - The Car Toss
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 20 - Candles - Mother at the Top of the Stairs
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 21 - Washing the Sin
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 22 - Last Pray - Mama's Solution and Death
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 23 - Last Pray - Mama's Solution (Alternate)
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 24 - Collapse Of Carrie's Home
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 25 - Sue's Dream - The Grab
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 26 - End Title
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 27 - Groovy Track 1
Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) - 28 - Groovy Track 2

pw = youdont

Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) [Expanded] - Part 1 (Rapidshare)

Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) [Expanded] - Part 2 (Rapidshare)


Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) [Expanded] (Megaupload)

around 101 MB
@ 320 Kbps

no password:

Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) [Regular - 18 Tracks] (Rapidshare)

Carrie (1976) (Pino Donaggio) [Regular - 18 Tracks] (Megaupload)

around 53 MB
@ 192 Kbps

Okay, this was interesting (thanks for posting this, BTW), but there's nothing really "interesting" to compare, because I did exactly that and all of the music tracks from the regular 18-track (original album) release are all represented on the "expanded" version (curious as to where the additional music tracks came from on the expanded edition...was there ever an official release?). I'm also not counting those added dialogue tracks included for the CD release of the original version (those were pointless, IMHO), but the only three tracks from the original which are not included on the expnaded version (for some strange reason...) were the two songs from the original release, and the "Sue's Dream" version from the original (that track segues into the end credits music).

Difference between the original and expanded versions of "Sue's Dream" is the original album version is exactly that: the original version as heard in the film itself....it goes from the dream into the end credits....which are only one minute long in the film itself. The dream sequence/hand-out-of-ground music is on the expnaded version, but only by itself. The End Credits music (and I've never been able to figure this part out) on the expnaded version is simply a repeat of the opening credits from the film....the music is the same (Yes, I compared all the running times of the tracks between the two editions).

So basically, one can actually dump all the tracks from the original album version and keep only tracks 2, 8, and 16...because they're not on the expanded edition. Also, on the expanded version, I'm surprised the two "Groovy Music" tracks weren't put into their proper order as they were in the film (as are the other expnaded tracks..in film order). The first "groovy" track is the music from the gym teacher's detention of the girls who torment Carrie in the opening sequence of the movie, and I believe the other "groovy" track is from the sequence of the guys trying on tuxes at the men's wear shop (correct me on this if I'm wrong about that one). The two songs should probably be before Track 12 of the expnaded version....both of those tunes are heard at the prom before all the other stuff there.
Oops....I forgot something else I noticed:

Some of the mp3 files on the expanded version are at a 48hz audio sampling rate, as opposed to the standard 44hz rate so common. This appeared to be about half the tracks.....Curious as to how this happened, and why the 48hz rate? That's realy not used....I tried creating files myself at that rate and they were unusable. I already tried loading these files into the program I use for burning (RecordNow), and it told me those 48hz files "were not valid audio files".

Can someone explain what this is about the difference between the 44hz and 48hz rates? There's some kind of problem with using anything over the standard, high rate of 44hz.
Hi Greg!

Thanks for the interesting compare and contrast. I knew there wouldn't be too much new on the expanded version, but I think it's always nice to have. I suspect they moved the groovy tracks to the end to isolate the songs from the instrumental parts.

And I don't know what the differences would be between the two sampling rates. It seems to play fine on my player, but maybe there's some difference I couldn't discern.
I burned my own disc but left off the duplicate tracks from the original 18-track release....because those were at a slightly lower bitrate. I reorganized the remaining tracks somewhat, and put the two songs into their proper place. Kept the "groovy" tracks at the end along with the shorter version of "Sue's Dream".

Basically, the expanded edition was at the higher bitrate, so I used that as my primary selection....I also left off the dialogue tracks, which were pointless.
does anyone know the name of the soundtrack were chris says to billy that she wants him to do a favour for her?
i downloaded the music but it keeps saying " Windows Media Player cannot play this file. Windows media player cant support this file or the codec cant be supported. What should i do? please email me at lathamchance@yahoo.com
hi im the same guy who said that the songs wont work and i found out that u need to change the .rar to .mp3
Whoever wanted the name of the song where Chris has her head in Billy's lap, the song is presumably called "Pretty Lady", but the artist is unknown.
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