Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Is Paris Burning (1965) (Maurice Jarre)

I pulled this out along time ago when 'Isbum' requested it, but 'Rocket From Mars' generously fulfilled the request (twice!), but it was all ready to go so I decided to rip it anyway in case anybody wanted to get the CD version. If you're like me, you'll want both versions.

If you're sane though, it probably won't make much difference. (Was I nuts to download Rocket's LP version when I already had the CD? If I was nuts, I would probably be the wrong person to ask the question, but it's good to get objective feedback on those sanity things. Actually, I like to hear lots of different versions of things. I still like having the LP versions of things even when I've got the CD. And I remember 'Greg' commenting in the Request post about how it was almost pointless to have an older LP version of something taken directly from the movies themselves when better quality CD mastered versions exist, but I have to say I don't agree with that. I love hearing both. But that may just be me (and 'Mel', I guess....and maybe 'Quinlan' & 'Sallie'....and ??). Of course, I guess I like that attitude though because it makes it easier to buy the older versions in used record stores when people abandon them in favor of a new remastered version.)

Well, abandon all sanity if you want to listen to it again. (And here's hoping I'm not stepping on Rocket's toes, but as so often happens in these cases, I had it all ready to go when it was already posted. I've given up and am just going with the flow and posting these things anyway no matter how redundant they may be!)

Enjoy this score to the Leslie Caron-and-half-the-cast-of-Europe World War II liberation of Paris movie written by Francis Ford Coppola & Gore Vidal (you'd think that would be a recipe for success, but.....)!

Track List:

Is Paris Burning (1965) (Maurice Jarre) - 01 - Overture
Is Paris Burning (1965) (Maurice Jarre) - 02 - The Resistance: a) The Heads of the Resistance, b) The Resistance at the Convent, c) The Taking of the Police Headquarters, d) The Slaughter of the Students, e) Paris Wounded
Is Paris Burning (1965) (Maurice Jarre) - 03 - The Paris Waltz
Is Paris Burning (1965) (Maurice Jarre) - 04 - The Liberation: a) General Leclerc, b) The Barricades, c) The Crossing of the German Lines, d) March of the Second D.B. on Paris, e) Vigil in the Gutters, f) The American Tanks, g) The Parisians in the Street, h) The Entry Into Paris, i) Paris Liberated

pw = youdont

Is Paris Burning (1965) (Maurice Jarre) (Rapidshare)

Is Paris Burning (1965) (Maurice Jarre) (Filesend)

around 85 MB

@ 320 Kbps

As I told you previously, here's the link to the Maurice Jarre's scores to the movies Dr. Zhivago & Ryan's Daughter: http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/474331/Maurice_Jarre__Dr._Zhivago__Ryans_Daughter.rar

If the gigasize is bad for you, sorry, it was much easy for me to upload there... tanx.
Oh, I forgot to mention, I don't have a good scanner to do the graphic material, so, the files is only the scores without the graphics, ok?
at 7 p.m. i was watching mst3k - danger death ray. i went to imdb to read up on it and then found manchester morgue(looking for reference in mst3k to watermelon man). somehow ended up at ost hub, then detective mitchell's junk drawer and now here. what a fantastic site you have! i used to have a fairly decent collection of soundtracks and cast albums, but have lost many favorites over the years. one that comes immediately to mind is the soundtrack to "A Little Night Music" - elizabeth taylor singing "Send in the Clowns"... how rich! also used to have "up the down staircase". (i guess that's a request. :) well thanks for this wonderful site and i'll be back soon.
Is Paris Burning (1965) (Maurice Jarre)
It's a great war film and a wonderful soundtrack but the links are off.
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