Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sylvia (1965) (David Raksin)

I don't think I've ever seen this Carroll Baker drama, but I wanted to put up some music by David Raksin (besides 'Laura'). It seems to me that David Raksin passed away a few years ago and it's always sad to lose these giants of film scoring. His film output was smaller than most probably, but it seems to me that he more than made up for it in his scholarly pursuits.

Let's see.....he scored such movies as The Bad and The Beautiful, A Big Hand For The Little Lady, Will Penny, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and other films that I can't remember. He also arranged Charlie Chaplin's score to Modern Times. He did a lot of other impressive things that I can't quite remember off the top of my head. But I suppose he may be best known for composing the score (and that haunting theme) to the film, Laura. Well, that pretty much exhausts my ability to discuss this post. Enjoy!

Track List:

Sylvia (1965) (David Raksin) - 01 - Main Title - Sylvia - [Vocal]
Sylvia (1965) (David Raksin) - 02 - Danzon
Sylvia (1965) (David Raksin) - 03 - Those Bad Old Days
Sylvia (1965) (David Raksin) - 04 - How Shall We Begin
Sylvia (1965) (David Raksin) - 05 - Rim Shot Heard 'Round the World
Sylvia (1965) (David Raksin) - 06 - Too Late Blues - [not used in film]
Sylvia (1965) (David Raksin) - 07 - Ciudad de Mexico
Sylvia (1965) (David Raksin) - 08 - Sylvia
Sylvia (1965) (David Raksin) - 09 - Something Like That
Sylvia (1965) (David Raksin) - 10 - Blues for Tomorrow
Sylvia (1965) (David Raksin) - 11 - End Title

pw = youdont

Sylvia (Rapidshare)

Sylvia (Filesend)

around 54 MB

@ 224 Kbps

You may find this interesting:
Hi Mel!

Thanks so much for letting me know about that Raksin interview. I'll try and check it out (I hope they have another option besides streaming audio though; it's a bit tricky for me to listen to it here!). You're the best! :))
I just love the invisible dashboard in the picture you put up!
Talk about legroom!
She's resting them on the carburator, keeps her tootsies warm.

My printer's out of ink, and it's nearly time to make stuff for Christmas!! Seeing your problems nomwl1 makes me feel better though;)
Hi nomwl1! Sorry, old chap - if I'd been back to look at these comments earlier you would have recieved this by now.

This should make your life a little easier (and if anyone deserves that, you do):

Dwonload and enjoy!
Let me try that again:
Something went haywire with the pasting from here to the after-publishing section.

I'll type it out instead:
You know what - just go to
and copy it from there.

Hi Isbum!

Any legroom I can give Carroll Baker is a must!

Hope that you can get more ink in time for Christmas! :))


Hi Mel!

Thanks so much for going to all that trouble. The link seems to work fine (and is totally legible when you expand the comments page), and I really appreciate you thinking of me! I've downloaded his lecture and am looking forward to listening to it! :))
Hi I just love your site
Can you please post me some sites for irish celtic folk music
Does anyone have the soundtrack from Zorro the Gay Blade and the soundtrack from Irma LaDuece? Thanks ever so much. I have found most of my very favorite music here!
I'm a pianist - planning a piano stylings CD - and just discovered Sylvia. What a great tune - so musically interesting and tasteful. Hope to include it. Thanks for the Raskin tribute!
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