Tuesday, November 07, 2006

By Request - Prudence And The Pill (1968) (Bernard Ebbinghouse)

Here's another great request by 'Isbum' and I was thinking about posting this before, but it never seemed to come up in the rotation. Now I've got the excuse. 'Isbum' and I like so many of the same albums. This is the soundtrack to the David Niven / Deborah Kerr sex comedy. I wonder what kind of pill they're talking about? Hmmmmm.

Well, I hope 'Anonymous' also likes more fulfilling of his request for groovy 60's soundtrack stuff!

Track List:

Prudence and the Pill - 01 - Main Titles
Prudence and the Pill - 02 - Too Soon to Tell You (Vocal - The Mike Sammes Singers)
Prudence and the Pill - 03 - The Hired Help (tenor sax - Danny Moss)
Prudence and the Pill - 04 - No Place Like It
Prudence and the Pill - 05 - For Geraldine (organ - Roger Coulam)
Prudence and the Pill - 06 - Din Din with Liz
Prudence and the Pill - 07 - The Pill
Prudence and the Pill - 08 - The Morning After
Prudence and the Pill - 09 - Liz
Prudence and the Pill - 10 - Walk With Grace (baritone sax - Ronnie Ross)
Prudence and the Pill - 11 - Indoor-Outdoor Girl (guitar - Ernie Shear)
Prudence and the Pill - 12 - Something in the City

pw = youdont

Prudence And The Pill (Rapidshare)

Prudence And The Pill (Megaupload)

around 46 MB

nomwl1, Have you ever seen an OST for Scorpion Jade Curse - Woody Allen? Saw that movie a while back and thought the ST would be a nice listen. Hope all is well. T
Thanks for birthin' this baby!
Now, can somebody change my diaper, ...please?

It looks like the new, improved, even more private blog is gone!
Poor SteMc!
Can't wait till he starts up the next one!
Great ups today! Thanks a bunch.
Wow! Now I can tell you: hope does exists!
You post each kind of rarities here that... I'm very optimistic 'bout "Pepe", with David Niven and Mario Moreno Cantinflas!!!
Coincidentally, It was Cantinflas who acts Passepartout on the other english language film to him, "Around The World In 80 Days". We're near!
Hi LP!

No, I've never seen a soundtrack for the Curse of the Jade Scorpion, but I'll put it up at the Request post. Apparently the soundtrack seems kind of obscure on the Soundtrack Factory label. Hope somebody out there has it!

And I hope all is well with you too! :))


Hi Isbum!

You're welcome! And I can't believe the new forum is gone even before I could join. That figures! Oh, well. I guess they're really going after the forums. :((


Hi J.R.!

Thanks for saying it!


Hi Riggoletto!

I'm hoping somebody has it too! I've seen both movies and I remember the soundtrack to Pepe as being good and worth having. Maybe we are getting closer! :)))
Hi again Riggoletto!

And now we've got it!! :))
Muchas Gracias por "La Píldora".Creí que nunca conseguiría ésta melodía.Nunca he visto la película,pero voy a tratar de buscarla.Saludos.
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