Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ironside versions

'SteMc' of Scores of Scores requested any music from the TV show, Ironside, starring Raymond Burr. Well, I didn't have any scoring from the show, but I thought I'd post some different versions of the theme. It's probably not what he had in mind, but that's all I have, so here are 6 different versions of Quincy Jones' composition, the theme from Ironside:

P.S. Anybody have any other versions?

Track List:

101 Strings - Ironside Theme
Alan Tew Orchestra - Ironside
Chaquito - A Man Called Ironside
Henry Mancini - The Ironside Theme
Lloyd Barry - Ironside
Quincy Jones - Ironside Theme

pw = youdont

Ironside (Rapidshare)

Ironside (Megaupload)

around 25 MB

Nice compilation. Chaquito, Johnny those TV theme albums. I have the promo IRONSIDE single (the flip is the same song in Mono). Phil Ramone co-produced.

Rapidshare's shift from de to com means they now promise 45 days before killing a link. But who knows when they might go to 30, then 10, then 5 and not give you a chance to do anything about it.

But yeah, maybe I'll do some big comps again, just because they're fun to assemble. Not so much fun if nobody even wants to download it free, but it's interesting to see what turns people on or off.

Sort of a safe version of owning a record label. We can play at being Mr. Rhino and if one of our compilations tank, we don't have a warehouse full of CDs to deal with.
Awesome stuff. Just need to get thew full version of Jones' SANFORD AND SON and I'm in like Flynn.

Thanks for the share.

ps When you gonna fix the date on that damn top post? ;)
Thanks for these killa IRONSIDE tracks, man!!! 8)

Absolutely great effort for finding these. I can only imagine how rare some of these versions are, so thank you!!!
Hi Ill Folks!

I'd love to hear the promo. And like you say, you never know about Rapidshare. And I know what you mean about compilations. A lot of the ones you and I like don't tend to be very popular downloads, that's for sure. But it sure is fun playing Mr. Rhino!! :))


Hi Soylentgreen!

I'll have to see if I have that full version of Sanford and Son. And you're very welcome!

P.S. I refuse to fix the date! :)))


Hi SteMc!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the versions! :)))
this blog gets better and better.

many thanks for the ironside tracks man - sure I've a dub version lay
Hi Barty!

Thanks for saying that. I'd love to hear your version. :))
Really useful piece of writing, lots of thanks for your article.
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