Tuesday, November 07, 2006

By Request - Lionheart (1990) (John Scott)

'Wolfcreek' (& 'Isbum' too) requested this score to the Jean Claude Van Damme action movie, Lionheart. Not to be confused with the 1987 Eric Stoltz movie of the same name with a score by Jerry Goldsmith (though it is rumored that Eric Stoltz is really from Belgium, he kickboxes in his spare time, and that he does painful splits every chance he gets). Come to think of it, I bet 'Isbum' thought 'Wolfcreek' was talking about the Jerry Goldsmith score. Oh, well, if that's the case, at least 50 percent of them will be happy. Enjoy!

Update: Well, reading the Requests post, I can see that 'Wolfcreek' actually wanted the song soundtrack. I'm just not sure if it was the song soundtrack to the Jean Claude Van Damme movie or the Stoltz movie. Hmmm.....must've been the Van Damme movie. Sorry, 'Wolfcreek', I don't have that one and I don't even know if there was one. Soundtrackcollector doesn't list one for either movie. And of course, I don't really need to bother posting this since 'Isbum' already provided a link. Well, in case you're in the mood for a lot of Van Damme, download them both (or none at all). I already had it all set up, so here it is anyway. I should really wait before I post these things!

Track List:

Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 01 - North Africa - a) The Burn, b) North Africa
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 02 - The Voyage
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 03 - New York Streets
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 04 - Meet The Lady
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 05 - Joshua And Lyon
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 06 - The Wrong Hood
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 07 - The Big Orange
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 08 - Lyon's Grief
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 09 - Partners
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 10 - The Lady's Apartment
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 11 - Dating The Lady
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 12 - Fighting The Scot
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 13 - Helping Hand
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 14 - Nicole
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 15 - Fighting The Brazilian
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 16 - The Foreign Legion
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 17 - Attila The Killa
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 18 - The Wrong Bet
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 19 - Farewell
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 20 - Freedom For Lyon
Lionheart (1990) (John Scott) - 21 - Lionheart

pw = youdont

Lionheart (Rapidshare)

Lionheart (Megaupload)

around 91 MB

Here's the darn thing that happened.
He got us confused.
He want's the songs from the Goldsmith scored "Lionheart".

If anybody who is reading this likes really terrific action scores, stop now and download this one.

Language barriers are fun! ;)
Hi Isbum!

Yeah, it seems that way! Oh, well. :))
Don't worry, any John Scott score is worth downloading! So I did :)
Hi Anonymous!

Ha, ha! I totally agree. :))
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