Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross)

Here's another score that I consider one of the greatest scores ever written for film. And like Around The World in 80 Days, it wouldn't occur to me to post it (at least not for a very long time). Normally, if I was going to post Jerome Moross, I probably would've posted The Cardinal or some other score that was less familiar, but after posting Kings Row, I realized I should go ahead and post this score (like anybody cares).

For those who have never heard this score or seen the movie, I think you'll be blown away by the power and lyricism of this Western score. For those who are sick of hearing The Big Country, maybe you don't have this version (not a re-recording, but the 'Original Motion Picture Soundtrack'). If you already have this version, then you can skip to the next post (but do not pass GO and do not collect $200).

I love Jerome Moross and he is one of my favorite composers (how often have you heard that on this blog?). It seems to me that the knock that you occasionally hear about him is that he was less trained as a composer than most, but to the untrained ear like mine, it makes no difference to me. And in particular, I consider this one of the finest, if not THE finest, Western film score ever composed (of course, as soon as I say that, I'll think of some exception). Or maybe we can just lump it all together with some Elmer Bernstein, Ennio Morricone, or Dimitri Tiomkin and call it a draw.

And the film itself gets my nomination for most actors with piercing stares in a single film; between Charlton Heston, Burl Ives, Gregory Peck and Chuck Connors, they could've cut granite if they squinted at it long enough. (This is as opposed to say, a spaghetti Western where the actors may not naturally squint, but are just filmed to have piercing looks) There you go.....another reason to be glad that you read this blog......(or another reason to wipe this web address permanently from your computer).

Well, enjoy The Big Country (I know I do)!

Track List:

The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 01 - Main Title
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 02 - Julie's House
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 03 - The Welcoming
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 04 - The Hazing
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 05 - Courtin' Time
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 06 - The Terrill Ranch
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 07 - Old Thunder
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 08 - The Raid (Pts. 1 & 2)
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 09 - McKay's Decision
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 10 - The Capture
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 11 - McKay's Triumph
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 12 - Major Terrill's Party
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 13 - Major Terrill's Party - Pt. 2
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 14 - Waltz
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 15 - Polka
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 16 - Night In Blanco Canyon
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 17 - McKay's Ride
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 18 - McKay Is Missing
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 19 - The Old House
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 20 - Waiting
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 21 - Horror Stories
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 22 - Big Muddy
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 23 - Still Waiting
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 24 - McKay Alone
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 25 - Night At Ladder Ranch
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 26 - The Fight
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 27 - Cattle At The River
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 28 - Pat's Mistake
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 29 - Buck Comes For Julie
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 30 - The Abduction
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 31 - The Captive
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 32 - The Attempted Rape
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 33 - The War Party Gathers
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 34 - McKay In Blanco Canyon
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 35 - Jim And Julie
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 36 - The Major Alone
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 37 - The Duel
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 38 - The Death Of Buck Hannassey
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 39 - Ambush In Blanco Canyon - Pt. 1
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 40 - Ambush In Blanco Canyon - Pt. 2
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 41 - The Stalking
The Big Country (1958) (Jerome Moross) - 42 - End Title

pw = youdont

The Big Country - Part 1 (Rapidshare)

The Big Country - Part 2 (Rapidshare)


The Big Country (Megaupload)

around 107 MB

Nice - I am really liking Western scores lately - I just recently listened to John Williams' the Cowboys - and Broughtons' Tombstone. I'm eager to listen to this!
Thanks a lot for these last few posts. Great golden age stuff. I always wanted to hear The Big Country OST.
It'll be great to finally hear this score outside of the film. I've heard a re-record of "Valley of the Gwangi" which is a sideways remake of his "Big Country" score, but never the score itself.
Hi Jazz!

I think you're going to like it! :))


Hi Archer!

And thanks so much for saying it! I'm so glad I could make it available. :))


Hi Anonymous!

I never thought of the Valley of Gwangi as being a sideways remake of the music. That's interesting. I suppose it is. (And Chuck Connors did look a little like a dinosaur too!) Well, I'm glad I could make it available so you could hear it away from the film! :)))
Thanks for posting this!!! Love the movie and the score.
Great music for an over the top score that punctuates a classic western. If I remember correctly, Marlboro used this melody in cigerette ads in the 60's
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