Tuesday, November 07, 2006

By Request - The Bobo (1967) (Francis Lai)

Well, here's a request from 'Anonymous'. He requested some really nice scores, but this was the only one that I had unfortunately. This is a really nice score too. Well, don't take my word for it. Download it and see! Now that I think about it, this may also fulfill the other 'Anonymous''s request for more groovy 60's soundtrack stuff. Fun and loungey. It's to the Peter Sellers / Britt Ekland comedy about deception, seduction, and revenge. All the ingredients of good comedy. Enjoy!

Track List:

The Bobo (1967) - 01 - Francis Lai - The Blue Matador
The Bobo (1967) - 02 - Francis Lai - Olympia's Theme
The Bobo (1967) - 03 - Francis Lai - Imagine (Retreat Version)
The Bobo (1967) - 04 - Peter Sellers - Girl From Barcelona
The Bobo (1967) - 05 - Chorus - The Bobo (Vocal Version)
The Bobo (1967) - 06 - Chorus - Imagine (Vocal Version)
The Bobo (1967) - 07 - Francis Lai - Olympia's Theme (Bossa Nova)
The Bobo (1967) - 08 - Peter Sellers - The Bulls Of Salamanca
The Bobo (1967) - 09 - Francis Lai - Bobo's Lament - Blue Matador
The Bobo (1967) - 10 - Francis Lai - The Bobo (Bossa Nova)
The Bobo (1967) - 11 - Chorus - The Blue Matador (Vocal Version)

pw = youdont

The Bobo (Rapidshare)

The Bobo (Megaupload)

around 42 MB

Thanks for the "groovy" fix Nomwl1! All you guys rock.. you are my #1 destination in music blog land.

A few more requests if you please:
1. Treasure Of San Gennaro (Trovajoli)
2. I Spy (Capitol Vers. / Earl Hagen)
3. Oh Dad Poor Dad (Neal Hefti)

Thanks again!!
Hi Anonymous!

Thanks for the nice words! I really appreciate them. I'll put your requests up at the Request post. :))
Hi! Thanks for "The Bobo"!

Do you have "The Touchables"?

I just went nuts Today on my blog and put 11 more songs up!
Hi KaBluie!

You're very welcome! And I don't have the Touchables, but I'll put it up at the Request post. Can't wait to download those new posts at your blog!! :))
This won't succeed as a matter of fact, that's exactly what I consider.
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