Tuesday, November 07, 2006

El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa)

I felt a little bad when 'Werther' requested some Miklos Rozsa and the ones he asked for were in storage, so I thought I'd post possibly my favorite Rozsa score of all time. This is Miklos Rozsa conducting The Symphony Orchestra Graunke of Munich on the long out of print Sony CD of the original soundtrack.

This is another one of my all time favorite scores (and another one that it would never occur to me to post this soon), but maybe there are people who haven't heard it or have only heard the re-recordings (like the James Sedares one, which I also really like), but maybe they don't have this one. The boldness of the score and the driving rhythm of the march or cuts like 'Thirteen Knights' is always enjoyable.

And now that I think about it, it's coincidentally another Charlton Heston movie. Not really the best movie, but entertaining. And posting this score puts me in mind of something 'Omega' wrote on his blog, Even More Stuff For Wasting Time, about how people who like Lalo Schifrin don't generally care for Miklos Rozsa and vice versa. I wonder if that's true. Maybe it is. I love both composers and I bet a lot of people who read this blog do too, but maybe the majority don't? Well, I'd be curious to know where people stand on that.

And now that I think about it, I just realized that this may be the first Rozsa I've posted on the blog! Wow. So much music I haven't gotten around to putting up yet! And that's just in the soundtrack category; now if I can just get to the other dozen genres of music I want to post, I'll be all set!

Well, one of the motivations for starting this blog was that after a year or so of following and really enjoying music blogs, there still seemed to be a lot of music that wasn't being posted anywhere (although they may have been out there and I never realized it). At the time, there didn't seem to be a lot of people posting soundtracks outside of certain genres, eras, or composers. Either they were more recent soundtracks or they fell into certain categories like crime jazz, exploitation, or science fiction, or were by certain composers like Ennio Morricone, Lalo Schifrin, Jerry Goldsmith, or John Barry, for instance. But there still seemed to be a huge group that was underrepresented. Maybe they were in the middle; not quite hip or high profile enough to be as interesting or bad enough to be funny. Other areas like comedy or drama, other eras like the Golden or Silver Age, or other composers like Rozsa or Waxman, for instance.

So I guess that's what motivated me to start one, though sometimes when you look at the download numbers or the number of comments on some of the posts, you understand why nobody else put some of this stuff up. It's probably because very few people care about it!

Well, it's funny though. I didn't see anybody putting up things like Golden Age scores, cast albums, or the types of compilations I wanted to put up. If somebody had been, I probably would've never started a blog. I would've been very content to enjoy all that great material by other blogs. But I guess that's what still drives me. I figure if I like this stuff, there must be other people out there who might also enjoy it (all three of you!).

And after all that, I still haven't gotten around to putting up a lot of that stuff. Though now that excellent blogs like Bullseye are around, I don't feel as much of a need to post some of this stuff since I know somebody somewhere will. It's probably that way in general. Ironically, with so many soundtrack blogs around now, I feel less compelled to post some material since I know one of those great blogs will make it available, but it also reminds me of so much stuff I want to post that I end up posting a heavier concentration of soundtracks! Go figure.

Well, in any case, enjoy this Rozsa score because I know I do!

Track List:

El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa) - 01 - Overture
El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa) - 02 - Prelude
El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa) - 03 - Palace Music
El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa) - 04 - Fight For Calahorra
El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa) - 05 - Thirteen Knights
El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa) - 06 - Farewell
El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa) - 07 - Intermezzo- The El Cid March
El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa) - 08 - The Twins
El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa) - 09 - Battle of Valencia
El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa) - 10 - The Cid's Death
El Cid (1961) (Miklos Rozsa) - 11 - The Legend and Epilogue

pw = youdont

El Cid (Rapidshare)

El Cid (Megaupload)

around 62 MB

This is also a very keen post! Thanks a lot!
ahh man, where is your storage? -let me see!- where is my mask? 8)..i saw el cid on "crap i found at the library" a few days ago, but it was too late. thank you for this one and your concern about my requestes. i love golden age. see ya!
oh, i forgot to write my name!! it's me: Werther
Hi Jazz!

Thanks so much for saying it! :))


Hi Werther!

I totally forgot that 'Crap I Found..' was sharing the Sedares version, but like you said when I went to check on it, it was already gone. But at least you can listen to this one! And you're very welcome! :))
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